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1972 film

Fridge Logic:

  • If Carl Maitland is stuck reliving the same accident over and over, and Ralph Jason is immortal thanks to his wife's wish, how can the Crypt Keeper send them to Hell? And isn't it kind of redundant to do so anyway?
    • It is likely that he was NOT stuck into this and that the second time he died for good. As for Jason it is a plothole though it could be explained by his friend taking the statue and wishing for him to die and rest in peace. The statue wouldn't have to twist the wish at all to make him suffer, all things considered.

Fridge Horror:

  • So, just what happened to Joanne's daughter after she was killed and the child was left alone in the house with the killer?

TV Series

Fridge Brilliance

  • The off-looking inclusion of Humphrey Bogart's face in "You, Murderer" is justified, in-verse, by the lead character undergoing drastic plastic surgery.
  • Why does the Crypt Keeper looks like a walking corpse in the show and not an ugly old man like in the comics? Well, if the comics were published forty years before the show, and he was already old back then...
    • Apparently, comic Crypt Keeper was an artist's conception, as the "real" Crypt Keeper had never been seen by anyone living.
  • Before the unveiling of the Crypt Keeper's true origin, I was puzzled why he would regaled about stories where AssholeVictims get their KarmicDeaths but watching his origin episode, it makes sense as these stories are about Laser-Guided Karma which the Keeper desired as a way to see those like his parents' tormentor get what they deserved.
    • A case of Fridge Heartwarming when you realize why he started the show. He wants to inspire his audience and be there for them when his parents died and unable to look after him.
  • One of the intros features the Crypt Keeper frantically telling a psychiatrist about a recurring nightmare where he's petting Bambi, which has him so upset, it affects his ability to crack puns. It's a funny little one-off joke, but given his past, it actually makes a very tragic sort of sense...he lost his mother too.

Fridge Horror

  • Well, first off, several of the episodes imply disturbing things about the world wherein they are set.
    • Sure, the Bad Santa of "And All Through the House..." murders the traitorous wife who killed her husband and tried to hide the evidence. At the end of the story, though, he's still at large.
      • Not to mention, what happened to the daughter of the woman after that night? Sure, the Crypt Keeper tells us that the killer didn't hurt her. But did the daughter grow normally, or suffer mental illness later on?
      • The even bigger horror is the possibility that the Bad Santa raised her to be a serial killer like himself.
    • The twist of "Beauty Rest" is that the murderous Helen is herself made the winner of the beauty pageant. This pageant? Miss Autopsy 1992. Such a contest being held, not to mention its large audience (who look on in admiration for the "work" that's been done on Helen), and one employee's comment about how they should "pick them off the streets" like in the past, is the real Nightmare Fuel of the story.
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    • "Mournin' Mess", one of the few stories to feature a Karma Houdini villain (or in this case a villainous group) where ghouls pick off the homeless while posing as a homeless support group. By the end of the episode, given that they've eaten the guy who's discovered the truth, it's implied that they're still active.
    • "You, Murderer" shows that at death, at least for Lou, results in an And I Must Scream state where you're trapped in your corpse, still able to see, hear, and feel pain. If Lou's final words in the episode are true, then Death itself is a Fate Worse than Death.
      • More immediately, it means that Lou's own murderers aren't just dead at the end, they're consciously trapped under the car in the grave they'd dug for him!
  • Not to say that Mildred didn't deserve her fate at the end of "Korman's Kalamity", but it looks like Korman's new life with Lorelei might be cut short if he's gonna have to explain why there's blood (and his wife's dead body if the Mildred monster didn't eat it or something) in the Tales from the Crypt office.
  • "My Brother's Keeper" ends with the creepy implication that Frank is going to act a lot like Eddie did. And considering Eddie was crude, abrasive, and not above murder when something went wrong...
  • "Top Billing" has some rather nasty Fridge Horror in the twist ending. As if the reveal that the down-on-his-luck actor was really auditioning for the part of Yorick's skull wasn't bad enough, it turns out that Nelson Halliwell and the others are really patients in an insane asylum where the entire staff has been killed. While the episode ends with police storming in to take care of the situation, the very last shot is of the hapless actor's discarded face being carried off by a ravenous dog, which may end up developing a taste for human flesh!
  • Speaking of which, the restaurant in "What's Cookin'," whether it's called "Fred & Erma's" or "Farley's Flame-Broiled," remains open for business! So who'll be tomorrow's "black and blue" or "slab of moo"?
    • With Farley being a police officer there is a rather strong chance that he'd abuse his authority to collect some more victims to be cooked and eaten by others.
  • The Crypt Keeper is comically short, but he was also an orphan. Failure to thrive is a very real thing in infants, and babies that aren't held enough often have severely stunted growth.

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