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10:43:06 AM May 17th 2018
I'm going to guess this page will be updated with content from "TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME" when it releases?
12:09:00 PM Apr 18th 2018
The site's back up, so no more Internet Archive links.
06:32:19 AM Sep 9th 2016
Someone needs to go through and fix all the comic links. If it hasn't been done yet, I'll start in on it later when I have time.
11:09:21 AM Mar 3rd 2016
...Is it just me, or do only the main, quotes, and laconics pages appear at the top of the page?
08:16:27 AM Sep 27th 2014
Took a chainsaw to the Crapsaccharine World entry. Most of these are Fridge Horror at best, but fail the concept of the entire world being horrible underneath the exterior. Some of these don't even begin to qualify, and are just exploring odd mechanics with nothing really dark about it.

  • 142 - Everything in Mushroom Kingdom has eyes. Think about it.
  • 149 - And this is how Link saved Hyrule.
  • 167 - You better watch where planting a bomb.
  • 211 - The Wind Waker fish is a stalker.
  • 303 - Not a good idea, Yoshi.
  • 350 - Have you ever considered what happens every time Mario dies?
  • 356 - Kirby's cure for imsonia.
  • 408 - Combine this with 350. Try to sleep tonight.
  • 448 - Being a Mog in love is more hazardous of what you would think.
  • 491 - Do not go hiking in the Mushroom World. Trust me.
  • 509 - The weird photographer from ''Earthbound follows ten-year-old kids and snaps pictures from them has a very weird idea of what a fond memory is.

I left the Animal Crossing ones in because I'm not a Animal Crossing player so I'm not sure enough to judge them.
03:41:14 PM Mar 14th 2012
Huh... weird... I wasn't aware exactly WHAT Matt's illness was until it was specified here.
06:26:29 PM Sep 6th 2011
Should the Nightmare Fuel page be Accidental or High Octane?
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