Video Game: Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a Facebook web game developed by a company called Socialpoint. It bears many similarities to a number of Mons Series, particularly Pokémon and Monster Rancher.

Probably Needs a Better Description

Provides Examples Of:

  • Adam Smith Hates Your Guts: Hatching eggs faster costs gems, building structures/removing obstacles quickly costs gems, getting more workers to build structures and remove obstacles costs gems, building certain structures costs gems, getting certain monsters costs gems, continuing on the Adventure Map after your stamina is depleted costs gems, and gems are nigh-impossible to get without paying. Luckily, it's only $2 for 25 gems, so it's not impossible. However, 100% completion is still not easy on the budget.
  • A Dog Named Dog: Some of the monsters, such as Gorilla and Turtle.
  • Allegedly Free Game
  • Captain Ersatz: Where to begin?
    • Turtle is Lapras
    • Koopigg is Bowser, and it's even implied in his description that he's the son of the Koopa King
    • Flawless is Lugia
    • Pandalf is... guess
    • Vadamagma is a Balrog
    • Electrex is Onix
    • Bloomskips is a Piranha Plant, which similar to Koopigg, is referenced in the description
    • Beefcake is Gamera
    • Genie is Robin Williams
    • Scorchpeg is Rapidash with wings
    • Thunder Eagle is Zapdos
    • Pelitwirl is Archeops
  • Elemental Powers: Most of the monsters, which the exception of Legendary-type monsters, fall under this category.
  • Mons Series