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    Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero 
  • Mentioning how the PS1 version had cheesy FMV cutscenes.
    AVGN: I say, stick to Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.
  • The Nerd having fits over the crushing pillars in the Shaolin Temple stage.
    • At one point, a pillar smashes an enemy, which the Nerd derives great pleasure from, and then he's promptly smashed himself (again). The distraught look on his face and the way he goes "FUUUUUUCCCCKKK!!!" is priceless.
  • The Nerd's stunned reaction to seeing the gusts of wind that make Sub-Zero float in the air as he jumps between some platforms in the Wind Element stage.
  • A montage of Sub-Zero screaming as he falls to his death includes one clip of Charlie Brown screaming as he falls on his ass after failing to kick a football. The screams sound quite similar to each other.
  • The ending, where the Nerd "finishes" the game by freezing it, then ripping out its spine and punching it, splattering blood on the camera. Followed by cheery Christmas music over the Cinemassacre logo.

    Mega Man Games 
  • The episode opens with the Nerd showing off how he's kept up with the times since his show debuted on YouTube. In addition to upgrading his gaming set-up, he also upgraded his vinyl collection... to cassette. He also got a cellphone... an ancient Motorola digital personal communicator (with the Nokia ringtone as the BGM).
  • The Nerd starts the episode with a rare bit of positivity.
    Nerd: BLAM! Shooting shit, running around in your blue underwear! It doesn't get any better than this.
  • This line, when discussing Capcom:
    Nerd: Mega Man II is favored by many, considered to be one of the supreme examples of these types of side scrolling action games. It's the one everybody knows, just like another Capcom game: Street Fighter II, which revolutionized the tournament fighter genre. I guess you could say Capcom made the best number twos.
  • The Nerd regarded the music so highly, that he wished gaming soundtracks were a thing back in the day, with such hits as "Da! Duh-Duh-Duh" and "Dudlu-dudlu-duh".
  • Things start going south when the Nerd gets into the Mega Man X series. Mega Man X3 started incorporating cutscenes and dialogue, but in conservative amounts. Mega Man X4 had more dialogue and a more developed story, but the Nerd gave it a pass since, as the first X game on Playstation, it made sense to show off the new system's capabilities. It goes overboard in Mega Man X5, with rampant dialogue mid-level and Stuff Blowing Up everywhere. It's so bad, it drives the Nerd to quit!
    Nerd: Explosions! Dialogue! Explosions and dialogue! At the same time!
    • When explosions start appearing in the Nerd's room, Alia ends up checking on him. Note that like in the game, this causes the Nerd to freeze in place.
      This is Hunter Base. Do you read me? Are you all right? Any damage?
  • After quitting, the Nerd goes on a journey through time and meets himself as he appeared in his review of Independence Day on the PS1. While reminiscing about his old setup, he spots a R.O.B., and is immediately on guard.
    2016!Nerd: Whoa whoa whoa...why is that there?
    2007!Nerd: I dunno. It just sits there.
    2016!Nerd: Get rid of it.
    2007!Nerd: Why?
    2016!Nerd: You'll know by Episode 100.
    2007!Nerd: Episode...WHAT?!
  • The Nerd meets his 2004 self...
    2004!Nerd: You didn't play "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" again, did you?
    2016!Nerd: ...No! Never...
  • Hilarity ensues when the Nerd travels to 2006, when he was the Angry Nintendo Nerd. When the ANN and his other selves (this being the dream sequence from the A Nightmare on Elm Street episode) express confusion over being made to play a PS1 game, the present day Nerd tells him to step it up and become the "AVGN".
    2006!Nerd (Right Couch): PlayStation? We're the Angry Nintendo Nerd.
    2016!Nerd: THEN CHANGE THE FUCKING NAME! It's about time!
    2006!Nerd (Standing): How about... "Angry Nintendo Commentator"?
    2006!Nerd (Middle Couch): How about "Retro Nostalgic Video Gaming Shit Seeker?"
    2006!Nerd (Right Couch): How about "Nostalgia Critic"?
    2016!Nerd: [beat] Now that's fucking stupid.
    • Before that, the nerds tried to guess what AVGN stands for.
    2006!Nerd (Left Couch): Audio-Video Graphic Network.
    2006!Nerd (Standing): A vagina.
    2016!Nerd: (Facepalm)
  • The 2006 Nerds wonder how the fuck 2016 Nerd managed to time travel into a dream.
    2006!Nerd (Right Couch): Could you have picked a more confusing time to show up?
    2006!Nerd (Left Couch): Not confusing at all! Time travelling back into a dream? That happens all the time! MAKES PERFECT FUCKIN' SENSE!
    2006!Nerd (Right Couch): Relax.
  • All five Nerds' reactions to MegaMan Volnutt looking at dirty magazines, complete with a sensually-flavored cover of the AVGN theme.
    2006!Nerd (Left Couch): Mega Man's looking at porn!
    2006!Nerd (Right Couch): My life is complete!
    2006!Nerd (Left Couch): Mega Man X... more like Mega Man XXX!
  • The 2016 Nerd warns the 2006 Nerds that Freddy Krueger is waiting around the corner to kill them all. All we see is Freddy's shadow, but he visibly gets mad that his plan was spoiled and gives the middle finger in anger. Of course he still comes back and tears them apart when the modern Nerd is gone.
  • The 2016 Nerd attempts to put the Nightmare on Elm Street episode back on track before vanishing.
    2016!Nerd: Well, anyway, this guy's gotta take a shit, so take out that Nightmare on Elm Street cartridge and empty your ass all over it.
    2006! Nerd (Standing): [beat] ...I wish you woulda said that earlier.
    [The other Nerds all react to the smell]
  • When modern Nerd rises up behind 2004 Nerd while the latter is talking about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. And the reveal that 2004 Nerd was talking to ... a teddy bear during his rant.
    • A teddy bear with "2015" written on it, no less. Oversight, or Stylistic Suck?
  • When the Nerd returns to 2016, he finds out that Bugs Bunny of all people (animals?) has taken over his show. He's even wearing the Nerd's shirt that he discarded!
  • In the end, the Nerd is initially ecstatic to get back to the business of reviewing shitty games...until he encounters the shittiest game he's yet played: Mega Man Soccer!

  • The Nerd explaining to younger viewers what newspapers are.
  • The Nerd wonders if you really can break a window with a newspaper as in the game... and tests it in a very HowToBasic-like way by throwing loads of newspapers at an old window at a machine-gun pace. And he actually succeeds! Which surprises even him.
  • The Nerd proceeding to break every single window in the game.
  • The Nerd trying to toss a newspaper into a mailbox, with no success. He claimed that if someone were actually able to do that in real life, they'd be a town hero.
    Nerd: You'd get your dick sucked! Cats would bow at your feet... (bows and makes a funny "meow" noise) Even the neighborhood pitbull would spread onto the ground to bask in your glory. (pants like a dog)
  • Some houses in the game are subscribers that you need to deliver papers to, and others aren't. You turn non-subscribers into subscribers by throwing papers through their windows, smashing them.
    Nerd: You're breakin' people's windows. They have to get new glass, fast, it's cold at night, there's bugs getting in. "Please, we'll subscribe to your paper! Just stop breaking our windows!"
  • The matter-of-fact delivery of the Nerd's reaction to the Grim Reaper being in the game:
    Nerd: The Grim Reaper is in town. That's a problem.
  • The strategy guide he consults for tips at the game just says "DON'T GET HIT". He is less than amused. Oh, and said Strategy Guide enters the Nerd's room via crashing through a window.
    • Just before that, the Nerd yells this at the game:
  • There's just something humorous about the Paper Boy dying for absolutely no reason several times during the death montage.
  • The ending, in which the Nerd rides a bike, throws the Paperboy cartridge through a random window, then sees the Grim Reaper ahead of him before colliding, causing them both to disappear in an explosion. Even funnier is that there's a SLOW - Grim Reaper Crossing sign visible when they crash.

    Beavis and Butthead 
  • Right after the Cinemassacre logo, we get this:
    Nerd: The Angry Video Game Nerd is not real. He is a character. Some of the games he plays would cause a person to lose their mind, break something, or get hurt. To put it another way, don't try this at home.
  • While talking about how Beavis and Butthead subvert critics when they watch music videos, the Nerd states that all you really need is "two jackasses sitting on a couch making fun of shit". Cut to a screencap from James and Mike Mondays.
  • "This game is less fun than 52-card pickup."
  • This particular line:
    Nerd: There should be a name for this kind of game! Actually, there is. It's called "crap".
  • The Nerd's reaction when he finds someone in the game saying "This game sucks", followed by a clip of the very first line of the very first AVGN episode: "This game sucks". The Nerd concludes that Beavis and Butthead taught him everything he needs to know about reviewing games.
  • The Nerd sounding drunk while reviewing the SNES version of Beavis and Butthead.
  • "Who names their kid "Butt-head"? maybe his parents intended for it to be pronounced "Buh-Theed"
    • And he follows it up a minute later by saying, "Silly me, I'm such a Shi-Theed."
  • His wrap-up of the Genesis version, which is a reference to a Beavis quote:
    Nerd: While viewed on its own merits, it is non-derivative of its genre. However, what it has in originality, it lacks in fun. Though it tries to bear the mantle of a problem solving thinking game, it speaks less to the brain and more to... the anus.
  • His final meltdown: "I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO! I NEED TP FOR MY BUNGHOLE!" That is all.
    • Trying to chug multiple bottles of beer at once, with most of it spilling all over his face and shirt.

    The Berenstain Bears 
  • The sheer idea of the Nerd reviewing games based on the more child-friendly Berenstain Bears for a Halloween special, compared to the scarier monsters featured in years past.
    • Oh, and it also focuses on the "Berenstein vs. Berenstain" conspiracy.
  • While describing the source material, the Nerd points out how some of the books focused on parts of growing up, such as "going to school, going to the doctor, or getting fucking murdered by an evil bear with a chainsaw."
  • His review of the Game Boy Color Extreme Sports game has the part where he comments that the level where the whole family rides in a toboggan looks like they're humping each other.
  • His idea of what the Extreme Sports game should really be:
    Nerd: I wanna see the bears in a spaceship, shooting an atom bomb through a basketball net! I wanna see them riding through a lava river with robot cobras and nuclear sharks, passing footballs to electric tornadoes! That's Extreme Sports!
  • Before the Nerd reviews the Atari 2600 Berenstain Bears game, he reviews the Kid Vid Voice Module accessory that works with the game, as well as The Smurfs to the Rescue, the only other game the accessory works with. When he plays the drink mini-game from the latter game, he describes the task as "Making the Smurf piss in the cup" when one fills a cup with yellow liquid.
    • Also, the Nerd rocking out to one of the cassette tapes:
    Singer: When the colors don't match / Don't never fear! / Push the red button, / they'll disappear! (the Nerd lip syncs to the kid voice: "Yeah!")
  • When the Nerd starts playing Camping Adventure for the Sega Genesis:
    Nerd: The plot of the game is simple; the Bears go on a camping trip, and the kids feel like wandering around on their own. Papa Bear is fine with it, pretty much. I mean, what's he gonna say, "Watch for bears"?
  • When the Nerd tries to kill a skunk enemy in the same game with rocks, he points out the rocks in that game act just as they did in Friday the 13th.
    Nerd: Wow, I pointed that out ten years ago and now still I'm making the same exact complaints.
    • After the comparison, he says that he'll try to find new things to complain about, only to be left clueless on what to hate and ultimately admitting that it's actually a decent game. As funny as it is to hear the Nerd rip apart bad games for the entertainment of others, there's something equally funny about him struggling to find things to hate.
    Nerd: But I'll try to find some new, interesting observations for ya, (beat) Um... Nope. Nope. Nope. You know what the problem is? This game is actually pretty good.
  • Also from the same game, the Nerd struggling to make Brother jump onto a platform that is out of reach.
  • The Nerd pointing out that when Brother squats, it looks like he's about to take a (cue feces being released from his rear).
  • Also from the same game, the Nerd isn't spooked by the Haunted Forest stage, but he is more freaked out by the ghost enemies that pop out of holes, and points out that they look like Godzilla's son.
  • Finally, from the same game, the glitch when the Nerd tries to pause the game whilst trying to get Sister across moving platforms, which leads to The Nerd meeting his counterpart from the Friday the 13th review from 2006.
  • How The Nerd introduces the Mandela effect is also pretty hilarious which is also a jab at the whole thing.
    Nerd: IT's on the Internet. That means it must be real!
  • The Nerd's Freak Out when he finds his old childhood books and discovers that they say Berenstain rather than Berenstein as he remembered.
  • The finale: The Nerd meets another Angry Video Game Nerd, who similar to the first... other Nerd, mentions more AU stuff, including "Billy" being a misspelling of "Bimmy", and that his version of the bears are the Bloodstain bears.
    • The fact The Other Nerd in the finale was killed by stuffed animal versions of the Berenstain Bears. As he gets killed, he screams, "These are the real Bad News Bears!"

    Sega Activator Interactor Menacer 
  • The entire episode, really! A massive parody of '90s video game commercials guest featuring Keith Apicary that only gets more and more cartoonishly over-the-top as it progresses.
  • The hilariously ridiculous reactions the Nerd and Keith have over the video game accessories featured.
  • The sheer amount of candyglass bottles that get destroyed.
  • Keith playing Sonic the Hedgehog with the TeeVGolf accessory.
  • The Nerd's overly-complicated explanation on how to install the Victormaxx Virtual Reality Stuntmaster accessory:
    Nerd: It's easy; set the mode switch, the adapter connects to the cable assembly, the muli-out jack connects to the video output on the back of your Sega Genesis Model 1, the cable assembly's controller jack connects to the first port on the front of the console, the other controller jack connects to the controller, the power jack connects to the power output, which connects to the AC adapter, which plugs into the wall! That means the video signal, the AC power, and the controller all share the same wire! That is crazy!
  • Keith claiming Streets Of Rage 2 is his autobiography.
    Nerd: Streets of Rage 2.
    Keith: YES! That's my autobiography.
  • The Nerd's childish voice when he takes the Batter UP Baseball Bat away from Keith.
    Nerd: Gimme Dat!
  • The Nerd's reaction to Keith accidentally picking up a real baseball bat.

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