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Fanfic: RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse
"Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together and created harmony for all the land. To do this, the eldest sister used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn. The younger brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects: all the different types of ponies.

"But as time went on, the elder sister grew greedy. Though the ponies relished and played in the day and honored her above her younger sister, she wanted to become queen of both night and day. One fateful day, she turned upon her younger sister. The younger sister tried to reason with her, but the avarice in the elder one's heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of fire and hate: Corona. She vowed that she would reign forever over day, night, and everything in between.

"Reluctantly, the younger sister harnessed the most powerful magic known to ponydom: the Elements of Harmony! Using the magic of the Elements of Harmony, she defeated her elder sister and banished her permanently into the heart of the sun. The younger sister took on responsibility for both sun and moon, and harmony has been maintained in Equestria for generations since."

The Lunaverse, originally by RainbowDoubleDash is a series of Alternate Universe fics of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

On the surface, it is a Bizarro Universe: Celestia grew power-hungry and had to be sealed away by Luna. When she returns, it is up to Trixie and an alternate Mane Six (made up of the regular series background ponies Raindrops, Lyra Heartstrings, Carrot Top, Ditzy Doo [better known as but not in this universe called Derpy Hooves], and side-character Cheerilee) to stop her. However, things are not so straightforward, with many other divergences that make this more complex than that. Furthermore, just as the canon did not end with the defeat of Nightmare Moon, there are other stories to be told beyond Corona's defeat.

Rainbow Double Dash has opened up the Lunaverse to any author who wants to write in it, and the Shared Universe is constantly expanding.

Now has a (still-in-progress) character sheet, as well as a recap page.

Recently obtained a (very much still-in-progress) creator page.

     Stories in the Lunaverse 

Canon stories, in chronological order

Season 1

  • Longest Night, Longest Day is a rendition of "Mare in the Moon" and "Elements of Harmony", telling of Trixie's initial arrival in Ponyville, her gathering of the Lunaverse's Mane Six and their defeat of the Tyrant Sun Corona. It is complete.
    • The Night After is the first story set in the Lunaverse not by RainbowDoubleDash. It takes place after Longest Night, Longest Day. Trixie's house has been destroyed by rioting ponies, so now she must seek out the help of her friends to find a place to stay until her place can be fixed. Hilarity ensues. It is complete.
    • Longest Night: Everypony's Day Some stories are too big to be told completely, some aspect always get overlooked. Some actors are too small to affect the outcome of a big story and their parts get left on the cutting floor. In their own right these small parts are worth knowing, worth experimenting to better understand the universe they are set in. A series of A Day In The Lime Light stories retelling what various side characters were doing during the events of Longest Night, Longest Day. It is a group project featuring work by multiple authors. It is in progress.
  • Family Matters is the first wholly original Lunaverse story. Taking place after Longest Night, Longest Day but before Boast Busters. It is also the first story to center on a side-character rather than one of the new Elements of Harmony; in this case, the main character is Dinky Doo, and the story is about Dinky's attempts to buy a birthday present for her mother and her first meeting with her half-sister, Amethyst "Sparkler" Star. It is complete.
  • Helping...Hands?: Lyra Heartstrings, graduate of Luna's Academy of Magic, is going to have her first solo show - tonight! It's nothing major, just a few pieces for the Academy itself to play for the new student body, but with some of the most talented musicians in all of Equestria set to be there, the chances to make contacts and get her name known in the right circles is just the opportunity she's dreamed of! She just has to do a quick favor for Trixie first, and then it's off to Canterlot. Surely nothing can go wrong? It is complete.
    • Trixie's Winter Wrap Up: It's time for Winter Wrap-Up in Ponyville, and Representative Trixie has to take part. She wishes she could have stayed in bed. It is complete.
  • Griffin Over the Line: Ever since Gilda the griffin came to town, Rainbow Dash has been slacking off from her weather duties even more than usual. Worse still, the pair are practically terrorizing the townsfolk with recklessly inconsiderate pranks. Raindrops tries to take this all in stride, but when one prank goes too far, the temperamental pegasus takes it into her own hooves to teach the pair a lesson. It is complete.
    • Keep On Trying: Trixie talks with Raindrops after the events of Griffin Over the Line. It is complete.
  • File Under 'I' For 'Impossible'. Trixie greatly underestimated the amount of paperwork expected from a Representative of the Night Court of Luna. At Lyra's suggestion she decides to hire an assistant to help her out around the office. She puts up ads all over town and gets ready to receive interviewees. What could possibly go wrong? It is complete.
  • Ill Communication: Trixie finds Pinkie Pie irritating... at best, but when a parasprite finds its way into Ponyville and begins multiplying, she and the Luna Six need her help to contain the plague before it gets out of control... or more out of control than it already is. It is complete.
  • Boast Busted, the original release, is a retelling of "Boast Busters" as it occurred in the Lunaverse. Trixie's performance during the Eventime festival, the celebration of the spring equinox, is interrupted by a certain purple unicorn who doesn't think Trixie is doing real magic and wants to show her what magic is really all about. It is complete.
    • Boast Busted: The Lost Tales No story is ever truly whole unto only itself, there are always details and events that go untold. This is one such tale. While searching through the Everfree forest, Twilight Sparkle encounters a musical aquatic trio, but are they really what the claim to be? Not if this unicorn has anything to say on the matter. This story takes place during Boast Busted, specifically when Twilight Sparkle goes into the Everfree looking for the Ursa Minor.
  • Where There is Smoke: Corona has been defeated by the Elements of Harmony, but she has not yet given up on her desires for conquest. While she is still too weak to dare a new confrontation, she is still unwilling to let those annoying ponies who dared defy her go unpunished while she recovers. She decides to unleash her one and only true immortal ally, one that was sealed away by Luna centuries ago. This ally will set the world on fire on her behalf, starting with Ponyville! It is time for the phoenix to rise from her ashes once again, time for the world to tremble once again at the name... Philomena! It is complete.
  • Secret of Andalantis: A week of vacation in beautiful Cayo El Bayo! Trixie thought this was the perfect getaway to rid herself of the hijinks plaguing Ponyvlle for a while. Sadly her peaceful vacation was not meant to be. Out on a snorkeling excursion with her friends, Ditzy dissapears! Now Trixie, Lyra and... Rarity?! Must scour the ocean floor and find their friend. What they discover is something bigger than the dissapearance of a single pony and might help unravel a thousands of year old mystery of mythic proportion. Can Trixie and her friends unravel the secret of the Lost City of Andalantis? It is in progress.
  • Carrot Top of the Line: Angel has been stealing Carrot Top's crops for a few days now, something he never did before. Worried about this turn of event, the farmer decides to have a talk with Fluttershy. This is easier said than done. With Ditzy and Dinky out of town, Carrot Top will need the help of Rainbow Dash to confront the shy recluse. When Rainbow Dash initially refuses, Carrot Top must push herself to be more assertive and get to the bottom of this story. It is complete.
  • Musicians and Dreamers: Lyra is pleasantly surprised to find that her friend and mentor, Octavia Philharmonica, is in Ponyville. It seems that Canterlot will be having a three-month long music festival, they need a top-notch lyre player, and Octavia has recommended Lyra. Lyra is thrilled, of course, but torn as to whether she can really leave her friends for months to go play music in Canterlot. Meanwhile, Trixie is sure that this is just a political move and that one of the Canterlot factions thinks having Lyra under their hooves would be helpful. Unfortunately, Lyra is all too aware of how manipulative Trixie can be. She thinks that Trixie's warnings are just a selfish attempt to keep Lyra nearby in Ponyville, and is only driven closer to accepting Octavia's offer. Can Trixie patch things up with Lyra and expose Octavia's scheme? It is complete.
    • A Canterlot Morning: It's a beautiful morning in Canterlot, but Octavia Philharmonica is having trouble practicing. After her previous betrayal of one of her best and closest friends, she has been unable to move on, and her resulting emotional turmoil is disrupting her music. A mysterious friend drops by to help her redeem herself, but Octavia is unwilling to even consider that she could change. Will Octavia's friend be able to get through to her? And just who is she, anyway? It is complete.
  • Scootalong to the Cheer: After a particularly random day, Cheerilee calls for a Parent Teacher conference. But what will come of the conference? How badly will Scootaloo be punished? Will Cheerilee be able to relax? It is complete.
    • The School Talent Show: It's time for the school talent show! Let's watch how everything goes. It is complete.
  • A Hard Bargain: Ditzy Doo is a loving mother, a good friend and a dedicated mail mare. She also happens to the Element of Kindness, something that can lead to a pony getting some unwanted attention. This starts to become a problem when she is approached by some ponies from Manehattan with an offer they doubt she'll refuse. What will happen? How will the Elements react? And what part does Big Macintosh play in all of this? It is complete.
  • Carrot Top Season: Carrot Top enters a farming competition in order to try to win the prize money, which she needs to complete a major business contract. Sadly, the Apple Trust has always been the only Ponyville entrant, and Applejack is furious that Carrot Top is trying to compete against her. Carrot Top thus has to deal with hostility from the largest farm in the region, as well as the costs of competing, which quickly promise to bankrupt her if she doesn't win. When a couple of con-artist unicorns begin to interfere in the match, it becomes even harder for the poor, beleaguered carrot farmer. Can Carrot Top and her friends save the farm, fend off the con-artists, and avoid going to war with the Apple Trust? It is complete.
    • Greengrass's Night It's another night in the life of the Night Court, the body that governs Equestria. Duke Greengrass, a young and ambitious politician, embarks on his latest scheme to accrue power and influence in the court of Princess Luna. It is complete.
  • Tales of Ponyville: Not everyday can be about battling monsters and mad gods. Not everyday can be about a farm in danger of going under, or a political gambit from one of your rivals in the Night Court. Not everyday can be about old family secrets coming to light. Not every day can be extraordinary. But that doesn't mean that the ordinary days can't be some of the most important days of our lives - or at least some of the most fun. It is complete.
  • Of Hearts and Hooves: Lyra and Bon-Bon love each other. That's obvious to anypony just walking down the street. But today, on the most romantic day in Equestria, something terrible has happened. And if they missed such an important holiday, what else could this possibly mean for them? Is their romance over? Is there any way to salvage what love remains?. It is complete.
  • To Cheerilee with Love: On Hearts and Hooves Day, Sweetie Belle decides that she should be Miss Cheerilee's new very special somepony. Anonymous cards, out-of-control rumours and failed attempts to "help" things along create havoc among Cheerilee's friends. It is complete.
  • The Hero of Oaton: Trixie Lulamoon, Night Court Representative, Element of Magic and... kind of a jerk. But she's getting better. With the help of her friends Trixie is starting to realize what friendship could be. But a little ego never hurt anypony, right? When a filly desperately approaches Trixie to save her village, convinced Trixie is the 'Hero of Oaton', Trixie is caught up in the reputation she may not have earned. With two of her friends, Raindrops and Cheerilee, by her side Trixie returns to Oaton to confront a corrupt Lumber Guild. But how much of Trixie's past reputation with the town is genuine and how much was drunken delusion and ego-driven lies? And does she have what it takes to be a hero for real this time, or will ego and doubt get in the way? It is complete.
  • Through the Fire and Flames: Lyra has another concert in Canterlot, and this time all her friends are here to see it. But when Princess Luna gets called away, thieves take advantage of her absence to break into the royal library. Their target? A certain artifact of incredible power leftover from one of the greatest spell casters of all time. And when one of their own gets taken as well, can the Elements put a stop to them before yet another ancient evil is released? It is complete.
  • Symphony for Moon and Sun: Octavia Philharmonica has betrayed her friends and allied with the corrupt nobles of Luna's Court, but her usefulness is at an end. After a discovered attempt to redeem herself and save her friends from the politicians, she finds herself compelled to play the infamous Symphony for Moon and Sun — a piece from which no musician's career has ever escaped intact. Princess Luna hates the piece and shuns anypony who dares play it, and no venue will host a pony shunned by the princess of Equestria. In her desperate straits, her only hope is the aid of her former student Lyra Heartstrings... but not only is Lyra still feeling the effects of Octavia's betrayal, but Octavia isn't even sure that she deserves the help. Can Lyra get through to her former teacher and help her survive the most important performance of her career? Or will both of them find their careers crashing to a premature end? It is complete.
  • A Chance Encounter: After spending months on end in Corona's palace, Spike runs away, leaving the insane alicorn and his friend Zecora behind. But he doesn't get far before he runs into a different pony, a unicorn on the run from the law who has a few screws loose. It is in progress.
  • The Jackelope Valley Festival: A thousand years ago, Corona cursed Jackelope Valley, and it has never rained there since. Now the barren desert is the site of an annual music festival that celebrates up-and-coming artists — and Lyra's been invited to play! When Raindrops learns that her favorite band, the Daughters of Discord, are playing, she comes along as well... but soon after arriving, the two stumble upon the last living Jackelope. What should have been a week of fun and music turns into a race against time and the pitiless sun as the two ponies, aided by DJ Pon3 and the guitarist pegasus Thunder Axe, struggle to save the Jackelope's life. It is in progress.
  • Dinner With The Folks: Lyra loves Bonbon. Bonbon loves Lyra. They love their parents. Their parents love them. But will their parents themselves get along when sitting down for dinner? It is in progress.
    • Foaling Around: Cheerilee takes the foals in her class on a trip to Canterlot. Unfortunately, several of them are soon split off from the group and begin wandering around the castle! How will the guards, staff, nobles, and even princess react to the antics of the Ponyville foals? It is complete.
  • Adventures in Ponysitting: After one of the worst days of her life Carrot Top is asked by a dreadfully ill Rainbow Dash to help Fluttershy. Feeling sorry for the mare, the Element of Generosity agrees to help Fluttershy with getting the animals' homes cleaned out. What could go wrong? Kidnapping, randsom, evil illusionists, and multiple musical numbers aside. It is in progress.
  • Eye of the Hurricane: Raindrops has always had a problem with her anger, and despite her strong self-control, she sometimes can't help but lose it. Unfortunately, her latest explosion has not only gotten her suspended from her job, but also ordered to attend anger management. When she finds an alternative procedure, however, she's suddenly all smiles and giggles. Can her friends figure out what's happened and bring her back to normal? And more importantly, will Raindrops even want that to begin with? It is in progress.
  • Foalish Misadventures: When the Ponyville adults are hit by a curse that makes them all perpetually drunk, there's only one group of ponies that can save them — Dinky and her friends! But to succeed they'll have to get through a town gone completely crazy and somehow dispell the curse, all without help from any of their parents and sibings. Can they put their rivalries aside for long enough to work together? Are they up to the task? And can they do it without breaking more stuff than the partying adults? It is complete.
  • At The Grand Galloping Gala: In the aftermath of a terrible curse placed on Ponyvillenote , the town is a complete wreck: windows smashed, possessions missing, crops ruined. The town's emergency fund isn't enough to cover the damages by a long shot — but for some reason, the nobles of Canterlot are refusing to send aid! Now, Trixie and her friends must descend into the dark heart of Canterlot during the Grand Galloping Gala, in order to put a stop once and for all to the machinations of the Night Court of Luna. It is complete.
    • The Game and The Garden: After the disastrous events of the Grand Galloping Gala, Greengrass finds himself in his private sanctuary. Alone except for his thoughts, he wonders who he had miscalculated and where the game went wrong. More importantly though, he wonders how he had ended up saying four words that he'd thought he'd never say about The Game and all it's glory. It is complete.
    • Pinkie and Bluie: After Prince Blueblood and Pinkie Pie met at the Gala, he'd expected it to be a one off thing, like so many times before. So why is he finding it so hard to tell her that? It is complete.

Season 2

  • The Return of Tambelon: A long, long time ago, the necromancer Grogar conquered the city of Tambelon for his own nefarious purposes. Working together, the princesses Celestia and Luna were able to banish Tambelon and the fallen city into the realm of Shadow, never to be seen again...or so they thought. Two thousand years later, Tambelon and Grogar return — and the world may never be the same... It is in progress.
  • Sergeant-at-Hooves: Cheerilee goes overboard when trying to prepare her friends for the fight against Corona. In-progress.
  • Magic Tutor: Trixie offers to help teach Dinky and Snails master their magic, due to a slight misunderstanding half of the unicorn foal population think they have been invited too. Chaos ensues. It is complete.
  • A Concert For Ponyville: Trixie arranges for Octavia to help Fluttershy prepare for a concert, but when the two don't get along, the showmare must use everything she knows about friendship to save their relationship as well as the show. It is complete.
  • Old Friends: Everypony loves Cheerilee — except, apparently, for an old friend of hers from college, who has just returned to Ponyville with a score to settle! It's a wild race around town as Cheerilee attempts to flee her former companion long enough to figure out what, exactly, she did — she was a bit drunk at the time, and her memories are rather hazy — and how she can make it up to her. Not to worry, though: if Cheerilee can't set things right, her students are happy to help out! ...for a generous definition of 'help.'. It is complete.
  • Exam Jitters: Ditzy Doo has many responsibilities — delivering mail, supporting her community, and even fighting evil as the Bearer of the Element of Kindness and a Knight of the Realm to boot. None of these, however, are as important to her as her primary job of raising her daughter Dinky. Through good times and bad, Ditzy has always been there for her daughter, and she works tirelessly to make sure that Dinky grows up in a happy, healthy, and loving environment. Unfortunately, nopony is perfect, and after a freak accident almost results in disaster, Ditzy becomes even more protective of her daughter. When Dinky subsequently becomes eligible for a fantastic opportunity, the foal is excited, but Ditzy is so worried that her daughter will get hurt that she finds herself wishing Dinky would pass it up. Ditzy must choose, then, between keeping her daughter as safe as possible... and allowing her to grow. Lunaverse story. It is complete.
  • A Bushel of Carrots: Everypony in Ponyville knows Carrot Top, the element of generosity. Always ready with kind words and a helping hoof when they're needed. But when Carrot Top finds herself stuck between her friends in the Farmer's Union, and a request from Applejack, she turns to a legend of the Everfree to gain some extra hoof power. But strange magic has its consequences. Will Ponyville and Carrot Top be able to deal with them?
  • Half-Arrogant, Half-Crazy, All Trixie Lulamoon: Trixie is very bored. In an effort to relieve said boredom, she is reading her textbooks on magic. This is a very bad idea. The result? A spell goes wrong and Ponyville ends up with two Trixies, or at least two pieces of Trixie. One is carefree, pompous, and just a wee bit more arrogant than usual about her powers. The other is a nervous wreck that can't work up the courage to do anything based on the thought that it'll lead to a personal failure in her responsibilities. They are two incomplete halves of a whole that have a spell to fix. The problem with fixing it? One of them decided to run off to Neigh Orleans during a night of endless partying.
  • Ice Hearts: Ditzy and the other Elements must contend with a windigo who wants to find his child, and a noble of the Court who wants the child for herself
  • Up And Automaton: Its winter in Ponyville and for the most part everything seems to be going well. That changes when Grinding Gears, a friend of Cheerilee's from Detrot with more engineering skill than common sense, comes to town hoping to get endorsement for his latest invention. The Automaton, a fully mechanical creation powered by magic. He's research extensively, planned out thoroughly and has brought his first working prototype for inspection. What could possibly go wrong? It is Complete.
  • Games Ponies Shouldn't Play: While cleaning out her basement, Cheerilee comes across a long forgotten board game. Deciding to give it a shot, she invites her friends over for a night of fun. Unfortunately, she's unaware of the reputation this game has gained. For you see, in Diplomacy, the number one rule is: Never play this game with friends, or you may need to find new friends...
  • Ponies On The High Seas: Trixie and her friends are attacked at sea by a gang of vicious pirates. After Raindrops, Dinky and Pip are taken captive, Trixie and co set sail to get them and their stolen treasure back!
  • Title Match: It's no secret that Trixie hasn't had the best track record with friends. So she is the last pony to be surprised that a former friend would track her down to settle a score. But when that former friend is Galeb, a Zebrony skilled in the art of Neigh Orleans Voodoo, things start to get a little tricky. When that same former friend is trying to force Trixie into a duel with her very Knighthood on the line, that's when things start to get down right difficult.
  • From the Depths: In a bid for the terrible power of the Flashstone Amulet, Corona has released an ancient evil from it's prison and has let it loose upon the capital city of Cavallia, Roam. Princess Cadence is forced to defend her home and her subjects alone against a power that has toppled ancient empires & gods alike. It is complete.

"Movies" and tie-ins (not canon unless referenced in a canon story)

  • An Early Reunion: A distant prequel to the rest of the Lunaverse, taking place 980 years before Longest Night, Longest Day. Celestia has been trapped in the sun for twenty years. They have been hard times for the ponies of Equestria as they have sought to try and rebuild their society and recover from all that she did in her madness. But fear not! For though her coat and mane are now pink, and though she is shorter, and though she remembers nothing of her previous life, all that Celestia was has been reborn, and returned to Equestria! It is complete. Canon.
  • Elements of Insanity: Fugitive Twilight Sparkle, having convinced herself that Trixie Lulamoon has pulled off an elaborate hoax by passing herself of as the Element of Magic when she's not that powerful, plans on proving her worth to the world by assembling her own superior group of elements. It is in progress. Canon.
  • Raindrops of Clan Drops, Barbarian Queen: The Evil Enchantress Torka has kidnapped Prince Miche of the Kingdom of Levure. None of the kingdom's warrior dare defy the reptillian warriors of the enchantress! Only one mare is bold enough dares to defy the Evil Enchantress to save the prince, to brave the Dark Fortress of Ugn, and invicible enough to hope to come back alive: Raindrops of Clan Drops, Barbarian Queen! It is complete. Non Canon due to it being All Just a Dream.
  • Changing Gossip: So things Ponyville are always a little... off, mainly due to Pinkie Pie's antics. But this isn't the normal Ponyville brand of weird. Ponies are doing things they don't normally do, there's somehow two of them at the same time, and they swear they had nothing to do with it. And when Lyra starts acting up, Trixie has no choice but to get involved. But what exactly IS going on? It is in progress.
  • The Court Musician of Equestria: Octavia Philharmonica has achieved everything she ever dreamed of. Thanks to her skill, talent, and friends, she has risen to the rank of Court Musician and has earned the right to perform for the Princess and the nobles as frequently as she could want. Yet the musical scene of Canterlot is never still, and she learns that a new musician is taking the city by storm. At first, Octavia's interest in the musician is merely professional, and she wants only to learn more about his new style of music. However, as she is drawn deeper into his concerts, she learns that this newcomer harbors a wicked secret, and his phenomenal success may have more to do with dark magic than music. Octavia will need to use all of her ability and strength to expose the truth and stop him, or the entire city may fall under his sway. It is complete.
  • Treasure City: Vicereine Puissance, one of the richest and most powerful mares in Equestria, has many vaults. One of them contains, not gold, gems, or valuables, but ponies. The story follows one such pony throughout a day in her life, and explores the strange, isolated world within the secluded Treasure City. It is complete.
  • Countdown to Crisis: Big things have small beginnings. Canon.
  • Time After Time by Talon and Thorn: Fleeing from the Time Lords the Doctor accidentally damages the barrier between his own universe and that of Equestria an event that may lead to disaster for both universe. Now each of his incarnations must visit Equestria to repair the damage. The story is in-progress, and being written out of any chronological order Non-Canon.


  • Dinky and the Blanks: When Dinky Doo sees a mysterious gray foal in the Everfree, she chases after her and is split off from the other Ponyville foals. She soons winds up in a strange town called Moonville, where no pony has a cutie mark and the parties go on forever. Although the village at first appears idyllic, Dinky soon realizes that something is very wrong and that the town hides a terrible secret. Can Dinky escape? And, more importantly, can she help save the benighted citizens of Moonville? Based off of Story Of The Blanks. It is complete.
  • Dark Tidings: Something is happening in the hallowed streets of Canterlot. A madpony hunts for those he believes responsible for his disgrace, urged on by a mysterious force that gives him terrifying power. Captain Shining Armor of the Royal Guard is in a race against time to apprehend this felon before blood is spilled and lives are lost. And in order to do so, he must turn to an ally that may be more threatening than than the very pony he is pursuing. It is complete.
  • In the Heat of the Moment: Trixie is in heat. She does not like this. But for everypony else, it's an opportunity... A non-canon Crack Fic by RainbowDoubleDash himself. Due to the subject matter, it's for mature audiences. It is complete.
  • Red Magician's Last Adventure: Excerpt from a tale of the great wizard Red Magician and his final battle against evil. It is complete.
  • Fate/Lunaverse: A crossover with the Fate/stay night series. Seven equines (Trixie, Ditzy, Rainbow Dash, Zecora, Twilight, Shining Armor, and Duke Greengrass) find themselves with Servants who must battle each other out to win the Grail, a magic artifact of untouchable power. It is in progress.

Currently uncategorized

  • Fishing In The Dark: The Night Court governs Equestria, and the ponies on the Court hold power unimaginable. Still, even the highest nobles have limits to their power. Shortly before the Grand Galloping Gala, in a quiet hallway in the castle two of the most powerful ponies in the nation meet to discuss political affairs, family matters... and one particular Element, whom both despise. It is complete.

Other stories have been planned (by multiple other authors as well as RainbowDoubleDash).

This Fan Fiction series contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Action Mom: Ditzy Doo, full stop. Most of why she wants to stop Corona is that the Tyrant Sun kidnapped Dinky.
  • A Day in the Limelight: parts of Scootalong to the Cheer serve as this for Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara
    • Greengrass's Night is this for Greengrass.
    • Canterlot Morning and Court Musician of Equestria serve as this for Octavia Philharmonica.
    • The tales found in Longest Night: Everypony's Day are this for various secondary characters.
  • Adult Fear: Compared to their Mane universe counterparts, the Lunaverse-6 characters often have to deal with these as compared to scary monsters or contrived friendship problems.
  • Adults Are Useless: Happens during Foalish Misadventures, when all the adults in Ponyville ends up constantly drunk due to a curse, and it's up to Dinky and her friends to fix everything. Not only are the adults useless, but they are actively hindering the foals and trying to bring them under the curse as well.
  • Affably Evil:
    • The Sirens, who are surprisingly good conversationalists. Well, two of them, anyway. The third was just hungry.
      "Can we please stop talking to the food and just eat already?"
    • Duke Greengrass is a jocular, pleasant stallion who treats his (loyal) subordinates kindly and reacts even to setbacks with grace and aplomb. He's also plotting on seizing control of the Elements for political power, and is willing to target their friends and businesses in order to get them. Also, when he finds Dinky, Snails and Twist hiding in his room (during a school trip to Canterlot), he just keeps them entertained until Cheerilee shows up, instead of using them for political leverage.
  • A God Am I: Not only is Corona a self-absorbed creep with an allergy to taking responsibility for her actions, she's a theatrical lunatic who wants to set herself up as God Empress of Applebucking Everything.
    • By which we mean she wants to Take Over the World, not be the one in charge of bucking apples.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: Just before Zecora saves her flank, we see Corona devoid of her upper ground...and that she is honestly and truly insane, utterly incapable of trusting other ponies except as subordinates, and honestly thinking she's the last line of defense against everything. It's kind of sad to see how Celestia could have been if she was a bit more paranoid.
    • Applejack gets a good dose of this in Carrot Top Season. She's just fighting to make sure no one starves on her watch, and she'll do anything to ensure that no one does.
  • Allergic to Routine: After a while Trixie becomes so used the chaos that is an average day in Ponyville that during an unusually quiet week she started a game of "stealth hug" with Pinkie to alleviate her boredom.
  • All Just a Dream: Raindrops of Clan Drops, Barbarian Queen
  • All There in the Manual: Not only has RDD written blog entries explaining some of the aspects of the world (like the differences from the canon!Equestria), the series has also its own group in Fimfiction.Net, where a lot of the world building takes place.
  • Alternate Universe: The "Sexyverse" wherein everyone's a lot more promiscuous and Pokey is gay.
  • Anachronic Order: The first story in The Verse, Boast Busted takes place after the events of multiple later fics, with some hints being dropped as to the resolution of Longest Night Longest Day.
    • Later fics by other authors have been released in a fairly loose order, as well. Further, RDD's latest fic is a distant prequel. The only limit on new fics RDD has placed is that none can take place further forward than about one week before the middle of the summer of the same year that Corona escaped from the sun... which has since been abandoned, allowing for "Season Two" stories to be written.
  • Artifact of Doom: The Guitar of the Sirens
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Raindrops due to poison joke.
    • And, of course, the Ursa Minor in Boast Busted.
    • Not to mention the Ursa Major in Crisis on Two Equestrias.
    • Spike, too, as of chapter 16 of Longest Night, Longest Day.
    • Ditzy is briefly turned gigantic thanks to a zap from Zizanie's chaos magic during At the Grand Galloping Gala.
  • Back from the Dead: In Where There's Smoke, after Raindrops accidentally "kills" Philomena the phoenix, Philomena simply resurrects from her ashes a minute later, coming back stronger than before. Then again, in canon MLP (as in traditional mythology), the phoenix is a symbol of rebirth, being able to come back from the dead repeatedly.
  • Batman Gambit: Whatever Trixie's plan in AtGGG is, it seemed to rely at least partially on predicting the moves of Zizanie based on what she knew of her
    • It appears that Trixie's plan is simply to neutralize Zizanie as a way of warning the bigger jerks to step off.
    • Turns out that Trixie's plan was to get Zizanie caught because she knew that Luna would then speak to Zizanie and convince Zizanie to make a plea bargain with Luna, telling Luna everything about the corruption of the Night Court - which leads to Luna chewing them out epically in Chapter 13.
  • Berserk Button: Calling Trixie by her Embarrassing Middle Name.
    • And calling Lyra's lyre a harp.
      • She didn't handle Pinkie stealing it in Ill Communication, either, saying that "She'll only break one of [Pinkie's] legs if she puts down the lyre immediately."
    • And doing anything that Corona doesn't like (such as calling her Corona).
    • Mentioning Ditzy Doo to Amethyst Star. At least when we first meet her; she's more amicable towards her by the end of Family Matters.
    • Don't call Berry Punch lazy. Applejack doing so in Carrot Top Season got her dangerously calm and would have been bucked if Trixie didn't intervene.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Cherilee, when angry, is fearsome enough to toss Big Mac aside without effort. Raindrops is relieved when she doesn't have to try to restrain her as well.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Zizanie's name
    • All but one of the non-english name in Raindrops of Clan Drops are this.
  • Bittersweet Ending:
    • Griffin Over The Line ends with Raindrops earning Gilda's respect, but she lost control of her temper despite how hard she tried to avoid that.
    • Musicians and Dreamers ends with Lyra evading Greengrass's clutches, but her mentor is still a corrupt pawn of Duke Greengrass.
    • Boast Busted ends with Twilight on the run from the law, Trixie reflecting on how she failed by driving away Twilight, and the town still has massive damage done to it... which is actually a plot point in "Carrot Top Season."
    • Foalish Misadventures ends with the curse removed, but the town still utterly wrecked, setting the start of At the Grand Galloping Gala.
  • Bizarre Taste in Food: Trixie, in spades. For example, she's been known to impale a whole apple on a carrot and drench both in caramel, and she favors chili powder in her hot chocolate.
    • Though to be fair, the chili and hot chocolate combo is mildly popular in real life to the point that Hershey sells pre-mixed powder, and there are candy bars consisting of these two ingredients.
    • Scootaloo uses liquid rainbow, which was too spicy for even the canon Pinkie, as dip.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: an in-universe example with a group of unicorn scholars, who totally butchered a foreign spell book required for researching zebra magic.
  • Body Horror: Shades of this in Helping...Hands?, with Lyra's transformation into a human.
  • Book Ends: At the Grand Galloping Gala begins and ends with the reader being told to look at the state Ponyville is in. We start with a devastated town and end with everypony pulling together to rebuild.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Spike's big form.
    • During Crisis On Two Equestrias, Trixie accidentally does this to the rest of the Luna-6 under the belief that Corona has done this to everypony in Ponyville.
  • Break Them by Talking: After quack psychiatrist Dr Neighsier Crane gets done making Raindrops 'cheerful' and 'upbeat', she parades around town leaving ponies emotionally devastated by what she thinks is telling them the truth and what everypony else sees as berating them about their deepest insecurities. So far, she's called her younger brother Snails a mental defective and broken Ditzy's heart by reminding her of the one thing that she's most ashamed of: her affair with Castor Cut. Cheerilee's plan for dealing with the 'good' doctor involves using Silver Script's idea of 'love and tolerance'.
  • Broken Pedestal: Octavia, to Lyra.
  • Brutal Honesty: How Raindrops represents the Element of Honesty. The Zebra potion Truth is a Scourge also forces this upon the drinker.
    • Pokey Pierce, Trixie's administrative assistant, also isn't afraid of speaking his mind to his boss. He knows he can get away with it, though, because he's trustworthy and good at his job, and hiring somepony else with the same qualifications would be more work than Trixie is willing to put up with. Also, she's well aware that she needs somepony to keep her ego in check, and Raindrops can't be around all the time.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: The explanation given for why Rainbow Dash is given so much leeway to goof around - she is just that good at her work when she bothers to.
  • Butt Monkey: Trixie, but everyone gets it now and then.
  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": In the epilogue to "Helping...Hands?", Luna refers to the species of ape-like cryptid Lyra got turned into as a hominian.
    • Actually, Luna says that Lyra is "some kind" of hominan, without identifying the specific species. Hominans are a subfamily of primates that include Australopithecus, Paranthropus, Sahelanthropus, Orrorin, Ardipithecus, Kenyanthropus, and Homo - or in other words, humans and all related species.
  • Catch a Falling Star: Appears in Griffin Over The Line, only it doesn't happen: Raindrops isn't fast enough to save Trixie, and while Dash could have caught her, she's struck dumb and doesn't react in time.
  • Catch Phrase/I Am the Trope: Corona's "I am the SUN!"
    • Trixie still has her normal one, that of calling herself "Great and Powerful."
  • Circling Monologue: Luna does this in At the Grand Galloping Gala as she explains to Trixie why she can't out-and-out purge the current Night Court.
  • City of Adventure: In Magic Tutor. Trixie tells Twilight Sparkle that while her Ursa Minor was the biggest monster to attack Ponyville so far, it wasn't the only one. As a matter of fact, they have to rebuild at least one or two buildings a week.
  • Con Man: Flim and Flam.
    • Stringer, one of the 'musicians' who tried to play the Symphony for Moon and Sun.
    • Moonlit Night, in a sense.
    • Trixie can be this when she tries hard enough.
    • And Duke Greengrass himself has been known to run the odd con.
  • Continuity Nod: In Longest Night, Longest Day, Raindrops promises to hit Trixie very hard if she ever again behaves as badly as she did in the run-up to the Longest Night Festival. When Trixie publicly humiliates Twiilght in Boast Busted, Raindrops keeps that promise by laying her out with one punch.
    • Also, in Longest Night, Longest Day, Trixie couldn't quite remember if her predecessor as Representative was "Blueblood Something" or "Something Blueblood" and believed that Dinky was was Ditzy's younger sister. In Grand Galloping Gala, Blueblood can't remember if the silvery grey Pegasus with the off-putting eyes is "Something Doo" or "Doo Something" and believes the lilac-grey unicorn foal that's accompanied her to the Gala is her younger sister.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: Snails's plan for getting found after he, Dinky and Twist are separated from the other foals in Foaling Around is to hide in Duke Greengrass's office. Since all three of them are related to an Element of Harmony (or the marefriend of one in Twist's case) he figures that the adults would expect Greengrass to gain political advantage over the Elements through their loved ones, therefore his office would be among the first places to look.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Pinkie Pie is educated in all ways to make cupcakes, including recipes and methods that were used centuries ago, in case a time traveller from the past shows up and needs a historically accurate party. Granted, this was in the admittedly non-canon story "Dinky And The Blanks", but it does seem in-character enough for Pinkie.
    • To keep the Discordians from unleashing Daddy Discord, Luna had his statue sealed in concrete, surrounded the concrete block with eight different warding spells and buried it. Celestia of the Mane Six's world is astonished both by that and by the fact that there are Discord cultists in the Lunaverse.
      • Though she also mentions that it wouldn't really matter what she did, if Discord wanted out of his prison, it wouldn't matter if he was behind Luna's defenses or out in the garden where Celestia keeps him- he's getting out.
  • Creator Cameo: Fizzy, the bartender in Berry's bar and an OC of one of the Lunaverse authors, Fizzy Orange.
  • Crisis Crossover: The Discord of one timeline has "recruited" Ditzy to serve as the Element of Kindness in a sort of all-star team of other alternate Elements. Along with her are Spike of the Flipverse, Octavia of the Cadenceverse, Rainbow Dash of the Rainbowverse, Orange Sherbet of the Manehattanverse and Pinkie Pie of the Hasbroverse.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
    • In-universe, the dreaded 'Symphony for Moon and Sun' seems to be this, as Luna is brought to tears once a pony is able to play it correctly.
    • Also in-universe, Octavia and Thrash Metail duel to the tune of 'Devil Goes Down to Georgia', which also seems to be this.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Corona plain destroys Luna when they fight again.
    • The Luna-6 to Corona. The Tyrant Sun's attacks just bounce off the Elements of Harmony until they counterattack. Once.
    • The fake Luna-6 against the real Mane-6 in Crisis on Two Equestrias. Not actually having the abilities they believe they have, everyone but Trixie are subdued within seconds. It gets worse when they try using the Elements, which recognize that Trixie was the one who cast memory spells on all of them, and backfires.
  • Dark Is Evil: Played with. While Luna isn't evil, as we the audience know, In-Universe the ponies were and continue to harbour their own suspicions of her.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: On the other hoof, on realizing that Corona was returning, Luna’s first action was to try and get everypony in Ponyville to flee to safety.
  • Darker and Edgier: As compared to the actual cartoon, anyway (which after all is targeted at 5-12-year-olds), though most of the stories published so far still manage to remain within their "Everyone" ratings on Fimfiction.Net. The exception is Helping...Hands?, due to Lyra being transformed into a human and naked for the majority of the fic.
    • "In The Heat Of The Moment," which is non-canon with the rest of the Lunaverse, is definitely for more mature audiences... but given that it's about Trixie being in Heat, this is also understandable.
    • At least one part of the "Darker and Edgier" part is that while the Canon show has the mane six deal with arbitrary "Friendship Problems," such as "Twillight doesn't turn in an assignment on time" or "Applejack doesn't know how to accept help," or Monster of the Week attacks, the Lunaverse tends towards Adult Fear dilemmas such as "My daughter just met her half-sister, and she's just as much a victim of her father's affair as my daughter is," or "I could lose my farm because of the rising costs and increasing wear-and-tear on the various parts of the farm," or towards literary deconstruction of canon black-and-white events.
  • Dead Mare Walking: When Octavia is forced to play an infamous piece that nopony has ever played to Luna's standards (with the results that their careers are wrecked), the cellist is treated this way. All her concerts are canceled and none of her friends or colleagues in Canterlot will talk to her.
  • Deadly Decadent Court: The Night Court is said to be one, and the few members that we have seen (including Greengrass) bear this out.
    • At the Grand Galloping Gala has Trixie make the unpleasant realization that the Night Court is completely corrupt. Even the most decent members, like Night Light, willingly and often use blackmail, bribery, and threats in order to get what they want. Greengrass and his allies are just the most aggressive about it.
  • Death Glare: Carrot Top wishes she could pull that off. That and Eye Beams.
  • Deconstructor Fleet: Of many tropes of the original show.
  • Deconstruction Fic: The first few chapters of Longest Night, Longest Day come across as this for five of the original Mane-6. The author uses the very different viewpoint of Trixie (as compared to Twilight Sparkle) to reexamine the behaviour and personality of Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and to a lesser extent Fluttershy and Rarity. The results find them in a somewhat less than sympathetic light.
    • Applejack retains her concern that the Apple Family/Trust might collapse practically at any minute, although with its size and virtual monopoly on apples throughout Equestria getting more focus than in canon we can see how she's really just a silly pony for having such an attitude.
      • Applejack cannot see this because she honestly believes that her hard work is the only thing standing between Ponyville and famine no matter what her account books or Granny Smith might tell her. The source of this belief (in her case, a distorted version of the Trust's founding) is unimportant; the end result of her driving away anypony foolhardy enough to tell her that the weight of the world isn't actually on her shoulders is.
    • Rainbow Dash's laziness and heedless nature are somewhat more apparent, and her loyal nature has been re-focused solely on Fluttershy, such that she's willing to leave Ponyville hanging in order to hang out with her, even if it appears to be more out of concern for Fluttershy rather than just a desire to slack off.
      • Carrot Top of the Line reveals that Rainbow has been looking after Fluttershy ever since they were fillies. When Fluttershy moved away from Cloudsdale, her father arranged for Rainbow to get the Ponyville weather manager job so the two could stay close.
    • Pinkie Pie is still basically Pinkie Pie, but Trixie (and Lyra, for that matter) are less than enthused at her constantly hyper-active nature - the hyperactive Genki Girl party animal is exactly as annoying as she would be in Real Life.
      • Most of what seems to be wrong with her is that unlike her counterpart in Celestia's world, this version wants to make people happy without bothering to learn what makes them happy.
      • In Ill Communication we learn that growing up her family hardly spoke so she ended up speaking to anything or nothing, so she grew up not knowing how to deal with real ponies who could talk back....she gets better by the end of the fic though.
    • Without her canon friends to pull her out of her shell, Fluttershy is an utter introvert, to the point of only having regular contact with two other ponies, Rainbow Dash and Ditzy Doo.
      • According to Carrot Top of the Line, her parents are a Cloudsdale weather magnate and a member of Luna's Night Court. She didn't want to go into the family business, so she changed her name and moved to Ponyville with their financial support.
    • Rarity is, like Pinkie Pie, still basically just Rarity, but she did not make a good first impression on Trixie and paid for it later, albeit unfairly.
      • As of Carrot Top of the Line it appears her generosity hides a much more self-interested goal of obtaining favors from others.
    • Boast Busted shows us a much different Twilight. All the devotion that originally went to Celestia now goes into studying magic, to the point where it is how she spends every hour of every day. Her diary is little more than an impersonal record of her studies. Without Spike or the rest of her canon friends to moderate, she's noticeably more arrogant, has even less social skills, and she doesn't have the sense God gave a mule.
      • Elements of Insanity shows us that Twilight's need to not admit that her lack of social skills is a problem has mutated into the belief that Trixie is running a colossal scam.
      • Countdown To Crisis has her finally admit the possibility that it was just random chance that made Trixie and the rest of the Luna Six the Bearers. Too bad that she had to get stuck in the Mane Six's world and learn about how rising showmare the Great and Powerful Trixie was goaded into fighting an Ursa Minor in some hick town to do it.
    • Crisis on Two Equestrias also deconstructs Twilight's Transferable Memory spells to restore her friends, by portraying Trixie's use of it (On ponies that never were her friends in this universe) as disturbing borderline Mind Rape, asking the question: "What happens if this is used on the wrong ponies?"
      • Although, in Trixie's defense, she is unaware that she's been transported to another universe, and instead believes that she is still in her own universe and that either Twilight or Corona has done something to Ponyville. In other words, from Trixie's perspective, she's fixing things.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: For some reason or another, getting beat up by Raindrops causes Gilda to declare her a friend.
    • Averted with most other villains, who seem to teleport or run away after being defeated. Rainbow Double Dash lampshaded this with an omake ending to "Family Matters" where Sparkler announces that she's teleporting away so that "She doesn't have to have character growth," after stealing the cake. And That's Terrible.
  • Determinator: One of Raindrops' defining character traits.
  • Didn't Think This Through: If Grinding Gears had even an ounce of foresight in "Up and Automaton", things could have been resolved much easier.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: Cheerilee earns her stripes by making a Country Matters joke when Corona complained about her undereducated tongue.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Night Light blocks the sending of emergency funds to Ponyville after the damage caused in "Foalish Misadventures" as a means of punishing Trixie for what happened to Twilight. Turns out he was always going to send them the money; he was just delaying until Luna got sick of it. That said, he also tells Trixie that there are two ways that he'll accept her apology. The first way he'll accept her apology is if she resigns from the Night Court (thus giving up her life dream), and the second is if she finds and returns Twilight Sparkle to him. If she doesn't, he'll personally see to it that she never advances past Representative.
  • Doomed Hometown: The reason that Trixie and the Luna Six have to appear at the Gala is to get Luna to sign off on sending them funds to rebuild Ponyville after "Foalish Misadventures". The reason that this is a problem is that the guy in charge of disaster relief doesn't believe their story, and thinks the Ponyville residents are just trying to commit insurance fraud. Matters are not helped by the fact that this guy is Twilight's father.
  • Downer Ending: By the end of Boast Busted, Twilight has rendered herself Pony Non Grata in Ponyville and becomes a fugitive. Trixie's attempt to make amends by opening up to her just gets twisted around to fuel the other's obssession with proving she's not a suitable Bearer of Magic. And Shining Armor learns Twilie's gotten herself into a situation her BBBFF can't fix. Bittersweet at best, this at worst.
    • As of the season finale, "Foalish Misadventures" is revealed to have one. The town is destroyed, and there's no Reset Button to fix it.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: In Carrot Top Season, the titular character does this after making a deal with the other farmers that are not the Apple Trust.
  • Engineered Public Confession: The climax to Musicians and Dreamers. Genre-Savvy Octavia sees it coming a mile away but ultimately falls for it anyways.
    • Used again in At the Grand Galloping Gala, this time taking the victim completely by surprise. Only this time just getting the confession isn't the end by a long shot...
  • Epic Fail:
    • The scholars who "translated" the zebra spell book in Helping... Hands? either had no clear idea of what they were doing, or They Just Didn't Care. Bets are for the latter.
    • We get to see some of the performances of the Symphony for Moon and Sun that didn't meet Luna's standards. The results aren't pretty. Of special note is the con artist, Stringer, whose plan was to hope that Luna wouldn't show up to her gimcrack performance. It didn't work.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The danger of bad first impressions is demonstrated here. If RDD's intentions were to let the Apple Trust be sympathetic, their self-righteous and jealously monopolising ways in Boast Busted and Longest Night, Longest Day did not help.
    • RDD's intentions probably weren't to make the Trust sympathetic, but he certainly didn't intend them to come across as outright villainous the way they have.
  • Even Pinkie Has Standards: In a bit of a Noodle Incident, in Tales of Ponyville, Lyra remembers an argument she had with Bon Bon about what "Green" tasted like, that resulted in them dragging other ponies into it and only stopping when Pinkie thought that they were being weird.
  • Everything's Worse With Ursas: Ursas are just as dangerous in the Lunaverse as in the main universe, as chapter 3 of Boast Busted shows.
    • In Crisis, we actually see what happens when an Ursa Major gets let loose.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: In Carrot Top Season, the Flim Flam Brothers try to blackmail Carrot Top by infesting Sweet Apple Acres with a devastating weed and threatening to tell everypony they did it on her instructions, anticipating that nopony would believe her innocence due to their rivalry. They had never considered that Carrot Top would have already helped the Apples in stopping the infestation, since the idea of helping an enemy is completely alien to them.
  • Evil Is Hammy/Large Ham: Corona spends an awful lot of her time chewing the scenery and proclaiming how awesome she is in as loud a voice as possible. In early-modern English.
  • Evil Versus Evil: Flim and Flam vs the Apples in Carrot Top Season.
  • Exiled from Continuity: The original writer is so torn by the backlash generated by stories about the Night Court that he no longer wants to see stories about them.
  • Expy: Word of God has stated that Corona's characterization draws inspiration from pre-Badass Decay Lord Zedd.
  • Fandom Nod: Boast Busted twice hints that Lyra's hooves were turned into...something, which is always cut off before the speaker can finish. Those who are familiar with Lyra's fanon characterization can probably guess what that something is. More hints to these events are dropped during Family Matters. The events mentioned are finally shown in "Helping... Hands?", where Lyra is turned into a human directly.
    • In Carrot Top of the Line Rarity comments multiple time about liking Carrot Top's mane. There is also a Mythology Gag in there.
    • When Shining Armor meets Luna, he notices an abacus.
    • Silver Script's (Ditzy's boss) baseball bat has words "Love and Tolerance" written into it.
  • Fantastic Nuke: Corona keeps thinking about dropping solar flares on those who offend her.
    • When she finally gets mad enough to do so, however, it fails utterly thanks to Trixie & Co. being protected by the Elements of Harmony.
  • Fastball Special: In A Hard Bargain, Big Mac does this with Cheerilee to reach a fleeing pegasus who was in league with those who kidnapped Dinky.
  • Faux Affably Evil:
    • Parlay seems like a nice guy at first, until Ditzy tells him no and he rages out.
  • Flame War: There have been a few between the authors in the community, most notably regarding 'At the Grand Galloping Gala', which has spawned hundreds of complaint posts in the story's thread and multiple threads on the message board about its problems.
  • Flat "What.": the non-canon story, "Bride In The Rain," has this as the title for its only chapter.
  • Foreshadowing: Due to the Anachronic Order of the series, a lot of this happens.
  • Full-Name Basis: Rainbow Dash, Ditzy Doo, Dinky Doo, Carrot Top, and Pinkie Pie are normally referred to by their full names by both the narrative and the characters, while most other characters with two names are instead only referred to by their first names. Justified in the case of Trixie Lulamoon, she hates her last name and demands that nopony use it, ever.
    • except when drunk, when she reverts to Neigh Orleans form and prefers to be called Lulamoon. Or in Crisis, when there are two Trixies, meaning the Lunaverse version (as the non-native iteration) has to take a different name... to her disappointment.
  • Fun with Acronyms: One example would be the Farmer's Union, which was created somewhat inadvertently after Applejack antagonized the owners of the small farms surrounding Ponyville.
  • Gainax Ending: In the Heat of the Moment climaxes with Trixie and Raindrops deciding to give a relationship a try. The epilogue takes place several months later with the two of them on a date that is soon interrupted by a time-travelling Dinky and Pipsqueak. Subsequent events play out exactly like the ending of the first Back to the Future movie, albeit with a Cool Boat instead of a De Lorean.
  • Genre Blind: Grinding Gears has a distinct lack of foresight and willingness to learn from historical mistakes in "Up and Automaton".
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Corona has them.
    • They also serve as a metaphor: Corona is blind to the monster that she has become. Word of God is that this was initially unintentional (Corona's appearance is based off of this picture), but has since been labeled as Happy Coincidence #1.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!: Corona, of course.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: As it turns out, At the Grand Galloping Gala, Trixie wasn't intending to pull an Engineered Public Confession on the Night Court. She was hoping to fool Zizanie into trying to do one, then have the latter get caught. The resulting, entirely aboveboard investigations would have then unearthed the nobles' treachery. Unfortunately, Zizanie had already spiked the nobles' drinks and everything went Not As Planned after.
  • Gratuitous French: When Trixie gets drunk, she reverts to Neigh Orleans form. And starts quoting Babylon 5. Also: "Embrassez moi, Monsieur Bourbon!".
  • Greed: Corona's primary motivation, contrasting to canon Nightmare Moon's Envy
    "I am Celestia, foal! I am the Sun! I am thy Queen! Thou hast no right to bar me from assuming my throne! It is mine! Equestria is mine! All of it! Mine!"
    • She has a fair bit of Pride and Wrath, too.
      • During her defeat, it's also implied that Sloth, in the original form of a Despair Event Horizon is what finally pushed her over the edge.
  • Helpful Hallucination: The author of Carrot Top Season points out that chapter eight is semi-canonical - you can treat it as canon if you like it, but you don't have to - since it focuses on Applejack getting a pep talk from her uncle Orange, and then suddenly turns into a song number (specifically, "No Contest" from Chess). Judging by the comments section, many of the readers like to think that sleep-deprived Applejack is hallucinating the whole exchange.
  • Hero Insurance: Rainbow Dash has a form of this; Griffin Over The Line reveals she's officially classed as 'an untamable force of nature', meaning any and all damages she causes intentionally or accidentally is covered by disaster relief funding.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Applejack thinks she's this. Others disagree. To quote Carrot Top Season:
    “Ah have a duty ta make sure that nopony starves in Ponyvile. Ah’m gonna do whatever it takes ta fulfill that duty. Ah don’t… it don’t matter if they hate ma. Ah can take it. Someday, they’ll need ma’.”
  • Heroic RROD: Lyra overchannels her magic while fending off Sirens in Longest Night, Longest Day. An effect Trixie describes as having 90% of your blood removed after running a marathon.
  • Homage: Dinky and the Blanks is a Lunaverse-world retelling of Story Of The Blanks, with Dinky taking on Apple Bloom's roll.
    • Hero of Oaten looks like it might be one for the Firefly episode Jaynestown.
      • Confirmed. They even have a Trixified version of the song from the original episode.
    • While many of the episodes of the Lunaverse are original, some are retellings of canon episodes, but with a Lunaverse twist. For example, "Ill Communication" is a retelling of the Parasprite episode.
  • High-Altitude Interrogation: In A Hard Bargain, Ditzy Doo is forced to do this on Parley, who had Dinky foalnapped. She was able to get her answer just as she let him go. Luckily for him, she manages to catch him again inches from the ground.
  • Humiliation Conga: Trixie goes through a severe one in At the Grand Galloping Gala when she tries to ensure Ponyville gets aid and discovers just how deep the corruption in the Night Court runs.
  • Hypocrite: Corona does this subtly, with some fridge brilliance on the side. She thinks that the dragon belief that "the more syllables a name has, the more powerful the owner of the name is" is stupid and pointless. She also insists that she be called Celestia instead of Corona. Guess which one has more syllables?
    • To be fair to Corona, though, Celestia is her actual name, with Corona being a name invented by others and applied to her, possibly after she was banished. Also, she did want Luna to call her "Tia."
  • I Gave My Word: Despite her insanity and maliciousness, Corona does make special effort to make sure that her hostages are safe.
    • Also, Raindrops keeps her promises. Violently.
  • Ignoring By Singing: “La la la nopony can hear Lyra!”
  • I Have Your Wife: Corona takes quite a few ponies hostage.
  • Imagine Spot: Used frequently, most often with Trixie imagining exaggerated scenes of Luna learning of her failures or conspiring to "punish" her.
  • The Immodest Orgasm: BonBon in The Night After. Oh so much.
  • I'm Not Here to Make Friends: Twilight, who was expecting to find a powerful spell caster to learn from, simply cannot believe that friendship is what makes a run-of-the-mill unicorn like Trixie the Element of Magic.
  • Impossible Task: Octavia is dragooned by Greengrass into playing the infamous Symphony for Moon and Sun, an excruciatingly difficult (not to mention incomplete) piece that nopony in recorded history has managed to play to Luna's standards. If she fails, Luna will shun her and her career will be over.
  • Innocence Lost: Celestia becoming Corona effectively served as this for all of Equestria; while Luna seemed mysterious and dark enough that her turning on them wouldn't have been as big a surprise, having The High Princess of the Sun go cuckoo banana nutzoid on them taught their subjects that anypony could betray you. While this hasn't bumped Equestria too far on the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism, ponies are generally more willing to accept that somepony might turn on you to suit their own ends...
    • The end result is that while canon Equestria is very much black-and-white in terms of morality, the Lunaverse has many shades of grey.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: Played with. In Helping Hands, Lyra is accidentally transformed into a strange, bipedal, fur-less mammal that nopony can identify. RDD explicitly identifies her as having been turned into a human, and a naked one at that (the spell did not create clothes). However, as ponies are usually naked anyway, nopony seeing Lyra, nor Lyra herself, make anything out of her nudity, and RDD keeps describing Lyra in pony terms, i.e., referring to her arms as "forelegs," her torso as a "barrel," Lyra not knowing whether she has hands or paws, etc.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Raindrops starts doing this in conjunction with Brutal Honesty in Eye of the Hurricane. She makes both Pinkie Pie and her own brother cry by pointing out their flaws and shortcomings as though she's making small talk.
    • Pinkie actually falls into this a little- without the element of laughter, she wants to make ponies happy without considering or asking what would make them happy, and merely throws lots of parties.
  • In Vino Veritas: Trixie becomes significantly more personable after a few drinks.
  • Internal Reveal: Despite all her conspiracy theories, Trixie doesn't fully realize just how corrupt the Night Court is until she tries to meet with Night Light before the Grand Galloping Gala. When she tries to call him out, his casual response about her not understanding how they function makes her feel like she's just been bucked in the face.
  • Invisibility: The spell Trixie has demonstrated most turns her invisible, which she has used several times to either sneak around or avoid danger. A second spell prevents her hooves from making noise when she moves.
    • After poison joke, Trixie is turned invisible and inaudible against her will and can't turn back. It affects her clothes, too, and somehow prevents her from affecting anything other than the rest of the Mane Six. They can feel but not hear her, which causes poor Carrot Top to nearly piddle herself.
    • Played with when Trixie goes up against Octavia, whose ears are good enough that she can locate Trixie when she's invisible. Even being inaudible doesn't help, because Octavia can hear how Trixie's presence is affecting the echoes of the room and divine her location from that. Come the Grand Galloping Gala however, Trixie was able to solve that problem.
  • It's All About Me: Corona seems fully convinced that everyone's distrust and fear of her is due to lies spread by Luna rather than anything she might have done.
    • It's kind of bizarre. She kidnaps ponies to ensure loyalty, thereby demonstrating that she knows the effect it has on others, yet she expects ponies to love her regardless. Perhaps she was hoping Stockholm Syndrome would take.
    • During most of Carrot Top Season, Applejack is convinced that Carrot Top is participating in the contest solely to hurt her and her family. She refuses to consider that Carrot Top might need the money to fix up her own farm - all she's concerned about is how this may harm Sweet Apple Acres.
    “Carrot Top, think fer a minute!” Applejack looked flustered. “All this is gonna do is take down both of us! Dang it, ah don’t know if ya’ve got some vendetta ‘gainst ma or what, but this ain’t worth it!”
    It’s not about you! thought Carrot Top.
    and later...
    “No! No, of course not!” Applejack shook her head. “Ya just bet yar farm ta try ta beat ma. Carrot Top, did ah do somethin’ ta make ya mad? Is this a grudge?”
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Trixie, who is a slightly Insufferable Genius with Alpha Bitch tendencies, but honestly cares about her friends and is honest about what she actually is. That, and she doesn't bully people so much as get lippy with them.
    • Helping Hands shows that Trixie is afraid of, but resigned to the possibility that she probably will, eventually drive away her friends. In Tales of Ponyville, she recounts exactly how many past friends she's driven off.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: Gilda, full stop. The difference is that without Pinkie Pie to show Rainbow Dash what a cretin her old pal is, RD is about to get a gentle talking-to (pronounced "COM-pre-hen-sive BEAT-down") from Raindrops for nearly destroying Carrot Top's farm.
  • Last-Second Chance: Luna offers one to Corona. Due to her utter sola-cy, Corona refuses it. Luna is, in a way, justified in that it's implied she built up a pro it's-not-Celestia's-fault-she-went-evil type of thinking over the millennia that she ruled alone.
  • Light Is Not Good: Corona, of course.
    • The ponies have superstitions about remaining outside at noon, partly due to Corona's influence: that's when the sun is brightest, and directly overhead.
  • Lonely at the Top: Carrot Top diagnoses the Apple Trust as suffering from this in Carrot Top Season.
    “None of the Trust teams had any friends of supporters come with – didn’t you notice? I don’t think Applejack’s the only Trust farmer who’s completely isolated on her farm. I’d rather have my friends than a pile of bits and nopony to care about me.”
  • Malicious Slander: One of the many reasons why Night Light doesn't want to see Trixie is that one of Greengrass's friends published an article in one of the nation's leading papers that stated that she called him a failure as a parent. The first she heard of any such article was when Shining Armor interrogated her.
  • Master of Illusion: Trixie's talent, which is part of the reason Twilight (who's far more interested in the practical side of things) heckles her.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Greengrass, for whom the grass is always greener at a higher station of life.
    • Puissance, whose name is a synonym for 'power,' as well as a competitive horse event.
    • Bobbing Fisher, a stupendous chess player (and tribalist).
  • Mega Corp.: The Apples are this, insofar as they are considered Mega by Equestrian standards.
  • Mighty Glacier: Raindrops is strong even by the average earth pony's standard, but her speed and agility are bad even by the average pegasus's standard, to say nothing of prodigies like Dash.
  • Mind Rape: In a possible deconstruction of both times that of both times that Twilight has made her friends remember their real lives, Trixie giving the Mane Universe versions of her friends memories of their lives in the Lunaverse seems to be played up as this.
    • However, it is important to note that Trixie was under the impression that her friends had themselves been mind raped, and she believed that she was fixing things. It doesn't make it any better, and the horror of this is evident.
  • Moral Myopia:
    • The Apples have this about their monopoly. Applejack at least seems genuinely clueless about why it's a bad thing and appears convinced that they couldn't survive without it, but Applebloom is decidedly hostile whenever someone brings it up.
    • Discussed in Carrot Top Season. When Trixie tries to dissuade Carrot Top from helping look for the foalnapped Apple Bloom, CT guilt-trips her by saying that she wouldn't have the same attitude if it were Dinky who fell victim.
  • Morality Chain: Explored. Without friends to keep them in line, Rainbow and Twilight are much less personable than in canon. Becomes a Deconstructed Trope for Rainbow - she may care about Fluttershy, but fails to extend it to anyone else.
    • In Tales of Ponyville, she is developing a friendship with Carrot Top that may include this. Carrot Top points out that creating a sudden rainstorm that ruins everypony's plans just to make it easier for Fluttershy to reach the spa is not a nice move.
    • In several stories, Apple Bloom is one for Apple Jack.
    • Return of Tambelon seems to be establishing Zecora as one for Corona.
  • Motive Rant: Before Zecora helps her escape, Corona tells Luna that she had to take over because ponies aren't strong enough to destroy real threats....despite six of them shutting her down fairly easily.
  • My Greatest Failure: The reason that Ditzy didn't think that she was qualified to be the Element of Kindness was due to her affair with Castor Cut.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Rarity's whining is still very impressive.
    • The Shadowbolts exist, but instead of being a pegasi acrobatic team, they instead are an elite team of ponies whose job it is to deal with issues the Royal Guard can't handle on its own, a la the FBI. Twilight Sparkle is currently their primary target.
    • After receiving her own invitation to the Grand Galloping Gala, Ditzy speculates as to how long Pinkie Pie would have to cool her heels in the dungeon after trashing the place with one of her impromptu production numbers.
    • In At the Grand Galloping Gala, as Luna explains to Trixie why she can't out-and-out purge the current Night Court, she starts taking on the appearance of Nightmare Moon.
    • In Secret of Adalantis, Trixie responds to a prank Rarity played on her by turning the fashionista's mane green. Rarity's response is to comment that she can cast illusion spells too so isn't impressed much.
    • When Ditzy tries to get Night Light to at least try to accept Trixie's attempt at an apology, she allows as how Dinky isn't a perfect little flutter pony.
  • Never My Fault: Corona seems to be incapable of connecting her being a power-hungry maniac with the fear she instills in the ponies of the Lunaverse.
    • Twilight is starting to get that way.
    • Averted Post-Crisis, she's now under house arrest in Ponyville, performing community service at her own request.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: In Boast Busted, Trixie's Trolling of Twilight helps fuel her desire to humiliate Trixie in return, and her attempt to make amends by admitting her flaws only drives Twilight deeper into denial.
    • In Crisis On Two Equestrias The Element of Magic gets shattered thanks to the arguing between the two Trixies and two Twilights, both forcing them to work together in order to put it back together and creating a black-magic based fusion of them who is born with the desire to kill her "parents".
    • Trixie is adept at driving away friends, so she's terrified of when she mistakes Raindrops for an imposter because she fears she's lost yet another friend. Thankfully, this trope is averted.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: In Carrot Top Season, Applejack's attempt to dissuade the other farmers from supporting Carrot Top (by bragging about how much Ponyville and Equestria depends on the Trust, because they have a ruthless monopoly, and how everypony owes her for not crushing them completely) only convinces them to give their support instead. Red Onion even makes it personal - "Kick this idiot’s flank to Tartarus and back, ‘kay?"
    • In The Return of Tambelon, Tirek's mock at Corona by praising her for being 'the Tyrant Sun' made her think to calm down in her conquest for the throne (after she left the castle with the Element of Magic with her). Instead of outright conquest in Equestria as she originally planned, Corona is thinking on only attacking Canterlot and leave the rest of Equestria be.
  • No Honor Among Thieves: Each member of Greengrass's coalition seems ready to turn on the others as soon as they can find a way to do it.
  • Noodle Incident:
    • Trixie did something to melt an Ice Palace before the stories began that resulted in her being sent to Ponyville. What exactly it was she did has never been explained. Though according to Sparkler, it was kind of funny in hindsight.
      • Whatever it was seemed to damage Octavia's cello.
      • In Tales of Ponyville, we learn the incident happened at an after-graduation party for Luna's magic academy, and that not even Trixie is entirely sure how she managed it.
      • Crisis reveals that Luna was inside when it melted...
    • Snails attempting to mail-order a baby Ursa.
  • Not So Different: Comparing their own actions to those of the Tyrant Sun and finding no substantive difference between them has made Ditzy and the other members of the Luna Six finally realize that Corona isn't a monster as they've been raised to believe. She's something far scarier and a damned sight more heartbreaking: A Mama Bear with the power of a god.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Cheerilee walks in on Trixie and Raindrops French kissing for a memory-sharing spell in Tales of Ponyville.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Fancy Pants and his wife, Fleur. Lucky for us they're on the Elements' side.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: Shining Armor entertains the idea of playing this card on Trixie next time she shows up in Canterlot in retaliation for humiliating his sister during "Boast Busted". Two castle guards also do it to her in an earlier chapter, in response to the ice palace incident.
    • The Night Court have made this into a fine art. Trixie is often a victim of this, as shown in early chapters of At The Grand Galloping Gala.
  • Official Couple: Lyra and Bon Bon, of course.
  • One-Winged Angel: Zizanie, in chapter 13 of At the Grand Galloping Gala, as she uses her chaos magic. Although in this case, it's not "angel" so much as "draconequus." The one wing is a moth's.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Eye of the Hurricane has Raindrops start acting very happy and friendly to everypony. This creeps everyone right the hell out.
    • Trixie accuses Raindrops of being an imposter in Tales Of Ponyville due to being uncharacteristically happy about the rain. (Trixie assumes that Raindrops would be upset about having to fix a weather mess Rainbow Dash made, unaware that the pegasus has a simple and genuine love of rain.)
      • Slightly justified on Trixie's part because a) Raindrops was acting remarkably out of character, and more importantly b) she had recently had experiences with a shapeshifter herself.
    • L!Trixie's actions in Crisis are taken as such... but it's less of "We think they might be an imposter" and more "We think she might have brain damage." It doesn't help that the main universe's first encounter with her was after she was in a coma from overchanneling magic, she had been hit by lightning, and the exact circumstances of her arrival were not yet known.
    • "Return of Tambelon" has Luna demanding what, to the Lunar Six, seem like unbelievably harsh punishments for Grogar. She justifies this because a) when they were first thought up, it would still have been harsh, but more acceptable by the morality of the day, b) She considers Grogar to be that much of a threat, and c) Grogar's ambitions extend far beyond himself.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Invoked. During "Family Matters"/"Helping... Hands?" Trixie has to sneak into Fluttershy's house to get some chicken feathers, and admits as much to Ditzy. Ditzy briefly considers telling Fluttershy... before thinking it over and realizing that the stress of an invisible pony who could sneak into your house at any time would probably kill the poor dear.
  • Physical God: According to the author, alicorns like Celestia/Corona and Luna are basically these, and you can substitute the word "god" whenever you see the word "alicorn" in his stories.
  • Photographic Memory: Ditzy Doo doesn't necessarily remember everything instantly, but she has an easy time committing things to memory, or recalling them.
    • Trixie has a spell that lets whoever she casts it on basically perfectly remember anything they're looking at for twenty-four hours.
  • Post-Kiss Catatonia: Trixie has one after being Covered in Kisses by Bon Bon. It's a long story.
    • A more minor case in "Tales of Ponyville," as a result of a memory-sharing spell that requires lip-to-lip contact to work.
  • Power Copying: one of Trixie's talents in magic. However, as she's never had to actually study spells, she knows only the very basics of the theoretical side.
    • It's implied that Canon!Trixie is much the same way in Crisis, as both compare learning magic from books to learning to dance from a book- you can read all you want on the placement of your feet, but only by getting up will you learn how to dance.
  • Power Floats: Corona stops bothering to flap her wings after a while, using pure magical power to keep herself in the air.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: From Bon Bon in Griffin Over the Line. "now why don't you stop staring slack jawed and use some of that fancy magic to. Get. Me. Down!"
  • Rage Breaking Point: Raindrops tries her hardest to keep from losing her temper in Griffin Over The Line, but Dash and Gilda just keep pushing her buttons... until Gilda pulling a flying carpet out from under Trixie proves to be the last straw.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Carrot Top after the poison joke. Her mane and tail instantly tripled in length, then continued to keep growing at about an inch every ten seconds. When last we checked in, it was more than twelve feet long. Also, it turned green.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: What Trixie is led to think being sent to Ponyville is after blowing a hole in Canterlot tower. The truth is a tad more complex. She was in fact Kicked Upstairs after melting an ice palace, so mostly the same thing.
    • Confirmed that the Equestrian Embassy in the Griffin Kingdoms is the general place to send troublemakers who have spectacularly erred in politics. The first guy to suffer this fate staged a false coup and threatened to invade five foreign nations in order to make a point about Luna needing to be more accessible.
  • Redemption Rejection: In Carrot Top Season, Carrot Top tries to make a peace offering to Applejack, but gets blown off.
    • In A Bushel of Carrots, Applejack is willing to accept help from Carrot Top to set up Timber Wolf traps. Granted, it was on the prompting of Apple Bloom, but Applejack still says it was a good idea.
    • Corona repeatedly rejects all forms of redemption, claiming that Luna is the evil one and that she does no wrong.
      • The Return Of Tambelon and evidence gathered from An Early Reunion show at bare minimum why she feels that Luna is evil (aside from her being crazy). Luna, in order to defeat Corona, committed certain dark rituals, stealing dark power from Tirek and implanting it into a copy she split from herself. This made an ersatz version of Nightmare Moon to fight Corona, which made Corona think that Luna did those dark things to herself (instead of the Copy). In reality, during the fight, Luna hit both Nightmare and Corona with the Elements of Harmony, cleansing the copy and sealing Corona in the sun. The copy became Cadence.
  • Required Secondary Powers: Trixie's invisibility doesn't work against Octavia because not only can the latter hear the sounds the former is still making, she can also hear the inappropriate absence from a silencing spell. By the time At the Grand Galloping Gala comes by, Trixie has come up with a way around the problem.
  • Reset Button: Harshly averted. In "Foalish Misadventures," the adults all got drunk and destroyed the town as the result of a curse. The next story in the series, "At The Grand Galloping Gala," shows that things are still destroyed, and the town doesn't have nearly enough money to fix the damages (both from the previous story, and from the Ursa Attack in "Boast Busted," Philomena's earlier attack, and numerous other incidents), which could shut down many of the businesses and force the ponies to start rationing food and water.
    • And at the start of season two, Twilight notes all the construction going on to repair said damage, indicating that things are still a mess (though getting better).
  • Running Gag: Trixie's window has been broken so many times she's already on a first-name-basis with the repairpony. His name is Windowpane.
    • At the end of one story (Ill Communication) there's even a scene at the end where Windowpane comes to the Residence just to be informed that no, the window was not broken this time. Both he and Pokey seem disappointed.
    • During the Talent Show, Windowpane reveals that Trixie's window is putting his child through college.
  • Sadistic Choice: Night Light poses one to Trixie in At the Grand Galloping Gala: give up her dreams of ascending any higher in the Night Court, ensuring Ponyville doesn't suffer any further red tape retribution... or keep trying to make her way up the ranks and keep getting swatted down for her troubles, putting Ponyville at risk at the same time.
  • Sanity Slippage: Bon Bon gets pretty close to this in chapter 6 of Helping... Hands?, with Laughing Mad and trying to strangle Trixie before Lyra calms her down.
  • Screw the Rules, I Make Them!:
    • Dash's attitude as weather captain.
    • At the Grand Galloping Gala reveals that Luna doesn't want to go down this path.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: At the start of Longest Night, Longest Day, Corona, the Tyrant Sun, is this, trapped in the sun for the past 1,000 years. She escapes, of course.
    • The first chapter of Where There is Smoke has Corona releasing Philomeena from her imprisonment to wreck havoc on Ponyville
    • Grogar and Tambelon serve as one in the season two opening story.
  • Selective Obliviousness: Applejack seems to be willing herself to not see that her concerns about the imminent collapse of the Apple Trust are hot air and that having a monopoly on the apple industry basically guarantees financial security. Why exactly is a potentially natter-inducing discussion not for these parts.
  • Servile Snarker: Pokey Pierce.
    • Greengrass' aide Notary does the same thing. Both she and Pokey get away with it by being highly competent and reliable.
  • Shared Universe: Currently has 12 authors, including Rainbow Double Dash, and 32 published stories (6 by RDD)
  • Shout-Out: A few.
    • When drunk, Trixie starts to quote Londo Mollari from Babylon 5
    • Trixie's and Twilight's favorite novel is Don Rocinante of Equestria, an obvious shout-out to Don Quixote.
      • In Longest Night, Longest Day, to keep herself amused, Trixie sings a few lines of "I, Don Quixote," slightly modified to fit into Equestria (i.e., "I am Don Rocinante" rather than "I am I, Don Quixote").
    • When Lyra says that Pinkie Pie is going to throw Trixie a party, Trixie's response is "Why are you saying that like it's synonymous with 'she's going to drag me into a basement and torture me'?", a reference to Cupcakes.
    • In Carrot Top of the Line: "Help me Rainbow Dash, you're my only hope!"
      • And the same reference in Helping...Hands?, only this time Trixie to Lyra.
    • In "Helping... Hands?", Trixie won't be banished. More like chewed out. She has been chewed out before.
    • Secret of Andalantis makes references to a musical called The Legend of Epona
    • Pokey Pierce, at one point, claims that "he won't stop until he's Pierced the Heavens" with his horn.
      • And he gets to quote Kamina's memetic catchphrase in Hero of Oaton.
    • The name of Puissance's noble House, Optiebeurs-Golo, is the name of the horse that, in 1991, established the world record for the puissance jump.
    • The beginning of Luna's castigation of the Night Court is based off of the scene in I, Claudius where Augustus learns of his daughter Julia's whorishness.
    • In Crisis On Two Equestrias, Mverse Twilight tells Mverse Trixie (who was arrested and had her property destroyed thanks to a misunderstanding thanks to Lverse Trixie) that she can stay with her until she gets back on her hooves.
    • In The School Talent Show, When Trixie asks if Windowpane is stalking her window he replies that her window is putting his kid through college.
    • In Crisis on Two Equestrias, when M!Twilight teleported herself and her companions so that they were now falling up, she mentions "thinking with ‘porting".
    • Each chapter of Crisis on Two Equestrias is named after a song with "magic" in its title. This ties in with the plot of the fic being that the Element of Magic is broken and needs to be fixed.
      • Similarly, each chapter of The Return of Tambelon is named after a Babylon 5 episode, though it otherwise doesn't have anything to do with Babylon 5.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Cheerilee earns the Element of Laughter by ridiculing Corona and swearing that if she's gotta go down, she's gonna do it making the ponies see what a sordid joke the Tyrant Sun really is.
  • Snark-to-Snark Combat: every scene, and I mean every scene with Trixie and Pokey.
  • Spirit Bomb: Shining Armor acts as the focus for a barrier empowered by most of unicorns in Canterlot to be strong enough that Corona considers using a serious amount of power for the Fantastic Nuke needed to bring it down.
  • Start of Darkness: It's implied that Celestia lost her shit and became Corona because she couldn't handle the stresses that come from ruling a country in a universe where everything wants to wreck it.
  • The Summation: The last chapter of the story Boast Busted has Luna tell Shining Armor what happened.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: When Trixie looks through Twilight's wagon, she sees some things that lead her to wonder how things would have been like with their roles reversed. There is, of course, a Mythology Gag in there.
    • Word of God is that any feelings like this for Antithesis are misplaced- she isn't sympathetic, she's a cold, raving, murderer.
  • Take a Third Option: See Sadistic Choice above. Third choice: Destroy the Night Court.
  • Taking the Bullet: Lyra takes one for Cheerilee in Longest Night, Longest Day, when Corona tries to blast the latter. Luckily, it proves her to be the Element of Loyalty, and she's fine.
  • Tall Poppy Syndrome: In Carrot Top Season, Applejack alludes to this in response to Carrot Top asking why there has to be only one farmer in Ponyville, rather than a cooperative group. “But in a group, the weak always drag down the strong."
  • Tension-Cutting Laughter: After an awkward moment between Bon Bon, Trixie and Lyra. Subverted when Bon Bon's laugh turns out to be more than that.
  • Terrible Interviewees Montage: The first chapter of File Under... is basically this.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Trixie says this word for word in Tales of Ponyville when she realizes how "And you interrupted it before the good part!" sounds in context.
  • Theme Song: Theme lyrics, anyway, as well as an extended version. No one has actually recorded them, yet.
    • Surprisingly, Diamond Tiara has This Day Aria. Yes, That song. It crops up in her mind, at least, whenever she thinks of Scootaloo...
  • Theory Tunnelvision: Twilight simply cannot and will not believe that Trixie's friendship with the other members of the Lunaverse Six is what helped her chase Corona away.
    • Crisis has caused her to at least rethink that.
  • Tin Can You Hear Me Now: How Trixie and Lyra get past Octavia's practically super-equine hearing.
  • To Be Lawful or Good: Trixie's experiences with the Night Court At The Grand Galloping Gala drive her to come up with a plan that, if successful, will force Luna to take action in reforming the Court, weeding out the corrupt courtiers and allowing the government to focus more effectively on the threat of Corona. When recruiting the other Elements of Harmony into the plan, though, she makes no bones about the fact that what she intends to do is very illegal, and that if they want in on it, they have to be prepared to deal with the fallout of that.
    • Also subverted. Commenters pointed out that Trixie has legal options that would let her beat the bad Courtiers; she just doesn't want to use them.
    • And then Word of God came down and stated that Trixie's treasonous idea was completely necessary and nothing less would have sufficed. Opinions on this were highly divided.
  • Too Dumb to Fool: Ditzy in Griffin over the Line.
    • Given that she smiled after she watched the two pranksters slump off in defeat, we're left with the implication that pretending to be clueless is her way of dealing with abrasive twits who thrive on antagonizing their fellows.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Lyra in chapter 12 of Longest Night, Longest Day reminds us that she's been studying magic as well as music for 3 years when she single-hoofedly defeats three sirens
    • The Lunar Six, compared to their canon counterparts (where they are merely normal ponies, annoyances, or background characters).
    • While not a canon character (beyond an appearance at the Grand Galloping Gala), Octavia surprisingly does this by being able to locate invisible ponies simply by the way that the sounds reverberate around the room differently.
  • Unknown Rival: Carrot Top to the Apples.
    • Probably not anymore as of Carrot Top Season.
  • Unstable Equilibrium: Alluded to in Carrot Top Season. Carrot Top asserts that with the Apple Trust's sheer wealth, not only can they afford to maintain their equipment, they can hire more workers and buy the latest equipment, which allows them to produce and earn more, which in turns allows them to keep getting the best... Whereas with the rest of Ponyville's farmers, their struggling to stay afloat means that they can't keep abreast of maintenance and technology, which means that things break down and their profit margin is further cut into.
    Carrot Top: “All of us have farms that currently require infrastructural work – laying new irrigation pipes, mending broken fencing, rearranging fields — but these jobs require such a large initial investment that we can’t afford to ever get started. And – of course – this just hurts us more and more, because without the latest equipment, or even working equipment in some cases, our daily chores take longer and longer, and we fall further behind."
  • Valentine's Day Episodes: The group held a "Hearts and Hooves Day" event full of these. Two of them (Of Hearts and Hooves and To Cheerilee, with Love) were accepted as canon.
  • Vicious Cycle: Luna sees the Night Court as being stuck in one of these: no matter how many times she clears out the corruption, there will always be members who fall prey to temptation.
  • Villain Exit Stage Left: Corona, with the help of Zecora.
    • Grey Hoof, in Dinky and the Blanks.
    • Zizanie
    • Flim and Flam try this. Greengrass is a bit better at preventing it than the L6, though...
    • Octavia, in her first appearance.
    • Twilight, in her first appearance... and continues until she turns herself in after Crisis.
    • Lampshaded by the author in an omake where Sparkler runs away so "She doesn't have to have character growth."
  • Villain Song:
    • Applejack and Resplendent Orange as Freddie Trumper and Walter de Courcey from Chess.
    • An epic one in 'Symphony for Moon and Sun' featuring the entire Night Court, also from Chess.
    • Thrash Metail performs Own Little World, by Celldweller, shortly before launching his plan to get revenge on Octavia and conquer Canterlot's music scene.
  • Villainous Breakdown: After being depowered, Corona completely falls apart and reveals just how tragically insane she really is.
  • Wants a Prize for Basic Decency: In Carrot Top Season, Applejack considers selling (not giving; selling) apples to farmers going through a bad harvest, so they can survive the winter, a grand gesture of generosity worthy of respect and favors in return. She even points out that she could have just looked away and let them starve (or lose their livelihoods), and seems to have no idea at all how callous this makes her sound.
    • This backfires spectacularly when she mentions how Berry would have gone out of business without her cider, unfortunately implying that if Berry wants to stay in business, she'll stop supporting Carrot Top. This leads to nearly all businesses in Ponyville boycotting Sweet Apple Acre's produce.
    • Corona also seems to act shocked that Ditzy was offended that she took Dinky hostage, even though Corona kept her word and none of the hostages were harmed.
  • We Could Have Avoided All This: In the past, one of Luna's courtiers staged a false coup and threatened to invade five foreign nations just to make a point about Luna needing stairs to her room so she could be reached easier. Evidently he did not consider just telling her this. The political fallout from this is still being an issue in modern times.
    • Is a plot point in "Ill Communication," where it was pointed out to Pinkie that if she took the time, she could have helped avoid the Parasprite infestation much sooner. She responds that she's so unused to ponies actually listening to her that she doesn't have much of an idea how to do that.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: When Corona started out, she simply wanted to protect the mortals from threats she felt beyond their ken. The problem is that she simply buckled under the strain.
    • Given that the Lunaverse's Crystal Empire never fell, it would seem that one of the first signs that she'd do whatever it took to protect her little ponies seems to have been her casual incineration of King Sombra.
    • Luna fears becoming one herself, and explains why to Trixie in At the Grand Galloping Gala.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Corona is significantly more powerful than Luna. She is also completely, tragically insane and paranoid
  • Wham Episode: Longest Night, Longest Day proves that while each main story may be based on the original MLP episode, it does not have to follow it. Not only does being beaten by the Elements and Luna's request for her to come back not redeem Corona, it in fact makes her even more insane and hellbent on complete destruction then she was before.
  • Word of God: The author tends to include short commentaries after each chapter, which often contain various additional bits of information that explain or expand things brought up in the chapter. For example, after Chapter 9 of Longest Night, Longest Day, he included a hierarchy of noble ranks in Equestria and rough guide to early-modern English verbs.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Duke Greengrass has a penchant of these. A good example is his plan to spread the story that Octavia Philharmonica is playing the Symphony for Moon and Sun for Luna. If she refuses to play, she's snubs the princess, she's ruined, and Greengrass has punished her for her betrayal. If she plays and, like everypony else who tried, doesn't play the piece to Luna's standards, Luna ruins her career, and Greengrass has punished her. And finally, if she plays the piece successfully, Greengrass reveals that she had done work for him in the past and spreads the rumor that he made it possible for her to play the piece and get what she wanted, and Greengrass then gets a bunch of servants with big dreams offering to sell him their master's secrets if he'll help them in a similar way. No matter what happens, Greengrass profits.
    • And when another villain mis-guesses his plan and hires thugs to stop her from reaching the concert, Greengrass laughs his flank off since he still wins in either case. He takes no action to stop the interference and then blackmails the perpetrator in the aftermath.
  • Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe: Corona, having been in exile for a thousand years, makes heavy use of early-modern English words and phrases, like "thy" and "hast" (not unlike Luna in Luna Eclipsed). Partially averted in that the author is actively trying to make it as accurate as possible rather than just adding "-th" to the end of random words, although he admits to not being very good at it.
    • Most of the dialogue in An Early Reunion, due to it taking place 980 years before the rest of the series.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: The Mane Six's world's Luna tells the Lunaverse's Luna that her fear of being Nightmare Moon is so much rubbish. Reason: she's far stronger than she cares to admit.
  • You Are Not Alone: In Carrot Top Season, various other ponies show up to give Carrot Top support for the farming competition.
  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Corona is absolutely shocked when Tirek praises her for reminding him of himself.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Dinky Doo is the result of an affair Ditzy Doo had with a married unicorn, Castor Cut. "Family Matters" deals with the fallout of this affair.

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