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Characters / Hakumei & Mikochi

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Characters appearing in Hakumei & Mikochi

Main Characters


Voiced By: Risae Matsuda (Japanese), Brittney Karbowski (English)

An adventurous and hard working young woman. Before living with Mikochi, Hakumei worked for a traveling caravan and learned many survival skills from them.

  • Feminine Women Can Cook: Averted; despite being one of the more tomboyish characters she is actually a pretty good cook, though it's plain compared to what Mikochi does.
  • Genki Girl: Always full of energy and life, when she once accidentally ate one of Sen's transmitters it caused a skeleton fish to go wild for several days.
  • Handy Man: Well, woman, but there is very little that Hakumei cannot fix. She earns money by doing various odd jobs around town before being hired on with a construction crew.
  • Outdoorsy Gal: Thanks to living with a caravan Hakumei is extremely at home in the wilderness; she especially loves camping and going on scavenging trips.
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  • Rapunzel Hair: She had very long hair before she joined up with the caravan.


Voiced By: Shino Shimoji (Japanese), Amanda Lee (English)

A goddess of the kitchen, Mikochi is a kind young woman who just can't help trying to take care of people.

  • Lovable Coward: Mikochi is easily frightened and will even pass out if scared too much. When meeting an owl she actually passed out and fell off a cliff.
  • Self-Made Man: Mikochi makes her money by making various products, mostly food, and selling them wholesale to local stores.

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