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Lightning Dust has a fairly large cast, and it's growing quickly! This page has untagged spoilers, so it's highly advisable that you read the pilot story first!

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     Heroes of Dellville 

Klaus Melfton (aka Lightning Dust)
As Lightning Dust 
Even as the son of famous scientist Dr James Melfton, Klaus could very well lead a better life. His grades have never been the best. His few friends' impopularity cause him a deal of bullying. And, even though his father makes plenty of money, he's lucky to even own a bike, which doesn't help at all when you have the absolute need to live in the fast lane. But when his curiosity of his father's lab gets him into an accident that should've very well cost him his life, he suddenly finds himself with extraordinary, electricity-based powers. And, more importantly (in his mind, at least), his powers grant him more speed than he's ever dreamed of.
  • Berserk Button: LD, while he has a few minor buttons, the biggest one is killing or nearly killing one of his friends or family.
  • Distressed Dude: Klaus in the third chapter of the prologue, and apparently multiple times previously.
  • Eye Colour Change: When Klaus becomes LD, his eyes turn bright yellow due to the power leaking through them.
  • Freak Lab Accident: Klaus first becomes Lightning Dust by falling into a machine and has his entire body fried.
  • Heart Trauma: After the accident, Klaus' heart problems stopped, and as a result, he feels invincible and cocky.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Played with. Klaus is one, but he doesn't apply to the usual rich kid tropes.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: His Thunder Roar, though most of it includes shocks of electricity, could count as this.
  • Missing Mom: Klaus' mother is dead.
  • Motor Mouth: Lightning is one in his superhero mode, especially when panicking.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: Lightning Dust's hair is electric yellow due to the electricity coursing through it and heating every strand to yellow-hot (similar to the filament in a light bulb-and that's around 2426 degrees Celsius, or 4400 degrees Fahrenheit), effectively turning it into Elemental Hair.
  • Power Incontinence: Immediately after gaining his powers, he literally bolts out of the lab, into a light bulb (popping it), and then straight into a cloud. With a little experimentation, and some help from Andy and Kailey, he gets over it fairly quickly.
  • Pungeon Master: Klaus, after getting his powers, becomes a minor one.
  • Ride the Lightning: Lightning's first power. With it, he could hide in a light bulb, although the bulb itself quickly shatters under the current.
  • Secret Keeper: to Daniel about his identity as Crystal Eye. CE knows that Lightning knows his true identity, yet doesn't know who Lightning really is.
  • Shock and Awe: Lightning is effectively electricity or lightning given human form
  • Slasher Smile: - here.
  • Spoiled Sweet: Klaus may be rich, but overall, he's a nice kid!

Daniel Carsley (aka Crystal Eye)
As Crystal Eye 
Daniel's a near-perfect role model for Klaus and his friends. His study habits are in top condition, as are his grades, and he's not a stranger when it comes to social life. However, how often he gets into trouble is quite the problem, as are his habits of being late for nearly everything. When a new superhero comes to town, Daniel can't help but disapprove. After all, he claims, there's a fine line between helping others and being reckless.
  • Berserk Button: Killing an innocent WILL piss him off, possibly into Beware the Superman territory.
  • Eye Colour Change: When Daniel is Crystal Eye, his sclera (the white of his eyes) turn a very light blue, possibly explaining his hero name.
  • Flying Brick: Has the standard power set of most Flying Bricks.
  • Really 300 Years Old: Daniel was actually born during the Salem Witch Trials, according to his origin story, making him around 300 or so years old.
  • Hero-Worshipper: Crystal Eye gets this treatment from the majority of Dellville, much to Klaus' irritation. In fact, in chapter three of the prologue, the townsfolk actually mutter about how Klaus is disrespectful toward Crystal Eye, adding to Klaus' displeasure with the hero.
  • Ninja: Crystal Eye's outfit resembles a stereotypical ninja's outfit
  • Not a Game: Crystal Eye tries to give this line to Lightning during their first intentional confrontation. Lightning's response?
Lightning: Meep meep!!
     Villians of Dellville 


  • Blow You Away: Tornadoes have some minor wind powers
  • Meaningful Name: "Tornadoes" get their name from how their lower bodies are composed of swirling mist.

Blood Scouts

  • Blood Knight: While not knights, Blood Scouts love to fight and battle

Dr. Josh Sharman
In Demon Mode 
Josh has been working with Dr Melfton and Dr Arcson for years now; ever since he met the pair, really. The pair appreciate his contribution, even though he isn't the kind of person many feel comfortable around. He stays quiet during conversation, seeming to 'examine' the situation, most of the time. Unless, of course, he begins to get impatient... Something that happens often in the lab, when Arnold needs to help James out with some 'fatherhood advice'.
  • Big Bad: Josh serves as this for the pilot story.
  • The Dragon: In the final chapter of the pilot, it's revealed he was actually this unknowingly.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunet: Is slightly creepy around the lab.
  • Faked Kidnapping: Has himself kidnapped by a pack of Blood Scouts in order to trick LD.
  • Mad Scientist: Of the Frankenstein variety, he created the Tornadoes and Blood Scouts.
  • Morally Ambiguous Doctorate
  • Power Parasite: Drained LD of his powers before going...
  • ...One-Winged Angel on the town in a demonic form.
  • Start of Darkness: Josh turned to evil because his ideas were constantly pushed aside. One such incident took place while his co-worker, James, was on paternity leave. His boss gave Josh orders to wait. When Josh complained that James would be with his pregnant wife for three months, his boss replied that that that would be how long Josh would need to wait, possibly longer if James had another idea
  • Walking Spoiler: Almost every trope that concerns Josh is a spoiler for what he really is.
  • Spiders Are Scary: Inverted. Josh actually loves spiders, to the point where the author' gave Josh's Ponysona a spider for a Cutie Mark.

Group of aliens

A strange group of beings who appear briefly at the end of the pilot.
     Other inhabitants 

Dr. James Melfton
Klaus' dad
Raising a child on your own can be difficult; especially when that child is Klaus. James' overprotective side can't help but show through, blocking off his son to anything that could be of danger to him the best that he can... Especially his lab. Not that the boy ever listens, anyhow... And some people actually WONDER why James is never not stressed...?
  • Adult Fear: James does honsestly care about Klaus, and understandably flips out whenever he is captured.
  • Badass Bookworm: He's more than capable of protecting himself and others, if necessary; he's actually a very good fighter, believe it or not.
  • Berserk Button: Hurt Klaus in his presence, and you will die. Klaus knows about this button and uses it as a threat in chapter one of the prologue.
  • Bi the Way: "Simply put, James is bi." - Author
  • Brainy Brunet: Slightly obvious.
  • Disappeared Dad: James is slightly neglectful due to his work. As a result, Klaus is left with caretakers.
  • Papa Wolf: His Berserk Button doubles as this.
  • The Smart Guy: safe to say that Klaus can go to him to ask about certain monsters/baddies in town and would probably go to him for inventions to help him while fighting if James knew about LD

Andrew 'Andy' Kellson
Andy is one of Klaus' best friends. He's always been by Klaus' side ever since the rich boy had picked him and his other best friend Kailey over the 'popular' group of their school, known as 'The Clique'. So when Klaus shares with his two best friends that he's going to be a superhero, Andy doesn't hesitate to try his best to help him get through it... And so far, it seems as though Klaus needs as much help as he can get.

Kailey Heartstrong
Kailey is one of Klaus' best friends. She's a good student and isn't one to get herself into trouble most of the time, considering her quiet nature (in classes, at least). But in her mind, she has a small problem... She MAY be in love with one of her best friends... Yeah. Awkward.

Dr. Arnold Arcson
Andy's uncle Arnold has always been there for James. They were friends ever since their days in elementary school, and in later years they were allied with Josh as well. For as long as he lives, Arnold will always try to keep his friend's heads up high.
  • Cool Uncle: To Andy. He is the sort of uncle that would always get cool stuff for his nephew, and he was the one Andy would go to if there was something he really needed comforting about or if he really needed to let off some steam.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold
  • Purple Eyes: Averted. While Arnold HAS purple eyes, they are not mentioned in-story and only appear in his character portrait (right)
  • Seeking the Missing, Finding the Dead: When Arnold went missing, they found him dead
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness:Josh had Arnold killed because he had refused to join him, so he wasn't of any use to him anymore and Josh didn't want to risk him warning LD

Edwin Dowley
One of the Melfton's caretakers. Edwin chooses to act more or less as a butler for James and Klaus (at least, Edwin prefers to be deemed 'butler'. After all, it sounds fancier!), though he will in fact help Diane keep an eye on Klaus if she needs him to, assuming he's available.
Lightning: When I was three, I drank the rest of Diane’s shampoo bottle because it smelled like strawberries.
Edwin: Yep; it's him.

Diane Shernall
One of the Melfton's caretakers. Diane's main job is helping James take care of his son; some examples being giving the boy drives when told and watching him when he's left home alone, if she's there. She helped a lot when Klaus was just a baby, as well.

Katrine Darsenia
The ringleader of 'The Clique'. Katrine takes the most part in making Andy and Kailey's lives as miserable as possible; and when rich-boy Klaus picked them over her and her popular group, she made sure that she'd go to extra lengths to make his life twice as miserable as theirs.

Brandon Williams
The classic brawn of the Clique, Brandon is practically Katrine's right-hand man; his main job being beating up anyone who apposes her.

Elanor Arcson
Mrs. Arcson
Arnold's wife Eleanor is a caring and concerned aunt to Andy, as well as a sweet person to anyone who actually deserves the kindness. At the moment, she's pregnant with her and Arnold's child.

Ms. Gracie

Unnamed Arcson child

The currently unborn (as of typing this) baby of Arnold and Elanor Arcson, and Andy's younger sibling.
     Unrevealed characters 
These characters have yet to appear in the story. As such, SPOILER WARNING! This section, contrary to the page disclaimer, is so Spoiler-proof, that adding tropes prior to the character's reveal is expressly forbidden without the author's permission

"Cloud-Boy" Real name is Gale

A boy who appears to be made of sentient cloud.


A dog-shaped electric spark


The Grim Reaper himself, with all that entails.

"Fluffeh" - picture

Mystery Man mysterious figure who appears in season one of Lightning Dust.

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