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Did ya think the most failure-prone guy in the entire Disney universe can't showcase awesomeness? Think again.

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    Creator/Carl Barks's Comics 
  • A 1940s Donald Duck comic featured Donald and his nephews raising a sunken ship they're trapped in with the air from ping pong balls. Not impressed? Well, in 1964, a ship full of sheep coming into Kuwait sank, and everyone was worried about the decomposing sheep contaminating the drinking water. One man, wisely not mentioning where he got the idea, suggested using ping pong balls. It worked!
  • Commanding a boat powered by sharks (The MagicHourglass)
  • In Truant Officer Donald, Donald Duck outwits his nephews thrice! The first one being where he effortlessly snatches them up the first time for playing hooky, the second one being him hiding in a snowma-err, snowduck, and when the boys tried to smash it too erase any evidence of their hooky day, Donald jumps out and catches them, and the third one being when it looks like the boys have won for besting Donald because it's Saturday and there's no school on Saturday, Donald pulls out a key from his vest, says that it's the school's key, and forces his nephews to go in anyway and write out "Crime does not pay," 100 times each on the blackboard. When Donald's smarts show, they show!
  • Near the end of "The Horseradish Story", the villainous Chisel McSue tries to toss the Ducks off their own raft. Donald proceeds to lead the entire Duck family on a beatdown of the guy.
    Donald: Haven't we taken enough guff from this tough?
    Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, and Louie: Yes!
  • In the story "The Golden Christmas Tree", a witch - stereotypical warts, broom and all - lures away and kidnaps the triplets, and Donald follows their trail despite not having the advantages the witch gave the kids (like transforming into a log to let them cross a chasm, which Donald just throws a gigantic snowball across to make a bridge). Upon reaching her cabin, he assaults it ferociously, even after she proves she's a powerful Reality Warper who could kill him in a second and probably doesn't only out of some sadistic mischievous streak. After some quite impressive antics (including picking up an entire tree trunk to use as a battering ram) he cleverly enters through the chimney, gives a Bond One-Liner, and uses her own broom, which is the source of her power, to defeat her while yelling at his nephews to run as fast as they can.
  • In The Ghost of the Grotto, Dewey is kidnapped by a mysterious armored man, who may or may not be a ghost. That doesn't stop Donald from trying to free him. After he and the remaining nephews defeat a giant octopus, (thanks to Huey's idea of feeding the octopus a chunk of meat filled with chili pepper), Donald goes of to battle the armored man, who previously attacked them with rifles, swords and a canon. Donald still defeats the kidnapper, although the duck is armed with... let's say less conventional weapons:
    Louie: Going to battle an armored man with a squirt gun and a mouse! Do you suppose Unca' Donald's in his right mind?
  • In Vacation Time, Donald and the nephews go camping and spends most of the time getting into comical camping situations, especially Donald who spends most of the story obsessed with getting a great photograph of a majestic buck deer. But when a forest fire breaks out due to a careless camper who steals the Ducks' car, Donald takes charge and saves himself and the nephews by burying them alive (a real life last-ditch survival tactic of smokejumpers).
  • Telling Uncle Scrooge off and giving him a well-deserved kick in the rear at the end of "Only A Poor Old Man". The story begins with Scrooge trying to have a talk with Donald, because he thinks that at Donald's age, he ought to be a success like him. With a big fortune, Scrooge claims, Donald wouldn't have to worry about his next meal and things like that. Intercut with this lecture however, is Scrooge going ballistic over tiny things like moths, mice and other intruders in his bin who may "ruin" his fortune in one way or another, while Donald simply smiles with leniency over his uncle's antics. After the adventures where Scrooge goes to extreme measures to save his fortune from the Beagle Boys, Donald finally gives him a piece of his mind:
    Donald: If you've got comfort, I'll take vanilla! Shut up and pay off! You may not know it, Uncle Scrooge, but your billions are a pain in the neck! You’re only a poor old man! Good-bye!
  • In Northeaster on Cape Quack, Donald and the boys are left to watch the old Cape Quack lighthouse during the greatest storm since 1897. Before the storm, a real estate salesman destroys the light looking to buy the land. With a ship coming in that relies on the lighthouse for safety and no options left, Donald climbs the lighthouse carrying lanterns while waves are washing over the top of the lighthouse! Thanks to the light from the lanterns, the ship, carrying Duckburg's Christmas tree, is saved from disaster with minutes left to spare.

    Creator/Don Rosa's Comics 

  • Donald uses the Holy Grail to knock a villain unconscious in "A Letter From Home." To render the week's Big Bad unconscious via a blow to the head, that's spectacular in itself. Yet, Donald didn't use just any weapon. He was armed with the Holy Grail. Did you read that? Here it comes again just in case: DONALD DUCK USED the Holy Grail to knock a villain senseless, smashing it against his head with such strength that he BROKE IT. It may as well be the most sacrilegious, blasphemous, yet epically AWESOME KO ever featured on Disney Comics.
  • Little Donald giving 1930 Scrooge at his most Jerkass a much needed kick in the rear in ''The Empire Builder From Calisota''.
  • Telling off both Magica and Scrooge at the end of The Treasury of Croesus, forever showing that while he may never be as rich or as powerful as either of them, he may just be the happier one. And singing Lydia the Tattooed-Lady as he saunters off.
    • Magica's dumbfounded expression and Scrooge's quivering, cane-breaking fury are just icing. Of course, this was perfectly in character for the Donald of the day (who was a hard-smoking, hard-drinking, sea-shanty-singing, Angrish-sputtering sailor followed by a trio of Junior Woodchuck nephews for whom this was a chance to show off more knowledge of history).
    • Gets better. As the nephews pointed out, all of them were the counterparts of three ancient figures: Scrooge of Croesus, the richest man of Ancient Greece (except Scrooge can claim to be richer); Magica of Circe, who (in this story) wanted to realize the Touch of Midas with Croesus' first coin, and tormented him for years; and Donald of Solon, the wisest man in Ancient Greece, who told off Croesus on how no man can gain happiness through wealth alone because he doesn't know the plans of the gods (Donald told Scrooge and Magica they would never be happy because they would complicate their own lives through their own greed).
    • Earlier in the story, Scrooge casually routed a division of the Turkish Army.
  • His near-Heroic Sacrifice in The Black Knight Glorps Again: The plan to get the Omnisolve-covered Black Knight trapped in a diamond room succeeds. Unfortunately, Donald gets trapped with him, and the Black Knight threatens to kill Donald if they don't release him. Just as Scrooge and the boys agree, Donald tells them not to open the door, no matter what, and struggles with the Knight until they both pass out from the Omnisolve dissolving the air in the room! Wow! Now that was smart, selfless, and brave. For those of you who don't know: The Black Knight's armor is covered in a solution that dissolves almost anything instantly at touch, including air. Even fired spears and cannonballs would simply disappear into it as if he was a walking black hole. He's pretty much a less scary version of SCP-106 without a pocket-dimension. And Donald was locked in a small room with someone who could kill him with a simple poke. Woah!
  • The climax of The Magnificent Seven (Minus Four) Caballeros. The story's villain (a native chief turned greedy by civilization) escapes in a canoe, leaving Donald, José and Panchito in the lost city of Ophir, with no way to get out thanks to the river being infested with piranhas and the city's location on a high plateau. Things are looking grim, to the point where his friends lament this as the end of the Three Caballeros. As everything seems hopeless and their future looks doomed, Donald recalls the insults and mistreatment that Scrooge, Gladstone, and Daisy gave him earlier in that week, accusing him of being completely worthless and incapable of doing anything without screwing it up... all with his nephews seeing everything, feeling so very sorry for him. Donald finally snaps, grabs a vine, swings into the chief's canoe, and proceeds to give him the beating of his life.
    • Donald's act of bravado inspires Panchito and José decide to join his friend. Just then, they notice a gigantic anaconda (which had previously attempted to eat Donald) swimming toward the canoe. Panchito ties the snake's tail to a nearby bridge, while Jose subdues it with only his umbrella. After the chief falls off an Inevitable Waterfall, Panchito ties up the Anaconda by its neck and he, along with Donald and José, ride out of the ruins on it like a bucking bronco.
      • There's still a tribe of Indians they gotta deal with. It ends up not being necessary to do so, but their will to face them with their bare hands is still admirable.
        "A whole tribe of Indians against Three Caballeros...We have them grossly outnumbered."
      • And why was it unnecessary? Because their mounts - Panchito's horse Señor Martinez, an ox and a llama - had already captured them. Señor Martinez was already awesome on his own, and the llama was The Cast Showoff, but this...
    • In this story, Donald replies to some of José and Panchito's comments and jokes by mentioning he was involved in finding Eldorado, the lost mines of the Incas, Atlantis, and King Solomon's Mines, and found the last living dinosaurs, as an afterthought. He did all of that in other stories, but José and Panchito's awed reactions really put all of that into perspective. That's also part of why they attacked and tamed the giant anaconda: they had enough of Donald accidentally putting them to shame with both his Success Through Insanity and the humility to not mention his past adventures (he really didn't think much of it, but still...), and when he snapped...
  • In another Three Caballeros story, the Caballeros find a great treasure of quicksilver, and are discussing what they'll do with their parts: José wans to open a night club and kickstart his acting carrier, Panchito wants to buy a ranch and retire in peace, and Donald says he doesn't really want anything grand. He plans on using his newfound wealth to pay for his nephews' education. José and Panchito both feel selfish compared to Donald's concern for his wards, and José (in characteristically dramatic fashion) asks Panchito to shoot him in the foot, as he doesn't deserve to walk on the same earth as Donald.
  • Donald single-handedly assists Scrooge outwitting Beagle Boys in Inception-like adventure of "Dreams of a Lifetime"
  • In The Quest for Kalevala, Scrooge and Donald meet face to face with Death himself, and what does Donald do? Laughs into his face! It's one-upped in the epilogue included in the Finnish hardcover edition, where Donald literally kicks Death's ass so hard that his skull flies off (this actually being payback from earlier, where Death threw them out of his realm for causing general havoc, and ended up literally kicking Donald out. It Makes Sense in Context. Don Rosa seemingly makes a lot of weird shit work in Disney comics.).
  • Return to Xanadu features Donald saving not only his nephews and uncle, but the entire population of the valley of Xanadu when he heroicly risks his life by first sawing through a metal gate and then opening a sluice gate that was causing the valley to flood in the first place. Notably, it originally took the entire Duck family to close that gate so they could get into the valley. The second time around Donald opens it on his own. Scrooge even admits that Donald is the strongest of them, being at the peak of his physical abilities.
    • Donald also makes sure to destroy the pulley system controlling the sluice gate, locking it in place and ensuring it will never threaten Xanadu again.
    • Really, Return to Xanadu is almost wall-to-wall Awesome, not just for the characters, but for Don Rosa himself, as it's one of the most seamless ties to Bark's work he ever wrote. First, there's the journey to Xanadu itself, especially once they get past the sluice gate, and both Scrooge and Donald start to realize there's something oddly familiar about everything. This is confirmed when Dewey finds an old leather satchel right to the cave exit leadig to Xanada - with the words property of Scrooge Mcduck on it! Xanadu isn't just the fabled utopia of myth, it's also another name for Tralla-La, the same cashless society Scrooge once sought out during his bout with nervous breakdown caused by the stress of his wealth! The satchel once held the stress medication Scrooge drank during that same story, which also contained the bottlecaps that caused the events of the story.
    • The original Barks story gets a final, amazing Call-Back during the climax. The Ducks need something strong enough to break through the metal bar blocking the door to the sluice gate, but Tralla-La doesn't have any metal of it's own - except, that's not quite true. The Grand Lama of Tralla-La reveals that there IS a large cache of metal, brought to the valley many years ago by outsiders, and hidden away in the palace. Scrooge is enthralled by this, assuming it's the lost treasure of Genghis Khan, which was the reason he began the adventure. They're led to the secret vault, Scrooge bursts inside... and promptly faints dead out of shock. Because it's not a massive treasure horde of gold, which would be useless for their needs, but rather a large pile of steel bottlecaps!
  • In the story On Stolen Time, the Beagle Boys use a time stopping device invented by George Gearloose (Who else?) to rob Scrooge blind. Eventually, Donald and the boys manage to get within the area of effect of the device, and gives chase, splitting up along the way. The Beagle Boys eventually get enough space between themselves and the boys (because they wear shoes) to freeze time for them. But when they turn around, they see Donald, who's seemingly frozen. Except he's not. He was quick-witted enough to pretend to be frozen, even when the Beagle Boys humiliate him, so he could follow them to their hideout without their knowing.
  • Donald saves all of Duckburg from one of the darkest plots in Disney history: In "A little something special", Grandpa Blackheart Beagle plans to detonate explosives in the sewers of Duckburg, destroying the entire town and killing tens of thousands of people, if not more. While Scrooge fights Blackheart, Donald gets to work disabling the detonator. He makes it just in time, as in the signal reaches the receiver while Donald is still holding it after removing it from the detonator.

    Paperinik (classic) Comics 

  • Italian stories created Paperinik, a superhero persona for Donald. How is this awesome? Well, in the first story he acted as an avenger of himself, and the very first thing he did was to steal Scrooge's mattress while he slept on it. After graduating from avenger of himself to superhero, he routinely took on what seemed to be impossible odds, and won every single time (just to make an example: one of his most frequent adversaries is Spectrus, a stage magician/Gentleman Thief who can hypnotize everyone with a single look in the eyes, yet Paperinik can fight and defeat him with onion juice). Then, there's Paperinik New Adventures (that has own page).
  • In a story Donald wanted a vacation, but he couldn't do it because there were too many criminals and too little cops. The solution: capturing every single criminal in Duckburg in three nights, and then going on his vacation.
    • He later topped that by capturing them all in one night for a different reason: the billionaires of Duckburg wouldn't help refurbishing the sport field citing the expense of defending their fortunes from criminals as the reason, so he captured them all. And he did it even more awesomely than the first time: while the first time he ran around the city with his gadget and picked the criminals one by one (why it took him three nights), this time he used some Applied Phlebotinum from Gyro to bait them all in a square, at which point he caught them all in a net and called the cops.
    • He repeated this one in "The Legend of Paperinik", if on different circumstances: due Gyro going overboard in overhauling his gadgets and making them so powerful they were unusable Paperinik had such a horrible night that his aura of terror had shattered and all the criminals in Duckburg had gathered to sack the city, only for our hero to show up with his repaired weapons and capture them all.
      • This one is followed by how he repaired his reputation: when one of the thieves said that now they knew he wasn't invincible and one day they'd win, Paperinik laughed before claiming he had screwed up the previous night on purpose to gather them in one place and make a mass capture. And, given the beating they had just suffered, they bought it. This one is shared with the young fan that, while playing with his friend, said the same thing while Donald was passing by, resulting in him using the fan's idea.
      • Also, Paperinik's reputation, both before and after this incident. Before, the criminals would tell stories of Paperinik being six stores tall, having a hundred eyes, surrounding gangs by himself, and having at least four hands ("How many hands did that monster have?" "How should I know? I didn't try counting them!"), with a thief from out of town mocking their tales. After, they would tell stories of Paperinik being twelve stores tall, having a thousand eyes, and being so cunning that everything else being secondary, and the thief from out of town, who by now had met Paperinik twice, not only subscribed but was the one terrified the most by his cunning.
  • In one story the Beagle Boys had managed to steal his car and gadgets, and tried to use them for heists. First heist: Paperinik wrecks the car's flying ability and recovers the loot. Second heist: he wrecks the car's mechanical arm, and recovers the loot. Third heist: he finally decides to get serious and wrecks the whole car, and recovers the loot and the wrecked car. Fourth heist, in which the Beagle Boys use his paralyzer gun and his spring boots for high jumps: he tricks the BB with the boots into jumping in the sewers, where he knocks himself out by hitting the ceiling with the rebound of the springs, then gleefully announces the other Beagle Boys that his gun is single shot and they have no reloads, and when they, furious for being ridiculed this way, jump on him to beat him to a pulp, he dodges and let them beat each other into unconsciousness while he calls the police and recovers the rest of his gadgets. And all of this using only improvised equipment like a foot-propelled scooter (when he wrecked the car's flying ability: he lured them between two palaces close enough they broke the car's wings), a well-placed rope (when he wrecked the mechanical arm), a wrench (when he wrecked the car) and a movable advertising poster (to trick the BB into jumping in the sewers).
  • In his fourth story Paperinik finds out everybody believes him to be a robot Scrooge created to advertise his wax museum (Scrooge had used a Paperinik robot to advertise that museum in the previous Paperinik story, but that was using Paperinik's own infamy, and from that a group of scientists determinated Paperinik was the robot all along). How does he reveal once and for all that he's not a robot? Easy: he crashes a party attended by the whole population of Duckburg while Scrooge is in jail for a theft Paperinik had committed earlier in the story (in fact Rockerduck had thrown the party to celebrate Scrooge getting jailed), terrifies everyone with a ray gun made of chocolate, gets the judge to admit he's not a robot and that Scrooge is innocent, commits the theft again with nobody daring to stop him, kicks Gladstone in the pool for celebrating the jailing of a relative, and, before leaving, forces Rockerduck to eat the gun.
    • The threat with a fake gun or use of a fake gadget is a Running Gag, usually in the form of a super soaker loaded with a soft drink that he'll shoot in his own mouth after he doesn't need to threaten the victim anymore (the victim is never amused). In one occasion he was feeling particularly sadistic, he used two of these guns on Scrooge, the first with the drink sold as a paralyzing fluid to stop him from escaping and the other sold as a disintegrator, and Scrooge was so terrified he fell for both. Then, when he was done, Paperinik made him drink from the disintegrator. Then there's the time he stung Rockerduck with a needle, told him he had injected into him a serum that made people obey all orders (that Rockerduck had two thugs commission to Gyro, so he knew it existed) and made him act like a monkey, jump on his own chandelier and eat the hat calling it a banana...
  • In one occasion Paperinik was trying to track down the man controlling the crime in Duckburg, but no thief would give him even an hint. How did he finally track him down? He faked an amnesy and a Face–Heel Turn and stole away half the city until the crime boss bought it and told his men to bring Paperinik to him to steal his loot. Needless to say, when they did he proceeded to beat up and capture every single criminal in the building.
  • Once Donald found out someone was selling Paperinik toys and costumes. He stormed Scrooge's office, only to find out that Rockerduck was the one selling them. So the night before a massive release he visited Rockerduck and scared into giving all for free, and to add the icing on the cake he had him put Donald in charge of the distribuition, earning him pubblic praise from the children in Duckburg. Enough that when Scrooge, who in the meantime had produced a large quantity of Paperinik toys and costumes to compete with Rockerduck, gets pissed at him, the children chase Scrooge away. In his earlier stories, Paperinik often had to foil Scrooge and Rockerduck schemes and always succeeded, sometimes playing them against each other and always making it so that Donald got the praise.
  • The story "Paperinik e la Concorrenza Supereroica" ("Paperinik and the Superhero Competition") has a few:
    • Thanks to Paperinik, Duckburg is a forbidden city when it comes to criminals. Even coming close is dangerous: the story opens with a gang trying to come in town, only to find the road blocked by a (fake) rock and Paperinik to show up with a scraper-equipped bulldozer, lift them, verify they're the bandits he was waiting for, and then throw them out of the road, and another criminals says about the time he was planning to go to Duckburg only for Paperinik visiting him at his home and making him watch a tape with the recording of him beating up and arresting three friends of the criminal.
    • The bandits' plan was to get the authorities to force Paperinik into retirement by providing a better superhero, and then break out every criminal from the jail, sack the city, put the loot on a ship under the guise of charity, and then kick out the crew once the ship is on the sea. It succeeds: the authorities send Paperinik to be a superhero in a country village, so the criminals break out, sack the city, start putting their loot on the ship... And the very moment their fake superhero drops his gadgets to disguise himself Paperinik arrests the whole lot, locking them in a circle of containers and knocking out the fake superhero before he can take back his gadgets. Then, to give Duckburg a lesson, has the ship leave with the part of the loot already on board, sending it away to be actual charity.
  • The two stories where Paperinik deals with the Trasformista are full of awesome for everyone involved:
    • "Trasformista" is Italian for Master of Disguise... And the Trasformista is incredibly good at disguises, even able to create Latex Perfection from bread crumbs. Needless to say, the guy committed a large number of capers with ease thanks to this.
    • How Paperinik arrested him the first time: as Donald he told his family he had to be out of town so he could surveil a city-wide event as Paperinik, while he watched with binoculars he noticed Donald Duck, and at this point he swooped in, captured the fake Donald, took off his mask to expose the Trasformista's identity, and left.
    • How did the Trasformista break out? As said above, he created three masks with bread crumbs, and used them intelligently: first he wore the mask of a prison guard so one of his colleagues, seeing him there and apparently tied up after the guard had just left at the end of his turn, would reach the obvious conclusion and come in; then he knocked out the guard, tied him up, and put on him a mask with his face; finally he wore the guard's mask and clothes, waited the end of the guard's turn, and calmly walked out.
    • Near the end of the second story the Trasformista knocks Paperinik out, hacks the television signal, and unmasks Paperinik on live television... Then a second Paperinik enters and exposes himself as Gladstone, a third Paperinik comes in and reveals he's Fethry, and at this point the unmasked Donald, who has freed himself, leads his cousins in jumping and beating him up. End result: the Trasformista is arrested again, and this time he even looks an idiot who Paperinik could get captured by sending there Donald, Gladstone and Fethry without moving from his hideout.
  • The story "Paperinik and the Magic Duel" is a story from the "light adventure" era where Paperinik tackles on the fake mages that are plaguing Duckburg-and shows just how formidable he is even in these light adventures:
    • The title page, showing a pissed Paperinik looking over some of the fearful charlatans as they leave Duckburg-with only what they can carry by hand.
    • After the mages have given the Nephews various excuses to avoid the chores (and they actually believe it), convinced Daisy to not date him, and accidentally got him assaulted by fans that stripped him naked (he had been washing the dishes wearing a towel on his head when he realized he was late for the date with Daisy she canceled at the last moment, and as he was getting back home he was mistaken for a turban-wearing mage), Donald decides to use his secret identity to rid Duckburg of the mages, is riding through the streets on his car-then he spots a charlatan that fakes hypnotizing an accomplice so onlookers won't notice the other accomplice burgling them. Paperinik stops, describes the trick to himself, asks the charlatan if he's really a mage and the first accomplice had been really hypnotized... And when they say yes, he notes "So that's why he didn't spot the giant spider on his leg!", making them break character, at which point he captures them, lifts and shakes the snatcher to make his loot fall in front of the victims, and leaves the three scammers to get beaten. And then leaves declaring "And I'm just getting started!"
    • The montage of him tackling the big names and exposing them in front of the cameras: Aleppe, Mage from the Steppe, had a table that was being moved by spirits, and Paperinik just walked in and showed the mechanism; Silvan, Wizard of the Mountain, lived in a haunted house, and Paperinik just walked in and exposed the spirits as small airships with sheets on them; he leads a group of cops in the lair of Kukkuruku, Mage from Timbuktu, uses an x-ray device to expose him as an escaped convict, and when he tries to escape he throws hyperconcentrated heavy smoke at him and knocks him out; and the two who ruined his dating life aren't even seen, we only see Daisy reading on the papers that they had been exposed as scammers and throwing their charms in the thrash.
      • After he got "Kukkuruku" arrested, the customer that was there protested because he couldn't slim down and magic was his last hope. Paperinik just shoved a large cork plug in his mouth and told him to keep it there for a couple weeks, so he'd "magically" slim down.
      • The ease Paperinik exposed them. They all had their tricks, even complicated ones, and Paperinik just waltzed in with a news crew, exposed said tricks, and waltzed out. The only one who even got Paperinik to try was Paperlan...
    • Paperlan the Mage Peruvian was hard to take down, as his magics seemed to actually work: he'd predict some customers a possible bad event in the near future and offered to sell them a charm that would limit the damage, and if they bought it the damage would be limited but if they didn't they would end ruined. After winning the impulse to just thrash everything (with some advice from an actual mage), Paperinik disguises himself as a rich merchant and walks in-where he discovers that Paperian hypnotizes his rich customers to discover how they protect their wealth and workplaces before having his assistant and other accomplices rob them or cause an accident, making sure to not damage them too much if they bought the charm, so they could remain customers and get robbed again in the future, or utterly ruin them if they didn't. Props to Paperian for such a good trick and the long-term planning the others lacked.
    • Paperinik defeating Paperian: having used a mask with fake open eyes he avoided being hypnotized and fed Paperian fake informations, then prepared a warehouse to bait Paperian's men-and when they neutralized the alarms and broke in, he lit off the spotlights to reveal a horde of cops and a camera crew, that broadcast the arrest and Paperinik's explanation of Paperian's trick live.
    • The reprise of the scene from the title page: Paperinik watching over the charlatans (including Paperian, who was in the title page) escaping Duckburg... As the pissed Duckburgians run them out of town.
  • In Italian stories Magica is presented as basically invincible unless you have a trapped battlefield or can use her weakness to garlic, even inflicting a Curb-Stomp Battle to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. And yet the one time she fought Paperinik on an even battlefield he won, constantly matching her blow for blow until she was nearly exhausted and trapping her the moment she slipped.
    • That was the one on-page confrontation. Another story implies they have had a few other fights over Scrooge's #1 Dime, with Paperinik always coming out on top. Said story also shows one of Magica's greatest hits, tormenting Paperinik with allucinations to force him to steal the Number One Dime on magically enforced promise of never doing it again while also having a hyperspeed broom to reach the Vesuvius before Paperinik could intercept her... And he won again by outsmarting her: first he stole the Dime, then he gave it to Gladstone with a Paperinik disguise and instructions to give it to Magica before going to the Vesuvius and waiting for her in ambush, as he knew his flying car is faster than her usual broom, and when Magica tossed the Dime in the volcano for her spell he just caught the coin, mocked her for thinking she could beat him, and left while she was still too angry and shocked to do anything but sputter. Magica never even suspected how she lost that time.
  • In one story, Gyro invents a time machine that can fundamentally alter the time stream. Realizing how dangerous it is, he destroys the designs (by throwing them in a trash can). Villain of the Week, Professor Brain, obtains the designs, and uses it to recreate the world so he is sovereign ruler. Paperinik manages to avoid the effects by using one of Gyro's inventions, and wakes up in this new world. He eventually teams up with La Résistance, consisting of this timeline's versions of his friends and family, using his far more advanced gear to outmaneuver Brain's armies. Eventually, though, his gadgets runs out of juice. Does this deter him? Hell no, he proceeds to train himself in martial arts and still manages to defeat Brain's minions.
    • The resistance eventually brings in Paperinik from the unaltered timeline to help them. In an outright awe-inspiring assault on Brain's palace, the resistance brings Paperinik's entire arsenal (which is massive) to bear against Brain's defenses. Even Fethry, through sheer dumb luck, manages to take out an important target.
    • While this transpires, Original!Paperinik makes his way to the time machine to reprogram it, using a virus designed by Ludwig von Drake. Turns out Brain has removed the terminal, and filled the room with guards. Original!Paperinik proceeds to get captured, and plays Brain like a fiddle, manipulating him into revealing the terminal's location, and takes out every guard, weapon and handcuff in the palace with a well-placed use of Chekhov's Gun.
    • The terminal requires an access code only known by Brain, who claims to be immune to truth-serum, interrogation techniques, and isn't ticklish. Alternate!Paperinik calmly beats the shit out of him until he's ready to reveal the code.
    • The original timeline is restored with a change, namely the time-altering device breaking at the critical moment. Brain still has three Mooks he sends against our hero, much to his satisfaction and Gyro's fear... That are slowly exchanged as Paperinik brutally beats them up off-screen with his bare hands.
  • In "Brains at Stake" the Beagle Boys had sacked the Money Bin and kidnapped Scrooge and the Triplets at gunpoint for a later ransom, and were driving two tank trucks filled with cash and the hostages to their secret hideout in the mountains with the loot when Paperinik spotted them. Paperinik would intervene, but they have hostages... So he decides for psychological warfare:
    • After seeing the rear truck only has a Beagle Boy and no hostages, Paperinik drives by, lets the BB see him... And throws a rock at him, making the truck crash and revealing the BB the Devilish Avenger is after them.
    • After fixing the truck, the BB drive away, ready to react to any attack by using the hostages, but there's no new attack. So they stop for lunch, prepare a cauldron worth of stew... And Paperinik jumps in, grabs the stew, and jumps out. That's when the Beagle Boys start thinking they can't beat him, a convinction reinforced when the Triplets slice the trucks' wheels and signs it as Paperinik.
    • Hungry for skipping lunch and angry at why it happened and the sliced wheels, the BB fix the trucks and continue driving to their hideout. They arrive near it, separated only by a chasm with a wooden bridge on it... And find that Paperinik preceded them and destroyed the bridge. Also revealing that their secret hideout was known to the Devilish Avenger.
    • Seeing the bridge destroyed, the Beagle Boys come down from the trucks, start wondering how they can fix this or if they should just surrender... And this is when Paperinik finally attacks. The poor criminal try to escape without even thinking to use the hostages, but are quickly defeated.
    • After that, Paperinik links the two trucks and has Scrooge drive everything back to Duckburg, and leaves to call the police. But what if the Beagle Boys rebel once he's left? Easy: he puts an inflatable double over one of the trucks, and the BB are too scared to try anything lest they get beaten up again.

    Others' Comics 

  • Future Donald does pretty awesome in the alternate future of Lars Jensen's story "Whatever Happened to Scrooge McDuck?", specifically by managing to bankrupt Flintheart Glomgold and John Rockerduck with fines by converting the part of Scrooge's empire he inherited (after Scrooge's mysterious disappearance) into a charity organization dedicated to stopping illegal and unfair deals and reporting them to the proper authorities.
  • C'mon, Donald is the kind of person who will carve a mountain into an effigy of Napoleon with a chainsaw, in a single night, just so that people will talk about him. This at least deserves a mention.
  • In an Italian story, after Uncle Scrooge goes missing, Donald and his nephews travel to an island to retrieve him. Said island is inhabited by big, strong ducks (twice as tall and three times as large as Donald). When they get in an ambush, one of them captures Donald... until he sees another trying to do the same to his nephews. He goes full uncle wolf, beating the crap out of him and sending him crying away. They need a whole squad to subdue him.
  • In quite a few Italian comics that are set in the Middle Ages or that parody medieval themed stories, Donald is frequently shown to be a One-Man Army with a sword! A few comics where he's single-handedly defeated an entire army include:
    • "Paperino Il Paladino," where Donald sees a bunch of knights seemingly lay siege to a castle and he cuts down the ladder they were using to scale the walls. Then, the soldiers try to stop him by catapulting a boulder on top of him! And instead of trying to dodge the incoming blow, he merely laughs and holds up his shield. The soldiers lift up the boulder only to find that Donald was driven into the ground with his shield on top of him! He emerges from the hole seconds later completely unscathed and promptly challenges the ENTIRE ARMY to single combat which he wins in seconds! In fact, he fought so ferociously that his sword has gotten extremely heated from battle and he had to blow on it to cool it down! However, this gave the enemy time to regroup and he soon finds himself surrounded again! But yet again, Donald merely warns the army that trying to fight him is foolish and with one stroke, he slices off all their weapons! They immediately retreat! Donald also subdues King Scrooge when the latter tries to bully and fight him, warning Scrooge that he is an invincible warrior and could kill him if angered enough. Finally, in the second part of the story, Donald combines both brains and brawn to single-handedly defeat a ship of saracens and he YET AGAIN eventually defeats them all in battle!
    • "Paperin de Paperac", where Donald effortlessly disarms four Beagle Boys at the same time, stabbing one of them through the hat and just inches away from the Beagle's head! Needless to say, they beg him for mercy!
    • "Paperin Furioso." where Donald is so furious that he goes mad and not only defeats a heavily armored knight with his bare hands, but he also uproots an enormous tree and bashes the Beagle Boys with it! He then hurls boulders at them and when they regroup and surround him, he lifts an entire catapult and hurls it at the Beagle Boy army! He then sets their camp on fire! And what does he say about those who are barely left standing as he's crazed with rage?
      Donald: (with sword in hand) I feel my arm tremble with excitement to pierce the survivors! Who's next to fall?!
    • And later on, Donald also headbutts King Scrooge's palace when the latter tries to send his guards after him, nearly destroying it!
  • "Paperin Fracas" has Donald meet up with several other Disney characters including the Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland," Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and Honest John and Gideon from "Pinocchio." But the real awesomeness begins when Donald finds a huge sword (it's literally longer/taller than he is!) in an abandoned castle and starts slicing through who he believes are bandits and disarms them. They turn out to be mannequins but suddenly a real "bandit" with a semi-talking monkey shows up and threatens to kill Donald! Donald then bashes the villain over the head with a steel drum and just as he's about to finish him off with the sword, the "bandit" and monkey fall to their knees and beg him for mercy! He eventually lets the "bandit" go and even sells his sword (which so happened to be Durandal, the sword of the Frankish hero, Roland!) so that the "bandit" can afford to join a program and become honest! Donald also fights and almost kills three tall "spirits" who end up being his nephews! And again, he fights with three tall "giants" who were actually just shadows on a screen to test his courage! But these last two examples were still impressive in that they showcase Donald's courage and ferocity in choosing to fight creatures he believed to be monsters!
  • From the Reginella Saga:
    • "Reginella's return" has Donald reuniting with the alien queen by beating two thieves trying to steal the package she was carrying. Double the awesome because he did not realize it was Reginella until he already scared them off: he just heard a girl calling for help and jumped to the rescue, implying he would have done it for anyone.
    • In "Donald and Reginella's Wedding" Donald is summoned to the planet Pacificus to prevent his Love Interest Reginella's wedding to the Mighty Bingo and free her people from slavery. All he needs to do it is a double-barreled shotgun, plenty of salt shells, and a powerful boombox:
      • Donald arrives just in time to crash the wedding-and shoot Bingo in the ass, twice. He then casually routs the soldiers that try and stop him from escaping with Reginella.
      • After getting the pain to manageable levels Bingo leads his entire army to defeat our hero. They may have only middle-ages technology, but there's thousands of them, too many for Donald and a shotgun...And he knew, so he came prepared: the boombox plays the meaningfully-titled song "The Torment of the Miller", so devastating that the army is stopped dead in its tracks, and after that eight shells are enough to rout the entire force and get them to surrender.
      • Donald's terms of surrender are even more awesome: knowing that Bingo and his men had left their homeworld and lived by sacking other worlds because they were too lazy to work, he had them melt their weapons and armor into agricoltural tools and sent back home with them and plenty of seed, and now they will have to work for a living... Or else he'll come and finish them off.
    • In "Reginella and the Terran Threat", Reginella is desperate after the unnamed billionaire managed to neutralize the Pacificus' psychic disapproval powers... Then Donald shows up, and just that convinces Reginella they'll neutralize him.
    • "Donald, Reginella and the Terrible Vampirione":
      • When Reginella calls for his help, Donald arrives... With a Space Fighter, and mops the floor with Vampirione's Mooks when they try to intercept him.
      • Once again, Donald as the Hope Bringer.
      • And once again, Donald reaches Pacificus thanks to uncle Scrooge, who as soon as he hears Reginella's name provides the nephew a vehicle for the rescue.
        Scrooge: "I'm the principal: I want a interplanetary single-seater battle-worthy spaceship. What do you mean "when"? Now!"
      • Realizing that invading Pacificus with Donald around would end badly, Vampirione manages to use the laws of a nearby planet Mogol, whose territory both Pacificus and his own Planet Spaceship have just entered, to force a Combat by Champion for Pacificus' riches, and chooses the sword. Donald being Donald, he accepts the challenge (he was actually planning to shoot Vampirione before the Mogolians could arrive, but they showed up before he could grab the shotgun)-and matches blow for blow his opponent, an accomplished swordfighter. Even better, Donald complains that the sword is not his weapon-meaning that he would have mopped the floor with Vampirione had he been more used to the sword.
    • In "Reginella and the Queen Outside Time":
      • Donald discovers that Reginella is now trapped somewhere in the past without memory, and if he went to rescue her he'd risk losing his memory too before he could save her. Donald goes in anyway, loses his memory, and completes the mission just as he remembers.
      • Donald saving Pacificus once again by letting the First Cerusic break the psychic link between Reginella and him, thus canceling the reason for her desperate moods that were causing floods.
  • It's pointed out again and again that Donald is a fantastic Parental Substitute, raising his nephews from three pests into three amazing kids and making them live well in spite of his troubles keeping a job, and doing so honestly (the Raider, a time-traveling criminal from Paperinik New Adventures, once complimented him on that, as he's a single parent himself and knows how hard it is). And the one time they got brainwashed into villainy, Donald just treated them as pests and spanked them out of the brainwashing. After all, as he pointed out himself, if he had already raised them well once he could do so again.
    • The above incident was after leading an epic revolt against the alien villains that had kidnapped them all, leading their slaves into defeating their robotic mooks and taking out the two villains by throwing a single stone at them, knocking one out of the sky and making him fall on the other.
  • In one comic by Knut Nærum and Arild Midtun, Emil Eagle steals a device from Peter that can disintegrate objects by dissolving their atomic bonds (the fact that he fires it at Donald, who barely dodges, belongs on another page). Donald and the boys take up chase, armed with a device that can reverse the effect. Donald gets close to Emil, but Emil dissolves Donald's bike wheels. Donald, demonstrating how quick on his feet he is, uses the reversing-device on Emil's shoes, fusing them with the floor and tripping him up long enough for the boys to catch up and hold him down.

    Classic Disney Shorts 

  • In "Bellboy Donald", the duck spends an entire short being forced to keep his temper under control by his boss with the threat of unemployment if he lashes at one more customer, with Pete's malicious son constantly exploiting this and placing Donald in all sorts of humiliating situations. Finally, after being pushed too far, he drags Pete Jr kicking and screaming over to the hotel reception and inquires whether he has been fired yet, which the manager immediately confirms, at which point Donald happily gives the brat a much needed spanking, complete with an Evil Laugh. Even in this day and age, his revenge is immensely satisfying.
  • In "Alpine Climbers", Donald successfully knocks out an adult goat by head-butting him hard.
  • "Lighthouse Keeping" has what has to be the most epic stuff Donald has done. When trying to throw a pelican out of the lighthouse, it pulls the old "make you throw yourself over" trick. Donald falls, but as the Pelican smugly dusts his hands/wings off we don't hear a splash. Instead, Donald rides A WAVE BACK ONTO THE RAIL standing still, with a Badass Arm-Fold and Death Glare on his face. He doesn't move for a second before dusting his own hands off. This sends the pelican running back inside.
    • It's three minutes in.
    • In addition, rather than closing with Donald's traditional Humiliation Conga at the hands of his foe, the short is left at a stalemate, as the sun rises and makes their feud pointless. Donald merely puts down all the shades to the building and forces the battle to continue.
  • "In The Trial of Donald Duck", despite being found guilty by the judge for refusing to pay an greedy waiter who overcharged him for a sad small drop of coffee and eating his own food in the restaurant, Donald ends up winning as he uses his punishment, being forced to wash the dishes, to screw over the greedy waiter by washing and breaking the dishes of the restaurant on purpose, ignoring his pleas to stop his dish rampage.
    Donald: "You heard what the judge said, ten days".
  • Sea Scouts (1939): Donald Punches out a shark after it wrecks his nice captain's hat. He punches out a shark.
  • In Alpine Climbers (1936), Donald headbutts a mountain goat and wins.
  • His Face Death with Dignity moment in "Commando Duck". Even better is that he survived and washed out a Japanese air fleet.
  • "Flying Jalopy" has Donald conned by evil salesman Ben Buzzard into buying a dilapidated plane that is secretly insured in Ben's favor should it crash. Ben spends the entire short secretly trying to sabotage his flight, only for Donald to improvise with air tricks as the plane falls apart. When Ben finally loses patience and outright attacks Donald, the war is on, culminating in Donald using Ben himself as a makeshift plane.

    ''House Of Mouse 
  • In "Donald's Pumbaa Prank", Donald rescues Pumbaa when Pete's stuffed him in the club's vent and is feeding him stinkbugs. Then, when it looks like Pumbaa's about to let loose a big fart and everyone has to evacuate, Donald bravely rushes out of the house with Pumbaa and takes the blow for everyone. And the reason Donald rescued Pumbaa from Pete was all because he felt guilty for about to be pulling a prank on Mickey, when he thought Mickey was going to set him up for another prank. Turns out Mickey wanted to give Donald a gold statue, which Mickey believed Donald truly deserved. In fact, it was Donald's fault in the first place when he got manipulated by Pete to kidnap Pumbaa.
  • "Everybody Loves Mickey" has a scene where Mortimer is doing an open-mic performance that consists of him saying nasty things about Mickey. Donald, who up to this point had been resentful of the apparent notion that everyone liked Mickey more than him, steps up on stage, tells the big rat "You can't talk about Mickey Mouse that way!", and then throws him off the stage. Needless to say, he pretty much earned the applause he got for that.

    Mickey Mouse 2013 Series 
  • "Tapped Out": After Mickey naively boasts he could take on world champion wrestler, Pete; Goofy volunteers Mickey to wrestle him. However, Goofy himself is swiftly beaten up and Mickey barely scratches Pete even after attacking him with everything he has! But when Pete accidentally ruins Donald's nachos? Donald's forthcoming Curb-Stomp Battle leaves Pete completely battered and knocked out in about five seconds flat!

    Duck Tales 2017 Series 

  • While Donald was never a big part of the original series, in the reboot that draws a bit more from the comics, he is a staple. And still badass.
    Webby: Normal? Boring? HAH! Donald Duck is one of the most daring adventurers of all time!
  • For example, just in the first episode he manages to trick Uncle Scrooge into babysitting the nephews. He outwitted the billionare who prouds himself for being "smarter than the smarties". And later on, in order to save Dewey, Donald manages to hold back a flamethrowing deathtrap able to shoot high up in the air with just a shield.
  • In Daytrip of Doom!, after having butted heads with Mrs Beakley for the entire episode, finding out that Huey, Dewey and Louie having been kidnapped Donald boils over with rage and furiously and effectively attacks two of the Beagle Boys with the warcry "Give me back my boys!". Leaving Mrs Beakley, a former spy, impressed.
    Mrs Beakley: Huh. I guess he can take care of himself.
  • In The House of the Lucky Gander! Donald has to defeat Gladstone Gander in an obstacle course in order to save his family from ending up in a casino run by a Luck Demon. When his bad luck gets the best of him he sulks until Louie cheers him on, after which he does what he does best: Get angry. And that anger lets him beat a giant Pachinko machine by running through it. That is to say, he runs vertically upwards, butting his head against the objects in his way and breaking them, reaching the goal first.
    Louie: Come on, Uncle Donald! So you have the worst luck in the world, who cares? No matter how bad things get, like really, really bad, you keep going! It's kinda ridiculous. You never had the common sense to give up before, why start now?
    • To make it even better. In order to save the entire family Scrooge tricks the luck demon that since Donald won the challenge, he is luckier than Gladstone; therefore the demon, who feasts on luck like a vampire, takes Donald as his hostage instead. Of course, Donald's luck is so awful that he is quickly booted out by a demon who now looks malnourished, whereupon the entire casino disappears. While this is awesome, and funny, by itself just think of what this implies: Donald Duck's luck is so bad it works as fatal poison for creatures that feast on luck, and he is still able to be one of the most daring adventurers of all time. Despite that inhuman amount of bad luck he has to endure every day, he is still standing and, considering the fact he managed to raise three kids alone, even thriving.
  • And then, there's the season 1 finale. After Magica has broken free from her prison, trapped Scrooge inside his number one dime, taken over his moneybin and created her own army out of peoples shadows Donald takes charge. After a few complications with due to his voice, Gyro gives him the Barksian voice modulator which equips Donald with the voice of Don Cheadle. He even uses a Batman Gambit by telling the kids to stay put, knowing full well that they will disobey him and find a way to sneak in undetected. Still, when the kids are surrounded by the Shadow Army, guess who shows up to save them? After sending the kids off to free Scrooge, he takes on the shadow army himself. For extra points of awesome, one of the shadowclones has the Gizmoduck-armour. Yes. In an Offscreen Moment of Awesome Donald takes on the Gizmoduck-suits barehanded, and wins.
  • "Whatever Happened To Donald Duck?!" has Donald surviving a prototype spaceship that no one has survived before out of sheer love for his kids and need to see them again.
  • Donald and Daisy go into full Die Hard mode in "Louie's Eleven!", leaping out of an air vent and beating up the bad guys who are holding Donald's friends and family hostage.
    Donald: Yippee ki-yay, Mr Falcon!

     Walt Disney Presents Disneyland TV Series 

    Creator/Meta Examples 
  • A Meta example for Clarence C. Nash, who not only created Donald's unique and iconic voice, but was eventually able to do it in eight different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, and Japanese).


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