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The Other Kingdom is a live-action fantasy series. It was created by DHX Media and aired on Nickelodeon. The first and only season has a total of 20 episodes.

The show follows the fairy princess Astral, who is sent to a human world high school as part of an exchange program for 90 days, after which she must choose to stay in the human world and become human, or go back and eventually assume the throne of Athenia. For her time in the human world, Astral takes the place of a foreign exchange student named Winston who is sent to Athenia in her place.


This series contains examples of:

  • Alpha Bitch: Haily Grimm, who wants Tristan by her side as she climbs the social ladder and is determined to prove there's something weird about Astral.
  • Cliffhanger: The series abruptly ends with Tristan revealing to be the lost prince of Spartania and Astral's cousin and Astral being forced to make a choice between her world and the other world.
  • Dodgeball Is Hell: "Bad, Bad Fairy" plays on this where Morgan's shown to have a fear of dodgeball and Astral lets her pride get to her head after winning a game. She quickly becomes one of the classes best players, but Morgan feals like some kind of darkness was taking over her.
  • Evil Chancellor: Versitude is a female example, secretly wanting the kingdom for herself.
  • I Am Who?: Tristan turns out to be the lost prince of Spartania, and Devon turns out to be a half-fairy and Astral's cousin.
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  • Loving a Shadow: Astral initially loves Tristan from afar, and her main motivation to become human is in the hopes that she can get to know him as a person to see if he feels the same way about her.
  • The Masquerade: Astral must keep her powers and true identity a secret from the humans.
  • Pinocchio Syndrome: Astral wants to learn about human ways and is excited to become human and live life without use of her powers.
  • Race Against the Clock: Astral has 90 days to decide whether to assume the throne or live out the rest of her life as a human.
  • Secret Keeper: Morgan is initially the only one to know Astral's secret. Later Devon and Tristan find out as well.
  • Series Goal: Hailey want to find out what's so odd about Astral and possibly find out her secret.
  • Shout-Out to Shakespeare:
    • The first episode is called "What Fools These Mortals Be."
    • Astral's parents are named Oberon and Titania after the fairy king and queen in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • Stranger in a Strange School: Inverted. Astral is a young fairy girl who attends a regular human school.
  • Villain Team-Up: In "The Great Escape", Versitude and King Reed, the king of Spartania, secretly work together to stage a coup and declare war on the human realm.


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