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This is the page for the TVTropes Conlang.


Nasalm n    
 m n    
Plosivep bp̪ b̪t d  k gʔ
 p bp bt d  k g'
Affricate  ts dz tʃ dʒ   
   c j c j   
Fricativeɸ βf vs zʃ ʒ  h
 f vf vs zs z  h
Approximantw  ɹj  
 w  ry  
Trillʙ r    
 bb rr    
Lateral Fricative  ɬ ɮ    
   x q    
Lateral Approximant  l    

Pronunciation guide for people that speak English and not IPA: m, n, p, b, t, d, k, g, f, v, s, z, h, w, r, y, and l are all pronounced as in English. C and j are pronounced like the first sounds of "chip" and "job" respectively. P and b can be pronounced with your mouth in the position you normally use for f and v, and vice versa. S and z can also be pronounced like the first sound of "ship" and the middle sound of "treasure" respectively. ' (an apostrophe) is like k, but farther back where you normally pronounce h. Rr is a trilled r like in Spanish, and bb is a trill with your lips. X and q are pronounced with your mouth in the position you use for l, but making more noise with the air coming over the sides of your tongue; with x you don't use your voice (like s) and with q you do use your voice (like z.)


Note: In order to create a distinctive character for the language, k and g should be treated in a similar manner to the letter x in English. ie: Rarely and primarily for loan words from other languages or for making things sound alien/foreign/weird etc.


Closeiɯ u
 iu u

Diphthongs: ai, ei, au


Basic syllable structure: (C)(C)V(V)(C)(C)

—What can be where—

  • Words may begin with a consonant, a consonant plus an approximant, or a vowel.
  • Words may end with any single consonant other than an affricate or trill, or in a nasal plus a same-POA stop.
  • Any pairs of consonants are allowed in the middle of words, and may be followed by an approximant. The following exceptions apply:
    • Any nasal followed by a stop must share its POA.
    • Two adjoining consonants must have different MOAs.


  • Any sequences of three or fewer vowels are allowed. They are pronounced separately except for the diphthongs and long vowels.
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  • There are two degrees of vowel length - the longer one indicated by doubling the written vowel.
  • If two instances of the same vowel adjoin but are pronounced separately, they are separated by a glottal stop, written with an apostrophe.


  • Words are stressed on the second-to-last syllable, and nonstandard stress is indicated by an acute accent over the stressed vowel.
  • When a doubled vowel is accented thus, the accent comes on the first written vowel.

Example single-syllable word: Kwaunt

Word order

The basic sentence structure is subject-object-verb. Adjectives and adverbs follow what they modify, as do adjectival and adverbial phrases.


Noun classes

Nouns belong to one of five classes, indicated by adding a suffix to the root. The suffixes are:
  • deity -ya
  • sentient -a
  • animal -e
  • object -o
  • abstract and verbal nouns -u
Thus for example, the root distaf _female_ forms:
  • dístafya _goddess_
  • dístafa _woman_
  • dístafe _female animal_
  • dístafo _female statue_
  • dístafu _femininity / to be female_



  • first : i(n)
    • 'I, me, myself'
  • second : pu(n)
    • 'you, yourself'
  • third : ta(n)/fa(n)/va(n)
    • 'troper/non-troper/non-human'
personal pronouns can be mixed to create plurals
  • in 'me' + pun 'you' = ipun 'me and you, we'
  • pun + fan 'him/her/them' = pufan 'you and them/you lot/y'all'
  • etc.
-n is added to the end of a pronoun if followed by another pronoun or a vowel, so as to stop plural confusion.


 definite   indefinite   
 distal that (near you)proximal this (near me/near both of us)impersonal that (away from both of us)interrogative/reflexive whatuniversal all/everynegative nonealterntive/reciprocal another/eachotherexistential-elective some/any
thing/determinerze (that/those)je (this/these) (that over there) (what/which/who/whom)dev (all, every, everything, everyone, both) hero (none/no/no one/nobody/nothing/neither))dif (another/one another/each other)ol(some/any/something/anything/someone/anyone)
timezewe/zeri (then)jemu (now)  (when)dev-* (always) hero-*(never)dif-*ol-*
placezeset (there)jeset (here)  (where)devset (everywhere) heroset (nowhere)difset (somewhere else/each place)olset(somewhere/anywhere)
reason (therefore) (thus)  (why)  (no reason) (another reason/each reason) (for some reason/any reason)
manner (thereby) (this way)  (how)  (no way) (another way/each way) (somehow/any way)
amount (that much) (this much)  (how much)  (no amount) (another amount/each amount) (some/any amount)
time correlatives can be suffixed with -mu, -ri, -we, as well as the time-travel tenses, however they are still considered adverbs. The only exceptions to this are the distal/proximal/impersonal, where distal is either we/ri, proximal is always mu, and impersonal is always time-travel.

place correlatives can be combined with any preposition.

pronouns can also be suffixed with the laudative '-sande' to indicate shown their work, or the pejorative '-dindo' for the opposite

  • ta-sande (he who did his reasearch)
  • pu-dindo (you, who have not shown your work)
  • distaf-sande (good girl)
  • sepir-dindo (silly boy)



There are three basic tenses, indicated by the following suffixes:
  • past -ri
  • present -mu
  • future -we
time-travel tenses
  • future changed -yowe (eg.I ate tommorrow)
  • past changed -yori (eg.i didn't eat yesterday (but i did in an alternate timeline))
  • future-past changed -yomu (eg. I shall eat yesterday)

The suffix -yo is used to indicate that the tense suffix which follows is correct from the timeline of the speaker's experience. If a person does something, then travels to a time before that action, the person should say "I do-yo-ri it."


The suffix -mio is used to form the imperative, in all grammatical persons - i.e. "let's go" and "may he go" as well as "go!"

Copula ("to be")

There is no copula - the state of being something is expressed by attaching the proper tense suffix(es) to the root. Thus distaf, the female root, forms:
  • distaf-ri _was a woman_
  • distaf-mu _is a woman_
  • distaf-we _will be a woman_
  • as well as the time travel tenses


to denote existence (ie. 'There is/are/was/were etc.') the sentence starts with the particles 'Ri', 'Mu', 'We' as well as the time-travel tenses. can also be used for place/time
  • Mu va jeset! 'Here it is!'

Adjectives and adverbs

These words are created from a root with the suffix -i. Thus distaf, the female root, forms distafi, meaning "feminine" or "femininely."


The numberal system is base-twelve, so 24 would be duxo' or two-twelve, and 26 would be duxo'-duo, or two-twelve and two.

hero0my hero zero
stev1one steve limit
duo, du-2 
pawa, pa-3power trio
des, de-4four is death
band, ba-5five man band
xi', xi-6six student clique
raimbo, re-7rainbow motif
infy8the infinity symbol
ix, i-9Latin numberals
dotors, do-10nine out of ten doctors agree
optu11up to eleven
xo', xo-12clock

Suggested Stuff

Suggested Morphology: Agglutinative; Agglutinative/Isolating split


Any root can be formed into any type of word, though not all derivations will be meaningful.

rootdistaffemaledistaff counterpart
rootfilmean, petty "bad"
rootkitcute, kitten-nessCute Kitten
rootsapasumoneySpice of Life
rootsepirmalespear counterpart
roothunchafhot drinkUncoffee
roottaishichild, youth, young personTime-Shifted Actor
rootchalimusic, singglee
rootzanplanxanatos gambit
rootaudifunique, differentour tropes are different
rootcharopmolestationskinship grope
rootmocximfate, doomand I must scream
rootmerrisideal, simpleMary Sue
rootjumsar/jumsarrdie, deathjump the shark
rootrulohulinteresting, popular, beautifulrule of cool
rootsipinattraction, crushshipping
rootmambandgroupfive man band
rootbi'ai/bi'aystrengththe big guy
rootci'care, look afterthe chick
rootber/berrmothermama bear
rootwoffatherpapa wolf
rootsmotai/smotayintelligencethe smart guy
rootsicrei/sicreyextra, anothersixth ranger
roottaqonyouthtagalong kid
roottohenrace, origintoken minority
rootplotstory, historyplot
rootpolavaundecided, mysteriousBolivian Army Ending
rootdaunsadness, woedowner ending
rootfrijdiscover, realisefridge logic
rootnaimafiufear, disgustnightmare fuel
rootduxodotsex, porn, kinkrule 34 (duxo'-dotor (see Numbers))
rootnintendifficult, hardnintendo hard
rootofmodmistake, wrong, brokenoff model
rootchalanfall, drop, ballisticscolonydrop
rootfansovtease, flirtfanservice
rootsmofetexcept, discriminatesmurfette principle
rootworfdefeat, winworf effect
borrowingdakkaviolence/ammo/firemore dakka
roothifaturn, rotate Heel–Face Turn
rootdorosfoster, adoptDoorstop Baby
roothidardo'cruelty, selfishnesskick the dog
rootlarjhamact, pretendlarge ham
rooteldricbeast, monstereldritch abomination
rootmweadorable, beautiful, handsomemoe
rootbotolcheapbottle episode
rootmamarrichestnon mammalian mammaries
rootsirrïusunimportant, interstingserious business
rootfoswolawake, alert, self awarefourth wall
rootrachomarsupial, pouched animalRockosModernLife
rootgiftrude, shameless, trollG.I.F.T.
borrowingchekhovinterstingchekhovs gun, borrowing
rootkatanimportant, interstingkatanas are just better
rootsrowitinmistake, a good mistakethrow it in
rootninjuceasyconservation of ninjutsu
rootsmirpsmall mammal, rodentoidcall a rabbit a smeerp
rootnudolunknown, mysterynoodle incident noodle implements
roothirlawful good, heroicthe hero
rootlolfun, funny, exciting, sillyif you don't know, get out.
rootmulkilling, murder 
rootponweight, gravity 
rootwordcreation, art, write, deityword of god
borrowingsnusnusex, porn, kink 
rootsetplace, time, area, era, land, yearsettings, set
rootidchaotic good, freedom 
rootdrahonlizard, reptileour dragons are different
rootibadvision, see, eyeThe Eyes of Ibad, from Dune
rootitneutral good, freedom 
rootadbotcommerce, businessThe Advertisement Server
rootdevhel, develtorture, punishment, hellDevelopment hell, play on 'Devil'
rootblesidloud, crazyBRIAN BLESSED
rootromans/romanclove, romanceromance
rootcihinfood, eat, culinarytastes like chicken
rootsodanlight, dayshowdown at high noon
rootponatfinger Finger Pointing
rootvilubiology, life science, natural philosophyEvilutionary Biologist
rootanubpity, self-pity, misspellingsMy Immortal
rootesuflesson, moral, meaningAesop
roottwelvdark, nightwhen the clock strikes twelve
roottropeplaying, experimentingplaying with tropes / trope
rootwolofunreliable, riddling, tricksterGene Wolfe
rootskwarkhuge, big, enormousSquare-Cube Law
rootateomhate, snark, despiseHatedom
rootestrafimposing, dangerous, negativeNames to Run Away from Really Fast
rootolmarelder, oldOld Master
rootnuudespairBig "NO!"
rootchator/chatartrap, chainsChained to a Railway
rootmoogstupid, naive, unawareMuggles
rootapolotsorry, accidentApologises a Lot
affixfromtomeaningexample tropeseexample englishOrigin
-(h)istoroot/anynoun object classtimetwelv > twelvistodark > night (ie.'dark-time')history
-(h)isturoot/anynoun abstract classtimetwelv > twelvistudark > night time (ie.'dark-time')history
-(l)andoroot/anynounplacecihin > cihinandocook > kitchinland
-sandenounnounlaudative (someone/thing that has proven their work, intelligent or creative person)  shown their work
-dindonounnounpejorative (lazy, unintelligent or uncreative person/useless thing)   
noundistafyagoddess, creator 
noundistafawoman, female 
noundistafefemale animal, bitch, cow 
nounwolofyaDemiurge, Gnostic god, trickster godGene Wolfe
nounwolofalying person, unreliable person, tricksterGene Wolfe
nounsapasu'amonied person, owner, buyerSpice of Life
nounsapasu'opiece of money, credit, dollar, euro, yenSpice of Life
nounsapasu'ubankerSpice of Life
nounsapasindomoney-lender's, bank, ATMSpice of Life
verbsapasamuto earn cash, make moneySpice of Life
nounskwarkyagreat god, sky god, the One God of AllSquare-Cube Law
nounracho'o pouched, pocketed object, purse, sackRocko's Modern Life
nounskwarkagiant women, Fifty-Foot Woman, huge femaleSquare-Cube Law
nounskwarkehuge animal, megafauna, dinosaurSquare-Cube Law
nounskwarkomountain, asteroid, continent, World in the SkySquare-Cube Law
nounskwarkuRuler, lord, big man, masterSquare-Cube Law
nounskwarkindoMegacorp, Wal-Mart, supermarket, Big BusinessSquare-Cube Law
noundistafofemale statue 
nounhunchafhot drinkUncoffee
nounhunchafateawallah, barista, tea master, coffee girlUncoffee
nounhunchafindocoffee shop, teahouse, TeahouseUncoffee
nounhunchafyatea god, lord of coffee, Lu YuUncoffee
nounhunchafoTeapot, coffee percolator, espresso machine, etc.Uncoffee
nounpolava'uUndecidedness, confusionBolivian Army Ending
verbdistafmuto be a woman, to be female 
verbhunchafmuto make coffee, to make tea, the tea ceremonyUncoffee
verbvilumuto be a biologist, to study living thingsEvilutionary Biologist
verbpolavamuto be confused, undecidedBolivian Army Ending
verbcharopmuto molest someone, touching, fondlingSkinship Grope
nounwordyagod, creator 
nounpapasipreservation/preservedHuman Popsicle
nounpapasiaHuman or other sentient mummyHuman Popsicle
nounpapasindosmokehouse, freezer, cryonics facility, saltworks, cannery, embalming facilityHuman Popsicle
nounpapasiyaOsiris, mummy god, god of preserving foodHuman Popsicle
verbpapasimuto preserve, mummify, make jam, jelly, smoke or salt foods for storageHuman Popsicle
nounpapasidindorotten, decomposedHuman Popsicle
nounpapasisandeExcellent preservation, immortal cryonics patients, good jamHuman Popsicle
nounviluyaGod of life, of biology, Saint Charles Darwin, St Gregor MendelEvilutionary Biologist
nountaishiyayoung god, new god, messiah, saviorTime-Shifted Actor
nounhifayaturning god, transforming god, JanusHeel–Face Turn
nountsachyadeus absconditus, absent deity, Evil Stole My FaithChuck Cunningham Syndrome
nounpunyahorse-lord, horse-god, Hengist, Horsapony
nouncharopyagod of perversion, god of molestation, perverted godSkinship Grope
nounpunaintelligent horse, unicorn, pegasuspony
noundrahonedragon, lizardOur Dragons Are Different
nounpunehorse, camel, donkeypony
nountaishiebaby animal, colt, pup, hatchlingTime-Shifted Actor
nounpolavayaunknown god, agnosticismBolivian Army Ending
adjectiverachoiPouched, marsupialRocko's Modern Life
adjectivecharopiperverted, depraved, sick, nastySkinship Grope
nounrachyapouched god, tree-kangaroo totem, pocket savior, Karora, Tadjeri, TurnongRocko's Modern Life
verbrachmuto pocket something, put it away, reproduce as a marsupialRocko's Modern Life
nounchaliyasinging god, god of music, ApolloGlee
nounchaliomusical instrumentglee
nounromansyagod of love, Eros, Venus 
nounhifaoturning device, lathe, potter's wheelHeel–Face Turn
verbromansmu/romancmuto love 
verbchalimuto sing, to make musicGlee
verbanubmuto pity oneself, to misspell wordsMy Immortal
verbtaishimuto be young, to become young, to youthen, Merlin SicknessTime-Shifted Actor
nounchaliu musician, singerglee
nounhifaucraftsperson, potter, turnerHeel–Face Turn
nouncharopupervert, molester, groper, sex maniacSkinship Grope
nounchaliesongbird, canaryglee
nounchalisandebeautiful music, excellent musicglee
nounchalidindobad musicglee
nounesufuteacherAesop, Broken Aesop, Space Whale Aesop, etc, etc
noundorosandoplace of adoption, orphanage, foundlings's wheel, baby boxDoorstop Baby
verbdorosmuto adoptDoorstop Baby
nounanubyaself-pitying god, Weeping Angels, Atoning OneMy Immortal
nounanubeweeping beast, crocodileMy Immortal
nounanubuman of constant sorrow, goth, emo, EnobyMy Immortal
nounanubandoplace of self-pity, place of misspelling, nightclubMy Immortal
verbanubmuto weep, pity oneself, cut oneself, worship "satan", go to nightclubsMy Immortal, Enoby
adverbje twelvistotonight, this evening 
noundevhelando/develandoHell, Hades, a torture chamber 
verbcihinmuto eat, to dine 
verbpunmuto ride, to mountpony
verbdorosmuto adopt, fosterDoorstop Baby
verbesufmu to teach, moralize, preachAesop, Broken Aesop, Space Whale Aesop, etc, etc
verbtsachmuto disappear, to vanishChuck Cunningham Syndrome
verbsrowitinmuto be a (good) mistake, to be untrue, to lie in a way that helps people 
verbitmuto be allowed, allowing an end regardless of means 
nounromansa/romancaboyfriend/girlfriend, lover 
nounponadevinjured finger, handFingore
nounibadevinjured eye, missing eyeEye Scream
nounviltaishiaevil child, misbehaving childEnfant Terrible
nounhirtaqonstrong youth, helpful childKid Hero
verbhirdakkmu to (heroically) barrage your enemies with ammo until they surrender More Dakka
verbofmodnudolu to accidentally create a (widely) popular incident that no one knows the details to Noodle Incident
nounityaneutral god, uncaring god 
nounvilyaevil god, angry godVillain
nounateomahated personHatedom
nounateomehated creatureHatedom
nounateomuhated objectHatedom
nounaetomromansexciting love, Tough LoveHatedom
nounblesidbi'ayaloud fighter, excited hero, Boisterous BruiserBRIAN BLESSED
nounhidardo'berwofacruel gaurdian(s), Abusive ParentsKick the Dog
nounci'berwofaloving care, Good ParentsThe Chick
noundakkaromansaBattle Couple, lovers that fight togetherMore Dakka
nounvilesufobad lesson, despised teaching, horrible moral(s)Villain
nounskwarkchator/skwarkchatarGilded Cage, comfortable trapChained to a Railway
nounlolmoogahappy idiotMuggles
verblolmoogmuto make an idiot of one's self in a hilarious wayMuggles
verbvilesufmuto be a bad example, to teach poorlyVillains
verbdaunlarjhamuto pretend to be sad, Crocodile TearsLarge Ham
nounhirsapasu'aSelf-Made Man, Uncle PennybagsSpice of Life
nounhirsapasu'oearned moneySpice of Life
verbapolotmuto apologize, often frequentlyApologises a Lot


In pu romansmu / Im pu romancmuI love youCommon phraseI just felt that 'Im pu' flows better, it isn't a definite rule. Assimilation of this sort is pretty common.
Je twelvisto ipu cihinwe devhelando!Tonight we dine in Hell!300 Also pronounced 'develando'. The ancient greeks only had an 'Underword' - No hell. Take from that what you wish.
Devu srowitinmu, Devu itmuNothing is True, Everything is PermittedAssassin's Creed, ripping off Friedrich Nietzsche, who claimed it came from the Hashashin (Assassins) Whether you take this to be a good translation or not, it literally means: Everything is a Mistake, Everything is Permitted ...There's a limited vocab and It's hard coming up with trope-related words!
Mu drahone jesethere there be dragonsTV Tropesliterally: "There are dragons here"
Pu Flebmu, Harri/ Pu Flembu, HarriYou're a Wizard, HarryHarry PotterOnly realised i'd written 'Flembu' instead of 'Flebmu' after I wrote it, felt is sounded nicer though, so left it in. Changed final character to an i, to more accurately mirror English and otherwise pronunciation and make it something a bit less [[Unpronounceable]] than [harj].
Paduxo'xi' polavaya berr caropmio!May the 42 Gods of Mystery molest Your Mom!I wanted to create a curse for my upcoming game/novel/anime/manga Rose The Cat.

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