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The many faces of End Run.

NOTE: Bear in mind that (with the exception of a few characters deliberately created to be villains) End Run tends to operate on a Good vs. Good structure - most characters are sympathetic to their own side, so try to avoid using antagonist tropes where you can (or at least, make sure you add in something for balance).

  • Alphabetize your tropes please.
  • Keep any additional notes concise and informative. Humor accepted, but limit rambling.

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     Kanto Officers 

Kanto Minister Of Defense

Dao Nguyen
Creator: AriadneArca

Kanto's newly elected Minister of Defence. Originally a first lieutenant in the Kanto Military; generally good-tempered, but not a little condescending at times.

Kanto Minister Of Foreign Affairs

Mordecai Jehovah

Kanto Brigadier General

Michael Wrightson

Kanto Air Force General

Evelyn Hitchins

Kanto Navy Captain

Archibald Howe

Kanto Special Operations

Evelyn Sparrow


Kanto Science and Research Department

Angelo Renner

Gaston Velderiver

Kanto Military Police



Kanto Medical Captain

Faye Clacher

     Johto Officers 

Johto Minister of Defense

Roy Rommel
Creator: The Zeit Police

A veteran of the first war and well-known as Johto's 'Winter Fox'. Enjoys a good spot of table-flipping and has an unhealthy obsession with his Beartic, Vladimir.

Johto Brigadier General

Frank Johansson
Creator: Awesome-Vince

Cold, tough and no-nonsense, he directly contrasts Rommel's boisterousness with crisp formalism and an unrelenting dedication to his work. His wife, Melody Johansson defected to the Rogues.

Johto Air Force Brigadier

Valerian Skybreeze

Johto Naval Commander

Masa Mizushima

Johto Special Operations

Joan Robin Macbeth

Johto Science and Research Department

Reginald Klutz

Gaston Velderiver

Johto Military Police

Zaaj Drociin

Gwen C. Clement

Madigan Sterling

Johto Medical Captain

Averys Haye

Johto Right-Hand Medic

Qasrina Ghazali

Johto Communications Officer

Shea Gallagher

     Rogue Officers 

Rogue Leader

Jane Delancy
Creator: Nillia

Once the head of Kanto's forces, her defection came as a surprise during the Invasion of Ecruteak where she denounced the war and created the Rogues who would support neither side in their fight. She aims for a better understanding between human and Pokemon through peace.

Rogue Special Operations

Katrya Hayha

Elizabeth Miles

Rogue Chief Medic

Alfred Haye

Rogue Right-Hand Medic

John Henry

     Kanto Team 


Ada 'Honeybee' Sanger

Adrohai Arnsgail
Creator: Andrimnir

A veteran of the first war who came out of retirement and aims to protect the younger generation.

Alaistair Landon

Amelia 'Nathan' Kalili

Alan Sharp

Chase Austerby

Creator: Vhu

Chris Dellard

Mirela Gry

Creator: Snapshotdicer

Elliot Dapper

Creator: This Idiot

Eugene Lauderdale

Eva Edmunds

Karl Materdae

Kathleen Mc Grath

Maria Hazelton

Mortimer Tyler

Creator: Silver5
  • Determinator - He's getting to Rommel, one way or the other

Nathan Ward

Perrick Calborne

Roxanne Blake

Ruth Vernon

Sergei Ruchkin

Tony Fenmore

Vincent Andor

Xander Selie


Alisha Partridge

Autumn Fabray

Marcus Richter

Mc Kenzie Thatcher

Creator: Colatechi

Phyllis Perkins

Creator: RoguishLoaf

Malcolm Alvand

Creator: Vhu

Tryn Van Gysel

Creator: This Idiot


     Johto Team 


Avery Strivers

David Avery

David Strauss

Fiona Blackwood

Frederik Curtsinger

Iris Le Marc

Leroy Solis

Margaret 'Mag' Gables

Rory Mc Clain
Creator: Kestrelwings

The archetypal angry Scot, he was divorced from his wife shortly before the war and currently serves Johto as part of the Air Force. Has a six-year old son.

Sawyer Thalas

Simon Potter

Tobias 'Toby' Crouch

Weston Rookwood

Yuliana Markovic


Alexander Bacciarelli

Ivy Devon

Heiress to the Devon Corporation. The public backlash for posing in a recruitment poster without joining the war, coupled with her father's failing business, prompts her to enter the war effort.

Lorelei 'Lulu' Alhambra

Rosetta Montague

Creator: Icytemporalist
“There are two ways of doing things: The Hoennian way and the wrong way. I'm Hoennian and..."

Tessa Monroe

Vale Harrison

William Copernicus

Galahad Acharya

An idealistic priest hailing from Hoenn who hopes to bring god a little closer to his flock.

'Captain' E.T. Crowley

Creator: TheCrowchan
'After this? Veilstone, baby! VEILSTONE!'

A landlocked smuggler in Goldenrod City.

     Rogues Team 


Aleister Strider

Once a Johto citizen, he enlisted as a Kanto soldier to escape the law in his own homeland, until a change of heart brings him over to the Rogues.

Barbara Ritter
“What else can I say? I’ve chosen the only path that didn’t involve me being a glorified bloodhound. I can’t say that we are ‘better’ but…I’ll certainly know the answer when someone decides to make my head roll in the literal way.”

Creator: Klatschmohnkuchen

  • Action Mom
  • Badass Longcoat: She's had it ever since she became part of the Military Police. By now, it really has seen better times.
  • Curtains Match the Window
  • Deadpan Snarker: Is pretty fond of using sarcasm. She does, however, lose her snarky exterior pretty quickly, the moment one of her various Berserk Buttons are pushed.
  • Defector from Decadence: From her own point of view. She joined the Rogues' ranks after witnessing POW treaties getting broken left and right. Not to mention her general disenchantment over the whole war and the way it's being handled.
  • The Idealist -> Knight In Sour Armor: Started out as the former with a fairly optimistic worldview. As of late, she's been progressively evolving into the latter as she keeps on getting confronted with the ugliest sides of war.
  • It Gets Easier: Barbara's still averse to wantonly killing people, but she's starting to lose her reservations about retaliating violently.
  • Jade-Colored Glasses: Part of her becoming increasingly more cynical.
  • Lawful Good -> Chaotic Good: Started out as a pretty straight-laced law woman before she went turncoat.
  • Luminescent Blush: Her skin turns into a red, blotchy mess, the more embarrassed or angry she gets. It's not particularly flattering, though.
  • Mama Bear: Barbara might have left her home and family behind, but she's still likely to snap at anyone to speak ill of her kids.
  • The Masochism Tango: Pretty much sums up her entire "relationship" with Damiano. Least to say, it's not a healthy one. Nope.
  • Waistcoat of Style: Starts wearing a green one after defecting from the M.P.
  • Your Cheating Heart: She already had a fling with a certain Italian before she broke off her relationship with Achim.
  • Youthful Freckles: Many of them. Barbara's practically covered in freckles from head to toe.

Ciel Lethe

Creator: Yuriakashu

Daniel Streak

Ellen Lance

Fletcher Kohan

Florence McKinley

Ichigo Hitsubaki

A Blackthorn City native tossed into the Johto Army to keep him off the streets, until he defects to the Rogues.

Joshua Imala

Creator: White-Rabbitgirl
“I thought if I serve out my sentence. I would earn my freedom. But I was unprepared for..any of 'this'. ”

A Unovan-born native whose wanderlust lands him up in the hands of Johto's authority who press him into conscription. Originally part of the Johto Army, defected after watching his squad kill off one of their own.

Mathis Montague
Creator: Oniwanbashu

An illegal immigrant and game warden on the run from his family in Sinnoh, he takes up residence in Johto just in time to become embroiled in the war. Originally conscripted to the Air Force, he defected to the Rogues after debating the morality of either side after the Siege of Undella.

Marco Renario

Creator: BlackCalico
I am tired of Johto's stronzate. It is time to move on.

An Unovan-born man who illegally immigrated over to Johto when he was a young man to escape the grasp of the local Mafia. Not only did he get caught up with another Mafia by complete accident, he somehow got himself recruited into the Johto military as a special ops sniper until he went turncoat.

Miguel Parsnip

Nebraska Jones


Scarlett Czar

Serrin Fabray

Theodore Partridge

Timbo Jones

Toni Marquardt


Anya Krause

Digby Ford

"Frog" Conrad Montague, Rosetta's Brother

Hannah Campbell
Creator: AriadneArca

Johann Aderlass


The Rogues' camp cook as well as mother figure to several of the men. Lost her husband in the first war and her youngest son recently on the frontlines.

Lucille Partridge

Nathaniel Imala

Joshua Imala's younger brother. He left the safety of Unova after the events of Undella bay in an attempt to search for Joshua which led him to the rogues.

Sophia Stromberg


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