Web Animation: asdfmovie

aka: Asdfmovie

"I baked you a pie!"
"Oh boy, what flavor?"
*guitar riff*

The asdfmovies are a series of short, rapid-fire, surreal YouTube web cartoons produced by Tom Ska, partially adapting strips from asdfcomics, his webcomic. The skits are short, as are the movies overall, and the humour is random, but amusing in its own, strange way. If you can keep up. Or are similarly insane. You can see them all in this compilation if you haven't already.

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The short skits mean that knowing what's in them will spoil the (what can loosely be called) gags very easily, so we recommend you watch the movies before reading the trope list. It won't take long.

This series provides examples of:

"Do you ever get tired of being random?"
"Me neither."

Alternative Title(s):

ASDF Movie