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  • Approval of God: Claudio Sciarrone was very impressed with Banker's Motion Comics.
  • Executive Meddling: The reason why PK2 is so short: while it's true that it wasn't being as successful as the first series, the production of the PK video game prompted Disney to push for a reboot that, ditching the classic origins of Paperinik completely, could have been sold more easily abroad. Original creator Francesco Artibani quitting to pursue other projects (like Monster Allergy) didn't help.
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  • Fandom Nod: In "Shooting Star" there is a man taking a shower in a phone boot. It was one of the things the comic asked to fans to obtain the "PK-Card".
  • Fan Nickname: A new character introduced in Might and Power quickly gained one. The Omega Chamber AI didn't have a name, so it was all too natural to call him "Three". Ironically, an AI with that name was conceived when PKNA was in the planning stages, so it may be an old idea recovered after almost 20 years. Other nicknames used by readers are "the Guardian" and "Omega". His own creator calls him "Sergio", which has gradually stuck with the fanbase. After getting an android body ans taking the identity of Solomon Hicks, it's more natural to call him by that name.
  • No Export for You: Paperinik (or the Duck Avenger as he was called in the few stories published) never really took off in the States. The secret origin of the Duck Avenger, a bad American adaptation of PKNA published in 2000, may have contributed. IDW Comics, after a collection of classic Paperinik stories, started publishing PKNA (as Duck Avenger) in August 2016, but the comic was suspended after just six issues.
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  • Torch the Franchise and Run: Apparently the creative staff was really dissatisfied with how Pikappa had turned out to be (the entire reboot idea was mostly due to Executive Meddling), so the book got a final issue where the timeline is rewritten and the events of the entire rebooted series never happened. To top it off, the day is saved by the holographic appearance of a PK who seems to be the one from the first two series, and who disappears hoping his adventures will not be forgotten. It then took almost a decade for the original series to be brought back.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to the notes on his sketch in PKNA #0, Urk should have come from prehistory. When he was finally introduced, his origin had become completely different, which may explain why it took more than a year before his proper introduction.
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    • Other sketches from the planning stages showed a third AI beside One and Two. The introduction of the Omga Custodian in Might and Power may be an old idea brought back.
    • There were plans for a much longer and satisfying conclusion to the main plot of PK2, had the series not been Cut Short by Executive Meddling. Among other things, most of the cast would have traveled to Corona, the home planet of Everett, to assist him in the confrontation with his wife and daughters. New Era storyline "Event Horizon" has finally made that happen, altough not quite in the form the writers would have hoped at the time.


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