Sinister Sentient Sun
Who would want to be orbiting around that?

Since the Sun is the main provider of life, heat and energy on Earth, it is a symbol of health and light, and is often depicted as a benevolent being.

Well, This Is Not That Trope.

Sometimes, the Sun is depicted as a sentient, malevolent entity that actively tries to harm the life forms it shines upon. Some works also feature sun-like beings that bear malicious intentions.

Not that this is completely unjustified: while obviously not sentient, the Sun is incredibly nocive to the people that stay too much under its lights. Aside from the visible spectrum, it emits a vast array of electromagnetic radiation that can be exceedingly dangerous, most notably the ultraviolets, which can cause various skin cancers (including the deadly melanoma), cataract and sunburns, among others. It's only logical to see/portray it as an evil entity in some works.

Sub-Trope of Sentient Stars and Light Is Not Good. Compare The Power of the Sun. Can overlap with Evil Is Burning Hot and The Face of the Sun, usually with an angry, menacing expression for the latter.


Anime and Manga

  • Prometheus from One Piece is a malevolent Homie formed from a portion of the Yonkou Big Mom's soul.

Comic Books
  • Solaris is an evil artificial sun and one of Superman's nemeses in DC One Million and All-Star Superman. It is often nicknamed the "Tyrant Sun" or the "Evil Star".

  • In Nests of Chimerae (a Spin-Off of the Labyrinths of Echo series), when Max enters the Stramoslyabians' domain, the Sun suddenly turns into a grinning monstrosity looming ominously in the sky. Subverted when he learns that it is just an illusion created by the shaman patrons of Stramoslyabians.

Live-Action TV
  • Doctor Who:
    • In "42", the Doctor and Martha must rescue a spaceship that is being pulled into the sentient sun of the Torajii System. Subverted, as it doesn't try to destroy the spaceship for malicious purposes, but because the crew had stolen its core, and it wanted the core back.
    • "The Rings of Akhaten" features an Eldritch Abomination called Akhaten or "Grandfather", who is a gigantic sun-like entity that devours the souls and memories of sacrifices. When the Doctor denies him the offering of a young girl, Akhaten awakens and threatens to consume all of the seven neighboring planets before the Doctor and Clara stop him via a Phlebotinum Overload.

Mythology & Religion
  • To the Aztecs, the sun was a God named Tonatiuh, which required Blood Magic to move in the sky, so the Aztecs performed thousands of Human Sacrifices to feed him with human blood.

Video Games

Web Animation
  • In the deleted scenes from ASDFMovie, one skit has the sun sadistically call out a human to directly look at it. The results are predictable.
    The Sun: HAHA now you're blind!

Web Comics
  • In several Brawl in the Family strips, the Sun is a cheerful character that falls in the Obliviously Evil category:
    • In an alternate ending of Sun's Song, the Sun has a family reunion with many other suns, right next to the Earth, which really can't take all that heat and ends up completely burnt.
    • Other strips (seen here, here and here) has the same Sun joyfully sending beams to Earth to please either a flower or the planet itself, only to burn the entire world to a crisp.