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  • A Crown of Stars: Rei cared for Shinji greatly. When Shinji, Asuka and the like returned to Earth and met Rei, she was NOT happy to learn that her brother and Asuka were together now, and she stated she would not tolerate it and she wanted to take care of him personally. And then it was Asuka who was NOT happy and declared that Rei was not taking him away from her.
  • Ai Yori Aoshi Koi: Chapter 8 reveals that in the past, Kaoru's aunt Suzuno actually drugged and raped Kaoru's father to conceive a child as part of a plan to become the Hanabishi heir. Yeah, it's just as f'ed up as it sounds.
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  • There seems to be no sign of incest in the original book, but that didn't stop the The Chronicles of Narnia fans. The most popular pairings are Peter/Susan and Edmund/Lucy, with Peter/Edmund and Edmund/Susan all very popular as well. "Blame the chemistry between the actors." As you can imagine, given the Christian origins of the stories, this is a large division for the fanbase.
  • Thanks to the onscreen chemistry between the actors portraying them, Tru and Harrison Davies of Tru Calling developed a small but dedicated shipper following. One of the better stories (NSFW).
  • Subverted in Doing It Right This Time: Shinji and Rei had some mutual attraction, but it never really ended up going anywhere what with Rei having No Social Skills and Shinji not being much better off. At some point during or after Instrumentality he figured out that Rei was a clone of his mother, something his father had neglected to mention for some reason. Except unbeknownst to everyone, Naoko Akagi had switched Yui Ikari's genetic material with her own. Shinji is still wondering whether this makes that time he accidentally saw her naked less awkward or even more so.
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  • Higher Learning: In the original timeline after the Third Impact Shinji and Asuka’s son and daughter had a relationship. Their daughter got pregnant and gave birth to Kaoru.
  • They're technically not siblings, but Roxas and Xion are the main pairings in The Old Life, Alive Again. Keep in mind that one is Sora's Nobody and the other one is his clone. The other Nobodies (except Axel, Larxene, and Demyx) naturally don't take kindly to this, as they believe Nobodies should be incapable of loving each other.
  • Once More with Feeling: Defied. Shinji has decided that he will romantically pursue Asuka and treat Rei like a sister this time around. He still has to remind himself that Rei is his half-sister sometimes, though, since despite loving her like a sibling, he still finds her physically attractive.
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  • The One I Love Is: Although Shinji likes Asuka he also likes Rei (and both girls like back). However Rei does not want to tell him she is his mother's clone because she is afraid that it will kill any possibility of having a love relationship with him. Later Shinji learns about her origin but he does not care about it because she is still Rei.
  • A Surprise Incest example happens in The Queen of Hearts. It turns out that Elsa and Anna have a half-brother from when their mother was imprisoned and raped during a war prior to their birth. It was carefully arranged that they'd never meet or be arranged to marry, however their brother Hans previously tried to marry both of them at different times without his father's consent. Elsa learns the news first and tries to keep it from Anna, but Anna ends up learning a few days later. They both decide to never tell anyone.
  • Thousand Shinji: Rei was in love with Shinji even though she was his mother's clone. However Shinji regarded her like a sister and was in love with Asuka. Still when Rei revealed her genetic make-up to him and Shinji figured out her feelings he did not seem concerned about her origins. In fact he told: "If you wanted a threesome with me and Asuka why didn't you ask us?". After the Final Battle, Shinji claimed Rei, Asuka and Misato as his wives.
  • Almost three quarters of the Wizards of Waverly Place fandom prefer Justin and Alex together. On Fan Fiction-dot-net, there are around 3000 stories and more than half are about an incestous/romantic potential relationship between the two of them. The actors and their chemistry didn't help either, as Selena Gomez and David Henrie did use to occasionally date a few years ago.
    • The most infamous and best voted and appreciated fan story in the fandom is In Fire, In Ice, in which Justin and Alex end up married.
  • Everything the Light Touches (a.k.a. The Lion King 2 1/2) is filled to the brim with incest as it is, but one notable example would be when it's (very casually) revealed that Kovu and Nala both had Scar as their father, making them half-siblings. In the middle of one of their sex scenes, no less. Of course, this only makes it even more titillating for them. Beyond that, there's multiple different scenes where Kovu "entertains" Vitani. Cue the squick.
  • Ice Age - How to be Conniving has this in the form of an OC who turns out to be Diego's dead sister (it's complicated) after several intimate scenes between the two including a 'kiss'.
    • Also squicky in the fact that the OC knew that Diego was her brother all along but still engaged in a semi-intimate relationship with him. Diego on the other hand didn't know until after The Reveal.
  • D.Gray-man fandom has a somewhat sizable following of Leescest shippers. That is, Lenalee Lee and her big brother Komui Lee. It certainly helps that Komui has quite the sister complex and freaks out every time he's jokingly told that Lenalee's getting married.
  • One of the threesomes in the Lyrical Nanoha fic A Day in the Life is Ginga and her adopted siblings Wendi and Nove. Genya ultimately ends the relationship by having Ginga reassigned, though, but the three of them say they will take the time to think about their feelings for one another.
  • Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami mentions that the reason Light and Dark Yagami share a single bed is "only because there parents were to poor to get separate rooms its not like their gay or anything!" Hmmm... Though it loses all subtext around chapter six when their father walks in on them, Misa, their sister, their mother, and "that girl from the bus" all "sexing" together.
  • LXG Tempest Rewrite:
    • Jack Nemo and Greta Mors have been in an unhealthy relationship since their teens
    • Their daughters Shakti and Chanda confess their intimate feelings to each other on their last night on Earth, kiss and make love.
  • In the Oneiroi Series (one of the few Order of the Stick fanfic series), Deirdre has a 'thing' for men in her family. She deliberately puts Terentius in a position where he can't help but confront and nurse lust for her, which is torturous enough for him to break down in tears, once when he masturbates to her and again when she actually gets him to do the deed. Deirdre's not a nice sister.
  • Golden Sun Gag Battle, a 4koma doujinshi, has a joke with Ivan trying out his new Reveal power on Hama and Feizhi's clothes. To be fair, Gag Battle was published before The Lost Age outed Hama as Ivan's sister.
    • Golden Sun fandom being notorious for its rampant shipping scene, there's also the aptly-named "Oopsieshipping" (Felix/Jenna), and "Imilshipping" when it was thought that Alex and Mia were siblings (Dark Dawn since clarified that they're cousins... which hasn't slowed the shippers any).
    • Since Dark Dawn's release, there have probably been more, as several new sets of siblings have made debuts.
  • Bart and Lisa get a lot of incest fics. One in particular had them fall in love, marry and have a daughter together, living under assumed names in another town.
  • The first Shipping Chart shown on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fansite Equestria Daily recorded no less than five fics shipping Applejack with her brother Big Macintosh, and another five with the sister/sister pairing Celestia/Luna (Princest). And those are just the ones that made it past the EQD pre-readers.
  • Most of the romances in Sweet Kagamine Kiss 's stories are this. Especially Twincest.
  • Ed and Al are a surprisingly popular pairing in Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction, likely because the 2003 anime really went to town with the Incest Subtext, intentionally or not. Ed and Al seem to be a little too obsessed with each other for it to be merely brotherly love.
  • Silver-furred Secrets is a Warrior Cats Lemon which ships Stormfur with his sister Feathertail.
  • From Gravity Falls, the Dipper and Mabel pairing (also known as Pinecest) is very popular, with several fanfictions having been written for the pairing.
  • In a side story of A Brief History of Equestria, one of Platinum's plans was almost derailed when it was revealed that one of the kitchen staff of the noblepony she was having done in was pregnant with the grandfoal of the Noble in question. However, said maid was also the secret daughter of another maid, with whom the nobleman had most certainly sired the younger maid with years ago, leading to this trope. It isn't known whether or not the two younger ponies knew this, or if one knew and the other didn't, but given nature of the Founding-Era Nobility in character and in marriage arrangements, that knowledge may or may not have had any effect on the matter.
  • Hivefled: The Grand Highblood and the Condesce produced their respective descendants together and have every intention of making them follow in their parents' footsteps; troll society has no concept of incest, but Gamzee is still not happy about it. He has, however, made flirtatious comments to the ghost of their half-sister, but considering his current trauma level nothing was intended to come of that.
  • A variation shows up in Bring Me All Your Elderly!: Sockson (movie!Sokka) hits on Katara, the animated version of his sister. The feeling is not mutual.
  • In Mega Man Reawakened, due to a programming bug Roll falls in love with Megaman at first.
  • In The Once and Future King, the main character, Prince Aziru, is the product of incest between Zuko and Azula, who have plenty of Incest Subtext in the original show. Unlike most examples of Royal Inbreeding, the siblings are not married (instead on opposite sides of a civil war for the throne of the Fire Nation), and Azula only chose to have a child with Zuko so they would have pure, strong Royal Blood. Aziru, along with everyone else, doesn't know who his father is yet, and only sees Zuko as the Evil Uncle he has to kill.
    • It should be noted that it's very unclear whether the sex was consensual, on either side. We don't know anything about how willing Zuko was, and Azula never specifically says she chose to have a child with him.
  • Seemingly played straight but ultimately averted in the Kim Possible fic "Vacation From the Norm". In the first volume, Global Justice head Betty Director appears to have betrayed GJ and has seduced her brother Sheldon, aka Gemini, leader of the World Wide Evil Empire. In the sequel, it's revealed that Camille Leone was impersonating Betty Director and was the one sleeping with Gemini. The real Betty had gone underground, and was actually romantically involved with Agent Will Du.
  • Life Of The Legendaries: Implied with Latios and Latias. One fan called it "wincest".
  • Due to being co-dependant on each other, Sam Winchester and his older brother Dean get paired up with frequency in the Supernatural fandom. The ship has been lampshaded in the show numerous times.
  • The Second Try: Discussed. After Third Impact, Shinji and Asuka are the only surviving humans. At one point they argue that, if they have children and let them repopulate the world, sibling incest would be a problem. Fortunately this becomes a non-issue.
  • The Truth reveals that Applejack and Big Macintosh are Apple Bloom's parents, and that they're really stepsiblings. They eventually marry, with another foal on the way.
  • Extremely common in The Loud House fanfics. Lincoln has been shipped with all 10 of his sisters at some point (yes; even baby Lily) and that's not counting stories where the sisters are involved with each other.
  • Yuji Fudo (son of Yusei) from Showa & Vampire and various other fics is known to sleep with his twin sister in several of them.
  • Twin siblings Qrow and Raven Branwen have shades of this in Vale's Underground with Raven being the initiator. She has some flirtatious behavior with her brother that is clearly more than subtext. Even Word of God notes that those undertones weren't accidental. Confirmed in the seventh chapter. Raven has been sexually abusing Qrow ever since they were teenagers.
  • More than a few Code Geass fics and doujinshi lean into this, mostly between Lelouch and Euphemia who are half-siblings. Considering they are royalty, have been growing up separate for seven years, and have Incest Subtext in canon, it's not too surprising the fans pick up on it and make use of it. That said there are people putting Lelouch with his full-blooded little sister Nunnally.
    • There is also the appearance of this with Rolo/Lelouch. Not Blood Siblings is in full effect as Rolo is a Replacement Goldfish to Nunnally introduced as a Child Assassin who ended up way too attached to his target Lelouch. But to those outside, or when Lelouch is brainwashed to think Rolo is his blood brother, it comes across as full on incest.
  • Their Bond: It's noted that Queen Eldora's Maderone was her brother. Said brother was also her lover. A week after Eldora died, her brother Kelen also died. It's also rumored that Eldora's children were actually Kelen's, not her husband. Her husband was more interested in their maid than in Eldora herself. Eldora didn't mind and their children were friends.
  • In Nala: My Father's Madness, Scar tries to arrange a marriage between his daughter Nala and her half-brother Nuka. If Nala declines, he states he'll have her killed and instead marry Nuka to his full-blooded sister Vitani.
  • In Last Mage of Krypton, it's strongly hinted that the Carrow siblings do more than just share a house...
  • Amy Dallon from Atonement has (unrequited) feelings for her adopted sister Victoria. Before dying, Vicky reveals she knew but she pretended to be oblivious because she couldn't love Amy the way she wanted her to.
  • Deconstructed in Ward fanfiction Warp. Amy Dallon's unrequited and obsessive love for her adoptive sister Victoria ruined her relationship irreparably and destroyed Vicky, who is very scared of her formerly dear little sister.
    "Every word he spoke really only confirmed the worst of my suspicions. It wasn't that Tattletale or the stress or the Nine that put things into her head; the desire and will to change, control, and take me had always been there, and everything else had merely exposed it."
  • Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor in Friendship is Witchcraft, Episode 8 "Foaly Matripony". Shining is getting married, but Twilight ruins the wedding, drags Cadence off to a cave, and leaves her to die. And it's hilarious. Also, as for Shining and Twilight, they're not biologically related, so it's not creepy!
  • In the second episode of Supernatural: The Animation Abridged Sam and Dean "hug" each other. Due to Rule of Funny it's never mentioned again when homosexuality is discussed.
  • Played for laughs in the second episode of Infinite MENT where Lingying calls Chifuyu "sterile", where she angrily denies it. When Ichika loudly asks why his sister never got pregnant after "all the times they did it", she yells back that she was on the pill... then remembers she just shouted that out in front of the whole class. She tries to wave her hand and say nobody heard that, however the class is still shocked and confused. Then she yells the same thing and everybody agrees they heard nothing. Ichika proudly claims he heard it, and Chifuyu slams his head into his desk.
  • Perfect Diamond World:
    • Elsa and Anna are sisters in a relationship. It's implied that Anna was drawn to Elsa because she's the only person she feels truly safe and loved around.
    • Agdar fell in love with his sister Signy, however he was caught and punished. The two were split apart into alternate universes and forced to live as mortals for all eternity.
  • Us and Them: Aeris and Sephiroth were raised together as siblings, though they eventually do fall in love and get married. In the side-story "99 Shades of Silver", a book of the same name comes out which is very loosely based on their relationship, but makes them actual siblings and plays the "incestual forbidden love" angle. They don't take very kindly to it.


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