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Top row from left to right: Link, Jigglypuff, Kirby, Mario, Captain Falcon, and Diddy Kong. Bottom row from left to right: Adeleine, Meta Knight, and King Dedede. note 

"I'm gonna get you, Kirby."
King Dedede

Brawl in the Family was a Gag Per Day Gaming Webcomic hosted on Keenspot starring Kirby, and featuring various video game characters, mainly those that have appeared in the Super Smash Bros. series, but most of the plots and running jokes are based on Kirby and King Dedede. It was written and drawn by Matthew Taranto, AKA TriforceBun from Turnabout Musical.

The comic usually uses a fairly simplistic art style, originating from bored-in-class sketches and doodles. There is more complex art on occasion, including homages and tributes to the styles of other artists. It's very funny and very cute. (That is, when it's not super disturbing.) If you are a Nintendo fan, this is a webcomic you must read.

A commercial book was released, with the first 200 comics and a huge amount of content thanks to extensive funding. There is also a podcast, which can be found in the description of a few of the blog posts.

Thanks to the notoriety gained from the comic, Matt has become one of the comic artists for Nintendo Force, the fan-made Spiritual Successor magazine to Nintendo Power, and created his own Kickstarter funded game, Tadpole Treble, a Rhythm Game made in the comic's art style. He has also supported other Kickstarter projects, such as Gamemaster Howard's Know-it-Alls and Nefarious.

The final regular comic was #600, published on October 3, 2014, the exact same day Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS came out in the US and Europe; the podcast, however, continued after the comic's conclusion.

This webcomic provides examples of:

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Well folks, I guess that's it. Time to wrap it up, but I'd like to thank you for all these years...