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Fan Fic: My Little Unicorn
"FIM is a BIG MISTAKE to me... its horrible... so I guess an alternate universe is in order!"
Dakari-King Mykan

My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing is... hoo boy.

My Little Unicorn is a series of fanfics based on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with a heavy emphasis on Original Characters written by Dakari-King Mykan.

The series began after Mykan watched several episodes of Friendship is Magic and quickly decided he hated it for various reasons, not the least of which was the message of friendship.

Enter his Alternate Universe, in which a team of Winged Unicorns, led by main character Lightning Dawn, must save the land of Unicornicopia from various monsters, while learning about the power of believing (what they are supposed to believe in is never stated) from the king of Unicornicopia, The Grand Ruler (a three-horned Alicorn)

With the release of this fanfic came controversy, in which the author became infamous for his irrational and fanatical hatred of FiM and its themes. This led to him spouting off hysterical, over-the-top insults and accusations towards his critics, believing that his story could not be improved in any way. This led to Bronies MSTing the story en masse, and Mykan would remove the original copy of the story, which has been mirrored on Fimfiction.Net.

Mykan later reworked the story IN SPACE as My Little Unicorn: Star Fleet Magic, which can be found here. He also wrote a sequel, My Brave Pony:Star Fleet Magic II, which can be found here.

A third fanfic, called My Brave Pony: The Movie was released, which centered around a new villain named Distraught. This can be found here; A fourth fanfic, My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III was later completed (found here, and completed the second My Little Unicorn Movie, My Brave Pony: Starfleet Humans, based on Equestria Girls and has started working on My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic IV here.

Due to run-ins with administration on involving copyright infringement, Mykan has moved to deviantART and is in the process of re-uploading the series.

Needs Wiki Magic "Love"

Not to be confused with the My Little Phony on Dexter's Laboratory.

This story contains examples of:

  • Alternate Universe: Because the author hated FiM's universe too much to use anything from it. At least until it crosses over with the FiM universe about three-quarters through. They are even merged into one kingdom at the end. Also, Starfleet Humans takes place in the same alternate universe that Equestria Girls took place in.
    • Mykan has gone on record as saying that Season 4 of FiM onward is non-canon in the Starfleet universe. This is because he started the series after Season 2 and doesn't want to rewrite large parts of earlier stories to fit the more recent episodes.
  • Always Lawful Good: Mykan claims that the Unicornicopians are this. Their actions, particularly their treatment of Ace Ray, prove otherwise.
  • An Aesop: Most chapters end with the Grand Ruler giving an Aesop that is tangentially related to the events of the chapter. Unfortunately, the supposed morals are pretty weak and their connection to the main Aesop of "believing" is not very clear. However, these were removed from the retooling, until the Deviant ART version which reinstates most of them.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: Starfleet believes to be in many ways superior to other species in the multiverse, the winged unicorns have actually conquered parts of other realities and they teach in the militaristic force to always follow orders blindly or you will get socially shunned. Not to forget that they excuse murder by dehumanizing their enemies.
    • Worse, the author admitted on multiple accounts that this is intentional. According to certain posts, he might not even know the significance of something like the Holocaust and thinks mass murder is okay.
  • Artistic License - Biology: In one chapter, Fluttershy has to go to the hospital, because of her appendix. Ponies don't have one. The author admitted he knows that, but he was too lazy to think up something else to make Fluttershy sick.
  • Author Avatar:
    • Lightning Dawn.
    • invoked Or the Grand Ruler, whose design is directly lifted from the author's OC cosplay and Word of God even states that he's voiced by him.
      • When he came up with the concept for the first time, Celesto was even going to be named Mykan.
    • Titan is theorized to represent the deep-seated hatred the author has for FiM.
    • Dr. Kudos in Starfleet Magic IV represents Mykan's hatred of friendship, love, and especially, redemption.
    • One of Mykan's upcoming Starfleet projects will feature a character named Mykan.
  • Author Tract: Every chapter of the rewritten story when it was first posted started or ended with a rant by the author of how much better this story is compared to the original show. It has since been reposted a second time without the author's notes, however.
  • A Wizard Did It: When not Narrating the Obvious, Mykan tends to explain away major plot holes and details with either "magic" or "belief".
  • Back from the Dead:
    • Titan suddenly returns in the Season 1 finale, and returns again in The Movie
    • In My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III, Fratello's ghost combines with his replacement robot body.
  • Bad Future: The Dark King comes from a future where Celestia and Lightning are dead and he has conquered nearly the entire universe.
  • Big Bad:
    • Titan in My Little Unicorn/My Brave Unicorn: Star Fleet Magic and My Brave Pony: The Movie.
    • Queen Chrysalis in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II.
    • King Sombra in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III.
    • Sapphira in My Brave Pony: Starfleet Humans.
    • The Dark King in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic IV.
  • Black and White Morality: The unicorns are good, Titan is evil. There is no depth to any of the characters.
    • Black and White Insanity: The real theme of the "fanfic", and argurably what the author suffers.
      • Black and Grey Morality: What ends up happening as a result. The protagonists end up doing a lot of questionable actions that they (and the author) feel are completely justified.
  • Broken Aesop: The author wrote the story to try and prove that you don't need friends to succeed, and that friendship isn't magic, but rather useless. However, in the vast majority of the fights in the series, it's Lightning's friends who figure out how to defeat a monster or do most of the work, with Lightning only blasting the Rainbow Rod or the Uniforce at the end as a finishing blow. The Grand Ruler even says at one point that friendship is an important part of magic, completely contradicting the fic's intention. It gets even more broken with the fact that one of the major inspirations for the story is Power Rangers, a franchise that emphasizes teamwork, even with certain seasons (and Japanese counterparts) having notorious cases of Spotlight-Stealing Squad.
  • Butt Monkey:
    • Krysta. An entire chapter is dedicated to her getting constantly wet in the fight with a water monster.
    • Another example is Ace Ray.
  • Cain and Abel: Ace Ray (whose "crime" is complaining about Starfleet) and his sister Skye.
  • Calling Your Attacks: "RAINBOW FORCE...!" "DRILL QUILL...!" "STAR SHOWER...!" "PTEAL DANCE!" ...And so on. Strangely, they even call their attacks when pulling out their weapons.
  • Can't Take Criticism: The usual complaint about Mykan, even the people who "used" to like him, finds his "fanfics" too opinionated and clichéd.
  • The Chosen Many: Lightning and Celesto are the only two alicorns that can use the Uniforce... besides Cerise, a one-shot character from My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II. Oh, and Raven can do it too.
  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: The entire premise of the story is based around this. The author has stated in forums that he believes in this concept.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Unicorns of a certain color tend to live in a specific area of Unicornicopia. For example, blue unicorns live in Bluesville. The only remotely clever name is O-Range for orange unicorns.
  • Completely Missing the Point:
    • The author thinks that friendship is magic in the sense that it is an actual force to fight, similar to a Kamehameha, instead of just a positive virtue.
      • In all honesty, that's not entirely wrong in the show of origin, as the Elements of Harmony can best be described as high-grade weaponized friendship. So yeah, friendship is magic and it can blast your face off.
    • For being a revenge/hate fic, the sequel actually shows Twilight and her friends to be more competent in general than Lightning and Starfleet.
  • Concepts Are Cheap: The fanfic's supposed theme, believing, is constantly being thrown about. However, its message is ridiculously weak and vague.
  • Crossover: Originally, the intent was for My Little Unicorn to be completely separate from MLP:FIM, but eventually it became a crossover, and then was fully integrated into an MLP story.
  • Dark World: The Dark Planet, formerly called the Dimension of Darkness.
  • Death by Origin Story: Frequently. As of Starfleet Magic IV, the origin story body count includes the entire Enticorn race, including Lightning's parents, Starla's parents, Buddy Rose's parents and sister, Buddy Rose's Cousin's parents, Titan's mother-in-law, Penny Sillon's grandmother, Raven's husband, and technically, Celestia with regards to The Dark King.
  • Demoted to Extra: Countless characters.
    • Cookie Dough, who was a core member of the team in the initial series, was removed for several stories and when reintroduced in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III, was a minor character. The Deviant ART remake brings him back, not as a member, but as a recurring background character.
    • Krysta is acknowledged maybe once or twice in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III despite being the main character's best friend.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: A particularly infamous example is in the Ace Ray chapter of My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III, where Penny states "I'm not just a doctor of medicine and psychology. I know a thing or two about science", not realizing that both medicine and psychology are sciences.
  • Deus ex Machina:
    • The Uniforce. A force of good only unicorns with golden horns can summon to amplify their magic by shouting that they believe. It is never explained what it really is, why only golden horned unicorns can use it and how the Grand Ruler discovered it, but it is the main attack to kill all Big Bads.
    • Mystic Light, the finishing move of The Grand Celestial Ruler.|
    • Lightning's Enticorn form
  • Died in Your Arms Tonight: Twilight dies in Lightning's arms.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • Titan got his face disfigured in his past and was shunned by everyone for his hideous looks afterwards. Years later, he kills his entire species and starts to destroy parts of the multiverse for no other reason than that it is fun. His former fiancee, Serpentari also has a similar motive.
    • The author wrote the entire fanfic, which insults bronies as being losers who dare to believe in positive things, because one single brony made fun of him.
      • In the sequel he makes Cadance suffer, just because he does not like the fact that in the show, she got happily married.
      • Candace gets more heat in Starfleet Magic IV over the wedding.
    • Ace Ray gets sent to an insane asylum and essentially brainwashed into liking Star Fleet, for the crime of... saying mean things about them. Sure, he beat up his sister but the way it's worded, it sounds like Starfleet was looking for an excuse to arrest him.
    • Frosteye had been trapped in a frozen cavern for a century by Princess Celestia due to being a mocker.
      • And there was going to be a part where the Grand Ruler would execute everyone who made fun of Starfleet. This was aimed at Project A.F.T.E.R, who mocked several of Mykan's past fics.
  • Distress Ball: Given to all of Equestria when Nightmare Moon and her allies enslave the place without much resistance and take Luna and Celestia hostage. Naturally, the Unicornicopians have to come to the rescue.
  • Dramatic Ellipsis: Overused thoughout the fanfic and a defining characteristic of the author's fanfics in general.
  • Dramatic Reading:
  • Earth-Shattering Kaboom: What happens to Equestria and Unicornicopia. It Got Better.
  • Expy: Most of the characters. Made most obvious in one of the author's YouTube videos explaining his characters, clearly showing that they are recolors of the original show's cast!
    • The Grand Ruler and Lightning Dawn are male versions of Celestia and Twilight Sparkle, while Starla Shine is based on Rarity. Lightning's Enticorn form is said to be a combination of a Super Saiyan and an Anodite
    • Krysta is named after the main character of FernGully: The Last Rainforest and appearance-wise is pretty much Fluttershy with her mane and coat color swapped, and in human form.
    • Dyno and Myte are based on Mas Y Menos from Teen Titans.
    • Rhymey, Abra Kadabra and Goldwin are based on Muffy Mouse, Waldo the Magnificent and Jeff Hyslop from Today's Special.
    • Titan is inspired by Wiseman and No-Heart.
    • In My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III, Raven, Twilight's assassin, is named and based off the Teen Titans character.
    • The Dark King is based on the villain of the same name from Pretty Cure. Furthermore, Thunder Cloud/Esroh Dab is based off of Kiriya, also from Pretty Cure.
  • Fairy Companion: Krysta for Lightning. Named after a certain other animated fairy.
  • Family-Unfriendly Death: By the bucket load. Discord, Titan and Nightmare Moon get blown up. The deaths of Titan`s henchponies get handwaved with the excuse that they were just artificial beings. Worst example is probably in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II, where Cadance's brother Fratello gets killed by her and then blown up, because the author wanted to make her suffer.
  • Fantastic Racism: Members of Starfleet tend to point out quite often how superior they are compared to Equestrians.
  • Fix Fic: With the elements the author seeks to change being absolutely everything.
  • Flanderization:
    • Twilight and friends are reduced to their basic personality traits. For instance, Applejack’s only personality trait in the story is her accent. Rarity is only defined by her love of fashion, is portrayed as constantly forcing makeovers on those who don't want them and whining quite a bit. Pinkie Pie is portrayed as being so annoying that even her friends groan at her and is also shown to be a bit of a crybaby.
    • Even his own characters aren't immune from it. In his first appearance, Ace Ray does hate Starfleet but has other priorities such as his sister. By the time of My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III, all he does is rant about his hatred of Starfleet and hates his sister.
  • Flat Character: Every single character. The first time they show up, everyone gets introduced by showing off their one defining character trait (like Artie being an artist, Rhymey talking in rhymes etc.). After that, they are just generic fighters for the rest of the fic. While everyone has their own set of attacks, personality-wise, they are pretty much interchangeable. This gets especially glaring when we get introduced to Dyno and Myte, whose defining character traits are being twins who speak in Mexican slang. In the fimchan discussion, the author mentions that this was intentional because he believes that personality holds back the possibilities with his characters and has no place in a species of warriors. Many of the villains manage to get even less characterization.
    • The most extreme example of a flat character is Melantha, one of Sombra's four minions in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III. While other characters at least have a backstory and one character trait, Melantha has no characterization at all.
  • Fully Dressed Cartoon Animal: Everyone in Unicornicopia dresses up in ridiculous Power Rangers bodysuits.
  • Furry Reminder: "And he threw his head high up into the air and let out a very loud and mournful NEIGH... just like the pony he was."
  • Generic Doomsday Villain:
    • Titan. He has great power and wants to destroy Unicornicopia so he can spread chaos and destruction over reality, just because. His dialogue is dripping in clichés and there is nothing unique about his appearance at all. Being Stupid Evil and going with the first Saturday morning cartoon plot his minions come up with doesn't help matters.
    • Queen Chrysalis and Fratello in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II.
    • King Sombra in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III.
    • The Dark King in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic IV.
  • Gotta Catch Them All: The second half of the story is devoted to heroes and villains trying to find the "Rainbow Stones," (Renamed the Star Stones in the remake) which would grant them new powers; My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III has them search for the shattered remains of the Crystal Heart.
  • Green Thumb:
    • Invoked with Buddy Rose to some degree. He is so good, he can even restore dead plants.
    • Melantha from My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III.
  • Hate Fic
  • Heel-Face Turn:
    • Queen Chrysalis in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II.
    • Distraught in My Brave Pony: The Movie.
    • Phaedra in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III.
  • Hijacked By Titan: Twice, in fact. Towards the end of Season 1, Nightmare Moon is built up as the final antagonist, when suddenly Titan reappears. He then returns in The Movie, hijacking the role of main villain from Distraught.
  • Hypocrite: The author, big time. He spends most of his time bragging on how evil people who bash the work of others can be (something related to him being the victim of several mocks over the years) and admitted to have worked as a child entertainer who taught little kids about how important friendship and believing in yourself is. But then he created this fanfic to bash a show just because it rules on The Power of Friendship, admits to being glad when he makes fans of the show angry/sad with his work, and abandoned the concept of believing in yourself entirely for the remake. Let`s not forget that he hates the original show with a passion, but watched it in its entirety, and actually ships his Gary Stu with Celestia because he himself has a crush on her.
    • One mother told Mykan that the chapter where Twilight Sparkle is killed made her daughter cry. He stated that she should get over it since it's just a story. This coming from a guy who had a PSTD experience just because two characters of a TV show didn't get together.
    • Starfleet leaves Titan's minions to die on the grounds that they're artificial beings. However, with the exception of Celesto, all Unicornicopians are descended from artificial beings. And then there's Goldwin, a statue given life who's a protagonist.
  • I'll Kill You!: In My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic III Ace Ray says this to Skye after she declares him to be as bad as the evil they face, which results in him being officially declared a criminal, beaten and arrested.
  • An Ice Person:
    • Some of Dementia's attacks invoke this.
    • Frosteye from My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III.
  • In Name Only: Up to Eleven.
  • Irony:
    • The author wrote this story partly because he thinks FiM is too girly, childish, and does not appeal to boys that much. His story contains effeminate characters with girlish interests, fairies, songs from children's shows like Strawberry Shortcake and Barney & Friends, and fights with choreography that's inspired by Sailor Moon.
    • Also ironic is how Titan, a character portrayed as a spiteful villain who hates friendship and happiness, shares multiple personality traits with the author himself.
  • Killed Off for Real: Discord and, as of Starfleet Magic III, Twilight Sparkle
  • The Load:
    • Lightning Dawn. Despite his physical strength, most of the villains use magic and his inability to use magic is quite a liability in battle. Anytime he finishes a battle is with his Uniforce.
    • Krysta is more of a hindrance to the others than anything.
    • Brain also qualifies.
  • Magic Knight:
    • Applies to all the winged unicorns, especially Rhymey.
    • Harkin from My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III has shades of this too.
    • Spike as the Dragon Knight.
  • The Magic Touch: In one part of My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II, Rarity essentially gets the Midas Touch.
  • Master Race: The winged unicorns of Unicornicopia and their "god" known as Grand Ruler are seen as that. They themselves have no problem to call others out on how inferior they are to them because they live on the ground alone.
  • Monster of the Week: Most chapters deal with fighting one-shot monsters, be they a minion of Titan, a Changeling sent by Chrysalis or one of the Dark King's Cardinals.
  • Moral Myopia: The summary of the whole "fanfic": if Starfleet does morally questionable acts, it's cheered upon and never acknowledged (except for Ace Ray), if Titan or the others does morally questionable acts, they deem them immediately evil.
  • MST: There are plenty of them.
  • The Multiverse: Unicornicopia is supposedly part of only one of many dimensions in a multiverse, whose worlds the unicorns can visit. But the author repeatedly mixes up the terms planet and dimension to the point where he refers to the planets themselves as other planes of reality.
    • The remake attempted to fix this by saying that they are in fact planets, but transportation between planets is still called "dimension travel".
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After essentially being brainwashed in My Brave Pony III Starfleet Magic, Ace Ray reacts this way to memories of his past actions.
  • Narrating the Obvious: The author tends to spell out everything, such as outright telling the audience how a mirror-based monster has the power to reflect attacks right back after it's been shown to the audience multiple times already.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted, though it's not certain whether this was deliberate. There are two characters named Rani in the series: Khan's wife in the Movie, and Reginald Rolls' wife in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III.
    • It has happened again in Starfleet Magic IV, where Big Bull is both the name of a minotaur in one of Lightning's nightmares and a Cardinal.
  • Palette Swap:
    • A particularly lazy example; as seen on the author's YouTube video on the characters, as the cast consist of just recolours of Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Scootaloo. Made even more obvious by the fact that, with the exception of Lightning Dawn, the author never actually bothered to recolour their eyes.
      • Heck, Rhymey isn't even a recolour; just Fluttershy with a horn, clothing, yellow tail, mane and different hairstyle.
    • invoked Starla Shine is, according to recent videos, just a Rarity clone, but not as shallow as the original. He has tried to cover this up by... slightly darkening Starla's coat, which he feels "ruins the design".
  • Parental Substitute: Grand Ruler for Lightning. Not that their relationship has any significance on the overall plot.
  • Phantom Zone: The Dimension of Darkness/Dark Planet.
  • Plagiarism: A regular accusation levied towards Mykan and it has proven to be accurate on some occasions. For example, in a Youtube video introducing the characters, Krysta's design was a recolor of a Deviant ART picture depicting Fluttershy as a human, while Starla Shine is just Rarity.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Episode 9 of My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II sees a Changeling almost escape due to an argument between Lightning and Starla.
  • The Power of Friendship: Averted. The author is not afraid to proclaim how much he hates the very idea of it.
    • Or at least, the author intended to avert it. But as described under Broken Aesop, it ends up actually being used quite a bit.
  • The Power of Hate: Pretty much what gave birth to this story. The author appears to be a big fan of it.
  • Recursive Acronym: Dream, or Dream Reprise Emulating Action Machine.
  • Recycled In SPACE: Invoked In Name Only seeing as My Little Unicorn: Star Fleet Magic is just Magic is Believing with a few extra lines and the Aesop of "believing" cut out.
    • It's been reposted again after being taken down, with the author's notes and many of the songs now cut completely.
    • The Deviant ART version brings back some of the songs, and attempts to rewrite some of the dialogue with barbs specifically pointed towards his critics.
  • The Remake: My Little Unicorn: Starfleet Magic is an ongoing remastered version of My Little Unicorn. Beside minor changes regarding obvious narrative flaws, not much has really changed at all.
  • Remember the New Guy:
    • Turns out, the second main antagonist of My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II is Cadance's brother Fratello, who we never heard of before. Not to mention that Equestria seemingly has been invaded by robots around 15 years ago, of which no one has a memory of.
    • Another example would be Krysta's adopted son Twink, who suddenly appears with no foreshadowing in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II, Episode 1. When asked about why he suddenly appears, Mykan answered "New characters get thrown in all the time (everyone knows that)".
  • Revenge Fic: As stated by the author:
    "I do not like FIM at all... in fact I hate it and wish it were never made... and it makes me angry with all its lies and falsehoods about friendship being magic and the true salvation. Not to mention all the horrid emotional pains it brings me. So…I create this to bash at it."
  • Ruptured Appendix: When Fluttershy comes down with appendicitis in My Brave Pony II: Starfleet Magic.
  • Sadist Teacher: Episode 5 of Starfleet Magic IV sees Cheerilee temporarily replaced by Mr. Harshwhinny
  • Sarcasm Mode: Some reviews/comments do "praise" the fic to varying degrees, when critiquing it.
  • Satellite Love Interest:
    • Lightning and Starla. They develop a crush on first sight and we never learn much about her other than her interest in astronomy, which is practically forgotten after her introduction. Starla doesn't even appear in the author's video of character bios for the fic!
    • Another example would be Rhymey and Fluttershy in the later half of the story.
    • Celestia to the Grand Ruler.
  • Shout-Out: Frequent, to the point of plagiarism.
    • The scene of the Grand Ruler dancing and doing hopscotch is inspired by a sketch from Today's Special.
    • Replacement villain Serpent-Terror was named after a mecha from Power Rangers before the author changed his name to Serpent-Tyrant. Later revisions change it to a female character named Serpentari, but she pretty much acts the same.
    • The general plot of Titan's return and the way the heroes face him of shows parallels to the first episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
    • Inquirius is named after the species/homeplanet of the unnerving mentor of Power Rangers Turbo.
    • The author admitted that the Uniforce is inspired from another Deus ex Machina from Medabots, combined with Exodia's power.
    • Most of the songs were lifted from other sources, including Today's Special and Shining Time Station. He does cite where they came from, narrowly avoiding Plagiarism.
    • The sequence in the third fanfic where the team goes to "Brogan" is heavily inspired by the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers movie.
    • The Phantom of Magic is heavily inspired by Count Bleck from Super Paper Mario. This is not the first time Mykan has included an homage to Bleck.
    • Parts of the Dark King storyline practically mirror the early portions of Dragon Ball Z's Android Saga.
  • Show, Don't Tell: One of the story's main problems from a technical standpoint is that the author drives the plot forward more through the means of narrative exposition instead of actual dialogue or interaction between characters. The story also lacks detailed descriptions of fight scenes or settings, making it feel rushed. This is explained by the author as a result of him trying to make every chapter like a summary of a TV episode instead of working on a good narration.
  • Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism: The characters are ponies in the same way as the characters of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but the author makes a big deal out of the fact that they can actually walk on two legs like humans most of the time. Rather than using their hooves like hands, Starfleet at the very least uses gloves that function as human hands.
  • Sliding Scale of Plot Versus Characters: The fic is on the extreme end of the plot side of the spectrum, in that the author explicitly says that he believes complex characterization is confusing and can hold back the plot.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Up to Eleven. According to Word of God, the population of Unicornicopia consists mostly of males. While the story has at least five female winged unicorns in it, only Starla (who is mostly there as the Love Interest) and Dementia have any form of slight significance to the overall plot.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead: In the chapter following Twilight's death, several people assure Lightning Dawn that it's not his fault that Twilight was killed but that it was the victim's own fault for not following orders instead of blaming, say, the murderer.
  • Spiritual Antithesis: The fanfic is this to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as a whole. While FiM is based around The Power of Friendship, MLU is based around the power of belief.
  • Spiritual Successor: The fanfic is considered this to Sonichu.
  • Stellar Name: Starla Shine as well as the creatively named Celesto (AKA The Grand Ruler).
  • Strictly Formula: Many of the chapters, especially in the first half of the fic, all go the same route: Lightning has to help a friend, one of Titan's minions and the Monster of the Week appear, Lightning charges at the monster and fails to even scratch it, his friend figures out a way to weaken it, Lightning finishes it with the Rainbow Rod, the minion flees and is scolded by Titan, Everybody Laughs Ending, and The Grand Ruler spells out An Aesop.
  • Stuff Blowing Up:
    • To the point that every time something blows up, the author uses onomatopoeia like "Kabloom" and "Bang".
    • Dyno and Mite like causing this.
  • Sudden Name Change: In My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II, the newly militarized MLP cast is called the Friendship Force. In My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III, they are now called "Friendship is Magic"... at least until the Deviant ART rewrite, where they have always been called FiM.
  • Sugar Apocalypse: Unicornicopia being destroyed by Discord.
  • Sugar Bowl: Unicornicopia, with its population of winged unicorns and places named after colors.
  • Super Mode: Nearly every major protagonist has one. Celesto and Celestia have The Grand Celestial Ruler, Lightning has the Enticorn form, as well as "Mega Mode", which is shared by his Starfleet teammates, the MLP ponies can transform into the Valkyries of Harmony (as of Starfleet Magic IV), Spike can turn into The Dragon Knight, and even Cadance has a Super Mode as a ninja.
  • Super Sentai: One of the main inspirations for the author. The unicorns fight their enemies like Power Rangers, minus the giant robots.
  • Take That:
    • Titan blowing up Equestria and the author turning the main cast into losers who can't do anything without the Unicornicopians' help may be one, taking the Revenge Fic nature of the story into account.
    • A more explicit example is given later on. In a flashback chapter, we see the Grand Ruler as a teenager being constantly bullied by a unicorn with the name Dusk Shine. Said character is based on someone who posted on fimchan and asked the author about various Plot Holes.
    • The entirety of Chapter 5 of Starfleet Magic 3 is a prolonged attack on all his critics.
  • That Reminds Me of a Song: With the exception of the "Theme Song," all of the songs are there just to be there.
    • Most of the songs were removed in subsequent revisions, although that's more because Mykan believed that they were the reason the older versions were removed, as has a (rarely-enforced) rule against using copyrighted songs. As Deviant ART does not have the same limitations, that version retains the songs and includes links to Youtube videos of the songs he copied.
  • Took a Level in Dumbass: Twilight and her friends. When meeting Rhymey during his visit in Equestria, they all mistake him for a crossdressing Fluttershy. Bonus points go to Rarity, who outright states she has no problem that "she" completely transformed herself with magic into a male. The remake tries to address this by making them believe that she is disguised, which manages to make them look even dumber.
  • Troll Fic: What many bronies think this story is. It isn't. He's been writing stuff like this since 2006, and he apparently sets a word quota for himself (every story MUST be equivalent to the average 30-minute episode, no exceptions). Then again, he might just be a ridiculously persistent troll...
    • Mykan briefly attempted to release non-Starfleet MLP fanfics that were likely intended to troll fans of the show by ending after the first chapter with no intention to continue. It didn't work.
  • Two Girls to a Team: Krysta and Starla in the first one.
  • Unexplained Recovery:
    • Nightmare Moon, who has survived her demise at the end of Elements Of Harmony, and Titan, after being blown up halfway through the story.
    • Speaking of Titan, turns out he survived getting THROWN INTO THE SUN and becomes the Big Bad of The Movie.
  • Villain Decay:
    • Discord, god of chaos and, in general, considered one of the best characters in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, is reduced to a brainwashed monster henchman of Big Bad Titan near the end of the story and loses his reality warping abilities. To add insult to injury, he gets Killed Off for Real by Celestia.
    • The sequel also does this to Queen Chrysalis.
  • Villain Team-Up:
    • Nightmare Moon and Titan's henchmen team up in order to take over Equestria.
    • A smaller-scale example occurs in Episode 16 of My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III, where Raven and Harkin team up.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?:
    • Inquirius and Cookie Dough (who was a core member of Star Fleet in the first one) don`t play any role in the sequels. According to Word of God that`s because he had no idea how to use them anymore. The same goes for Abra Kadabra, who is only there to make Goldwin come alive.
    • Another example is My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II one-shot character Cerise, who, despite being a high-ranked Starfleet member and being only the 3rd character shown to be able to use the Uniforce, is only mentioned once in passing later.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?:
    • In one chapter, Rep-Stallion is ready to deliver the killing blow to Lightning when Titan calls him back for no reason at all. If he had just given him five more seconds, the hero would have been dead. Titan later explains that this is because he wants Lightning alive so he can take his powers. Not exactly the smartest plan when Lightning is the only one who is able to defeat him and he's conquered worlds without the Uniforce before.
    • Happens again in My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic III, Episode 11, where Phaedra is called away by Sombra when she is about to kill Royce and Pinkie Pie, though at least this time there's a reasonable explanation (She already got the Crystal Heart Sombra told her to get).
  • Winged Unicorn: Most of the characters.
  • You Are Number Six: Unicorns have serial numbers on their jumpsuits (CM's being another one of the things the author didn't get/like and changed).

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