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    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 
  • The parody of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers intro, with various incarnations of the Nerd using their powers to combine and form the Angry Video Game Nerd. When the Tiger Wristwatch Game Nerd shows up, the Nintendo Nerd gives him a mean look, as if to say "You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!"
  • When playing through the Famicom Super Sentai games, the Nerd tries to replicate the experience of watching an episode of Power Rangers by using Stock Footage from previous AVGN episodes.
  • Before the Nerd begins the Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger game, he notes the theme song of Zyuranger is also incorporated during the title screen. Perhaps appropriately, he begins singing the song.
    Nerd: (singing) Zyuranger! Zyuranger! Densetsu no senshi-tachi yo! Zyuranger!
  • His look of utter shock after barely finishing the first stage of the Zyuranger game, only to get an instant Game Over with the Unexpected Gameplay Change of the Daizyuzin (Megazord) and Dragon Caesar (Dragonzord) playing ping pong. Then, he imagines King Kong playing ping pong against Godzilla, with Forrest Gump showing up to make something totally awesome.
  • When the Nerd plays a stage on the SNES Power Rangers game that has a giant laser, he imagines it as a giant middle finger screaming "FUUUUUCK YOOOOUUUU!!" And then:
    Nerd: I hate this thing. Oh wait, it kills enemies too? Now I like it.
  • AVGN calls the special move of one of the enemies in the Sega Genesis Power Rangers fighting game as "YOGA FIRE!"
  • He notes that the Sega CD Power Rangers game took the lazy route of simply pressing an episode of the show to a game disc and adding button commands to it.
    Nerd: Wanna play Power Rangers on Sega CD? Just watch the show while playing Simon Says. At least it's not Simon's Quest...
  • When playing the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Licensed Game for the N64, he notes how wide the playing area is, and how you can go minutes before a border prevents you from going any farther. At one point, he gets towards the top of the map and is surprised to find the Whos.
    • Also, he is quickly driven insane by the same two voice bytes repeated over and over.
    Nerd: "Over here!" "All right!" "Over here!" "All right!" "Over here!" "All right!" "OVER HERE!!!" "ALL RIIIIGHT!!!"
  • When the Nerd reviews the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie Licensed Game for the Game Boy, he points out how the Yellow Ranger is supposed to be Aisha instead of Trini, and the only reason he knows that is because the game is designed to work with the Super Game Boy adapter, which enhances its graphical qualities. He then points out how the game looks on the original Game Boy, where all the Rangers have the same color scheme.
    Nerd: Which one's your favorite? The Dark Green, Dark Green, Dark Green, Dark Green, Dark Green, or Dark Green Ranger? Mine's the Dark Green Ranger.
  • When the Nerd gets to the mine cart stage in the same game, he notes how the Blue Ranger merely stands on top of it to get it to move. He then wonders what it would be like if he stood on top of a grocery cart while grocery shopping, and shows a cutaway of that happening.
  • Getting stuck on a mine level where you're chased by a drill and have to punch/kick the dirt to make a path. He notes that the game keeps alternating between punches and kicks instead of having separate buttons for each, so he had to memorize a pattern in his head:
    Nerd: I can't even do it without saying it out loud! Duck-stand-stand, Duck-duck-stand. Duck-stand-stand, Duck-duck-stand! Fuck-shit-shit, fuck-fuck-shit! Fuck-shit-shit, fuck-fuck-shit! Fuck-shit-shit, fuck-fuck-shit! (dies anyway) FUUUUCK!!!
  • When the Nerd finally gets angry enough at a game (the aforementioned Power Rangers: The Movie on Game Boy), a Megazord-style Transformation Sequence happens wherein he dons his usual battle armor of NES accessories and grows into the MegaNerd. As he closes in on the cartridge to rain an unholy beatdown on it, the fantasy sequence and background music abruptly end and we cut back to the Nerd Room, where he simply smacks the game once with the butt of the Super Scope and breaks it into pieces.
    Nerd: Yeah... [flips off game] You fuckin' game... [attempts to stand but loses his balance on the Roll 'n Rocker and stumbles over onto his shelves, ending the episode]

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 
  • "I mean, how bad could this po- it's gonna fuckin' suck, isn't it?"
  • After the Nerd says the game is giving him shit, the game case tries to give him a piece of shit while the Nerd quickly backs away saying "No!" frantically.
  • When the Nerd wonders what an NPC who keeps moving his mouth could be saying when all the dialogue box says is "Welcome!", the Nerd mimics his movements while saying "welcome" repeatedly.
  • He says one NPC looks like a crack addict, followed by the Nerd giving her a Motor Mouth.
  • After Tails kills himself by jumping over a fence, the Nerd decides to join him because the game is that bad.
    • The whole "Tails killed himself" bit is even funnier for fans of Dorkly who have seen this video.
  • When the Nerd notices that the camera stops every time something is in the way, he wonders if there's a physical camera in the game that bangs into everything. Cue the Nerd holding a camera in the game bumping into a wall.
  • When the Nerd gets a Game Over that causes him to go back to the opening cutscene, he imagines that the only thing worse would be if the Xbox 360 spit the game back into the case, the case re-shrink wraps itself, and it flew back to the store so you had to buy it again.
  • His off-topic observation on the poster for Free Willy:
    Nerd: ...It looks like the kid is punching the whale! Who the hell could punch a killer whale so hard it becomes airborne?! You don't fuck with that kid!
  • His reaction to the Engrish that greets him at the Stage Clear screen:
    Nerd: "Cleared ACT Mission"? What kind of terminology is that? That's like saying "Cleared LEVEL Stage". This game is "DICK cock".
  • The Nerd compares a feather falling down to the opening scene of Forrest Gump. This is followed by the Nerd sitting on a bench in-game parodying Forrest Gump.
    Nerd: [imitating Forrest's voice] My mama always said, "Life was like a box of shit. You always gonna get shit."
  • The Nerd's reaction when he realizes a kid that wants Sonic to find his dog is pointing at a wall.
  • The constant camera problems annoy the Nerd to no end, but he is amused by at least one glitch where Sonic rams into a wall at full speed and literally starts flipping out, making it look like he's breakdancing.
  • "Captain America left his fucking crates laying around, and I'm bouncing on the robots' hot nuclear glowing dicks - RoboCocks."
  • Nerd picking apart one of the many Sonic and Elise scenes throughout the game featuring bits like Sonic picking his nose and Elise about to go down on him, and Elise straight up Spiking the Camera.
  • At the end, the Nerd decides the game is worthy of The Collection, not his game collection but THE Collection: the worst games the Nerd has ever played hidden in a torture room. Dark Castle is still chained to the wall in the exact same spot it was last seen in its own episode, while Silver Surfer has been slammed into an iron maiden and Super Pitfall has been pinned to a wall by a big carving knife.

    Planet of the Apes 
  • Right at the top:
    Kyle Justin: (singing) He's the Angry... Video Game...
  • "Shitty games, starin' me in the face with their shitty looks- (to a game) DON'T YOU FUCKIN' LOOK AT ME!"
  • The Nerd begins the episode by once again deciding to toss out his game collection, except he's learned his lesson somewhat from the last few times he tried this and decides to only get rid of the bad games this time. He goes through his shelves taking out games one-by-one and either throwing them in a garbage bag if they're bad, or putting them back on the shelf if they're good. Surprisingly, one of the ones he decides to keep is Bible Buffet.
  • When a character in the game is making loud steps, the Nerd is seen clapping coconut shells together.
  • After discovering that using the knife is even worse than fighting with your fists, he reverses the three tips he gave for Ghosts 'n Goblins:
    1. Don't get the knife.
    2. Don't get the knife.
    3. Don't get the knife!
  • When the Nerd dies after getting caught in an explosion, there's a moment where he sits with his jaw agape. Normally, you'd expect him to lose his temper, but this time, he just gives a quick huff and crosses his arms.
  • At one point, the Nerd mentions having to look up a walkthrough for the game. Since the setting for the episode is the Nerd crashing his spaceship on a desolate planet and being stranded with only this one game to play, he halfheartedly adds "Yeah, there's wi-fi on this planet".
  • At the end, the Nerd gets fed up with the game, gets back in his now-fixed spaceship and heads back to Earth. However, the shitty games that he dumped into space earlier had ended up on the planet he was just on. This being the Planet of the Apes episode, it is of course Earth All Along, but in the distant past instead of the future. A pack of apes find the shitty games and start examining them intently. When the Nerd gets back to present-day Earth, he discovers to his horror that human society and culture now revolves entirely around these games and worships them like gods.
    • There is a billboard next to a highway advertising Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.
    • The Hollywood sign now reads "LJNwood".
    • The Leaning Tower of Pisa has E.T.'s head at the top.
    • The Eiffel Tower has been turned into the stand for a gigantic Virtual Boy.
    • The London Eye ferris wheel has Superman flying through the middle.
    • The Statue of Liberty wears a Power Glove instead of carrying a torch.
    • And finally, the statue at the Lincoln Memorial is now one of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. The Nerd collapses to his knees in front of this statue and weeps for what the world has become.

    Game Boy Accessories 
  • Before the episode starts, he dies in a game, and expresses his anger by bringing out a fidget spinner and Flipping the Bird to spin it. Could double as a Take That! towards the fad in general.
  • When addressing the Game Boy's use of batteries, he points out some bizarre battery brand names such as God Camel and DieHard.
  • The Nerd is impressed with the Solar Charger, an eco-friendly Game Boy battery charger, and wonders if there is a wind-powered battery charger as well.
  • The Nerd's reaction to the Handy Boy, made by a company... named STD.
    • Which is then topped by a Throw It In! moment where the Nerd actually breaks it by accident while trying to open it up right out of the box. After he orders a second one from Ebay, he treats it as delicately as possible, but finds out it's in worse condition, but less stiff from being previously used. He then mentions that the Sega Game Gear never did anything like that, only to be proven wrong by putting the Handy Gear over his Game Gear.
  • When the Nerd introuces the Booster, he describes it as the Mecha Combiner Robot of the Game Boy family, and that it would be cool to see it fight a Game Gear, but that would take him extra weeks.
    • Also, the Nerd's reaction to how loud the Booster can enhance the volume of the Game Boy's speakers.
    • The Nerd then mentions that the Booster has a compartment in the back that can (reportedly) store up to four cartridges. He then has trouble trying to close the door with four cartridges note  inside.
    Nerd: There's a cartridge compartment on the back, just for convenience. It can hold four games... (struggles to close the door, then takes out Adventure Island) Three games... (struggles to close the door, then takes out DuckTales) Two! It holds only two games!
  • When testing the Game Boy Camera, the Nerd soon discovers it also works on the Super Game Boy, but has to turn the Super Nintendo around to face him so he can take photos. Cue the Nerd struggling to get into place and taking a photo of his hilariously over-the-top face.
    • What makes this bit even funnier is many people in the YouTube comments pointed out that the camera actually swivels so he had no need to turn his SNES around.
  • Still with the Game Boy Camera, the Nerd has way too much fun doodling on his own face and adding stickers to his photo.
  • The Nerd's reaction to some of the Game Boy accessories that he wasn't able to get his hands on, including the Pocket Sonar that could detect fish up to 65 feet underwater, a sewing machine adapter for the Game Boy Color, and platform shoes with spaces to fit your Game Boy Color in. The one that takes the cake is the Pedisedate, an unreleased adapter intended to help children relax when about to be sedated for surgery or other medical procedures. He imagines what it would be like using it while playing Dr. Mario. He then admits that he was going to make up fake Game Boy adapters, including one that picks up dog poopnote , but none of them could top the Pedisedate.

    Treasure Master 
  • The Nerd introduces the game with its cover art, which basically encapsulates everything Totally Radical about The '80s.
    Nerd: You'll never get to wear this zebra-print shirt unless you play this zebra-print SHIT! Alright, let's do it, I gotta contest to win.
  • The Nerd is not particularly fond of the game's hero, "Skooter", a kid in shorts and a cap who has a very exaggerated strut.
    Nerd: Even Skooter's embarrased by himself! When he ducks down...look at him, it's like he has a secret. What's the secret? "This game sucks!"
  • First he complains about the kick attack. When he discovers that a caterpillar explodes upon being kicked, he admits the kick is badass. The power-up that allows Skooter to kick looks like a pair of sneakers, but they're actually "radium plated boots".
  • The Nerd decides he's not putting up with any more of this game than he has to after the first stage and decides to employ a Game Genie to get to the end of the game. Unfortunately, attempting to use the Game Genie forces the game to crash.
    Nerd: Damn you, Treasure Master! Your contest is foolproof! Making me play the game without fucking cheating... piece of shit...
  • After a rather tedious first level, the Nerd makes it to the moon, where he actually finds himself having fun. He has to remind himself that he can't be having fun:
    Nerd: Don't get honeydicked by the Moon World! This isn't DuckTales!
  • Reffering to "Spondosacks" as Spondoshits and Spondococks.
    • "10,000 dollars! 10,000 Spondoshits!"
  • In the end, the Nerd beats the game and gets the code to win the contest. He calls the 1-900 number, only to find the service disconnected. A quick glance at the manual for the game reveals that the contest had long been expired in 1992, 25 years ago:

    Wrestling Games 

  • While the initial episode is disturbing, the thumbnail for the video is kind of amusing with the Nerd giving the "Guess I'll Die" expression in front of the Polybius arcade cabinet. The perfect analogy to the video.
  • While under the game's influence, the Nerd locks himself inside the warehouse using his own word-combination lock. Later, after regaining sanity, he tries to escape and tries "all the combinations I'd normally use" on the lock but has no luck. Since the combination must be four letters long, it isn't hard to imagine what kind of combinations the Nerd would normally use.
  • The alternative ending to the video in which the owner is sucked into the cabinet and turns out that one of the employees is responsible for the sucking of the Nerd and the owner. Even more hilarious and scary at the same time, the cabinet has a mouth that said that the two tasted like pizza.

    Robo Cop Games 
  • How do you follow up Polybius? Reveal that a horrible, eldritch game that twists minds and breaks souls... turns people into lame robots that review bad video games for no discernible reason. It's a nice way of diffusing all the tension the previous review had.

    Sonic 2006 Part II 
  • "Dr. Robotn- Eggman sends you into the future. You get another cutscene, and Shadow the Hedgehog tells you that on August 29, 1997, Eggman creates Skynet and the world nukes itself, giving way for the machine war unless Tails gives birth to John Connor."
  • One of the many problems the Nerd has with the game? "Bat tits." Cue close-up of Rouge the Bat's exactly what the Nerd said.
  • After going through the Radical Train level, Nerd jokes that next time he has to travel, he'll take the Radical Train. Cue him on a train where Mike Haggar is having trouble with some Mad Gears.
    Nerd: On second thought, I should have carpooled! (gets knocked down by a Mad Gear punk getting thrown into him)
  • There's still sexual tension with Sonic and the realistic human Elise. And this time Sonic gives her the bedroom eyes! He even gets a Blush Sticker and a Bishie Sparkle too!
  • When Sonic dies in lava in Flame Core he lies on top of the lava. Cue the Nerd casually reclining on magma even as he catches alight.
  • We've seen every other possible reaction to Elise kissing Sonic's dead body to resurrect him. We've seen Some Call Me Johnny downing a whole beer, we've seen Slowbeef and Diabetus taken aback with Slowbeef declaring "by the power of first base!" So it's only fitting we see what the Nerd has to say about it. It's understated but it works well. "Wow. Can't say I've ever seen that before."
  • When the Nerd complains that the game is stealing your life away, he goes on a pretty long and random rant, though he quickly puts a stop to it when he realizes he's getting off-topic:
    Nerd: You're stuck playing the game, but time is moving on, people are getting older, friends come and go, new music is starting to sound like shit to you, I see two squirrels fucking outside my basement window, oh now there's a new baby squirrel already, I could've spent all this time watching that documentary about left-handed mattress makers, and you could've had a better hobby, like running around in the woods sniffing wolves' assholes! Could you imagine, getting close enough to a wolf! TO SNIFF! ITS ASSHOLE - (*now completely calm again*) Let's play the fuckin' game.
  • When all is said and done, the Nerd gives Sonic '06 the "bedroom eyes", and is taken down to the dungeon where the Sonic game starts whipping him, instead of the other way around.

    Charlie's Angels 
  • This moment:
    Nerd: Alright, so somebody comes in and makes me play a game: Freddy, Jason, Bugs Bunny, a... speaker phone, I mean this is an all time low! WE'RE REACHIN' HERE! And you know where. What do you think I do all day, just sit around and play shitty games?!
  • When Nerd is confused by the newspaper tagline "NEW YORK IS ORPHAN":
    Nerd: Is the Statue of Liberty New York's mommy? <...> Yeah, I got a headline: "THIS GAME IS SUCKS!"
  • After the Nerd complains that the game's Camera Screw is causing him to get hit by all sorts of objects, a fire extinguisher is thrown at him. When he gets up to investigate, the Nerd bumps into the camera twice and gets hit by bricks, ending with a cinder block landing on him.
  • When the Nerd notices the model for Lucy Liu's character has a large ass:
    Nerd: The proportions are not accurate. Lucy Liu's ass is not that big. I checked. (seconds of awkward silence) ...for research.
    Charlie: Oh, sure, "research".
    Nerd: SHUT UP!
  • The Nerd notices one of the enemies looks like Mario.
    Nerd: (imitating Mario) Hey, it's-a Lucy Liu! I love-a your movies!
    (screams as he gets beat up by Lucy Liu)
  • The Nerd notices that the game really likes to focus in on the Angels' asses at every opportunity, and remarks that after years of calling games "ass", he's finally found one that is literally ass.
  • Charlie tells the Nerd he thought he would have enjoyed the game. When the Nerd asks why he thought that, Charlie says "Because... you're a piece of shit!"

    Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi 
  • When he's stumbling over the pronunciation of "Teräs Käsi", one of his mispronunciations is "Tetris Crazy".
  • The Nerd is surprised that he finds the words "jizz" and "jizz-wailer" in the Star Wars Encyclopedia.
  • When noticing that the lightsabers in this game inflict no more damage than a punch, he speculates how it would be if they were that useless in the movies, where he imagines Chewbacca simply ripping Darth Vader's head off after his lightsaber fails to injure him in the slightest, then when Chewie is holding Vader's head in his hands, the mask explodes to reveal the face of Mike Matei in a Freeze-Frame Bonus. It sets up a Brick Joke at the end when he tries to destroy the game with an "Official Masters of Teräs Käsi (with the accent dots handwritten in)" Lightsaber.
  • His reaction to one of the playable characters being a Tusken Raider named "Hoar", saying it makes names like "Jar-Jar Binks" and "Plo Koon" sound awesome by comparison and coming up with his own character: an Ithorian with chainsaws named "Fuchs".
  • When he realizes that Darth Vader is an SNK Boss, the Nerd decides to play Star Wars Episode I: Racer, picks Anakin as his character, and deliberately crashes his pod into everything in order to kill Anakin before he can become Vader, causing Vader to simply fade out of existence, followed by a "You Win!" sound clip.
  • The "Special Edition" of the game he receives from Lucasfilm and Disney which has the following "enhancements":
    • You can play as new characters such as Kylo Ren and BB-8.
    • Each hit landed causes a shockwave.
    • Han Solo is now incapable of attacking until his opponent hits him first.
    • Boba Fett now has the voice of Jango. "Oy crikey"
    • When fighting on Tatooine, Banthas constantly walk across the screen.
    • When fighting in the Rancor pit, half the screen is devoted to the Max Rebo Band.
    • When fighting on Hoth, a huge wampa blocks your view.
    • When you beat Darth Vader via Ring Out, he lets out his infamous Big "NO!" while falling.
    • Despite all of the above changes, the Nerd declares it to still be better than the original.

    Lightspan Adventures 
  • The Nerd partaking in Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness as he continues playing the Lightspan games.
  • Santa Claus cussing at the Nerd:
    Santa: You know what? You can just FUCK right off, you cocksucker-motherfucker! (gets thrown all over the stage)
  • Santa giving the finger to the Nerd.
  • "I'd rather have a...big...hairy...cow-thing take a wet runny poopie in my hearing hole... Ugh, I've gotta fix my brain."
  • When playing a game featuring Calamity Jane, the Nerd mentions that according to history books, the real-life Calamity Jane was an illiterate, alcoholic prostitute. Right after that, it cuts to this appropriately out-of-context line from the game:
  • The Nerd poking fun at the Calamity Jane game running on San Dimas Time, where the kids are worried about being late for a baseball game after being transported back to the 1800's.
    Nerd: Their baseball game is in an hour. But from what I understand they're in the 1800's right now, so... I THINK THEY HAVE PLENTY OF FUCKING TIME!
  • The Nerd expressing disbelief that fixing the time machine in the game just requires... reading articles and answering questions.
    Nerd: Imagine if that worked in real life. Like: oh, my car broke down! Here! *flips through magazine* That fixed the engine. Here! *flips through another magazine* That fixed the tire. Here! *flips through yet another magazine* That filled the gas. Beep-beep! LET'S GO!


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