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Reviews Comments: Funny, and Nothing if not Unique Brawl In The Family whole series review by Trope Eater

Brawl In The Family is an entertaining experience that definitely is worth your time. It has the "Hah, yeah, I can relate to that" of VG Cats along with the "Yeah that's funny, why didn't I think of that" of Awkward Zombie, and a flavor all of its own.

Some might write it off as being a little to cute for comfort, but if that's the case, then they probably haven't read all of it. The Mushroom Kingdom Carol arc has more than a hint of Dark Fic to it. In a way, BitF mimics the style of the games that inspired it, with a cute exterior surrounding a a tankful of Nightmare Fuel.

On an a somewhat unrelated side note, the site's Fora (affectionately called "the BitForums") are some of the most civil and friendly I've met in a while. It has a long and interesting history, and some really fun Play-by-post Games.

Yeah, so in short, go Archive Binge right now. Run along now.


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