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Characters: Avas Demon

Character page for the webcomic Avas Demon. Beware spoilers!

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Ava Ire

"I used to dream about what it would be like if I could make friends, fall in love, what it would be like to enjoy waking up. I daydreamed about pushing a button that would make life worth living."

Ava hasn't had a very pleasant life considering that she has been possessed by a rather angry demon since birth. Said demon has constantly attempted to either kill, or pressure her into making a "Pact" without any explanation of what it entails. The story begins some time after Ava was separated from her parents and sent to a re-education planet terraformed and run by TITAN Inc.


Maggie Lacivi

"So... Tuls, darling, I need you to work your magic again. Pretty please?"

Another child brought to the re-education planet and one of few children Ava has ever been friends with, although the friendship didn't last long due to Wrathia's tampering. She is odd in her own right and seems to have a few issues about image. She has problems with Odin who she views as a stalker, and is arguably justified in thinking so. She also has an enormous crush on Gil.
  • Ax-Crazy: Not completely but she is definitely showing signs of this. In her Dream World. She crushes a fairy with her hand, kills off a number of flowers (they're alive), throws a portrait on the ground... (The first two aren't actually real but still...) She also began to hit and attempted to strangle Ava, believing that she was an illusion made by Tuls.
    • Even in the real world, she was going to just let Odin and Ava die when the spaceship crashed.
  • Berserk Button: Don't call her ugly, monstrous, or scary, she will take it out on you.
  • Dark Action Girl: While probably not evil, she can be violent and is quite the Jerkass. Maggie once tried to kill both Odin and Ava by attacking Odin and crashing his ship without an ounce of regret. She technically succeeded in Ava's case.
  • Dreamworks Face: Yup.
  • Elemental Eye Colors: Her green eyes match her plant based powers.
  • Emotional Powers: Like Ava, her pact side acts up when she is angry or flustered. As seen here and here
  • Foil: According to Word of God, Maggie was designed to be everything Ava isn't.
  • Glowing Eyes: When Tuls is getting ready to cast his magic.
  • Green Thumb: Maggie has shown the ability to convert her arms into surprisingly strong vines/tree branches for combat purposes, an ability she gained after forming a pact with her demon.
  • Has a Type: And Odin, she declares, is not it.
  • Healing Factor: Openly admits that a spaceship that she's on crashing into the ground of a random planet won't kill her. It doesn't.


Odin Arrow

"B-before you rash, I...n-need you to just...h-hear me out..."

A student who attended Ava and Maggie's class and has an odd interest in Maggie. Little is known about Odin aside from the fact that he hails from a different planet than Maggie and Ava. His age is rather nebulous at best, as he is stated to be the same age as the others yet looks far older. At the start of the story, Odin tries to convince Maggie to leave the planet with him, and insists that she is in danger from something.
  • Agent Scully: Seems to really enjoy poking holes in the logic of TITAN's existence and power.
  • Big "NO!": After he learns his ship crashed.
  • Butt Monkey: Almost every woman in the comic has tried to throw Odin under the bus at some point. Maggie, Ava, hell, even his sisters for no apparent reason.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Made even funnier thanks to his stoicism and his stutter. He and Ava snark up a storm when they meet for a second time.
  • Death Glare: Gives a truly amazing one here while looking at his brokennote  touch-screen thing. Seriously, HOLY CRAP.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Not romantic but Ava is short enough that Odin can hold her aloft with one hand. As seen here.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Possibly. In spite of what Maggie says, Odin has so far treated both her and Ava nicer than they treat him, certainly better than they so far deserve. It's unknown whether his dislike of Gil comes from him being a TITAN worshipper or Gil being Gil.
  • Little "No": Several, after the Big "NO!".
  • Meaningful Name: Arrow sounds a lot like "arrogant", aka Pride.
  • Not So Stoic: He gets noticeably grumpy when TITAN is mentioned, even calling his worship a "cult." He also freaks out when he finds out what happened to his ship.
  • Rescue Romance: What he was planning.
  • Speech Impediment: S-s-t... stuttering.
  • Stalker with a Crush: At least in Maggie's opinion. It's unclear to what extent Odin pursues her, but she has complained more than once to the school administration.
  • The Stoic: Odin is hardly fazed by anything, no matter how grim the situation seems. His facial expression is one of perpetual seriousness, and he rarely has any emotional outbursts.
  • The Stoner: With his beard, pipe and stoicism, Odin gives off this vibe. It could also explain why he looks older than everyone else and his red pupils.
  • Stutter Stop: Odin usually speaks with a significant stutter but when Maggie nearly kills Odin by hijacking and crashing his ship, his speaking abilities suddenly improve (although the stutter is still present).
  • Technicolor Eyes: His pupils are red. It's currently unknown whether the effect is artistic or noticeable in-universe but it doesn't appear to be genetic; his sisters don't have it.
  • Vague Age: He's stated to be 16, though even Ava comments that he doesn't look it.


Gil Marverde

"What kind of doctor would I be if I just left them to die?"

A blue skinned boy from another planet and an aspiring doctor. Close friends with Nevy Nervine and has promised to ask TITAN a very important question on her behalf. He seems to be kind-hearted and perfectly willing to help others at his own expense. Reveres TITAN as a sort of leader/god.
  • Back from the Dead: He was dying of acid burns when the followers saved him.
  • Berserk Button: He seems to turn a bit... tetchy, whenever someone points out the shaky logic in his religion. He even calls Ava and Odin "heathens."
  • Combat Medic: His goal is to become one.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: He says "gosh" and "golly" a lot.

    Crow & Raven 

Crow and Raven Arrow

Odin's younger twin sisters.



A girl from Tuls' past.



Wrathia Bellarmina

"If you hadn't ignored me you would know how important I am to this current universe! I have UNFINISHED FUCKING BUSINESS that will never be taken care of!"

The eponymous Demon herself. Not much can be said about her back-story without spoiling, but suffice to say that she is/was very powerful and considers herself a higher being than others, which may not be so far from the truth. She has been tied to Ava from the day Ava was born and had taken it upon herself to makes her life as miserable as possible with semi-good reasons. Hates TITAN with a passion.


Nevy Nervine

"You can't be this nice to strangers, Gil. You're gonna get hurt."

Next to nothing is known about Nevy's past, which is due to her full-blown amnesia. She is bubbly and good friends with Gil, who she wants to keep out of harms way. At times, she seems very possessive of Gil and is prone to being jealous of people he gives attention to. Nevy desires to ask TITAN about her past after she heard that he is omniscient, and desperately wants to learn the truth about herself and who she is.
  • Bubble Gun: Frequently seen blowing bubbles or making bubble animals. In this scene she's making fish.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: It's almost like she doesn't want Gil to have any other friends. Of course, with her being intangible and everything, their relationship is strictly platonic.
  • Cute and Psycho: No word yet but the way she compares people to baited fish on page 801 and 803 makes one wonder.
  • Death Glare: Oh, wow Nevy.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Speculated to be or become this—a theory based mainly on her association with the sin of envy and her reluctance to let Ava & co into her and Gil's lives. Plus, she's a green-eyed monster.
  • Identity Amnesia: It appears as though Nevy has trouble remembering her past, even though she knows her own name (she thinks her name is Nevy, anyway) and feels as though her home and life were taken from her. We don't know precisely what caused it, but it may have something to do with Wrathia's 'cursed wine'. Nevy is, after all, a demon, and this page has Wrathia filling a bottle that matches Nevy's colour scheme and maritime themes.
    Nevy: But what life? Why can't I remember? I wish my head would stop swirling.
  • Making a Splash: Not shown in-story yet, but heavily implied with her oceanic appearance and bubble-making powers.
  • Meaningful Name: "Nevy" is an anagram for "Envy". It's also very close to 'Navy', which is a shade of blue (her hair is blue, but not navy blue specifically), and ties into her associations with water.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: She's not corporeal enough for it to bother him (or even for him to notice), but the way she's leaning on Odin here gives one pause, especially given how she normally reacts to outsiders.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: While this is heavily implied about all of the Demons, it's worth pointing out that the person Wrathia mentions as being strong right after her husband Pedri is Nevy.
  • Pimped-Out Dress: She used to own one. Maybe.
  • Say It with Hearts: Or broken hearts. Either way, it has a really nice effect.


Tuls Tenebrose

The demon possessing Maggie. Green, with a thing for plants.




Not much is known about the entity called "TITAN". He was able to conquer Wrathia's empire of multiple galaxies in the span of a day, and his name is always written in caps. Most likely in charge of TITAN Inc., the company which established Ava's re-education planet. TITAN is rumored to be "all-knowing", although this is likely propaganda spread by TITAN Inc. His forces are said to consist of a "massive army of "followers"", but it is unknown if all of them are willing participants in TITAN's galactic conquest.



Wrathia's husband.

    Silent Scavengers 

Silent Scavengers

Strange and violent creatures who attacked and destroyed Ava's home planet. Their race seems to have control of powerful technology, as demonstrated by the robots used to attack Ava's homeworld, and their capability to destroy an entire planet in a relatively short time span. Odin and his brother seem to have some knowledge and possible past experience with these creatures, although to what extent is unknown. Odin was fortuitously warned by his brother about the impending Silent Scavenger invasion, and is able to escape the planet, along with Maggie and Ava. The Silent Scavenger's motives and allegiance are currently unknown, although they did attack a TITAN-made planet, which could be of significance.

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