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Manga: Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden
Welcome to the Legend that started them all.
Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden is a prequel written by Yuu Watase to the popular manga/anime series Fushigi Yuugi. The series premiered on April 14th, 2003 and has a total of 12 volumes. Soon spinned into 5 volumes of Drama CDs depicting the first 5 volumes of the manga, and a video game, Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden Gaiden ~Kagami no Miko~ for PS2, PSP, and Nintendo DS, marking the first ever video game adaption for a Yuu Watase work.

In the year of 1923, roughly 60 years before Miaka encountered the book, novelist Einosuke Okuda came back to Japan from China obtaining the original Chinese version of an ancient ceremonial scripture called The Universe of the Four Gods (Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho) where he worked tirelessly translating them into Japanese and bind them into book form. Neglecting his ill wife Yoshie and stressed daughter Takiko Okuda, who recently moved from Tokyo to Yoshie's hometown for her mom's further care, has to put up with a new school life, and being constantly teased by her classmates for having a sick mother.

Onto the moment when Yoshie actually died, the father and daughter went into a quarrel that led to Einosuke having an I Have No Son spit out towards Takiko. Grieved of loneliness, and uselessness, Takiko took the translated book from her father and was going to rip it apart until the book suddenly starts to shine bright and absorbs her into the book, becoming the legendary Priestess of Genbu.

The seven Celestial Warriors' backstories and point-of-views play an important part in the storytelling of this work. According to Watase, compared to the previous work, the viewpoints are more evenly distributed around the interactions between teammates as to just the heroine's character/love development POV. Therefore you might notice some surprising tropes that can only be found in the character sheet.

The ending chapter was published in Flower Magazine's Spring Issue in February 14th, 2013, and the final volume in May 17th, 2013. This marked the end of the story spanning 10 years of publishing.

Beware that this page contains SPOILERS.

This manga presents examples of:

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alternative title(s): Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden
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