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Shipper On Deck / Video Games

"Hey, Sain. So, who do you think Lyn will end up with? Lord Eliwood? Lord Hector, maybe?"

  • Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars has the entirety of BIS shipping Cage/Myona at one point, and towards the end, Yukito ships Warren/Mebius. To be fair on the latter one Everyone Can See It, and Warren DOES have a crush on her
  • In Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy, Cecil ships Firion/Lightning, encouraging the two of them to talk of their love of flowers.
    Cecil: "Say, why did you desire to protect Terra?"
    OK: "Huh? It's because—She's been uneasy since we met, so I thought I needed to protect her."
    Cecil: "So you've fallen for her, I see."
    OK: "Tha-that's not the reason!"
  • Demon Delinquent Raspberyl of Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice loves to pair people together; usually Almaz and Princess Sapphire or Adell and Rozalin.
    • From Disgaea 4 we have Fuka and Desco who make it no secret they ship Valvatorez/Vulcanus (aka. Artina).
    • Fuka also seems to support Valvatores/Fenrich to varying degrees of seriousness.
    • And now, as of the Netherbattle Tournament DLC, both also ship Valvatorez/Krichevskoy.
      Desco: A rival has appeared before Fenfen, Big Sis!
      Fuka: Now we can look forward to a melodramatic love triangle-type event! Ooh, my heart's pounding just thinking about it!
  • The Fire Emblem saga has several of these:
    • In Thracia 776, Mareeta is a Leaf x Nanna fangirl. If the three are alive by the time the Final Battle hits, she'll encourage Nanna to tell him her feelings.
    Mareeta: "Go on, Lady Nanna! Just say it!"
    Nanna: "B-But..."
    Mareeta: "You'll regret it forever if you don't say it now. Or do you just want to stay as his 'cute little sister'?"
    Nanna: "But Mareeta..."
  • From Half-Life 2, Eli Vance trying to bring Alyx and Gordon together, to the former's embarrassment. And the latter's stunned silence.
    • Barney too. "Go ahead Gordon, she's waiting for ya. You lucky dog you!"
  • Kingdom Hearts
    • In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Tidus, Wakka and Selphie tease Sora about his feelings for Naminé, and Selphie says, "Go get her, cowboy." This whole scene is a lie that Marluxia forced Naminé to construct by using her ability to warp Sora's memories.
    • Kingdom Hearts II
      • Throughout the game, Donald Duck and Goofy tease Sora about his feelings for Kairi. When Kairi and Sora reunite in the end and share a tender embrace, the camera cuts to Donald and Goofy looking pleased.
      • When Kairi stumbles into Twilight Town, befriends Hayner, Pence, and Olette, and tells her story about Sora and the others (i.e. the events of the first Kingdom Hearts), Olette is utterly mystified by it, going as far to call it "romantic."
      • Sora act like this for the canon Disney couples. He gets downright misty-eyed when Mulan and Shang are appointed the Emperor's joint bodyguards, and seems to approve of Will and Elizabeth (which leads to some of the aforementioned teasing from Donald and Goofy).
    • In Kingdom Hearts 358 Over 2 Days, Xigbar gives Roxas dating advice for impressing Xion, which he doesn't completely understand due to his naïvety. It's implied that Xigbar doesn't mean it and is playing a cruel joke, as he always knew of Xion's true nature as a Replica that was designed to eventually absorb Roxas.
  • Genis from Tales of Symphonia seems to be this for Lloyd and Colette... Of course, it's also seems like he's just in it for the laughs.
    • Interestingly, both Genis and Raine cool off on the ship once the Tethe'alla half of the plot starts, Genis because he has his own (utterly unrequired) crush on Presea to focus on and Raine because she seems to push for the ship because she knew Colette was going to die when she regenerated the world, so it might have been a case of Let Them Die Happy. There's also the fact Lloyd/Raine is a possible ship later on.
    • In fact, pretty much the entire party seems to be supporting Colette's crush upon the clueless Lloyd... Except for Zelos, who seems just as intent on cluing Lloyd in on Sheena's crush on him... If only because he knows it aggravates the latter. (Unless you go for the Alternate Character Interpretation of Zelos doing it because he wants his beloved to be happy.)
  • Norma in Tales of Legendia can't help but give advice to Chloe for attracting Senel's attention. None of it works, mind you. To add to the weirdness, she also helps Shirely with her relationship with Senel. Norma just likes to mess around with relationship for the fun of it, it seems.
  • In Tales of Graces, Richard and Malik, the latter especially, are both fairly supportive of both Asbel/Cheria and potential Beta Couple Hubert/Pascal, though they don't ever truly get together. Hilariously, Malik and Richard choose to show this support by trolling the couples every chance they get.
  • Subverted in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. After the player wins the Cucco-hunting minigame, Talon raises the suggestion that Link marry his daughter Malon. Whether Link says yes or no, he swiftly laughs it off as a joke, however.
    • Also, in Twilight Princess it's implied that most of Ordon Village ships Link with Ilia. This may be because she's the mayor's daughter and their hopes that he'll eventually become their new mayor. On top of which, they're childhood friends and already appear to be taken with each other.
    • Poked at in Wind Waker, with Mako saying that if Gonzo and Tetra had a kid, he'd be the greatest pirate ever (forget the fact that Tetra's a pre-teen and Gonzo's easily in his 20's at least). Doesn't stop Gonzo from blushing, though.
      • It's played straight with Beedle - if Link pays him a visit after stealing the bombs from Tetra's ship, he mentions that the pirates sold him the ones they still had before asking if Link is "acquainted" with their leader and teasing him about the bashful look on his face.
  • Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis had Flay and the Mana of Light towards said mana's contractor's Roxis and Pamela. However, they were doing it only for laughs, trying to humiliate Roxis more, since that's what his own Mana has as a hobby.
    • And some lines the Mana has during the last character event for Roxis suggests that he probably shipped Roxis with Vayne — for the same reason.
  • In Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Welch makes it perfectly clear how much she thinks Edge and Reimi should be together. Given the true nature of that world, and of Welch, it may be an attempt by a fan to run the asylum.
  • Apparently in Samurai Warriors 3, Kaihime and Keiji encourage Kunoichi to confess to Yukimura, while Magoichi also comments that Yukimura is a lucky dog for having Kunoichi by his side, while Kunoichi herself is more of a Yukimura/Inahime shipper in Inahime's musou mode.
  • Excellen Browning and Irmgult Kazahara of Super Robot Wars Original Generation. It helps the former is a Cool Big Sis and actively teases and ships the many potential couples amongst the cast throughout the games. The latter may hold a reputation of being The Casanova, but often ends up giving advice for the guys to chase their Love Interests.
  • Another Day Shiki in The World Ends with You is a Yaoi Fangirl that ships Neku/Joshua.
  • Luminous Arc 2's Ayano hints, nudges and outright tease Roland for a Roland/Althea pairing. One reason is because The Power of Love can help Althea deal with her Beast Fiend origin.
  • In Persona 4, Rise ships Kanji/Naoto. The main character also has the option to approve of this pairing. She also ships Yosuke/Chie, which creates a hilarious he's not my boyfriend moment. It should be noticed that Rise also ships herself with the protagonist, very overtly; it's possible she both tries to weed out competition and thinks the other pairings are cute.
  • Dr. Alphys from Undertale takes this trope quite literally. At one point, she asks if you think Toriel and Asgore will get back together. If you say yes, she'll agree and say it's her "number one ship."
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Just about everyone shipping Squall and Rinoa in Final Fantasy VIII. Especially Selphie. Including people who are supposed to fancy one or the other themselves. The child Ellone does a lot for Laguna / Raine.
    • Cloud and Aeris get lots of this in Final Fantasy VII. Cloud remembers his mother telling him that he should get 'an older girlfriend', which nods towards the older Aeris rather than the younger Tifa. Marlene insists that Aeris likes Cloud and gets really upset if you have Cloud say he doesn't know. When Cait Sith checks Aeris's and Cloud's horoscopes for compatibility, he says they're a perfect match, gets excited, and offers to officiate at their wedding if Cloud wants. Barret, on the other hand, seems to slightly prefer the idea of Cloud hooking up with Tifa, teasing him about him being excited to 'see [his] baby' before returning to Tifa's bar - although when he tells Cloud who he thinks he should date, he only suggests 'one or the other'.
    • Auron seems to ship Tidus and Yuna in Final Fantasy X, repeatedly making comments to Tidus to guard Yuna, stay by her side, don't push her away, etc. Rikku also seems to approve. Some of the others try to drive them apart, not so much because they want one or the other for themselves, but Yuna was going to die until they said Screw Destiny.
  • If you try to express interest in Mira as a male character in Knights of the Old Republic 2, she points out rather bluntly that Visas and the Handmaiden are both infatuated with you and she doesn't want to have to beat them both off if she starts sharing a bunk with you. To the dismay of many fans.
  • Mass Effect:
    • In Mass Effect 2, Yeoman Kelly Chambers will immediately suggest Female!Shepard/Garrus or Male!Shepard/Tali the moment said party members join. Notable in that Chambers herself is a romance option for either gender. She also tells you exactly how to romance Jack if you want the real thing (i.e. don't go for sex the first time Jack asks).
      • This is because fans were disappointed about this not being an option in the first game (after all, you can romance Liara and she's an alien). So the developers wanted to make sure their fans didn't overlook the option in this game expecting it to be like the first.
    • And one of the DLC squadmates, Kasumi Goto, is in on it too, and will comment on all of your relationships. For example:
      Kasumi: Tali is so cute. You're all she ever talks about, in that sweet "rainbows and butterflies" kind of way! She loves you, Shepard. Be good to her.
    • There's an advertisement on the Citadel that ships Shepard with... whichever potential love interest (if any) is in your party when you click on it. ("The next time you're out on the town with [Officer Vakarian/Sere Krios/Mr. Taylor/Miss Zorah/Miss Lawson/ERROR: CITIZEN ID NOT FOUNDnote ...") It'll even mention Justicar Samara, who isn't actually fully romanceable. Alternately, if you're in a relationship with one of the ME1 squadmates and there's nobody romanceable in your current party, it'll mention that love interest instead.
    • In Mass Effect 3, Shepard can become a Joker/EDI shipper, pushing the former to "go for it" and giving the latter dating advice.
    • Also in 3, assuming you talked Liara into talking with her "father" Matriarch Aethyta, at one point in their conversations Aethyta will ship Liara with Shepard.
    • Tali, however, ships Liara and Javik, assuming you've downloaded him. There's a bit of dialog from a hung over Javik in the Citadel DLC to suggest he might go for it.
    • In the Citadel DLC, Shepard can ship Jack/Miranda, to their annoyance and Kasumi's delight.
  • Done literally in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors with most of the others on the ship.
  • Sam and Max themselves are to blame for the Sybil/Lincoln pairing.
  • Coach and Rochelle take this attitude towards Ellis and Zoey in the Left 4 Dead 2 DLC, The Passing. Rochelle and Francis are not nearly so lucky.
  • Two of the funniest moments in Golden Sun: The Lost Age involved this trope.
    • The better-known is in Madra, when Sheba asks Jenna about her "thing" with Isaac, causing Jenna to turn bright magenta and indignantly tell her to shut up. Sheba promptly jumps on Jenna's follow-up inquiry about how Garet is doing.
      • Even funnier in hindsight, since Isaac and Jenna did get together, at least long enough to produce Matthew...
    • The lesser-known happens if you trigger Feizhi's brief cameo at Champa, in which she's searching for Isaac to give him a little thank you gift, a Golden Ring. Kraden openly encourages her to pursue the matter further, much to Feizhi's dismay.
    • Kraden might be at it again in Dark Dawn, since his excuse for Nowell's absence in the second half of the game is that she took a fancy to Piers, which he may or may not have encouraged.
  • Persona 3 Portable has a minor example: Junpei tells the Female Protagonist that he thinks it would be funny if she and Akihiko got together and that he'd totally be her wingman if she decided to go for it.
  • In Super Robot Wars Z2, the whole of ZEXIS takes sides in the Ranka/Alto/Sheryl Love Triangle.
  • In Arc Rise Fantasia, Cecille ships L'Arc and Ryfia. She'll subtly clue in on one's feelings for the other, though usually she does this around Ryfia more than L'Arc.
  • Because of the type of game Lux-Pain is, it's expected that there are A LOT of shippers. Ryo / Hibiki is shipped the most by Suzu, Atsuki (although rather reluctantly due to Suzu literally annoying him to get an answer about the two) and technically the whole school if Mika's dialogue has anything to say to it.
    • Many people who originally tried to hook Akira up with Mika suddenly switch to Akira trying to get along with Atsuki. Akira's father of all people has a more noticeable switch in the last chapter of the game when he mentions that all his son talks about is Atsuki and how if Atsuki plans on leaving, he should come back because he's welcome. Note that this is what he said to Mika earlier in the game and while it still applies he's referring to the fact that Mika is like the daughter he never had.
      • Then there's Nami who despite shipping herself with Atsuki, has dropped a lot of hints concerning why Atsuki constantly chooses Sweet Ring (the restaurant Akira's father owns and where Akira works) to eat out whenever he takes his friends out. Shortly after she says that, Akira shows up and her sprite has this funny smile on her face.
      • A minor character Shunichi in episode 19, stops searching for his friend to talk to Atsuki. While the original conversation was about his friend Kyosuke having a girlfriend (which he assumes is Mika), he suddenly asks about Atsuki's preference. The correct answer is saying that Atsuki isn't interested in dating (girls) and Shunichi suddenly assumes that Atsuki likes Akira (and the player is assuming that Atsuki denies it with how quickly the conversation changes).
  • Solatorobo has Merveille as this to Red and Elh, even going so far as to create a Rescue Romance scenario for them in the Virtual Training Simulation. Chocolat and Béluga also seem to approve of the pairing, but aren't nearly as pushy about it (though Chocolat does manage a Leave the Two Lovebirds Alone moment once).
  • Everyone in the party ships Ronyx/Ilia in Star Ocean: First Departure. And all of them were visibly relieved when Ronyx finally makes a move.
  • In Digital Devil Saga, Heat's line of "She's just pissed because her girlfriend got killed." indicates that he may ship Argilla/Jinana.
  • After the EX battle of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Marisa suggests Flandre get married... and offers to introduce her to Reimu for this purpose.
  • In Xenoblade:
    • Dunban shows complete support in his sister Fiora and Shulk getting together. He also tells Reyn that he supports him with Sharla.
    • Sharla privately tells Melia that she'll support her feelings for Shulk. This happens after the group discovers that Shulk's childhood friend Fiora is Back from the Dead.
  • In The King of Fighters, several charas have shown leanings towards the trope:
    • King/Ryo Sakazaki: Ryo's younger sister Yuri, father Takuma and best friend Robert Garcia are very blatant in their support (to very silly and awkward degrees in XI). Takuma's own share of support might be going to the "I Want Grandkids" extreme; it makes sense since Ryo is the eldest son, the Heir to the Dojo and already in his mid 20s (Comic-Book Time be damned).
    • Sie Kensou/Athena Asamiya: The earliest shipper is the aforementioned Robert, since his 2001 win quote against Kensou has him say, "Hey, let me know what's up with you and that girl!" By XIII Yuri, King, Mai Shiranui and Joe Higashi have eagerly joined in, mentioning Athena and teasing Kensou about her in either their pre-fight talks (Yuri, King, Joe) or their winning quotes (Mai).
    • Robert Garcia/Yuri Sakazaki: Mai Shiranui, and most likely King as well. In Mai and Robert's XIII pre-fight talks, once Robert ticks her off via pointing out hiw Stripperiffic her outfit it, Mai openly refers to Robert as "Yuri's boyfriend" in the middle of a Rant-Inducing Slight. It's specially notorious since Yuri and Robert's potential romantic relationship has been downplayed in the KOF continuity.
    "Sorry Yuri, but I'm going to take your boyfriend to the trash!"
    • Kyo Kusanagi/Yuki: In the KOF:KYO semi-canon continuity, Athena and Kensou seem to support their relationship once they get into Kyo's circle of friends. (Though it may be an "I Want My Belovedto Be Happy" from Athena.) Kyo's sort-of pupil Shingo Yabuki also is pretty partial to it, and so are Kyo's Happily Married parents Saisyu and Shizuka. Chizuru is Genre Savvy enough to actually exploit Kyo and Yuki's bonds in the game, asking Yuki to lay low and using her sudden absence as a Secret Test of Character.
  • Various party members will eventually become this for the Warden and his/her chosen Love Interest in Dragon Age: Origins. Wynne, in particular, initially expresses misgivings but in time changes her mind in support of the relationship. Morrigan, if her approval rating is high enough, may engage the Warden in a playful discussion about the matter; it's especially moving and also touching if the Warden is female and romancing Alistair - whom Morrigan otherwise loathes.
  • In Dragon Age II, Merrill actively ships Hawke with any of their chosen Love Interests, while Isabela threatens a Hawke romancing Merrill with grievous harm if they hurt her (if female) or cutting their balls off (if male). She also apparently writes erotic "Friend-fiction" in her spare time; Varric finds it hilarious.
    • Snarky!Hawke jokingly ships Meredith and Orsino and calls them out on their Foe Yay.
    Snarky!Hawke: Honestly, the way you two go on. People will talk!
  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition, various NPC people hanging around in Skyhold's throne room will make shippy comments when the Inquisitor and his/her chosen love interest confirm their relationship. The remarks will vary depending on who the LI is.
    • If his friendship is maxed, Dorian becomes very much a Shipper on Deck for a female Inquisitor and Cullen, noting that he finds their relationship "adorable." Sera also seems to find it amusing, judging by her comments to the Inquisitor about "your Cullen-wullen."
  • Played for Laughs in BlazBlue. In Bang Shishigami's "joke ending", he's mistaken as The Peeping Tom by Tsubaki Yayoi as she catches him peeking at his crush Litchi Faye-Ling's window, and while trying to talk his way out he says that Litchi is his girlfriend. Tsubaki assumes that he wants to propose to her... and goes from trying to arrest him to trying to stage a Shotgun Wedding.
    • Played straight in regards to Jin/Tsubaki. Both Noel and Makoto think the two make a nice couple - Makoto in particular teases Tsubaki about this ship whenever the opportunity arises. Case in point:
    Makoto: Oh, hey, congrats on being assigned to the 4th Thaumaturgist, yeah? Ministerial Secretary to mister Jin Kisaragi himself! Man, what I wouldn't do for your brains!
    Tsubaki: It was dumb luck, I swear. There was an opening, I hadn't been placed yet, end of story. And it's not even official yet.
    Makoto (with trollface): Tsubaki, this is me you're talking to! Drop the good little cadet shtick and just say it! "I'm gonna spend every day with Jin, and I couldn't be happier about it! Tra, la la, la la!"
    Tsubaki: I... what? Huh? What makes you think I'd say that?
    Makoto: Somebody's blushing~! *giggle* Geez, I can read you like a book when it comes to that boy.
    Tsubaki: Well, you... need... reading glasses, I suppose!
  • In Diablo III, one of your followers, the Templar Kormac, falls for one of the others, the Enchantress Eirena, but he's bound by his oaths to his order, and she's Oblivious to Love. In the expansion, the player starts encouraging them to get together, since Kormac's order has been found to be corrupt and he feels no loyalty to them anymore, and Eirena confirms that she's the only one of her sisters to have survived, and has no one left.
  • In Trauma Center, a number of people at Caduceus (including Cybil and Mary at Hope Hospital) can see Doctor Derek and Nurse Angie as lovebirds... but Angie's the most defiant when it comes to those remarks. the two share a moment at the end of Under The Knife 2.
  • In the Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden video game, Garasu no Miko, the Player Character Mariko Kobayashi can potentially become a rather diehard Takiko x Uruki shipper if the player chooses the "Friendship" path that focuses on both girls's bonds.
  • The entire town becomes this for the player character and their chosen love interest, once the relationship is confirmed by the giving of a promise ring, in Story of Seasons. After the ring is given, speaking to the assorted neighbors will result in you learning that everyone has known all along who your sweetheart was.
    • Eda could be seen as one of these for Fritz and a female player character, as she mentions more than once how much she wants them to be close.
    • Iris, who is good friends with Klaus, gets on deck for his romance with a female player, making certain to reassure the player that they are Just Friends.
    • Little Melanie ships her older sister Lillie with a male player if they start dating, or Kamil or Nadi with a female player if they start dating. In all three instances, the player must develop a strong friendship with Melanie or the romance can't proceed.
  • In Ys: Memories of Celceta, Eldeel jokes during a flashback that Adol and Leeza go quite well together. This causes a very flustered reaction from the normally reserved Leeza. Whatever reaction Adol may have had is unknown because of him being a Silent Protagonist.
  • In Until Dawn, Hollywood Nerds Chris and Ashley start the game crushing on each other, and both Sam and Joshua are pretty forward about wanting to see them together. The latter turns out to be one hell of a shipper - certain comments he makes imply that while his primary goal in putting the two through the psychological wringer together via elaborate horror prank is to... well, put them through the psychological wringer, he's also hoping to aggressively drive them closer together.
  • Video Game/Sunrider Academy's swim team ship their captain with Kayto, going so far as to hold up these signs at the national championships: