Characters: Kodomo no Omocha

A list that covers the characters from anime and manga series Kodomo no Omocha.

Sana Kurata

Voiced by: Shizue Oda (JP), Laura Bailey (EN)

An exhuberant and cheerful girl who is a child star (or child idol, Chidol, in Japan) and who sees the world in such a positive light withc childish eyes... until the moment she starts to get know of her classmate, Akito Hayama, who she used to hate. At the start of the series she works in a TV Show called 'Kodomo no Omocha' and after a while she starts accepting roles that will increase her career.She is the adoptive daughter of famous writer, Misako Kurata, who found her in a park when she was barely born. Her biological mother, Keiko, abandoned her after giving birth, at only 13 years old. She found out about being adopted when she was just 5 years old, but oculdn't openly speak about it until she had 'grown up'.Sana lives at the Kurata household with her mom, Rei Sagami (her manager), Shimura-san (their maid), and their many dogs.

In a special crossover for Miho Obana's 20th anniversary of career, Deep Clear, we find out that Sana, now 26, is still working as an actress. Now as an adult, she is also married to Akito and is pregnant, but due to certain circumstances, her pregnancy was giving trouble to her marriage until Shuri Otokawa (an ESP user and detective, the main character of Obana's last manga, Honey Bitter) is hired as an 'inspiration' for her newest role and tries to help her.

Akito Hayama

Voiced by: Tatsuya Nakazaki (JP), Jerry Jewell (EN)

A (former) troublemaker that caused chaos during 6th grade in Sana's group. Quite the stoic in physical, he is also very strong. After Sana started to call him out of all of his 'evil' doing at school, and after an intent of blackmail, she becomes his 'interest' and love obsession.

His family is also a little complicated. When Akito was born, his mother Koharu died for childbirth resulting that his older sister (Natsumi) had this resent feeling towards him. Additionally, he didn't have the best relationship with his father Fuyuki, due to him always working. As a result, he eventually developed a bad behavior around his classmates and disrespect on adults and his teachers. But, even with that, he is a good student with good grades. It's thanks to Sana that he started to open his heart and his family ties started to get mended. Although the first... only a little, when a hard road eventually develops for both of them.

In Deep Clear, a 26 year old Akito is married to Sana, and practices relaxative medicine in a local hospital. Suspected of having an affair that keeps him away from Sana, in reality is that he has been having trouble with her having their child, because he fears that she would die of childbirth as his own mother did. They eventually reconcile once their child is born.

Tsuyoshi Ohki/Sasaki

Voiced by: Mayumi Misawa (JP), Greg Ayres (EN)

Tsuyoshi is Akito's best friend. He is this soft-spoken and quite smart child, and though he has this gentle personality, you must know to do NOT make him angry! He has several berserk buttons and throws a whole rage tornado until Akito subdue him and make him calm down.

It was clearly stated that he was the 'rival' to Akito's love for Sana, but after eventually giving her up, he went to Aya, who had a crush on him. Due to certain conditions happening at his house, his parents divorce, and then he starts to cope with the responsability of being much more than an older brother mentor to his little sister, Aono.

Aya Sugita

Voiced by: Akiko Kikuchi (JP), Monica Rial (EN)

Aya is one of Sana's close friends at school. She is a very mild-mannered girl who is also quiet and sweet, with a good deal of common sense. She had a crush on Tsuyoshi whom she later confesses on, under the circumstances (little she knew he was quite the one to love at first 'gift'). They start a relationship later without handling these matters, though.

Fuuka Matsui

Voiced by: Harumi Ikoma (JP)

Fuuka moves back to Tokyo from Osaka, when Sana and Hayama start junior high school. Although quite handling a bit of the obvious Osaka stereotypes (mostly the whole boke and tsukkomi routine and a little of the Kansai regional accent) she coupled with the class perfectly. She and Sana became best friends fast because both of them share similar looks and also, personality.

But also, it is not Sana the only one she finds out, but actual ex-classmate of hers in kindergarden, Akito Hayama, who happens to be her first kiss... through a bet that she doesn't know it existed at the first place who as Sana, she hated him at first but actuall when starting to know him better, feelings for him also change.

Both of them start dating when Sana was absent filming Mizu no Yakata, due first for 'help', and later because missunderstandings that happened in between because fo the movie filming and Akito's feelings towards Sana, but not so much after they break up until Fuuka understood his feelings towards Sana.

She is a good gymnast and a quite good student, too.

Naozumi Kamura

Voiced by: Omi Minami (JP), Chris Patton (EN)

Naozumi is a child actor whose popularity is in there alongside Sana. He presents himself as a person who 'knows her secret the localization of her 'secret' moles and confesses to Sana that they also share a bond and that he quite likes her. In reality, both of them first met when they were babies since both of them coincided in the same Orphanage.

He admired her and looked at her, and became inspired to follow her path as well: acting. And suddenly realized that that bond was in there for both of them being together. But Sana, oblivious to his feelings, just sees him as a friend and as a brother of sorts. He has an undying loyalty to Sana, to the extremes of warning Akito of taking care of her too much to not let her happen something bad.

As an actor, he travels too much, so it's not surprising he left the country to advance in his career... however, as proved in the follow-up to Deep Clear, Misty Blue, Shuri Ohkawa finds this now adult Naozumi pretty interesting but confusing because his devoted love for Sana hasn't dissapeared for so many years, to the point of not falling in love with another girl again because of her.

Misako Kurata

Voiced by: Hana Kino (JP), Colleen Clinkenbeard (EN)

She's Sana's adoptive mother. A famous novel's author whose live was quite an interesting one (she got married at 18 years old, divorced just two years after) that she covered in a some of her books and essays ('The Pimp and I' is basically the story of her and her gambler ex-husband).

She tries to enjoy her life to the maximum (given her weird antics) after receiving the news that she couldn't conceive any children (and again, it was one of the reasons she got divorced too). One day, suddenly taking a walk, she found baby Sana abandoned in a park....

Maro-chan, her squirrel, lives in her hair. She also likes to make misserable her editor due to not giving her works at the due date.

Rei Sagami

Voiced by: Ryo Naitou (JP), John Burgmeier (EN)

Rei is Sana's manager (and former "boyfriend"). He is always cheering up Sana and taking his job seriously, since he only wants to see her succeed in her career.

However, there's more than meets the eye. Years ago, just after a series of twists (being dumped by his girlfriend, getting dropped out of college, his parents also died in an accident, basically leaving him without a penny), he hits bottom and becomes a homeless person.

While begging on the streets, Misako Kurata and her daughter passed on, which brought Sana's attention. And one day, she brings him out to their house as if he was an abandoned puppy. Misako decides to keep him around, it becoming his first established home in a while, and has lived in there since then, working as a manager for Sana. At the beginning, in fact, Sana looked at him as if he was her boyfriend (more exactly, a 'pimp', after reading a part of her mother's book), but after being called of Akito, Rei knew he couldn't keep the charade for a long time now, either. Sana gets devastated... especially when Rei's girlfriend appears in their lives and he realizes that those feelings for her haven't dissapeared either.

Even after the "heartbreak", Sana considers him as her first love crush, and remain as friends.

  • Bishōnen
  • Butt Monkey: Especially, upped to the max in the anime. For example, when Sana gets her First Kiss with Akito, Rei gets trapped in the middle of a traffic accident which was probably the result of her reaction towards that kiss.
  • Cool Shades: To hide his lovely eyes.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: When it comes to Asako.
  • Drives Like Crazy: This only applied to the anime series, though. He seems to be the opposite in the manga.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Sana, he is like 10 years older than her.
  • I Owe You My Life: After the full twists of bad luck that Rei had after the breakup with Asako, Sana appeared in his life. She 'saved' him from being a hobo, and later, undoubtly wanted to work for her own sake.
  • Large Ham: Mostly in the anime series.
  • The Men in Black: Subverted since Rei is a big softy. The glasses are worn at Sana's behest because she thinks his "beautiful eyes" should remain hidden.
  • Nice Guy: Behind these glasses, there's a really kind heart.
  • Overprotective Dad: After Sana stopped seeing Rei as her boyfriend, he starts acting like a dad for her. To the extreme of being a bit overprotective to her.
  • Papa Wolf: Towards Sana.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Sana.


Voiced by: Tomoko Hikita (Japanese), Chris Cason (English)

A rare creature mixed from a rabbit and a bat (hence its name, Babbit) is quite the narrator and Fourth Wall Observer of the anime series, quite being ignored by the characters themselves (and sometimes, they do realize it is there, for their annoyance...).

Babbit is in sorts the mascot of the series given his anime-in-universe presence and in real world's items especially the toys.

Natsumi Hayama

Voiced by: Akemi Okamura (Japanese), Caitlin Glass (English)

  • Big Sister Bully: Initially.
  • Brainy Brunette
  • Broken Bird: She treated Akito like crap because of the deep emotional scars left by Koharu's death.
  • Cool Big Sis: After the Hayama family's problems are partially resolved by Sana and they start to emotionally heal.
  • Heel-Face Turn: After watching Sana's movie that resembled her life, Natsumi realizes her wrongdoings and redeems herself.
  • Missing Mom: Unlike Akito, she actually met and remembers her mother.
  • Theme Naming: As with the rest of the Hayama family, seasons. Natsu: Summer.

Fuyuki Hayama

Voiced by: Takashi Matsuyama (Japanese), Randy Tallman (English)

  • Bumbling Dad: A rare dramatic example. Akito's issues steam from Fuyuki's inability to raise him as a single parent without blaming him for the death of his wife Koharu.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: In the anime... hoo boy.
  • The Comically Serious
  • Doting Parent: Once the family issues subside, it's evident that he's immensely proud of his children and even tries to pamper them a bit (One of the few things Akito likes is sushi, so Fuyuki brings takeaway every now and then)
  • Dull Surprise: Dull everything more like.
  • Everybody Calls Him Barkeep: "Hayama-chichi" (Daddy Hayama)
  • Japanese Delinquents: He, when he was young, to everyone's surprise.
  • Overprotective Dad: After the family issues are solved.
  • Papa Wolf: A bit on the "passive" side, but sometimes surfaces.
  • Salaryman
  • Shared Family Quirks: Both he and his son are serious, polite, silent and kind-hearted, but with a violent streak when angry. Of course, the main difference is that Akito is angry all the time, while his father is (almost) never angry.
  • Theme Naming: As with the rest of the Hayama family, seasons. Fuyu: Winter.

Koharu Hayama

Voiced by: Omi Minami (Japanese), Amber Cotton (English)