Rapid Hair Growth

Hair normally takes a while to grow out. Using hair growth products may help some, but in fiction, the only limit to how fast hair can grow is how realistic the show wants to be.

Subtrope of Artistic License – Biology. Inversion of Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. Expect Status Quo Is God if this doesn't stick. Rapunzel Hair is a Sister Trope and a possible result. See Hair Reboot when the hair returns to its original form instantly, or Stubborn Hair for when regrowth occurs immediately after attempting to cut off an offending hairstyle. Power Makes Your Hair Grow is a type 2 subtrope (see below). If the color's unnatural, it's You Gotta Have Blue Hair. A possible property of Magic Hair.

Miracle Hair Product

  • These products are advertised like this. However, they don't actually work like this. It takes a little longer, if it does work.

Anime and Manga
  • In Ranma ½, the title character once accidentally drank a special rice porridge made from a one-of-a-kind dragon's whisker. The porridge made him grow continuously excessive amounts of hair unless his hair was tied up from the dragon's whisker or when he his gender was changed.
  • Happens to Usagi in the Sailor Moon manga. Her hair is already Rapunzel Hair levels of long, but after she's revealed to be the Moon Princess, it begins to grow several feet long in few hours and she has to lock herself in her room to hack it off constantly until the effect disappears.
  • Ping Pong: Applies to any character when they leave their team.

Comic Books
  • In the Tintin comic book Land of Black Gold, Thomson and Thompson find tablets and swallow them, thinking them to be aspirin, causing them to belch soap-like bubbles continuously, and grow long hair and beards that change colour. The beards grow so fast that they have to be cut multiple times each day.
  • In the first Astérix comic, Getafix creates a potion to restore lost hair, selling it to the Romans who have captured him as the Magic Potion for strength. An entire roman camp - and a small dog licking up the dregs - becomes excessively unmilitary, thus presenting a slovenly appearance to Caesar when he pulls a surprise inspection.
  • One Little Lulu story focused on Mr. Moppet lamenting over the fact that he doesn't have a full head of hair anymore like he did back in his youth. This prompts Tubby to use his chemistry set to invent a hair growth formula for Mr. Moppet to use. Unfortunately, the formula works too well, so Mr. Moppet ends up having to constantly get his hair cut, so Tubby invents an antidote that reverses the effect and Mr. Moppet is bald once again.
  • The main plot of The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil is about a beard that won't stop growing and won't stay trimmed.

  • The Peanut Butter Solution: when the main character loses all of his hair by seeing ghosts, the ghosts teach him to make a magical paste that causes his hair to grow back at a supernatural rate. He eventually discovers that his new hair can be used to make magical paintbrushes. It's the same old story.
  • Body Bags: The "Hair" segment features a balding middle-aged guy who receives a mystery treatment from a strange health care society. He grows a giant mane of hair overnight, but the hair just keeps growing all over his body, including on his teeth. It turns out that the "hairs" are actually parasitic wormlike aliens who need human brains for food and it's already too late for him.

  • In Kevin J. Anderson's Dan Shamble novel Hair Raising, a mad scientist attempts to develop a cosmetic formula that would cause instantaneous hair growth. He eventually succeeds, but only by using the stolen scalps of werewolves to create it. Then it works ''too'' well, and fills his house with hair when some of his invention drips into a clogged-up shower drain.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory features Hair Toffee. It makes hair grow on your head (plus a mustache and a beard), which is perfect for bald people...but at the moment it's too powerful. The Oompa-Loompa who tested it wound up with hair that grows over a foot per day, constantly.
  • The royal line of Idris in Warbreaker can grow their hair out effectively instantly, as well as being able to change its color. This does make them very hungry, though.
  • In The Folk Keeper, one of Corinna's magical traits is that her hair grows two inches per night. She constantly trims it, both to prevent anyone learning about her magic and to disguise herself as a boy.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons module EX1 Dungeonland. A fountain's water turns into randomly determined potions. One of them is Hairiness: if drunk, the drinker's hair immediately grows longer and thicker.
    • Dungeons & Dragons, 1st Edition supplement Unearthed Arcana. The Hairy cantrip caused a creature's hair to immediately grow 2-12 inches.

Video Games
  • One of the hilarious potion recipes in Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside promised that it would grow out hair. When Same tries it, he first grows out locks that reach the floor, quickly grow longer than he is, and then escalates until he is completely wrapped in hair, gets angry and chases the resultant giant hairball away.

Web Comics
  • Art was shaved bald as an Easter prank in Phillip Jackson's Sequential Art. He pours a bottle of hair restorer on his dome in strip #132 and waits. No further hair appears on his head, but he does almost instantly push out a Russian czar beard. Next, in strip #133, Scarlet the squirrel-girl lost all her head fur to bubblegum. She drinks Art's bottle of hair restorer. The result is she gets her head fur back, plus triples her body fur.
  • City Of Dream. Acknowledges this trope in many strips as an off-screen cure for all the fire spells misfiring. The one who prepares and sells these is owner of a The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday.
  • In a Schlock Mercenary arc where Elf goes on a makeover reality show (so the company can blow it up) they use some nanites to make her "crew-mullet" grow into something a lot longer. She keeps some of the extra length.

Western Animation

Other Unnatural Causes


Anime and Manga
  • Fried and Juvia from Fairy Tail both cut their hair before and after the fighting festival Arc. After the Edolas Arc, it returns to its original length for reasons unknown.
  • Iwai from The Severing Crime Edge, has a curse places on her lineage causing all the females' hair to grow down to their ankles at midnight.

Comic Books
  • In D.P. 7 David Landers' hair grows very fast as part of his White Event-inspired mutation. Every once in a while he gains about 50 pounds of muscle practically overnight, and that's when his hair grows out.
  • In Asterix and Cleopatra, the henchman of the villain Artifis vows never to shave his head again until the pesky Gauls are killed. The rate at which his shaven skull becomes extremely hirsute then becomes a running gag.


  • In Harry Potter at one point during his childhood, Harry's aunt cut off his bangs, almost shaving him except for the part that hides his scar. It looked ridiculous, but magically grew back before Harry's next school day. Justified because, well, A Wizard Did It (albeit unknowingly).
  • In the comedic fairy tale Melisande, a princess's attempt to wish for long, beautiful hair results in hair that grows rapidly and increases its rate of growth whenever it's cut.
  • In one Goosebumps book, the protagonist begins growing hair on his hands and face that keeps coming back no matter how often he shaves it off. He thinks at first that it's being caused by a strange sunscreen solution that he and his friends tried out, but it turns out that it's a sign that he and his friends are reverting back to their original dog forms.

Live-Action TV
  • Played for Laughs in Raumschiff GameStar: when the (bald) First Mate Stangl starts mutating into the Stanglnator, he suddenly "grows" not only wild blond hair, but also a pair of Cool Shades, a leather jacket, and a battle guitar.
  • Subverted in an episode of Cheers. The guys have a beard growing contest over the course of a month or so; Cliff's beard doesn't grow in much during the contest, then on measuring day he comes in with a full, lush beard and wins. Then he calls Diane over for some help: he cheated by supergluing hair to his face and now he needs her to take him to the hospital to get it removed.

Video Games
  • This is the case of Millia Rage's hair in Guilty Gear, being alive and prehensile as well. Some of her attacks make her hair grow by necessity.

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons
    • When Homer went bald, Marge got God to make Homer's normal hair reappear.
    • Invokes this when Homer is shaving, possibly to mock the Hair Reboot as well, Homer will have a clean chin for a few seconds before it grows again. Link for the clip here and if anyone wants the English dialog but less quality here.
  • One of Cartoon Network's bumpers shows Josie And The Pussy Cats time warping through successive music eras. One of their first style hops was to the Seventies disco era. This caused Valerie's sensible hairstyle to bloom into a large Afro almost instantly. Even Valerie was surprised at this development.
  • In The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie, Mindy tries to convince SpongeBob and Patrickthat they are men by giving them fake mustaches. Later, they run into tough guy Dennis, who laughs at their pathetic mustaches and show them what a real mustache looks like, by instantly growing one.
    • In the actual show, Patrick also has this ability, but with more hairstyles.
  • Richard from The Amazing World of Gumball, is able to grow a mustache to look tough. The minute he drops the act, it recedes right back into his face.
  • Once on Futurama, Zoidberg was so traumatized he grew hair just so it could turn white.
  • Mr. Barkin's beard in Kim Possible apparently grows so fast that he has to shave it 15 times a day.
  • In the last episode of ''Visionaries, one of the Sun Imps has the ability to make people's hair grow rapidly.
  • Happens to a crop of artificial sea otter fur that Aviva cooks up while working on a sea otter power disc for Wild Kratts.