Reviews Comments: Funny, and Nothing if not Unique

Funny, and Nothing if not Unique
Brawl In The Family is an entertaining experience that definitely is worth your time. It has the "Hah, yeah, I can relate to that" of VG Cats along with the "Yeah that's funny, why didn't I think of that" of Awkward Zombie, and a flavor all of its own.

Some might write it off as being a little to cute for comfort, but if that's the case, then they probably haven't read all of it. The Mushroom Kingdom Carol arc has more than a hint of Dark Fic to it. In a way, BitF mimics the style of the games that inspired it, with a cute exterior surrounding a a tankful of Nightmare Fuel.

On an a somewhat unrelated side note, the site's Fora (affectionately called "the BitForums") are some of the most civil and friendly I've met in a while. It has a long and interesting history, and some really fun Play-by-post Games.

Yeah, so in short, go Archive Binge right now. Run along now.


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