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Character page for the webcomic ''Webcomic/AvasDemon''. Beware '''spoilers!'''


[[folder: Hosts in General]]

Ordinary mortals who were unlucky enough to be born (or reborn) at the exact moment a powerful alien, somewhere else in the galaxy, died and became a demon. Initially their demons have limited powers and follow them around as spirits, but each host and demon has the potential to make a contract, fusing their souls and becoming very, very powerful. So far we've met four- Ava, Maggie, Gil, and Odin.

* [[BlessedWithSuck Blessed With Suck]]/[[CursedWithAwesome Cursed With Awesome]]: Get incredible GameBreaking powers in exchange for being stuck with an unstable demon in your head. Exactly how difficult this situation is differs depending on the demon-host relationship.
* BullyingADragon: All four we've seen are or were victims of this to some degree.
** Ava's is invoked by Wrathia, as her friendless background is directly the result of her interference.
** Maggie's is only hinted at from [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#0871 the way she talks about Gil]], it seems the girl doesn't have a good history with people.
** Odin's sisters are a more teasing type, but they also put a tracker on him by sabotaging a ring that's obviously important to him, and [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1447 he implies he's never given a lot of respect from his family.]]
** Gil is forgotten by his old friends (who apparently reported his discussions with Nevy to the principal) and then would have been made a janitor instead of a doctor as he'd dreamed and studied for. Kinda lucky he never found out that last fact.
* ColorCodedCharacters:
** Ava is Red
** Maggie is Green
** Gil is Blue
** Odin is Purple
* DealWithTheDevil: They can extend their powers through a "pact."
* DemonicPossession: In the literal sense, though Wrathia at least is (or was) capable of playing it fully straight.
* DysfunctionJunction: All the hosts have some unresolved issues that just seem to get worse around each other.
** Ava has a crippling lack of confidence, and due to Wrathia's influence, she has been ostracized her whole life. Basically every single time she's tried to do something to improve her life, it only seems to make things worse. As a result, when she gains power she has no sense of responsibility or self-limitations and goes wild.
** Maggie is incredibly abrasive towards basically everyone except Gil, who she's crushing on. She downplays her own flaws and blows out of proportion those of others. WordOfGod implies that something terrible happened to her in the past that caused her to be this way, though, and that she should be pitied more than hated.
** Odin has serious self-esteem issues that he keeps hidden under a stoic facade, and it's implied his own family doesn't really care about him. He compensates by smoking and being standoffish towards basically everyone.
** Gil is the most well-adjusted of the four, but he died in a horrifying way when he was four, and has spent all the time since trying to belong in Titan's society, essentially becoming a religious fanatic. Towards Odin and Ava, who he thinks don't belong in Titan's society, he is rather insensitive and condescending.
* ElementalPowers: Though they can't access them until they form a pact, each is associated with an element
** [[PlayingWithFire Fire and Lava]] for Ava/Wrathia
** [[GreenThumb Plants]] for Maggie/Tuls
** [[MakingASplash Water]] for Gil/Nevy (who hasn't unlocked it yet)
** [[{{Necromancer}} Death]] for Odin/Pedri (who hasn't unlocked it yet)
* EmotionalPowers: According to WordOfGod.
* ExoticEyeDesigns: Each has a glowing geometric shape in their eyes- circles for Ava, triangles for Maggie, squares for Odin, and diamonds for Gil. If the cast page is anything to go by, the remaining three have stars, hearts, and crescent moons.
* FlowerMotif: Each of them has been so far associated to a flower in one way or another (except Gil, who is more associated with fishes)
** Ava is connected to poppies, specifically red poppies. In flower language, red poppies are largely associated with death in the west, both in relation to the fact she died in order to make a pact and that she [[spoiler:caused the death of many when she took the potion]].
** Maggie is associated with blue roses. Blue roses aren't natural, and are obtained through artificial means (they are either dyed blue or bred). While they are sometimes used as symbols of love, they are also symbols of the unattainable. This is specially true since she is implied to use Tul's Blue Roses to [[spoiler:force men to fall in love with her, therefore she has an artificial love]].
** Odin is related to an in-universe flower Florem Mortem, which he smokes in order [[spoiler:be unable to hear Pedri]].
* HijackingCthulhu: Ava proves this is possible for them- if difficult. Maggie also bullies Tuls, and Odin seems to have a bad relationship with Pedri without being as broken as Ava is.
* HumanoidAbomination: Unintentionally and [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1102 to varying degrees]] depending on how fused they are with their demon, but yes. Just, [[http://www.avasdemon.com/1546.php#1546 yes.]]
* MacGuffinSuperPerson: Unconfirmed, but from Odin's discussion with his sisters it seems he was sent to collect Maggie for whoever's collected ''him''.
* MadeOfIron: With pacts they have NighInvulnerability, and even without pacts Odin and Gil survive Ava's attack, and Odin survives his ship crashing with minimal injuries.
** Although in the latter case Gil was protected from debris by Maggie and Odin by [[spoiler: Ava]], it's noticeable that ConvectionSchmonvection is 100% averted for everyone but Maggie, Gil, Odin, and Strategos Six (though they're still affected by the heat none of them receive burns in situations where others do.)
* MeaningfulName: Everyone's name is related to their sins and powers. See individual characters for details.
* MentalWorld: Those that have made a pact have access to one.
* NotSoImaginaryFriend: According to WordOfGod, one way to read the comic is by assuming it's actually a JekyllAndHyde[=/=]EnemyWithin situation.
* PowersViaPossession: As far as we know, only as pactmakers.
* RedRightHand: Apart from the TreasureChestCavity, hosts who have made a pact gain some form of physical marker, such as Ava's face glowing or Maggie's hair turning green.
* SevenDeadlySins: The demons each correspond to one of the seven deadly sins, and their hosts seems particularly vulnerable to these traits as well.
* StrongerThanTheyLook: All of them, [[DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength whether aware of it or not]], could use incredibly powerful magic if they make a pact. [[PersonOfMassDestruction Really, really powerful magic.]]
* SymbioticPossession: Played straight for Maggie and Gil, averted for Odin and Ava.
* TreasureChestCavity: Only after forming a pact. It serves as a portal to their MentalWorld.
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: If Ava's any indication, the stronger they become, the more they're influenced by their demons.

!!Ava Ire
->''"I used to dream about what it would be like if [[IJustWantToHaveFriends I could make friends,]] fall in love, [[IronWoobie what it would be like to enjoy waking up.]] I daydreamed about pushing a button that would make [[TraumaCongaLine life worth living]]."''

Ava hasn't had a very pleasant life considering that she has been possessed by a rather angry demon since birth. Said demon has constantly attempted to either kill, or pressure her into making a "Pact" without any explanation of what it entails. The story begins some time after Ava was separated from her parents and sent to a re-education planet terraformed and run by TITAN Inc.
* AccidentalPervert: Odin swears up and down that Ava is a CovertPervert. Not helped when she's smelling people, looking up their shirts and her [[FanNickname Limbo Lenses]] can see through their bodies.[[note]]If they have Demons or Pacts.[[/note]]
* AnAxeToGrind: Pulls out one about [[http://www.avasdemon.com/1466.php half the size of her body]] out of her chest compartment and seems more than eager to use it.
* AndIMustScream: An interesting variation. Ava's still alive, but the "potion" (curse) she consumes transforms her into...something, which fans theorize is "Wrava." In this state she ignores her conscience, which is not...good, to say the least. When she starts to speak, some of the words have letters in bold, and the words they form starts off with "THIS IS... BAD..." indicating a part of Ava realizes something is going horribly wrong.
** [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1587 These two pages]] say it all.
* TheAtoner: Considers herself responsible for Maggie's cruelty and as a result refuses to simply leave her to TITAN's followers. She persuades Odin to help her attempt to get Maggie to leave the TITAN base.
* BackFromTheDead: Is brought back to life after she finally forms a pact with Wrathia.
* BadassBoast: "I'm Ava. Ava Ire. And I CAN'T die. Got it, pal!?"
* BerserkerTears: When combined with BurningWithAnger, they [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1931 turn into steam.]]
* BigOlEyebrows: Almost as big as her eyes.
%%* BlessedWithSuck
* BiTheWay: Confirmed by WordOfGod, though she hasn't had much chance to explore her romantic side -- [[spoiler: confirmed around p 1918 to have a crush on Maggie.]]
* BornUnlucky: Being cursed with a vengeful demon since birth is not very fortuitous.
* BoundAndGagged: Odin's solution for her causing him trouble after trying to knock him out with a wrench.
* BurningWithAnger: After the pact, when she gets angry, she TurnsRed just like Wrathia, gaining a lava-like appearance and [[RedEyesTakeWarning red eyes.]]
* CameBackStrong: Through the Pact she makes.
* ClassicalAntiHero: Weak-willed. Debilitating anxiety. Needs to take down an interstellar empire.
* CoveredWithScars: WordOfGod is that the scars on her upper arms are from "all from the times Wrathia missed".
* {{Curse}}: The potion that Ava drank to change into Wrava is referred to as a liquid curse that would last her a thousand lifetimes.
%%* CurseThatCures
* DarkMagicalGirl: WordOfGod states Ava's [[spoiler:transformation into Wrava]] was based off magical girls.
* DarkSkinnedRedhead: Is a dirty blonde before the pact. Seems to switch between having red-toned skin and fire orange with yellow patches [[EmotionalPowers depending on her mood.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Funnily enough she starts showing shades of this after she dies.
-->'''Ava:''' Well that SUCKS because I have no desires! Except maybe to get rid of YOU.\\
'''Wrathia:''' A lot of things suck at the moment, so you can spare me your newly discovered snarky attitude.
%%* DealWithTheDevil
* EmotionalPowers: Ava's demonic side tends to act up when she is feeling angry or flustered.
** EyeColourChange: Along with skin tones.
* EvilFeelsGood: [[spoiler: Admits that unleashing her wrath against the Titan followers felt incredible.]]
* FangsAreEvil: After drinking the vial.
* {{Foil}}: Maggie is hers, right down to their opposite ColorCodedCharacters.
* FriendlessBackground: Wrathia sabotaged all of Ava's friendships and opportunities to make new ones.
* HealingFactor: After her pact with Wrathia, Ava gains this ability.
* HolyHalo: Twice after Wrathia empowers her. Of course, with her new horns, [[LightIsNotGood it gives some mixed messages.]]
* HornedHumanoid: After drinking a potion.
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Her desire is to have a new life, without Wrathia messing her up and where people will love her.
* IJustWantToHaveFriends: Ava's primary motivation for entering the pact.
* IncompatibleOrientation: [[spoiler:She has a crush for Maggie, [[LoveMartyr despite everything Maggie does to her.]] Unfortunately, Maggie's not interested.]]
* LetsGetDangerous: Ava is quite a different person after drinking the vial. [[DrunkOnTheDarkSide Terrifyingly so]].
* LoserProtagonist: Ava's one former friend thinks she is crazy and hates her guts now. Because of Wrathia's frequent possessions which get Ava into trouble, she is eventually expelled.
* LoveMartyr: Implied to have strong feelings towards Maggie. Despite everything the girl does to her, she still goes back to help her.
* LuminescentBlush: [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0776 A rather literal example,]] complete with [[MyBloodRunsHot actual smoke]] [[HighPressureEmotion exhuming from her mouth]] [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0781 afterward.]]
** [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0581 Has the typical example]] back when her [[EmotionalPowers powers]] were a little less prominent.
* MagmaCumLaude: She vomits up lava. [[RequiredSecondaryPowers Thankfully her digestive tract is now strong enough to handle it.]]
* MeaningfulName: Ire is a synonym for [[SevenDeadlySins wrath]]. Plus, her name is two letters away from 'Lava Fire'.
* MoreThanMindControl: When Ava takes on the "curse."
--> '''Maggie:''' I think it was Ava. But at the same time, it wasn't. It was as if she had been consumed by some kind of...primordal chaos.
* MyBloodRunsHot: After signing the pact with Wrathia. [[DiscussedTrope Discussed]] [[WeirdnessCensor unwittingly]] by Gil [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0326 here.]]
* NoSocialSkills: Blame Wrathia for it. This bites Wrathia in the ass later because it means Ava has no idea how to find or convince Wrathia's followers to join her in her quest against TITAN.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Ava is 15 at the beginning of the story. According to Odin, she looks about 12. Not helped by [[HugeGuyTinyGirl how short she is in comparison to him.]]
* ParentalAbandonment: Ava has no idea what's happened to her parents, but she knows that TITAN separated them.
* PersonOfMassDestruction: After drinking Wrathia's vial.
* PervertedSniffing: Playfully gets accused of this by Odin after she apologizes for calling him "smelly" - she thinks he actually smells nice. [[ShipTease He seems kinda happy that she likes his scent]].
* PlayingWithFire: Ava gains this ability after completing the pact with Wrathia.
* PowerMakesYourHairGrow: [[http://wishingformemoria.tumblr.com/post/109694737406/ Observe.]]
* RapunzelHair: Post-potion Ava's hair is at least twice as long as her body.
* SociallyAwkwardHero: Painfully so. Between Wrathia's possessions and her own bad luck, Ava reacts to social situations and the public like someone approached by the firing squad. When she and Odin are in TITAN's recruitment center, she has a freakout that would have carried over to the physical world had she not been distracted at an opportune moment.
* SpeechBubbles: Ava's bubbles change in font and color to scale how angry she is (and how much control she has over herself).
* SummonMagic: Ava does this during the video in [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1546 Chapter 17]].
* TheDogBitesBack: After everything she endures in life, being singled out in a crowd for a forcible "upgrade" into a TITAN follower over her protests is finally a bridge too far. [[spoiler:She leaves no survivors.]]
* TookALevelInBadass: Especially when she confronts Wrathia during the BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind.
** [[spoiler:And when she transforms into Wrava and completely decimates Titan HQ.]]
* TookALevelInJerkass: Downplayed, but Ava is way more confrontational and less quiet after the pact than she was before.
** Doubly so after drinking Wrathia's vial. She shows no remorse or regret for [[spoiler: wiping out Titan HQ, and even says that everyone there deserved to die.]]
* TransformationOfThePossessed: Unwittingly agrees to this when trapped with the "[[BodyHorror saved]]" Prudith.
* TreasureChestCavity: Doubling as an extra pocket and a portal between the physical world and her mind where Wrathia resides, she gains a drawer in her chest after the pact.
* WithFriendsLikeThese: With Maggie, but she could have easily been lying to prove her point against Odin.
** [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0966 Seems like]] [[NotHyperbole she wasn't lying.]]
* WouldHurtAChild: [[spoiler: Under the influence of Wrathia's vial, Ava slaughters an entire room of followers... some of which were mere children.]]
* YourSizeMayVary: Especially when [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0003 not showing anything]] [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0947 beneath her waist.]] This seems a case more of ArtEvolution, as she starts off apparently half Odin's height, but more recently has been shown to be only [[OneHeadTaller about one-and-a-half heads shorter than he is]] typically.

!!Magnolia "Maggie" Lacivi
->''"So... Tuls, darling, [[FairyGodmother I need you to work your magic again.]] Pretty please?"''

Another child brought to the re-education planet and one of few children Ava has ever been friends with, although the friendship didn't last long due to Wrathia's tampering. She is odd in her own right and seems to have a few issues about image. She has problems with Odin who she views as a stalker, and is arguably justified in thinking so. She also has an enormous crush on Gil.
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Has dark skin. WordOfGod states she would be considered Afro-Latina in our world.
* AxCrazy: Shows signs of this when she commits random acts of violence in her DreamWorld and crashes the spaceship she's traveling in when someone ticks her off.
* BerserkButton: Don't call her ugly, monstrous, or scary, she will take it out on you.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: While they are, for various reasons, hardly innocent, Maggie makes sure to play up Ava and Odin's flaws to Gil and outright lies about her involvement in the ship crashing to ensure she stays on his good side.
** Eventually she is [[WhatTheHellHero called out on this.]]
* ConvertingForLove: Maggie decides to enlist as a follower of TITAN not long after she falls for Gil. Note that she doesn't know much about TITAN and has no real interest in the religion itself.
* DarkActionGirl: While probably not evil, she can be violent and is quite the {{Jerkass}}.
* DreamworksFace: [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0846 Yup.]]
* ElementalEyeColors: Her green eyes match her plant based powers.
* EmotionalPowers: Like Ava, her pact side acts up when she is angry or flustered. As seen [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0513 here]] and [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0516 here.]]
** She's pretty much full-flower [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1712 here]] from frustration and embarrassment.
* {{Foil}}: According to WordOfGod, Maggie was designed to be everything Ava isn't.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Maggie is confident she'll survive Odin's ship crashing. She already knew that pact holders are NighInvulnerable.
* GlowingEyes: When Tuls is getting ready to cast his magic.
* GreenThumb: Maggie has shown the ability to convert her arms into surprisingly strong vines/tree branches for combat purposes, an ability she gained [[WordOfGod after forming a pact with her demon]].
* HasAType: And Odin, she declares, is not it.
* HealingFactor: Openly admits that a spaceship that she's on crashing into the ground of a random planet won't kill her. It doesn't.
* HeroicResolve: When Ava rampages in her "Wrava" state, Maggie showcases this several times, saving Gil and trying to get him to focus on surviving instead of suffering HeroicBSOD over the death of countless civilians.
* HiddenDepths: While in an area where their [[MentalWorld Mental Worlds]] meet, Maggie curiously turns back into "her old self" (with shorter, dark brown hair and an outfit alike to the one she wears in the childhood photo she keeps of her and Ava), asking "What would YOU know about helping ME?", which, beyond Wrathia's possession of Ava to say horrible things to people, seems to imply some kind of particular event happened in their past. There's also the item upon her neck in her MentalWorld, which, if guesses are true, says a lot without anyone in-story saying anything about it so far.
* {{Hypocrite}}: As far as we know. She's disgusted by StalkerWithACrush actions (Tuls') or likelihood (assumed of Odin), but for some reason doesn't connect that her use of a flower that likely works as a LovePotion would demean and deprive someone's freedom, choice and personhood the same way. Unless the flower isn't about making someone to fall for her against their will; this is assumed from Tuls' flowery "the scent of the flower to help the person uncover...the desire in their heart...to be your significant other" and "several uses" of previous flowers (the current one is too fragile for more than "one use" and "might wilt" afterwards), but it's to be seen what it specifically does.
%% IceQueen
* ItsAllAboutMe: She doesn't show a shred of compassion or interest in people outside her obsessive hunt for a relationship. She's displeased that Odin and Ava survived the crash she caused, talks Gil into abandoning them at the first opportunity, and feigns interest in his life while appealing to Tuls for a [[LovePotion means of manipulating him into caring for her]]. She's pretty much a by-the-book malignant narcissist.
** Though there are hints this isn't entirely the case- Wrathia's early possession of Ava shows that Maggie has good reason to think ''she's'' the cruel BitchInSheepsClothing, and when the two meet in Maggie's headspace she doesn't seem to believe Ava is real, looking genuinely horrified [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone after seeing Wrava and realizing the truth]]. Then there's the fact that Odin's early behavior ([[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#0101 and his words]]) do make him look like a StalkerWithACrush, and it's pretty clear that Tuls is one.
* IncompatibleOrientation: Her fawning for Gil falls on deaf ears, considering he's in love with a boy.
* JadeColoredGlasses: There are hints she wears these. Ava states she "wasn't always this reckless and mean," and despite everything she tends to hit the bad traits of people around her right on the nail, even the guys she likes--she acknowledges Gil's fanaticism, and is caustic or worse towards Ava and Odin, Ava likely due to Wrathia's occasional possession of her and Odin because he came off like a StalkerWithACrush and hit her BerserkButton.
** She tells Gil she stopped asking why Ava commits horrible acts a long time ago.
* {{Jerkass}}: She tends to be very defensive and isn't prone to acts of charity - she's yelled at [[KillerRabbit Tuls]] so much that ''he's'' afraid of ''her''.
* JerkassHasAPoint: She brings up the very good point of Gil asking TITAN about his parents' survival when they first meet, something which apparently hadn't crossed his mind for a long time (unless there's a reason for it, but so far it's unknown why it hasn't).
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Despite her hostility towards Ava, Maggie still keeps a picture of her in her pact door. This indicates she still cares about her.
* LuminescentBlush: [[CrushBlush Whenever she's talking to Gil]].
* MeaningfulName: Maggie [[{{Lust}} Lacivi]][[note]]Lascivious is a synonym for 'lustful'[[/note]]. Additionally, "Maggie" is short for "Magnolia," [[GreenThumb a type of flower]].
* MundaneUtility: She either uses the key of her pact door to [[HairDecorations bind up her hair]] or her hair to hide her pact door key.
* NervesOfSteel: Though she looks visibly freaked out during the rampage through TITAN HQ, she shifts gears into ActionSurvivor mode easier than Gil.
* ParentalAbandonment: It seems none of the children at their school have parents. Maggie's parents have never been mentioned.
* SerialRomeo: She's on love interest number 6 in 4 years plus she hates to be reminded of her previous crushes. It's always real love this time.
* SmittenTeenageGirl: Apparently Maggie's half of her pact with Tuls is to find her true love or something to that note. She's tried five times and Gil is number six. She's even willing to overlook that Gil is a religious fanatic and a little mentally unstable.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: To the objects of her infatuation, she's syrupy-sweet. To everyone else, she's cold at best.
* {{Transflormation}}: Voluntarily changes her limbs into branches and vines as part of her pact with Tuls.
* TreasureChestCavity: The door in her chest from her pact.
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: [[spoiler:Ava destroying the TITAN HQ and Gil becoming a fugitive wouldn't have happened [[ATragedyOfImpulsiveness had she not crashed Odin's ship onto Gil's planet out of spite]].]]
* WeUsedToBeFriends: With Ava. Though she's made it clear that she doesn't care for Ava anymore, she still has a FormerFriendsPhoto [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0865 nailed on the inside of her door.]]
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Green, which she most likely gained after forming a pact with her demon.


!!Odin Arrow
->''"B-before you d-do...an-n-ything rash, I...n-need you to just...h-hear me out..."''

A student who attended Ava and Maggie's class and has an odd interest in Maggie. Little is known about Odin aside from the fact that he hails from a different planet than Maggie and Ava. His age was rather nebulous at best, as he is stated to be the same age as the others yet looks far older, but was later revealed to be 18 by Crow and Raven. At the start of the story, Odin tries to convince Maggie to leave the planet with him, and insists that she is in danger from something.
* AgentScully: Seems to really enjoy poking holes in the logic of TITAN's existence and power.
* BigNo: After he learns his ship crashed.
* BlueBlood: Unconfirmed, but it [[http://www.avasdemon.com/1799.php seems that way...]]
* ButtMonkey: Almost every woman in the comic has tried to throw Odin under the bus at some point. Maggie, Ava, hell, even his sisters for no ''apparent'' reason.
* CharlesAtlasSuperpower: Odin has either this or a low level of SuperStrength, but repeatedly he's shown to be surprisingly strong. [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0663 He can lift Ava with one arm]] and, if motivated enough, [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=1051 pry open an automatic steel and glass door.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Made even funnier thanks to his stoicism and his stutter. [[SnarkToSnarkCombat He and Ava snark up a storm when they meet for a second time]], and he moves into TallDarkAndSnarky territory as the story moves along.
* DeathGlare: Gives a truly amazing one here while looking at his broken[[note]]by Ava[[/note]] phone thing. Seriously, [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0734 HOLY CRAP.]]
* {{Determinator}}: Despite how callously his siblings treat him, he refuses to back down on the mission he's been sent on, for both Magpie's sake and as an apparent duty to his parents.
* HalfHumanHybrid: According to WordOfGod, he's got some non-human alien ancestry.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Not romantic but Ava is short enough that Odin can hold her aloft with one hand. As seen [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0663 here.]]
* JerkassFacade: Possibly. In spite of what Maggie says, Odin has so far treated both her and Ava nicer than they treat him, certainly better than they so far deserve (to be fair to them, they did think he was a StalkerWithACrush). It's unknown whether his dislike of Gil comes from him being a TITAN worshiper or Gil being Gil.
* LittleNo: Several, after the BigNo.
* MeaningfulName: Odin is the [[Myth/NorseMythology Norse god]] of death. Arrow sounds a lot like "arrogant", aka Pride.
* NervesOfSteel: He handles the rampage and destruction of TITAN HQ better than Gil, and is not as visibly freaked out as most of the few other survivor, just grimacing as his surroundings become molten. He comes off a bit like a ShellShockedVeteran, especially in understating the situation as a "m-mess" to Pedri.
* NotSoStoic: He gets noticeably grumpy when TITAN is mentioned, even calling his worship a "cult." He also freaks out when he finds out what happened to his ship.
* PardonMyKlingon: After seeing the results of Ava's summoning he says "[[OhMyGods Mother of Giants]]" (Mother of God) in Norse runes.
* RescueRomance: What he was planning...maybe. [[spoiler: Averted later- though he claimed he wanted this early on, it's shown that he was actually interested in Maggie because she's a host.]]
-->'''Raven:''' All ya' hadda' was bring back the one person...\\
'''Crow:''' ...instead you destroyed the ship and ended up here.\\
'''Raven:''' AND you suspiciously ignored his calls so he's PISSED.
* RagsToRiches: Either this or RichesToRags (or both) have probably happened sometime in the past. WordOfGod confirms he's literally starved before, but the general luxury of Olai's office and the picture in it imply his family is wealthy.
* SmellsSexy: Maybe not sexy, but Ava thinks he smells nice, like smoke and pine trees. [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=1096 Odin hasn't decided whether he's flattered or not.]] The LuminescentBlush implies he might be.
* SpeechImpediment: S-s-t... stuttering.
** StutterStop: Odin usually speaks with a significant stutter, but when Maggie nearly kills Odin by hijacking and crashing his ship, his speaking abilities suddenly improve [[SubvertedTrope (although the stutter is still present).]] He doesn't stutter when he lies too.
* StalkerWithACrush: At least in Maggie's (and Ava's) opinion. It's unclear to what extent Odin pursues her, but she has complained more than once to the school administration. It's hinted that he pretended to be one [[HoneyTrap to (unsucessfully) play to Maggie's romantic notions.]]
* StalkerWithoutACrush: It turns out he was stalking Maggie because of Tuls, not any attraction to her.
* TheStoic: Odin is hardly fazed by anything, no matter how grim the situation seems. His facial expression is one of perpetual seriousness, and he rarely has any emotional outbursts. Later chapters increasingly avert this.
* TheStoner: With his beard, pipe and stoicism, Odin gives off this vibe. It could also explain why he looks older than everyone else and his red pupils. Actually confirmed when we see a FantasticDrug [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0568 that he was keeping]] in a BookSafe.
* TechnicolorEyes: His pupils are red. It's currently unknown whether the effect is artistic or noticeable in-universe but it doesn't appear to be genetic; his sisters don't have it.
* VagueAge: He states that he's 16, though even Ava comments that he doesn't look it. Later, Crow confirms he's 18.
* VirginShaming: Crow makes fun of Odin being a "Virgin Nerd-Lord".


!!Gil Marverde
->''"What kind of doctor would I be if I just left them to die?"''

A blue-skinned boy from another planet and an aspiring doctor. Close friends with Nevy Nervine and has promised to ask TITAN a very important question on her behalf. He seems to be kind-hearted and perfectly willing to help others at his own expense. Reveres TITAN as a sort of leader/god.

* ArbitrarySkepticism: For a guy who's bonded to an intangible spirit, he's awfully dismissive of [[spoiler:Ava confessing that she made a pact with a spirit, especially since she underwent a TransformationOfThePossessed and gained superpowers right in front of him]]. The skepticism might be tempered both by distrust by distrust of the given explanation and absolute horror at [[spoiler:watching Ava massacre Followers with fire and lava]].
* BackFromTheDead: He was dying of acid burns when the followers saved him. He might have been OnlyMostlyDead (though unlikely considering how demons attach to people), but he definitely considers it this trope, symbolically at least.
* BerserkButton: He seems to turn a bit... ''tetchy'', whenever someone points out the shaky logic in his religion. He even calls Ava and Odin "heathens."
* BeneathTheMask: For all his unquestioning devotion, [[spoiler:he's shown to be [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1955 subconsciously aware]] of what kind of entity TITAN might be.]]
** Earlier on he also occasionally gives away his awareness that TITAN's society isn't actually sunshine and rainbows with quips like, "We don't want the guards arresting me for not turning you in!" while nervously laughing, which Odin responds to with the "Oh! We don't!?" [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1046 and a funny expression]]. While revealing to Ava what TITAN's people actually do to refugees, Odin also implicates him with "F-followers do all of TITAN's dirty work," though it's possible it's due to Gil not knowing exactly what's done ("They're trained to turn in 'sad refugees' who've b-been 'led astray.'"), likely (as is classic) because he didn't want to ask/really find out.
** From his childhood flashback it's shown he was aware of what would happen if adults/higher ups found out he talked to someone no one else could see (but still converses with Nevy at the time anyway), and his dialogue with the principal seems to focus more on his wanting to avoid being made into a soldier, and to find out more about why he and Nevy are linked together, than any real care for TITAN (what happened in the interim to make him dig his feet in is unknown).
* BreakTheCutie: [[spoiler:His time at TITAN HQ. [[NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished A person he fixed up/healed out of the goodness of his heart goes on a rampage and destroys the entire base]], his fellow survivors are a kidnapper and a liar/attempted murderer and when the former three have bounties placed on their heads for obvious reasons, [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1835 he's included in the headcount,]] [[GuiltByAssociationGag all because he brought them there.]]]]
* CombatMedic: His goal is to become one.
* FreudianSlip: When talking to a [[AllLoveIsUnrequited "friend"]] that he knew in school.
-->'''Gil:''' It's been such a long time! How long has it been? S-seven, maybe eight years? [[HoYay Y-you look swell!]] Er-I mean-you look like you're doing swell!!
* GoshDangItToHeck: He says "gosh" and "golly" a lot.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Calls out [[spoiler: Maggie]] for lying to him, citing that liars don't get into Paradise. This is despite the fact he happily cheated on his exam to become a follower in the first place!
%%* InnocentBigot
* InnocentBlueEyes: A NiceGuy with blue eyes who thinks the best of everyone and wants the best for everyone.
* InnocentlyInsensitive: Nice or not, Gil also has a tendency to inadvertently insult those who don't share his faith in TITAN. He calls Maggie "ignorant" for not knowing TITAN's history and when Ava asks if there's a way back from Paradise, Gil dismisses it as "a stupid question." Goes further [[CantTakeCriticism when Odin and Nevy speculate]] that TITAN's [[UnwittingPawn just using his followers.]]
--> '''Gil:''' [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0805 It's the GREATEST honor to get into Paradise, alright?]] [[EarnYourHappyEnding After all my hard work... I'm going to live there.]] IN BLISS. And the first thing I'll do when I get there is send you heathens [[WeNeedToGetProof enough photographic evidence]] to make you both sorry!
* MeaningfulName: His last name, Marverde is made of the Spanish words 'mar', meaning "sea", and verde, meaning "green". The ocean on the planet that he's from is green. Also, his life was defined by something happening to him while he was swimming, which he seems to have enjoyed doing regularly, so his first name takes on obvious meaning.
* TheMedic: He wants to join TITAN's army as a doctor and believes he is moderately skilled already. [[spoiler: Subverted when his case file shows he's intended to be a Janitor in a Hospital, then made a moot point when Ava destroys the building before he gets his assignment.]]
* NervesOfSteel: He has no contract and no clue his own potential for power. Does not stop him from [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1951 giving Ava]] a [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#2050 freaking serious]] WhatTheHellHero moment [[spoiler: after he's seen her massacre an entire planet and knows how goddamn dangerous she is.]]
* NiceGuy: He takes in 3 strangers who crash-landed in his yard and could be criminals for all he knew and nurses them back to health, no questions asked.
* PrettyBoy: Looks like one, and given how Ava and Maggie react to him...
* ReligiousStereotype: In his defense, he was raised by a cult who rescued him from [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1421 the destruction of his entire planet.]]
* RubberForeheadAlien: He's blue with white hair.
* StraightGay: He appears {{oblivious|ToLove}} to Maggie's not-at-all-subtle advances, but gets flushed and tongue-tied at the sight of a male former classmate. Confirmed by WordOfGay.
* WhatTheHellHero:
** Gives this to Maggie on [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1710 page 1710]] when he finds out how exactly she, Odin and Ava ended up on his planet.
** And again to Ava when, in a fit of rage, she mocks TITAN's followers and says straight to his face that she'd gladly kill everyone in TITAN HQ all over again (remember, this includes Stategos Six, the person who saved him). Complete with ArmorPiercingSlap.


[[folder:Crow & Raven]]
!!Crow (Crowlie) and Raven (Ravenia) Arrow
Odin's younger twin sisters.
* AnnoyingYoungerSiblings: It's very clear during their first interaction with Odin that, even when threatening his life, they'll tease him with petty insults and generally act like this.
* BadassGay: Crow is dating one of the family maids, Merita. Odin is a bit disturbed by a twelve year-old going on dates -- a bit incongruous, since she's got him at gunpoint at the time.
* CatSmile: [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1176 Raven certainly has one.]]
* ClickHello: Raven gives Odin one of these in his back.
* DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu: It's implied they might know that Odin is a host, but they tease him ruthlessly anyways.
* ElegantGothicLolita: Raven has this going on.
* ImmortalLifeIsCheap: Perhaps -- whether or not they know about Odin's extra resiliency as a host, they show this attitude towards his well-being.
* LittleMissBadass: Implied. When we first see them, [[TeenSuperspy they are spying on their older brother]] and carrying a sniper rifle complete with scope and a trench knife, which they seem well-versed in using.
* LittleMissSnarker: They have no respect for Odin.
* {{Ojou}}: If nothing else, they both seem to hold the title of "Lady." Though it's a household maid who calls them that, their home does seem to be very fancy.
* RedOniBlueOni: Raven's the red to Crow's blue. When they try to get Odin to leave TITAN's base with them, Crow simply demands he put on some handcuffs so they can leave. ...[[HotBlooded Raven]] threatens to GroinAttack him with a pistol.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: As soon as Ava goes on a rampage with the fire and lava, they decide to ditch their brother... while he's still cuffed.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: In appearance only. The first time we see Raven (the girly girl), [[SilkHidingSteel she's holding a sniper rifle.]]
* ThemeTwinNaming: Named in reference to Myth/NorseMythology alongside their brother.


[[folder: Strategos Six]]
!!Strategos Six
->''"Without TITAN, life has no meaning. TITAN is the best thing you'll ever have."''

TITAN's "Second-in-Command."
* AmbiguousGender: WordOfGod confirms that Strategos identifies as Non-Binary, using They/Them pronouns.[[note]]This may be influenced by the cybernetics. [[ViewerGenderConfusion Unfortunately, fans are commonly known to argue over Six's gender,]] even though it's been emphasized by the author multiple times.[[/note]]
* AnimalMotifs: Their cybernetic components put one in the mind of a mouse, with the mouthpiece resembling buckteeth. [[spoiler:Wrava calls them a rat and TITAN, while answering their distress call, refers to them as 'my little mouse.']]
* {{Cyborg}}: The only remotely organic part of them that is seen is their face and most of that is covered up too.
* DeathGlare: After noticing Ava standing out in the crowd during their speech. Certainly not on par with Odin's but still enough to be [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1221 unnerving.]]
** Another, more frightening, one [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1367 here.]]
* DraggedOffToHell: [[spoiler:Their ultimate fate at Ava's hands -- or entombed in molten rock at the very least.]]
** EscapedFromHell: [[spoiler:And they clawed their way out afterward.]]
* EarlyBirdCameo: Makes an appearance in finding Gil but is officially introduced over 700 panels later.
* KnightTemplar: Implied. See their image quote.
* LargeHam: During their intro speech. Especially when they get to the "[[PlanetLooters Scavengers.]]"
* MeaningfulName: Their name is a reference to Greek strategoi which were military generals.
* MouthOfSauron: Part of their job is to address the masses of followers in TITAN's stead.
* NighInvulnerable: Possibly. [[spoiler: They survived being burnt to a crisp when all the other followers (and HQ itself) disintegrated upon contact. Keep in mind Six was right in line of fire. Not only do they survive after Ava demolishes Titan HQ, they sustain little injury and still possess enough strength and agility to charge at her with a sword. And eventually they could get out of solidified lava.]]
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: We first see them when they find Gil and later as the MouthOfSauron for TITAN. [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1368 We next see them effortlessly catching a super-heated metal door.]] Again, ''super-heated metal door.''
* NumberTwo: Or TheDragon if you prefer, but Six is called the Second-in-Command to TITAN in their introduction.
* RaisedHandOfSurvival: [[spoiler:Punching through a layer of cooled rock, no less: a clear sign that Strategos is very much alive after fighting with Wrathia.]]
* YouAreNumberSix: Literally. Strategos appears to be a title rather than an actual name. Six actually referring to Six Sigma, however.

[[folder: Ranunculae]]
A girl from Tuls' past.
%%* DisposableWoman
%%* EveryThingsBetterWithPrincesses
* MeaningfulName: Ranunculus is the scientific name for the buttercup genus.
* NiceGirl: Again, according to Tuls.
* TheNoseless: Being a plant alien, she doesn't breathe.
* PlantAliens: She kind of resembles a buttercup. Which is apropos because [[MeaningfulName that is what her name means.]]
* PosthumousCharacter: As far as we know. Tuls still has hope, though.
* PrincessClassic: At least, that's the pedestal that Tuls has set her up upon. All the portraits of her possess this innocent smile of bliss on her face.
* SatelliteLoveInterest: Inverted. Being a princess of an entire planet, she was probably a HeroOfAnotherStory, and [[MauveShirt Tuls was just]] [[BodyguardCrush a guard obsessing over her.]]
* UncertainDoom: Is she alive? Is she dead? Has she turned into a "[[OurDemonsAreDifferent demon?]]" It's Tuls' job to find out.


!!Wrathia Bellarmina
->''"If you hadn't ignored me you would know how important I am to this current universe! I have [[PrecisionFStrike UNFINISHED FUCKING BUSINESS]] that will never be taken care of!"''

The eponymous Demon herself. Not much can be said about her back-story without spoiling, but suffice to say that she is/was very powerful and considers herself a higher being than others, which may not be so far from the truth. She has been tied to Ava from the day Ava was born and had taken it upon herself to makes her life as miserable as possible with semi-good reasons. Hates TITAN with a passion.
* AlphaBitch: Abused and tormented a child for 15 years for absolutely no reason. She continues to berate Ava even after they pact, and WordOfGod confirms she feels no remorse for her treatment of Ava.
* BattleCouple[=/=]HappilyMarried: With Pedri.
* BiTheWay: Was once in a relationship with [[spoiler:Nevy Nervine]]. It's uncertain exactly what happened between them.
* BlackWidow: She's been married before and [[HappilyMarried her current husband Pedri]] wears the skull of her former husband as a CoolMask. This has implications.
* BigRedDevil: A feminine example, complete with goat pupils.
* BrainsAndBrawn: While both are smart and strong warriors, she's the Brawn to her husband's Brain, as seen in the flashback; she was ready for a war while Pedri suggested more careful planning.
* BurningWithAnger: Hellish Habañero, though she isn't exactly wreathed in flames. Rather, her body becomes so hot that it starts burning her clothes and melting her crown, which in the kickstarter book, is noted to be made of obsidian.
* CuteMonsterGirl: A lot more human-looking than her husband.
* DareToBeBadass: Says this to Ava [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1336 on page 1336]] while the former is trapped in the Gates of Paradise at TITAN's Headquarters and understandably freaking out. She pops one of the magic potions that she created with the pact book (that are supposed to be so powerful that Wrathia couldn't conceive her needing to use more than one, ''ever'') into Ava's hand and tells her to go out and kick ass.
* DramaticWind: When in her ghost form, her hair tends to move like it's underwater.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Seemed to sincerely love her husband and unborn child and despite chafing at the idea, considered surrendering to TITAN if it meant he'd leave her subjects alone.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: It's subtle, but when she explains to Ava about how she tried to commit suicide so she could be free, she [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#0188 closes her eyes and looks away with disgust, implying that she does not enjoy what she is doing,]] and was only doing it as a last resort.
* FangsAreEvil: Great for [[CheshireCatGrin Cheshire Cat Grins,]] too.
* FantasticRacism: Looks down on just about everyone who isn't a member of either her race or empire.
* {{Foil}}: The way Wrathia treats Ava is a huge contrast to how Nevy treats Gil.
* HellishPupils: She has horizontal slit pupils.
* TheHighQueen: Insists she was the beloved leader of her empire but given [[{{Jerkass}} how she behaves in the present]], her subjects might have had a [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen different opinion]].
* HoistByHerOwnPetard: Most of Wrathia's current problems are [[LaserGuidedKarma her own fault.]] Ava refuses to make the pact until it's absolutely necessary because Wrathia never told explicitly what it was or how it worked. Wrathia also wrecks Ava's interpersonal relationships, meaning [[NoSocialSkills Ava has no idea how to convince Wrathia's soldiers to join her]]. The fact that Wrathia is a Demon at all is also her fault.
** Also worth noting that when Ava [[spoiler: threatens to deliberately fail the pact, which would destroy Wrathia's hopes and trap her in what is implied to be a hellish existence]] she states "I have nothing to lose," which is only true because Wrathia destroyed everything she cared about and then tried to weasel out of helping her.
* HornedHumanoid: A tidy set of ram horns to complement the demonic imagery.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Pedri was at least two heads taller than her. In a twist, before she became a demon, she was actually much bigger than a normal human.
* {{Jerkass}}: Ruined Ava's life by constantly abusing her.
* LargeAndInCharge: Another zig-zagging trope. Standing next to her husband and TITAN, Wrathia looks rather petite. Then we learn that naturally, she's several stories tall. [[FridgeBrilliance Really puts into context how tall both Pedri and TITAN are and why she complains about how short Ava is.]]
* LoopholeAbuse: Tries to use this to force Ava to fulfill the pact by pointing out Ava asked for a [[BackFromTheDead "new life,"]] not a "different life". [[TookALevelInBadass Ava]] will have none of that.
* MeaningfulName: [[SevenDeadlySins Wrath]]ia Bellarmina.
* MoralMyopia: In her view, if it advances her vendetta against TITAN, anything's fair game.
* MyDeathIsJustTheBeginning: Tries to enact this against TITAN to ensure that she, Pedri and her strongest warriors have the chance [[IDieFree to die free]] and to acquire reinforcements in the form of Lifeform Hosts. She is pissed when she finds out she is attached to Ava.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Ruining Ava and Maggie's friendship means Ava is isn't very confident about recruiting Maggie, who isn't known for her forgiveness, for the anti-TITAN army.
* PetTheDog: [[ZigZaggingTrope Kinda.]] She calms down a little after she and Ava make the Pact and when Ava has genuine questions about how to carry out her side of the pact, Wrathia offers up some sincere wisdom. Of course before giving her advice, she tried to weasel out of giving Ava exactly what she wanted.
* PlayingWithFire: Gave Ava fire based powers after the pact.
* PoorCommunicationKills: It somehow never occurred to Wrathia that in order to convince Ava to make a Pact with her that she would have to do more than say "PACT" at her incessantly.
* RapunzelHair: Has long hair throughout her life and afterlife, but it's at its longest in her ghost form.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: A red-eyed bully with a HairTriggerTemper and MoralMyopia.
* RegularCaller: Has been asking Ava to make a pact for a good portion of her life.
* SatanicArchetype: To TITAN's CrystalDragonJesus.
* SecondFaceSmoke: [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0261 Does said act to Ava]] during the first meeting in their mind.
* SecondaryCharacterTitle: Technically, the title refers to Wrathia, despite not actually referring to her name.
* SmokingIsCool: Is shown smoking during her reign as queen and in Ava's mind, twice.
* VillainProtagonist: Despite her [[AffablyEvil lackadaisical bath scenes]] and sudden attempts at pepping Ava up. After all, she was a living nightmare towards Ava before their pact, helps Ava [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity go mad with power]] and AxCrazy as their strengthened form, Wrava, and has lately been shown in even grimmer light as of Chapter 20, with her failing to elaborate on the consequences of her "curse." There's very little indication that her fight might be more philanthropic than EvilVersusEvil, and it's highly likely she hasn't been completely forthwith about her past and any further realities involving the pact.
* WouldHurtAChild: Wrathia is the reason Ava is so messed up in the first place.


!!Nevy Nervine
->''"You can't be this nice to strangers, Gil. You're gonna get hurt."''

Next to nothing is known about Nevy's past, which is due to her full-blown amnesia. She is bubbly and good friends with Gil, who she wants to keep out of harms way. At times, she seems very possessive of Gil and is prone to being jealous of people he gives attention to. Nevy desires to ask TITAN about her past after she heard that he is omniscient, and desperately wants to learn the truth about herself and who she is.
* AlliterativeName: '''Ne'''vy '''Ne'''rvine.
* BadassAdorable: It's worth pointing out that the person Wrathia mentions as being strong right after her husband Pedri is Nevy, and she's adorable.
* BiTheWay: [[spoiler:Was in a relationship first with Wrathia, then in a relationship with Pedri, both of which left her with a lot of anguish.]]
* BubbleGun: Frequently seen blowing bubbles or making bubble animals. In [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0801 this scene]] she's making fish.
* ClingyJealousGirl: It's almost like she doesn't want Gil to have any other ''friends.'' Of course, with her being [[IntangibleMan intangible and everything,]] their relationship is [[JustFriends strictly platonic.]] However, her behaviour recently casts doubt in this. When they seemed set to finally become followers of TITAN and fulfil their dreams, she is leaning on him....[[spoiler:in what looks suspiciously like a wedding dress, complete with two necklaces.]]
** While her wording comes off ambiguous for the moment, [[spoiler:her outfit turned out to likely be the memory of a PimpedOutDress she wore before her death and amnesia, as touching her image in Wrathia's book transformed her current outfit into the same dress. Though it's to be seen what kind of PimpedOutDress it is.]]
* CuteAndPsycho: No word yet, but the way she compares people to baited fish on page 801 and 803 raises a few questions.
* DeadpanSnarker: Early on, her conversations with Gil are tinged with this at times, such as "Yes Gil, it's not suspicious in the least [that every person who survived the flaming ship-crash is surprisingly intact]."
* DeathGlare: [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0472 Oh, wow Nevy.]]
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Despite her apparently being GREAT friends with [[{{Jerkass}} Wrathia]], calling her evil could be a ''stretch.'' That said, [[spoiler: she really, REALLY doesn't approve of [[http://www.avasdemon.com/1995.php Wrathia killing herself instead of fighting TITAN]] and makes a point of letting both Ava and Wrathia know it.]]
* GreenEyedMonster: Speculated to be or become this--a theory based mainly on her association with the [[SevenDeadlySins sin of envy]] and her reluctance to let Ava & co into her and Gil's lives. Plus, she's a ''[[LiteralMetaphor green-eyed monster.]]''
** [[spoiler:She was in a LoveTriangle with Wrathia and Pedri, having loved both at different times but both chose to leave her for each other. So far, it's ambiguous as to whether she envied them for leaving her, but Wrathia is shown to have been jealous of the other two when they were together.]]
* HornedHumanoid: Magenta ones.
* IdentityAmnesia: It appears as though Nevy has trouble remembering her past, even though she knows her own name (she ''thinks'' her name is Nevy, anyway) and feels as though her home and life were taken from her. We don't know precisely what caused it, but it may have something to do with Wrathia's 'cursed wine'. Nevy is, after all, a demon, and [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0169 this page]] has Wrathia filling a bottle that matches Nevy's colour scheme and maritime themes.
-->'''Nevy:''' But what life? Why can't I remember? I wish my head would stop swirling.
* {{Irony}}: Wrathia refers to Nevy as someone who isn't "a sad sack" (quote unquote) like Tuls is, but when Gil initially meets Nevy at his TITAN school, she's very gloomy over her loss of memories, and while she isn't totally so later on, she can fall into what seems like brooding moods, judging by her expressions when she's quiet yet giving people looks. [[spoiler:Whether she's different with her memories may be discovered in Chapter 21.]]
* JudgeJuryAndExecutioner: [[spoiler:Turns out to be a very personal mission of hers, as a [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#2007 high priestess]] who considers it her role to send criminals to face divine justice.]]
--> ''"Your time of judgement has come. ♥"''
* LargeAndInCharge: Not explicitly shown but heavily implied given that she's a contemporary of Wrathia. Wrathia, of course, has nothing but disdain for creatures smaller than she is, stands upwards of several stories tall at her natural size and so far has nothing but good things to say about Nevy. [[spoiler: [[http://www.avasdemon.com/1982.php When she and Nevy were together, they're shown to be of equal height.]]]]
* MakingASplash: Not shown in-story yet, but heavily implied with her oceanic appearance and bubble-making powers.
* MeaningfulName: "Nevy" is an anagram for "Envy". It's also very close to 'Navy', which is a shade of blue (her hair is blue, but not navy blue specifically), and ties into her associations with water. "Nervine" is also an archaic word having to do with the soothing of nerves and medicine.
* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: She's not corporeal enough for it to bother him (or even for him to notice), but [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0800 the way she's leaning on Odin here]] gives one pause, especially given how she normally reacts to outsiders.
* PimpedOutDress: [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0480 She used to own one]], complete with GiantPoofySleeves. [[IdentityAmnesia Maybe.]]
** It seems she had [[http://www.avasdemon.com/1979.php several]] [[http://www.avasdemon.com/1986.php of them]] once upon a time.
* PrinciplesZealot: After regaining her memories she spares no concern over how she flushes out [[spoiler:the traitor, though there's a shred of ambiguity as to whether she sees Ava as separate from Wrathia as a person]]. Interestingly, one of her last comments immediately beforehand is experiencing "waves of holy energy."
* RapunzelHair: Much like Wrathia's.
* SayItWithHearts: Or broken hearts. Either way, it has a really nice effect.

!!Tuls Tenebrose
%%[[caption-width-right:222:Clearly a cheerful chap.]]
-> ''[[BodyguardCrush "Sweet...]] [[AllLoveIsUnrequited kind...]] [[SubordinateExcuse ....Ranunculae...."]]''

The demon possessing Maggie. Green, with a thing for plants.
* AlliterativeName: '''T'''uls '''T'''enebrose.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited: His half of the pact is visiting a girl named Ranunculae he liked in his previous life and giving a LoveConfession in person. He doesn't even care if his feelings are returned or not, [[CannotSpitItOut it's just getting them off his chest]] is what he cares about. [[DidNotThinkThisThrough He doesn't even consider what he'd do if she returns them.]]
* AsYouKnow: [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0884 Here]].
-->'''Tuls:''' Once more... I am going to remind you... of the rules behind my magic.
* BodyguardCrush: Ranunculae is a princess and he was a guard.
* BroughtDownToNormal: Whatever counts as normal for Tuls is up for discussion but he says outright that he's losing his magic.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Wrathia admits he's strong (it's why he was recruited by her, after all), but only when he's in a particularly good mood. Which is usually [[PerpetualFrowner never]].
* FullNameBasis: [[DownplayedTrope Downplayed]]. He calls Maggie 'Magnolia', but doesn't use her last name up until [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0890 this page]].
* GentleGiant: Easily [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0871 twice as large as Maggie]], yet appears to be one of the nicer demons.
* HeartSymbol: Has some of these [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0873 decorating his shoulders.]] Keep in mind that half of them are [[BrokenBird cut cleanly in two.]]
* HornedHumanoid
* KillerRabbit: Ava notes he doesn't seem nearly as frightening as Wrathia or even his Host, Maggie. That said, he's a person that ''[[{{Jerkass}} Wrathia]]'' approves of, under ideal circumstances anyway. But he can pull off a rather [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0890 menacing look.]]
* MadArtist: Maybe not "psychopath-mad" but he's a great painter and he does give the impression of [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} being not all there.]]
* MeaningfulName: "Tuls" is as an anagram for both Lust and Slut. And as an added bonus, "Tenebrose" can mean gloomy.
** This may also tie into his "plants and flowers"-theme, with his first name sounding a bit like "tulip" and his last name sounding a lot like "tuberose".
* NobleDemon: So far. He doesn't seem particularly vicious and the only things he wants are to make sure Ranunculae is safe and confess his love for her.
* PerpetualFrowner: He always has a sad expression. Even his door has a frown on it.
* PlantAliens: Clearly nonhuman with his tree-like torso, horns and red leaf hair but human enough that Ava isn't too scared of him. This also technically makes him a RedheadInGreen.
* TheQuietOne: Doesn't talk nearly as much as Wrathia and Nevy.
* SilentSnarker: [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0850 Just look at that face.]] LOOK AT IT.
* TheStoic: He tends not to emote that much.
* TrueArtIsAngsty: He liked a girl named Ranunculae, but died before he [[CannotSpitItOut Could Spit It Out.]] He now spends his days in Maggie's DreamWorld, painting portraits of Ranunculae to the point of bordering on a RoomFullOfCrazy.


!!Pedri Nanezgani
%%[[caption-width-right:225:Enough skulls for everybody.]]

Wrathia's husband.
* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Has an even more improbable skin tone than the rest of cast. From a whole planet of fiery red aliens, heís the only purple guy so far.
* BattleCouple: He and Wrathia were a HappilyMarried pair of powerful warriors.
* BizarreSexualDimorphism: Both he and Wrathia have horns, which is apparently standard for Vengess, but apparently some males have three eyes.
* BrainsAndBrawn: While both are smart and strong warriors, he's the Brain to his wife's Brawn, as seen in the flashback; she was ready to go on the warpath while he suggested more careful planning.
* CoolMask: Wore a three-eyed skull mask most often. The skull belonged to Wrathia's former husband.
* CuteLittleFangs: His under-bite, as par for the rest of the males of his species.
* TheCynic: He doesn't talk much, but when he does, [[DespairSpeech it's to predict the worst.]] It's like he less represents {{Pride}} and moreso MortalityPhobia.
** [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#0167 "Be smart... surrendering will not guarantee our survival.]]
** [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1514 "...you'll die too soon to find your answer."]]
* ElementalPowers: [[BlackMagic The death flavor,]] preemptively stated via WordOfGod.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: It's pretty clear he [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1111 loves and misses his wife]].
* EvilVirtues: Patience. Wrathia spent Ava's childhood [[DrivenToSuicide trying to make her die]] out of a mixture of spite and impatience. Pedri's disatisfaction of Odin is similar, but the method of killing his host is [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1514 vastly different:]] [[TheProblemWithFightingDeath He sits back and waits.]]
* HornedHumanoid: Much like Wrathia's horns.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: The Huge Guy to Wrathia's Tiny Girl.
* MeaningfulName: Pedri is an anagram for pride. His last name, Nanezgani, seems to be based on Nayenezgani, who was a Native American god who was the 'slayer of alien gods'.
* PurpleIsPowerful: Dark purple skin and his wife praises him as one of her more powerful warriors.
* TheQuietOne: Even more so than Tuls.
* SkeletonsInTheCoatCloset: Has a necklace made out of skulls in addition to his CoolMask.
* SupernaturalIsPurple: Of all the Demons so far, he's the most typically ghostlike in appearance. WordOfGod says he has powers invoking Death.
* ThirdEye: Himself, his skull mask, a few mini-skulls on his necklace, etc.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: He wears less clothing in public than even Wrathia.

-->-- '''[[http://www.avasdemon.com/0367.php TITANís holy scripts]]''' [[UnreliableNarrator (take them with a grain of salt)]]

Not much is known about the entity called "TITAN". He was able to conquer Wrathia's empire of multiple galaxies in the span of a day, and his name is always written in caps. Most likely in charge of TITAN Inc., the company which established Ava's re-education planet. TITAN is rumored to be "all-knowing", although this is likely propaganda spread by TITAN Inc. His forces are said to consist of a "massive army of "followers"", but it is unknown if all of them are willing participants in TITAN's galactic conquest.
* AmbiguousRobots: The main reason why he isn't listed as a lifeform.
* AmbiguouslyEvil: Wrathia is against him but well, she's ''[[{{Jerkass}} Wrathia]].'' The cult indoctrination and forcible [[ReforgedIntoAMinion Reforging Into Minions]] that his followers perform in his name makes it a fair bit less ambiguous.
* BigBad: To Wrathia and thus to Ava and the story.
* CrystalDragonJesus: He certainly promotes himself like it.
* GalacticConqueror: It didn't take him very long to bring down Wrathia's empire.
* GodEmperor: The interstellar variety.
* HiddenAgendaVillain: We've got a face and a name, but his motivations and backstory remain a mystery. His goals are shrouded as well, as his posters only say:
-->"TITAN has a plan for you."
* LargeAndInCharge: [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0172 A size comparison.]]
** [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1759 Another size comparison:]] That statue of Wrathia? It's to 1:1 scale. TITAN is ''BIGGER.''
* LightIsNotGood: He's associated with white and glowing blue and his propaganda shows him as a messiah-like figure.
* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: His divinity is left up to interpretation.
* MegaCorp: TITAN Inc.
-->'''Gil''': Donít be silly! [[DistinctionWithoutADifference Heís not a business!]] [[BackgroundHalo TITAN]] [[UptoEleven is a way of life!]]
* MeaningfulName: [[ExaggeratedTrope As par with everybody else.]] For TITANís case: In Myth/ClassicalMythology, Titans are gods, only [[LargeAndInCharge bigger]], [[StrongerWithAge older]], and [[GrayAndBlackMorality more questionable motives than usual.]]
* MonkeyMoralityPose: [[OccultBlueEyes SEE TITAN,]] [[SuperSenses HEAR]] [[HearingVoices TITAN,]] [[CyberneticsEatYourSoul SPEAK]] [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0756 TITAN.]]
* OccultBlueEyes: His propaganda posters give off this vibe. Literally, when coupled with Odin declaring his following a cult. [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php?page=0756 SEE TITAN]].
* TheSocialDarwinist: Implied with all his propaganda posters: "Failures don't get into Paradise."
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: To his followers, TITAN is '''[[GodEmperor The]]''' BigGood that gives their lives meaning, rules at least half this corner of the universe, and should rightfully rule the rest of it. To [[LaResistance people like]] Odin or [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Wrathia]], heís an oppressive KnightTemplar that uses guns and propaganda to [[RisingEmpire expand]] his [[TheEmpire already swollen]] VillainWorld and [[BigBrotherIsWatching step on anyone who says otherwise.]] If you happen to be anyone else in-universe, TITAN Inc is simply a MegaCorp that happens to be the boss of you. Sure, you can ignore the [[PrinciplesZealot the slightly kooky workforce]] they have; just remember that you can live [[FalseUtopia a perfectly fulfilling life]] [[JustFollowingOrders as long as you do what you're told.]] If the Scavengers (a terrifying force that his Followers are apparently unable to save) don't get you first.


[[folder:Silent Scavengers]]
!!Silent Scavengers
Strange and violent creatures who attacked and destroyed Ava's home planet. Their race seems to have control of powerful technology, as demonstrated by the robots used to attack Ava's homeworld, and their capability to destroy an entire planet in a relatively short time span. Odin and his brother seem to have some knowledge and possible past experience with these creatures, although to what extent is unknown. Odin was fortuitously warned by his brother about the impending Silent Scavenger invasion, and is able to escape the planet, along with Maggie and Ava. The Silent Scavenger's motives and allegiance are currently unknown, although they did attack a TITAN-made planet, which could be of significance.
%%* AliensAndMonsters
* AliensAreBastards: Their only appearance involves destruction to planet and the presumed death of all involved.
* HumongousMecha: They use giant robots to attack Ava's planet.
* MeaningfulName: [[AvertedTrope Averted.]] [[ExaggeratedTrope While every single character with a name given]] has a name that's a SignificantAnagram or [[BilingualBonus means something else in Latin]], Silent Scavengers just... [[CaptainObvious scavenge,]] but [[EarthShatteringKaboom aren't that silent while doing so.]]
* PlanetLooters: What Gil says they are.
* RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver: They have a red and black colour scheme, and they destroyed Ava's home planet.


[[folder:Prudith Loone]]
!!Prudith Loone
->''"Not everyone is cut out for TITAN's Paradise ...especially those who are lazy."''

Loyal follower of TITAN and classroom mate to Gil.
* AssholeVictim: The best way to put it after her lack of manners. Or at least kind of a {{jerkass}} victim, anyway.
* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: She worked hard and dreamed of serving in the elites, something that has made her bitter when other less involved followers get chosen instead. She ironically gets her wish [[spoiler: when the Gate To Paradise accidentally [[ReforgedIntoAMinion transforms her]] instead of Ava]].
* BodyHorror: [[http://www.avasdemon.com/pages.php#1298 Her transformation]], followed by [[spoiler: [[CruelandUnusualDeath the procedure failing, her corpse set on fire, and then flung across the stage]].]]
* DeathByIrony: [[spoiler:The only reason she was in the chamber was to force Ava to stay. The procedure isn't actually what kills her--Ava burns through her to escape. Though admittedly, the degree to which she was alive after that thing was through with her is debatable.]].
* HardWorkHardlyWorks: As seen in Gil's flashback, she put a lot of effort into her TITAN studies and has been working towards being a follower all her life. Thus, she's infuriated when Gil asks her for help or when Ava expresses disinterest and fear at becoming a follower fit for Paradise.
* HumanAliens: Going strictly by her blue skin, body tissues and similarly shaped pupils, she seems to be a similar species to Gil. She also has fangs and [[AnimalEyes cat-like eyes.]]
* InsufferableGenius: Top of her class, fast-tracked to a job assisting TITAN's second-in-command, and an abrasive jerk every time she opens her mouth.
* {{Jerkass}}: The way she treats Gil during the test and pushing Ava later certainly qualifies.
* MeaningfulName: "Prudith" is a portmanteau of "Prude" and "Judith". "Loone" could be "Loon" or "Alone".



A maid in the Arrow household.
* CuteClumsyGirl: Her EstablishingCharacterMoment scene is her tripping over a wire clearly in view right as Crow and Raven warn her about it. Crow seems to agree about the "cute" part.

!!Olai Arrow

The eldest brother of the Arrow siblings.
* TheGhost: We've had yet to see them onscreen.
* ImpliedTrope: He may the silhouetted character portrait next to Crow and Raven, given that the portrait has a square-shaped background like Odin.


A character with unknown relations to Odin. He is currently concerned about this character's well-being, implying they may be in danger.
* AmbiguousSituation: Magpie's well-being is apparently in danger. It could mean a variety of things, including some sort of physical torture, they are an IllGirl, BreakTheCutie, or something else.
* TheGhost: We've had yet to see them onscreen.
* ImpliedTrope: They may be the third Arrow sister, as their name fits with the FamilyThemeNaming going on with Crow and Raven as magpies are also members of the Corvidae family like crows and ravens, AllThereInTheManual shows a silhouetted character portrait similar to Crow's and Raven's portraits (the background shape being the same and the character looking similar to the sisters), the beginning of the format shift to Odin's book depicts what seems to be a third sister next to Crow and Raven, and WordOfGod is that Odin has a favorite sister that is neither Crow or Raven.
* MoralityPet: To Odin.
* UnknownCharacter: Nothing has been explicitly said in the comic about them other than they are in danger and Odin cares about them. Everything else has been heavily implied by WordOfGod and AllThereInTheManual.