Creator / Kent Williams

Kent Williams (born December 27, 1950) is an American actor and voice actor who is one of FUNimation Entertainment's longest-standing voice actors. From highly cultured villains to deities to comedic characters, he's done it all, but if a show includes a middle-aged-to-senior-age, scholarly, authoritative male who doesn't say anything else but speeches, he will be voiced by Kent Williams! Williams is also noted for teaching a few of Funi's voice actors. He discovered Caitlin Glass and coached Maxey Whitehead.

His Californian counterparts are Michael McConnohie, Neil Kaplan, Richard Epcar and Jamieson Price, and his Canadian counterparts are Paul Dobson, Dale Wilson, Michael Donovan, Garry Chalk, Scott McNeil and Richard Newman.

Notable roles by Kent Williams: