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Bet you've never seen Donald Duck in a superhero costume, piloting a giant mecha, fighting an enormous, mutated alien before.

"The darkness suits you, Mr. Paperinik."
Leonard Vertighel, PKNA #22: "Fragments of Autumn"

Oh, yeah. Aside from the mere existence of the comic itself, there's plenty of examples.

Main continuity

     PK New Adventures 
  • In #7, Paperinik leads an army of Maori, armed with regular shotguns, against the Evrons. Quite possibly a Cool vs. Awesome moment.
  • After a long issue where Paperinik fights his own fears (#10 Trauma), he finally decides to face them, and this happens.
    • The monster is Trauma, an Evronian Super Soldier with Super Strength and Psychic Powers that increase his victims' fears and allow him to feed on them, thus transforming the victim into a coolflame. To face him, Paperinik had to use a Mini-Mecha that protected him from those powers, but during the battle the mecha's cockpit was broken and Paperinik had to bear the full psychic assault... And the image above shows the start of what happened when he decided to face them: he crushed Trauma's powers, to the point that he Depowered him!
    • Even more awesome was that Paperinik's mecha was only at 5% power and functionality at the time!
    • In "Might and Power" Paperinik has to face three Evronian warriors with his same powers. He inflicted them a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Trauma's power was implied to weaken with distance. PK took a point blank assault and broke through it.
  • Paperinik and The Raider teaming up to save the universe in "Carpe Diem" is epic. The fact that Paperinik menages to do so using a tie makes this a Crowing Moment of Crazy Awesome.
  • After being tricked for a whole issue by a robot impersonating Lyla, a pissed PK delivers a brutal Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Xadhoom's one stint as The Chessmaster resulted in the Evronian scientist Zoster getting her power, declaring himself all-powerful and ordering the universe to kneel before him, and then being destroyed by his own power, Just as Planned. The best part? The one gloating as she explained PK what had just happened wasn't Xadhoom but a copy of her memory she created a few minutes before her Heroic Sacrifice, a copy she gave to PK just to kill a last Evronian in that fashion (and scare the surviving Evronians away from the last Xerbians with the knowledge that she could still strike them) and created with a technology whose existance she had just discovered half an hour before.
  • Xadhoom gets a couple in issue 17, while ill and weakened. The first comes from Uno telling Paperinik that he's keeping an eye on her in case she tries to escape... and then specifies that he has no illusion about being able to stop her, making it clear that she's just undefeatable. Then we find out she snuck out and back in multiple times without Uno noticing, in spite of Uno being the Mind of the building she snuck in and out of.
  • Issue 22: Lyla is on trial for malfunctioning (she attacked another Time Policeman), but PK managed to extort a confession from a corrupted politician. The Governor, hovever, reveals that it would not be accepted in court, having been extorted... but it would be enough to blackmail said politician and eliminate him from the political scene, all to the Governor's benefit. Also, that confession is not proof of Lyla's innocence, and, to add salt to the wound, the Governor admits that he "used" both PK and Odin Eidolon, and mocks them for "believing that politics and progress move at the same pace". Cue Humiliation Conga:
    Governor: O-Odin? I was kidding. I was...
    PK: Save your breath. (turns off the communicator)
    PK: I'm about to do something that Eidolon wouldn't approve. (smashes the airship's door)
    Governor: AAAH! HAVE YOU GONE MAD?
    PK: No. I've just decided I'm gonna use you a bit, too. (dangles him over the edge) Let me put it this way. You owe me a favor.
    Governor: After what you've done tonight, you're free to go. What else do you want?
    PK: I want you to do something for Lyla.
    Photomas: Ehm... there would be a solution.
    Governor: [while dangling] Tell him! Tell him, please!
    Photomas: The problem is that I don't remember it and...
    Governor: PHOTOMAS!
    Photomas: Stay calm, sir governor. I was kidding.
    • Let me point our that in this scene, PK, the Governor and Photomas were on board a Time Police prisoner transport. Donald, completely without gadgets, punched through a security door made using technology centuries ahead of ours with his bare fists.
    • The same issue reveals why Photomac is considered an ace lawyer. After spending the first half of Lyla's trial (and much of the issue) being forgetful and clueless, PK is starting to have doubts on his ability. The Governor reassures PK that "he can pull out the right words at the right time". Cue Smash Cut to Photomac citing multiple laws and trials by memory, having done so nonstop for 20 minutes, and getting the judge to concede a 24-hours recess as a result.
  • In #26, Paperinik pulls off what is quite possibly the most awesome case of We Need a Distraction. How? With freaking Tyrannosaurus Rexes.
  • Issue 30 shows how much dangerous an AI is. Despise not knowing where his twin is, Due successfuly manipulates the Evronians into attacking all of Duckburg and into building a weapon capable of frying any active machine in town; he makes sure that Uno can't transmit itself outside of Duckburg (a plan Due has actually used twice), and he sends a message to Uno and PK just to make sure they knew they were doomed.
    • The true awesomeness goes to the Highest Zotnam, the commander of the manipulated Evronians: he knew since the beginning that Due was there and what he was doing, and he let him do it because it benefited him (namely, the situation would force Paperinik in a losing battle, allowing him to finally get rid of him). At first it just seemed an idle boast and that they had noticed Uno sneaking in, but when Due is forced to escape, we discover that Zotnam had his escape boat sabotaged, and let Due download himself in it and launch because blowing it up was more satisfying than just erasing him. Uno's sneaking in merely told him where in the ship Due was manipulating some of his men, and where he should go to finally have a talk with him.
      • Chekhov's Gun: The crew of the Evronian warship Due had downloaded himself into had noticed something was wrong, but couldn't say what. When Due moved to his mothership, Zotnam could.
  • Xadhoom in issue 37 is pure awesomeness.
    • She starts fighting three Evron battlefleets throwing everything they have at her, including the one thing that has been shown able to stop her. When the order of retreat comes, there is barely a dozen ships still surviving.
    • The Emperor uses the Xerbian survivors as hostages to force her to surrender and enter a device designed to force her into exploding before transforming her into a permanent power source. She No Sells the device's attempts at forcing her into exploding, and it's implied she learned the true extent of her powers and self-control and the importance of the latter in the process.
    • One of the Xerbian survivors, who is in love with her fiancee Xari, manages to tell her that they have a device that reverse coolflamization and makes former coolflames immune to the process, thus freeing the slaves of Evron, but have no energy to power it. Cue Xadhoom providing energy and telling her to take care of Xari.
    • The Xerbians activate the device and free the coolflames, but even with PK's lead, the Evron warriors are still better armed, trained, and experienced and are winning... Too bad that Xadhoom notices the rebellion, breaks out, and single-handedly turns the tide of the battle, wiping out the Evron garrison on the Imperial Worldship and activating the self-destruct.
    • When the survivors of Xerba and the former coolflames are finally safe, Xari tells her to not worry, and that they'll find a way to bring her back to normal. Xadhoom asks why, before pointing out that she is all-powerful and with no need for living and that the other Xerbians should become like her.
    • She asks two Evron prisoners if it's true that they have a device to copy memories. They confirm, and she improvises her attempt at chessmaster, using nothing more than an alien technology whose existence she had just discovered, abilities she learned while prisoner of the Evrons, and her father's penchant for telling stories.
    • After all this, she hears her people wondering where they'll live, as the planet they had found temporary sanctuary on before the Evrons tracked them, while livable (barely), lacks a sun and is energetically poor. Xadhoom becomes the new sun of the Xerbians. A sun that PK suggests they name Xadhoom: in Xerbian the word means 'creditor', and they owe her too much.
  • Speaking of which: The Evronian Emperor, throughout the entire issue. In their first confrontation, he's only present in holographic projection. Seems cowardly? Well, he later goes on to personally escort here to her execution, having found a way to effectively exploit the one weakness of the most powerful creature in the universe. All the while, he treats her like a particularly annoying roadblock. And when the entire slave army of the Evronians rebel, an army, mind you, that vastly outnumber the Evronian military? He curbstomps every former slave foolish enough to attack him, and, still not showing a twinge of fear, goes to work getting the situation under control.
  • Every time Xadhoom goes to battle is this.
    • Issue #0/3: Her Establishing Character Moment, followed by mistaking Paperinik for an Evronian and nearly killing him (the only reason he survived was that Xadhoom used an energy that only kills Evronians to limit collateral damage and torture them even as they die); Paperinik shows up with a weapon made specifically to capture Xadhoom, but our Physical Goddess frees herself as soon as she saw that Paperinik is an enemy of Evron. After Uno ruins the one chance the Evronians has to capture Xadhoom, the poor Evronians go from smug to Oh, Crap!, because the otherwise undefeatable warriors of Evron just realised how outmatched they were.
    • Issue #1:
      • A group of lucky Evronians is about to capture Paperinik when she shows up, causing the survivors to run away in utter terror.
      • The entire crew of a cruiser attacks her and Paperinik, and by the time Paperinik wants to escape, half of the Evronians are dead (she retreated because Paperinik was getting tired and was at risk)
      • Surrounded by most of the Coolflames complement, she fries them all to put them out of their misery while in the middle of an Heroic BSoD (one of the Coolflames was a Xerbian).
      • Later the Evronians seem to have won, having trapped her and having both Paperinik and a fully restored Angus in their hands, when Xadhoom shows they had not trapped her and keeps her promise of giving them her energy (the cruiser did not survive her promise).
    • Sometime between Issue #1 and #6 she had an Offscreen Moment of Awesome that caused Evronians everywhere to fear her beyond any sense.
    • In Issue #6, Paperinik and a group of US Army Powered Armour are being killed by the acid of the Evronian spores when Xadhoom shows up and burns all the spores (nearly cooking Paperinik too).
    • She doesn't appear in issue #8, but still gets a moment of awesome when an Evronian officer mentions the Xadhoom Extermination Squad as a very feared Cool and Unusual Punishment.
    • The special issue Missing has her making a fool of an entire Evronian cruiser as the crew (disguised as Paperinik and a group of Xerbians) attempts to understand what the Xarghon is, before revealing that she saw through their disguise since the start and is ready to exterminate them all while dancing a Xarghon. She also shows up in another segment as the punchline to the Humiliation Conga of two very unlucky Evronians.
    • Issue #17 starts with the Evronians hitting her with a weapon capable of absorbing the power of a star (or Xadhoom). Cue her entering the barrel of the weapon and wrecking everything. Still, she is weakened and prone to hallucinations, causing her to mistake half of Duckburg for Evronians (thankfully she still uses that Evronian-specific energy for the deed), and nothing can stop her even in her weakened state. Only curing her stops her... and she still bitchslaps the villains of the issue before leaving.
    • She spends most of Issue #28 Brought Down to Normal or so everyone believes, but when she recovers her powers she disintegrates the Evronian Super Soldier accidentally responsible for her bad day and who believed that he had just killed her, and that was after having him say her battlecry Let's Dance. And even before recovering her powers, she gave the Evronian super soldiers a run for their money with a fork.
      • This has a moment of awesome for the handlers of Raghor, the above-mentioned Super Soldier: after he and his troops launchs an unauthorized attack, the handlers provide the ultimate proof that the Evronians are very clever by installing a brainwashing chip in the helmet of every single Super Soldier to deal with a probable mutiny. When they do mutiny the mutants are too fast for the handlers to crush the rebellion with embarrassing ease, but after escaping their imprisonement, they brainwash every single one of them but Raghor, who is being held at gunpoint and about to be executed. Then Xadhoom recovers her powers, and the handlers provide some more proof by escaping while she is distracted.
    • In Issue #35, she sees through an Evronian bait to their trap and decides to humour them because it would lead her to more targets. As soon as Paperinik sabotages their trap (that could have worked), the battlecruiser is toast.
    • Issue #37 was already described above, so there is only this to say: After this issue, the might of Evron is completely and utterly broken, with some survivors having to beg Earth for help.
  • The Raider pushing the Reset Button on his own death.
    • Loses a few points since he does this almost by accident, by quitting the mission where he was supposed to die (he didn't know that). Recovers them all and gets more since he quits because his robotic maid tells him that Odin took Trip with him, and he immediately understands that something is threatening his son. He then tracks down Trip in an alternate past from his own, and his mere appearance gets Trip to declare he'll never become like The Griffin, thus resetting his own death.
    • Oh, and how did the Raider thank PK for making sure his son won't become a criminal? Easy: By hiring him a lawyer that got him off a few crimes with the Time Police.
    • This is actually a stealth badass moment for Odin Eidolon. Why does the Raider come back? Because Odin kidnapped Trip. His plan to set things right is, from the beginning, infuriatingly simple. He just has to wait; he knows the Raider will come to pick his son up. Odin even SAYS so in the beginning of the issue. And it works.
  • Angus Fangus has no patience whatsoever for Fenimore Cook, the comic's equivalent to The Kingpin. Cook dumps toxic waste into Maori land? Angus blackmails him into stopping. Cook threatens the world with a computer virus? Angus allies with PK to rescue the scientist who has the anti-virus. Cook manages to avoid justice, thanks to his lawyers? Angus publicly denounces him on national TV.

     PK- 2 
  • Anymore Boring, Everett's right hand man, has a magnificent one in a PK-2 issue in which two street gangs get their hands on energy weapon chips similar to the Ducklair-made ones while a few batches of Ducklair-made chips delivered to the Army are found defective. Birgit Q advocates stopping production to check where the damage was being done, but Anymore points out the enormous economic damage they would get and starts checking records. After a while, Birgit tells him that she has had enough of his antiquated methods and that she would take things in her own hands... At which point Anymore replies that he has already proved that one of the delivery companies was replacing the chips for the Army with low quality ones and selling the good ones to the gangs, and has sicked the US Army on the culprit; when Birgit found him he was just checking the records again to make sure he had found everything (he did). That was when Birgit (and the readers) realized that Anymore Boring was more than a glorified accountant...
    • Rupert Potomac gets his moment in the same issue. After realizing that he completely mistook Donald's intentions towards Stella Nice (he thought Donald was trying to steal Stella from him, while in truth he was helping Rupert in getting closer to her), he defends her from some members of a street gang who want to kidnap her and use her as a bargaining chip towards the leader of their rival gang, namely Stella's former boyfriend. The usally shy big guy dispatches half a dozen of them like nothing.

     PK New Era 
  • On a meta level, the relaunch itself. The passion of both the original creators and the dedicated fanbase brought back the series after twelve years; it helped that a member of the original PKNA team became director of the Mickey Mouse weekly magazine, where the new stories were being published, in the meantime. The new publisher of Disney comics in Italy seems to believe strongly in the project: the first issue of the magazine with the new PK story has been printed and distributed in even more copies than the milestone 3000th issue a year earlier.
  • The new ally introduced in Might and Power does quite the Dynamic Entry. Commanding a Mini-Mecha, the Omega Chamber AI proceeds to effortlessy dispatch the Evronian patrol, including a SuperSoldier, and then uses a weapon that devolves them to spores.
  • The new battle suit worn by PK quickly shows its incredible potential. On top of that, when the blue parts turn red, its design becomes slightly reminiscent of Xadhoom. And when PK supercharges his weapon to blow holes in the wall and escape, the onomatopeia is XHA-DOOOM!
  • PK performs a great maneuver with the new Pi-Kar (a vehicle that can become both a Cool Car and a Cool Plane) to dispatch two Evronian fighters on his tail.
  • PK versus three mass-produced Traumas. End result? Three Traumas knocked out in four panels.
  • The fourth episode opens with PK deciding to change his new morphing suit into the appearance of his old attire, with cape, sailor hat and a distinct Extransformer shield, meaning that he's now really ready to fight, while at the same time not wanting to lose what made him a hero to begin with.
  • The fight between PK and several Evronian powered soldiers inside Ducklair Tower may be one of the best action scenes ever seen in a Disney comic.
  • In the first part of "Might and Power" we're told that Grrodon's army is capable of crushing Earth's militaries in one month. In the final part, a multinational force equipped with the new ally's gun that devolves the Evronians to spores gets the drop on them and wipes them out.
  • Eidolon threatening to track down the Raider and make him pay if he ditches Paperinik again. Why? Because the Raider is terrified! Also, the fact that the Raiders knows he can implies that he already did it once.
  • The Evronian DNA tracker is a really fearsome instrument: if you think about it, it's the cause of some of the biggest troubles faced during the story. Yet PK thinks up a simple way to use it to his own advantage: he leaves some of his feathers around, confounding the trackers and spreading the Evronian guards thin.
  • PK and the Raider versus a small army of Evronians. The Evronians get their asses handed to them.
  • In the last page of the Might and Power storyline, One is finally reactivated by Everett.
  • "Chronicle of a Return"
  • "The Mark of Moldrock":
    • In "The Black Beam" Moldrock's power seemed more an Informed Attribute, even with the knowledge he's been weakened by the Pentadimensional World. Here he finally appears outside the Pentadimensional World-and single-handedly conquers Duckburg and isolates it from the outside with an impenetrable barrier. Even more awesomely, he has not fully recovered yet: he decided to act before fully recharging his powers, and used his powers to give their bodies back to some of the Horde generals.
    • After the initial attempt at recovering Trauma has failed in the face of overwhelming Evronian force, Donald tries to fight the Horde generals head-on, but has been physically pinned down... Cue Scrooge and Quackmore scoring a headshot on the one pinning him down-with a cannon.
    • Everett's Big Entrance, with a ship that easily penetrates Moldrock's barrier. And even better, before arriving to Earth he took a detour and recovered Trauma from the Well.
    • Paperinik realizes the only way to defeat Moldrock is to use Trauma's psychic powers to force him to experience both his own panic and that of the Horde members still inside him. He manages to get Trauma into position, the attack hits... And then Moldrock overcomes it and punches out Trauma.
    • How Everett finally deals with Moldrock: he walks up to him and presents him with evidence that he had sent him and the Horde in the Pentadimensional World to save their lives, in open defiance to the orders he had received from the queen of Corona, because he would not kill him while he was down. This is enough to convince Moldrock to stand down.
  • "The Event Horizon":
    • One vs Solomon, it's amazing.
    One: I think it's appropriate to you remind you: you are just a copy. I am the original.
    • Moldrock, weakened by having his energy drained and weeks of torture, vs the assembled armies of Corona. Not only Moldrock wins, but he does so while holding back to not kill anyone. Suddenly his claims to have destroyed armies and conquered planets by himself in the old days seem all too believable...
    • In order to stop the Ultima's primary function, PK's new super suit is fully charged with 100 gigawatts of energy, but when time runs out...he uses the energy to punch Moldrock instead. It works.
    PK: I'll decide what's right! In the end, isn't that what its always been about?


Alternate continuity

  • As unsettling as it may be, when Vendor crosses the line by causing the death of Lyo, the Ultimate-universe PK loses it. And it's epic.
    • It gets even better two panels later, when Vendor realizes that, essentially, PK is going to kill him. With the scariest Kubrick Stare you can imagine.
    Vendor: "B-but you a-are a hero... you can't do this kind of things..."
    PK: "I have bad news for you. I've just resigned."
    • The best part about it can be noticed only by those fans who have read the first stories of Paperinik (those published in the Seventies): this is the one time PK acts like the original Paperinik, the royally pissed Donald Duck using all of his underestimated abilities to get his revenge at any cost, and that you cannot stop. In the end Paperinik didn't take his revenge, but only because Lyla found a way for Vendor to resurrect Lyo.
  • PK aced the Guardian exam in issue 10#. Not only did he mantain his cool even during multiple emergencies, but he exposed said emergencies as simulations meant to be part of the exam itself; the awesome comes from the fact that he was the first Guardian ever to achieve the latter feat.
  • Issue #11. Gorthan is hooked to a Lotus-Eater Machine that, if he doesn't wake up in time or he gets unplugged, will eventually malfunction and turn into a black hole that will destroy him, the Evronian spaceship he's in, and the Earth. Zoster is forced to pull a Enemy Mine with PK: the deal is that PK must get inside the dream, make Gorthan realize he's dreaming, and wake him up - in exchange, Zoster promises that PK will be allowed to safely return on Earth. PK succeeds, but both PK and Gorthan are still unconscious - which is when Zoster decides to get back on his word and kill PK. Unfortunately for Zoster, he decides to justify his betrayal by citing a quote from the Evronian poet Zartas (Gorthan's favourite - and Zoster got it wrong); this causes Gorthan to wake up due to sheer anger and set him straight. Goodbye Evil Chancellor, welcome back Noble Demon.
  • A minor one from the Issue #15, "The Swarm". PK and company are being chased by the titular swarm of micro-robots. Lyo's answer? Pull out a tank.

     PK Universe 
  • In his first battle with the Evronians, Paperinik is forced to face dozens of Evronians with the improved 313-X without having the time to read the manual and find out what the new improvements do. He kicks their ass, and they're about to run before they are reinforced by twice their numbers.
    • Eventually, the Evronians shoot down Paperinik... Cue Xadhoom. The miniseries introduces her by having her crush a platoon of Evronian warriors offscreen. Donald was almost completely fainted and could only hear their voices crying out in terror, and when he managed to open his eyes, he could only see her silhouette before losing consciousness).
    • During the battle, an Evronian comes too close to Scrooge. Scrooge hits him so hard he loses his memory.
  • "Time to Waste":
  • "Never Too Late":
    • The Evronians pull the forcefield trap again. With a variant: the projector is on a spaceship, meaning that their energy supply cannot be cut and they can bring Xadhoom and Paperinik on their base.
      • And that's when the Raider shows up and performs his Save Scumming. End result: the spaceship with the projector doesn't have surprise on its side and is toasted by Paperinik, Xadhoom, and the Raider.
  • "Coming Back":
    • With Xadhoom refusing to help against the Raider, Paperinik is in trouble, but convinces him to go a few days forward in time to see what would happen if he doesn't help with the Evronians. As they're looking at the Evronians overrunning Earth, a warrior tries and jump on them... and they casually disintegrate him without bothering to look while chastising his impoliteness.
    • The Raider and Paperinik have put together a plan to defeat Zondag's vanguard, but they need to get on his ship to execute it. Enter Gyro... who has just finished modifying the 313-X, which can now reach space.
    • The plan to get rid of Zondag involves time travel. The Evronians, having noticed days earlier that someone had a Time Machine, have activated a device that inhibits their working. Note that the Evronians do not have time travel technology.
    • Paperinik and the Raider are trapped by the Evronians, and cannot use time travel to get rid of them... Turns out that Xadhoom changed her mind about helping Paperinik with the Raider and decided to hang around as they infiltrated the Evronian base, and now she enters the scene.
    • In the ensuing battle, the Raider wrecks the device blocking his chronosail. What does he do next? Easy: He sends them back in the era of the dinosaurs.
      • Incidentally, we know from PK2 that an alien race with more than enough firepower had a base on Earth at the time, and their enemies, who were winning the war, were coming there. Three guesses on what happened to Zondag and his troops off-screen.
  • "Paperinik Dealing with Realities":




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