Reviews: Brawl In The Family

Funny, and Nothing if not Unique

Brawl In The Family is an entertaining experience that definitely is worth your time. It has the "Hah, yeah, I can relate to that" of VG Cats along with the "Yeah that's funny, why didn't I think of that" of Awkward Zombie, and a flavor all of its own.

Some might write it off as being a little to cute for comfort, but if that's the case, then they probably haven't read all of it. The Mushroom Kingdom Carol arc has more than a hint of Dark Fic to it. In a way, BitF mimics the style of the games that inspired it, with a cute exterior surrounding a a tankful of Nightmare Fuel.

On an a somewhat unrelated side note, the site's Fora (affectionately called "the BitForums") are some of the most civil and friendly I've met in a while. It has a long and interesting history, and some really fun Play-by-post Games.

Yeah, so in short, go Archive Binge right now. Run along now.

Good, clean, nostalgic fun.

I could spend all day and hit the word count limit here trying to explain the wonderful, endearing comedy that Brawl In The Family represents, so I'll try and keep it short and simple.

The comic itself is primarily gag-based, but the gags are always inventive and clever, and never feel stale. Even the old "kirby eats something weird" premise is kept continually entertaining thanks to it being twisted, subverted, averted, zig-zagged, and played straight in every way imaginable. It's very hard to find a comic like this that can continually produce good jokes without resorting to taking advantage of "dirtier" subject material like the inevitable sex jokes that most gaming webcomics use. Ironically, despite its simple premise, the humor is far more mature than most video-game based strips out there.

The strip has a talent for putting a smile on your face, not just from the one-off gags, but also from the surprisingly engaging story arcs that involve Nintendo characters. These often taken on a "slice of life" feel for the Nintendo universe, and the characters and interactions between them feel very believable and true to their origins.

So, between the nostalgia, clever one-off gags, and endearing multi-strip story arcs, this comic is perfect for any Nintendo fan looking for some good laughs. It's one of the best videogame webcomics on the internet today, and well worth an Archive Binge or two.

Awesome, and endearing.

What more can I say? Brawl in the Family is cute, witty, and doesn't really do toilet humor, unlike some webcomics.

The art is getting better, which is another plus.