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YMMV: Ava's Demon
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Tuls - is his residence a tragically romantic testament to his love for Ranunculae? Or is it a Room Full of Crazy fit for a stalker? Maggie seems to think it's the latter.
  • Awesome Art: This web comic is gorgeous.
  • Base Breaker/Broken Base:
    • After the 2/13/14 update, Maggie is this. For more info, see Nightmare Fuel down below.
    • Is the exclusion of aromantic/asexual characters justified?
    • The censoring of the comic in order to appeal to publishers has broken the base quite a bit.
    • And lastly, the author put out a very loose sketch of Fan-Preferred Couple Ava and Maggie doing lewd things and the Fan Dumb took hold VERY quickly.
  • Eight Deadly Words: The Webcomic Overlook describes this as being the comic's fatal flaw.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Ava and Maggie.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: You know that bottle of booze TITAN gives all of his potential followers? The one that Maggie scarfed down like it was going out of style? It was poisoned, possibly from all the muscle relaxants and sedatives that Ava finds at the TITAN base later on. Maggie inadvertently saved Gil's life.
  • I Knew It: Pedri being Odin's Demon. This didn't stop the fandom's ecstatic reaction though.
  • Les Yay:
    • The accidental sort here. Lampshaded by Odin shortly afterwards.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Wrathia being a Rules Lawyer in order to get out of keeping her end of the deal.
    • Maggie as well. She was willing to kill Ava and Odin because the later refused to apologize to her for kidnapping her even though his actions saved her life. She's even angry when she discovers they survived the crash and then she tries to convince Gil into sending Ava and Odin to the authorities. In all fairness, she had no reason to believe Odin wasn't lying and had in fact kidnapped her (and she did wake up to another girl bound and gagged right next to her, which doesn't really help his case). Although it doesn't excuse her willingness to let Ava die with him.
      • ^^^ actually it makes a lot of sense in hindsight (though doesn't make it better), Odin says "Now it's clear why you were always rejected, you're a real monster Maggie" after seeing her use Tul's branch-arms power for the first time... (which is not a normal thing for her to do, and she hasn't been able to do it her whole life so as far as she knows— she is a monster) and the fact that she's already had six failed relationships where she was rejected and that's on top of the fact that something ruined her friendship with Ava (which could have also been a rejection)... I think he just happened to strike a big nerve of hers and she got angry and lost it...
    • Then she threw Ava into a lava pit thinking she is an illusion, saying what does she know about helping her.
  • Narm: If it was supposed to be taken seriously in the first place, the intro has Wrathia making Ava scribble "FUCK U AVA U FAT BITCH" on a page. It's really difficult to take seriously.
    • Though the update of this panel is a bit more eerie with the rhyme "Die in a fire, Ava Ire" which brings on a more dark and less unintentionally comical atmosphere.
  • Ship Mates: Those who pair Ava and Odin will almost always pair Maggie and Gil too, and the ones who pair Ava and Maggie will almost always pair Gil and Odin as well.
  • Tear Jerker: Ava's misery really shines through.
    • What would you know about helping me?
    • Pedri misses his wife
    • Ava's social anxiety on page 1129 followed by a 7-page freakout weaving through the crowd of TITAN followers that actually DOES appear to be watching her every move.
    • And the fact that when Ava was dead SHE WAS RELIEVED because she's wanted to be die for such along, long time just so she wouldn't have to live with the pain of "her mind" telling cruel things to her and isolating her from ever having friends or people who cared about her every single minute of every day of her life... that takes an immeasurable amount of strength to deal with that.
  • Uncanny Valley: Ava's right, all the people staring at on her in this image are rather unnerving.
  • Win Back the Crowd: With base breaking going on for most of the 2014 summer over queer representation, the reveal that Crow had a girlfriend was met quite well.
    • The reveal of Strategos Six being agender also helped a bit.
  • The Woobie:
    • Gil. Watching your home planet be ravaged by Silent Scavengers and dying from horrific injuries will do that to you.
    • Oh, dear God Ava. Having a demon who has constantly tried to kill her and caused her to have zero friends, as well as hints of suicidal depression from Ava? It's a miracle she's even alive.
    • Before he became a demon, Tuls was a guard serving a Princess that he fell in love with. His side of the pact involves seeing her one final time and finally confessing his feelings. Even if that means he will be rejected. Being the demon of Maggie certainly adds to the woobie factor as well.

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