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Trivia: asdfmovie
  • Creator Breakdown: Much of the darker humour of the seventh movie can be attributed to TomSka's depression during its writing.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The "I Like Trains" kid is voiced by Edd.
    • Remember that "Steg-o-saurus"? He's voiced by Robert Benfer.
    • "They said I could never teach a llama to drive!"— Christopher "Bing" Bingham
    • The man in the fourth movie announces the robbery is YouTube vlogger and creepy guy Jack "Jacksfilms" Douglass. Perhaps not as known, and it'a a little hard to hear, but still, hey, where did he come from?
    • Also in the fourth movie, the robber who gets held up by a finger gun and the guy holding the finger gun are voiced by Awesome Series creator Egoraptor.
    • The fifth movie has DFear, creator of The Lazer Collection, as a pair of ducks.
    • The sixth movie has Jason Steele as a puppy with a knife. Perhaps he stabbed somebody 37 times in the chest?
    • The sixth movie also has Michael Stevens of VSauce letting us know that carrots are good for eyesight.
    • Mr. Muffin in the seventh movie is voiced by Sam Lavagnino, aka Catbug from Bravest Warriors.
    • Pewdiepie plays a magician in the eighth movie.
    • Kylie Minogue of all people appears in the eighth movie.
    • Markiplier also voices a couple of characters in the eighth movie, most notably the man scared of clouds that he mistook for "giant flying sheep".

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