Fans Prefer the New Her

A specific type of Audience Reaction. For every Unnecessary Makeover, you're bound to find the opposite. This is the case where a character in universe (usually female) gets some kind of makeover. Her friends are horrified that she would change at all and treat said makeover as something awful or else spend a good time talking about how much better she looked before. Normally, because Status Quo Is God, the makeover will be gone and the character will be back to normal, though sometimes the friends may learn An Aesop that the friend dresses for herself and not to please them. However, Fans Prefer the New Her (or him). Perhaps if it's an Evil Makeover, then it might result from Evil Is Sexy? The scruffy guy might look good in a business suit, a Tomboy might suit the Girliness Upgrade, you get the picture.

See also Unnecessary Makeover, Beautiful All Along and Just the Way You Are, which is what this trope is trying to be.


Comic Books
  • Spider-Man
    • This happens with Spider-Man's black costume, although to be fair, half the characters were rather accepting of it. It's Mary Jane who dislikes it, and insists that he get rid of it (although in her defense, she was just attacked by someone wearing an identical costume, so her disdain for it was understandable). The costume has persisted as a fan-favorite, appearing in nearly every adaptation of the character in some form, and constantly being featured as an alternate outfit in video games.
    • This is played a bit straighter in Ultimate Spider-Man, where Peter got the same black costume and lost it over the course of a couple issues. When Mary Jane discovered he'd discarded it, she agreed that "it wasn't him".
  • One issue of Archie Comics had Betty start dressing goth and hanging around goth kids. Her friends are at first negative about the change but in the end try it out themselves in order to relate to Betty. Betty looked really attractive as a Perky Goth, especially since she had Blue Eyes when normally they're a cartoony black, however it isn't referenced after that issue.

  • The Stepford Wives (2004)
    • The robot wives in both versions are forced into different outfits than they normally wear. In the original film it worked because Joanna, Bobbie etc were already very good looking beforehand - and they were forced into 1950s style dresses with too much make-up. The implication was that they looked like porcelain dolls. But in the remake, Joanna spends most of the film with a hairstyle that doesn't suit her and Bobbie is likewise dressed down - making the robot transformations come across as She Cleans Up Nicely. The rest of the wives are likewise put into very flattering sun dresses.
    • Similarly, Roger looks much better after his makeover without the loud mishmash of colors and clownish outfits.
    • This would have been the case for the original too. Word of God says that the wives would originally have been dressed "like Playboy bunnies, sans the ears" until the director cast his wife Nanette Newman in a role. As she was significantly older than the rest of the actresses playing the wives, the change to 1950s dresses was done.
  • In Freaky Friday (2003), Tess is repulsed by the makeover she is forced to get when Anna is in her body. Except she had a very unflattering hairstyle before said makeover and dressed all in black dowdy clothes that didn't seem to fit her. This appears to be just Tess's reaction, as she gets a few looks from men as she walks down the street after the makeover and her fiancÚ seems to like it too.
  • In The Hole, Liz dyes her hair blonde to get Mike to notice her, but freaks out at the result and dyes it back. The actress is actually a natural blonde so the colour suits her much better than the black hair she has for the rest of the film.
  • In V for Vendetta, Evey is naturally furious at having her head shaved in prison yet Natalie Portman pulls off the bald look really well.
  • In a similar example to the above, when Anne Hathaway is shaved nearly bald in Les MisÚrables, it's meant to be just another degradation in her character's miserable life. Turns out, Anne Hathaway looks fantastic with short hair, and a lot of fans embraced the "new look", not realizing she fully intended to grow it back.
  • Mika Boorem's makeover in Augusta, Gone is meant to symbolize her character properly going off the deep end and when she checks herself into a teen rehab centre, the psychologist forbids her from wearing her punk-rock/heavy metal clothes. Compared to the extremes some rocker chicks go for, Augusta looks quite tame and actually suits the look.
  • Fred and Velma in the live action Scooby-Doo movie get possessed by demons that think all humans dress like beach party kids and so they get made over accordingly, which suits them. In fact, when Velma puts her glasses back on, she looks very nice indeed.

Live Action TV
  • Elliott and Carla have this reaction in Scrubs when they meet a patient who just got plastic surgery after a car accident and wants to go back to the way she looked before
    "I know I had a big nose and droopy eyes, but they were my big nose and droopy eyes"
  • The reality series Extreme Male Beauty has the presenter Tim revealing his new self to his wife and friends who are all repulsed by it and the end of the last episode has him going down to the pub to start reverting to his old self straight away. While admittedly what he had to go through to change was excessive (long hours in the gym, crash dieting etc) he didn't look nearly as bad afterwards as his friends were saying. What's even worse is that the first episode has him thinking his wife wants him to change and she insists she doesn't but he goes ahead with it anyway because he wants to change. It also comes across as a rather mean-spirited anti-fitness Aesop; ignoring that the excessive methods Tim went through to get in shape are precisely what personal trainers advise against. Namely he was trying to get in shape cold turkey in eight weeks - whereas most people advise making gradual adjustments in lifestyle.
  • Similar case with the show Scene Stealers where teenagers from one scene were made over to try and pass as those from another (i.e. a plastic was made into a goth). Some of the teens that got made over suited the new styles quite well, especially Michaela a goth who became Mikki a plastic. She suited the plastic look much better than the girl who made her over. A rude girl Gemma also got made over into a posh look that looked better without all the extra jewelery etc.
  • The reality show That'll Teach Em, which saw modern teenagers sent to 1950s-style school, had all the boys receive a traditional short back and sides haircut, which did not make some of the long-haired rockers happy. One boy, Brennon Gunston, started out with long floppy blond hair and ended up leaving the series as a result of the Traumatic Haircut. Yet to some, the haircut looked nice on him. These types of shows become Hilarious in Hindsight since the 1950s hairstyles came back into fashion.
  • On an episode of Snog Marry Avoid, POD is appalled when presenter Ellie gets hair extensions put in. Ellie does indeed look very nice with long hair and the extensions themselves looked quite natural on her.
  • Total Divas has Paige getting annoyed at having to do Beautiful All Along for the Hall of Fame ceremony. Plenty of fans enjoyed getting the chance to see her tanned and in a Pimped-Out Dress.
  • In an alternate universe in Once Upon a Time Emma has been locked in a tower for years and is dressed in rags. The gown she's wearing is actually quite nice and it rather suits Emma's Unkempt Beauty. Too bad she changes out of it pretty quickly.

Western Animation
  • In As Told by Ginger, Ginger's friends get really worried when she gets made over to look like Courtney Grippling and she results in learning An Aesop about being true to herself. Though she looked quite nice with her hair done and wearing some of Courtney's clothes.
  • The Weekenders;
    • The episode "My Punky Valentine" has Tino getting a punk rock makeover to try and get a girl's attention which his friends are not happy with. He actually suits the punk rock look, but it's gone by the end of the episode.
    • Similarly, Lor gets a Girliness Upgrade in another episode when she hears a boy likes her. Her friends have an Uncanny Valley reaction to the makeover and the guy says it freaked him out. The makeover itself wasn't as extreme as some other examples since all that was different was Lor wearing a skirt and a girlier hairstyle. Though admittedly, she backed out when she heard she was supposed to get made over even more (including plastic surgery).
    • And a three-fer for The Weekenders. Tish gives herself a set of fuzzy buns on the side of her hair and the gang act as if it's the end of the world. It wasn't preferable to her old hair, but it wasn't as hideous as they make it out to be.
  • In Recess, Spinelli enters a Beauty Contest for kids and at the end refers to herself as a "painted up doll", implying she doesn't like being cleaned up. But she does look very nice in her evening gown with her hair done up.
  • The All Grown Up! episode "Bad Kimi" has Chuckie horrified when Kimi shows up with a pink streak in her hair because he takes it as a sign of her rebelling and it's gone by the next episode. The do in question? Kinda cute.
  • The Simpsons: Marge Simpson is not happy when a plastic surgeon gives her breast implants by accident and she spends the whole episode fretting about them, which of course means they're gone by the end of the episode. This one probably doesn't need any further explanation.
  • In the Family Guy episode "Sibling Rivalry", Lois gains weight when Peter gets a vassectomy, up until she becomes as obese as Peter. The show treats this as one of the worst things ever, though some fans believe she looks sexy while she was pudgy.
  • One episode of Harvey Beaks has Fee getting her first haircut and increasingly cutting it shorter to avoid getting it ruined. Several of the haircuts were considered very cute but by the next episode she has her old hair back. It's at least justified in that she is a Wild Child who never brushes, washes, or combs her hair so long, messy hair fits her better.
  • Happens a few times in Jem. In "The Bands Break Up" Raya is disgusted by Kimber's new Misfits inspired makeup however fans either often prefer it or can't tell the difference. Similarly Roxy gets a makeover in "Roxy Rumbles" when she decides to change her life and many fans liked it quite a bit.