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Heartwarming / Switched at Birth

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  • Wilke taking the full blame for stealing the tests. When Toby hugs him and thanks him, Wilke gives a little smile.
  • Toby coming to talk to Emmett about how he hurt Bay, along with Emmett correcting his signing.
    Toby: I'm here for Bay. (does a bizarre sign with lots of fake hair-tossing)
    Emmett: (signing) ...That's your sign for Bay?
  • Emmett's real birthday present for Bay.
  • Toby reassuring Regina that she wasn't a bad person when everyone else was against her.
  • While Bay is getting to know her biological mother, who is, among other things, a Latina artist. She lends a hand in painting the guest house together, they mention being obsessed in Frida Kahlo. Regina tells Bay "what self-respecting Latina artist isn't [obsessed with Frida]. After they both quote Frida, Bay says " I guess I'm a Latina artist" Regina replies "you most certainly are." Keep in mind that this is maybe a day or two after finding out she is actually Puerto Rican and not Anglo.
    • Immediately after this exchange, Regina reveals that is an alcoholic, and that it is hereditary and that she will do everything in her power to make sure Bay doesn't become one.
      • Bay only visited Regina in the first place because she seemed to take Bay's side after getting arrested and she figured that who better to talk my "mother" into letting me off punishment than my biological mother who seems cooler than Kathryn. Only find out that Regina would have been more strict on Bay due to Regina's own alcohol problems. While this point isn't heartwarming, it makes the actual heartwarming that much more heart felt.
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  • The scene when Katherine goes to Regina to admit that she does need to learn sign language. Seeing two women who have been at odds the entire show thus far suddenly hug (especially with Regina initiating) is touching no matter who you are.
  • After Ecco Mono John wakes up from his heart attack, sees Regina, smiles and says "I'm so glad you're here."
  • Bay taking the fall for Daphne in the season 3 finale.
  • Travis seeing that his mother came to see him graduate from Carlton. Followed by Mary Beth assuring him that she didn't invite her - she came of her own accord.
  • At first, Bay and Daphne are unsure what to call each other. A couple of years later, they call each other 'sister'. N'aww!

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