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Funny / Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

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  • This gem from the movie: after the Nerd, Cooper, and Mandi start getting chased by Dark Onward after they shot an Eee Tee cartridge to pieces.
    Cooper: Man... doing the review is gonna be hard now...
    Cooper: Really?
    Nerd: No.
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  • When the Nerd feels depressed upstairs in Dr. Zandor's house, Mandi says she has an idea, in a seductive tone. Cut to Zandor downstairs playing a game, becoming increasingly disgusted as he hears the Nerd and Mandi making loud noises. Cut back to the Nerd and Mandi, and we see that they're... playing World Class Track Meet.
  • Keith Apicary coming to the Eee Tee burial site, and immediately throwing himself into the electric fence barricade.
  • When the Nerd wakes up inside yet another dream within a dream, he quips "Even my dreams are low-budget!".
  • The Breaking the Fourth Wall scene.
    Nerd: A nerd's work is never done.
    Cooper: That's a stupid thing to say.
    This joke works especially well because many of the more critical YouTube comments on the trailer, when it first came out, mentioned this line as being especially bad.
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  • The Las Vegas wedding chapel scene.
    Groom: Wait... but... ju...
  • Mandi trolling her kidnappers, making them go to random places and assuring them Dr. Zandor is there.
  • Doug Walker's brief (and glorious) cameo.
  • McButter's death scene, parodying the villain's death in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (and the implosion with it).
  • "What are all these fucking boxes doing here?!", a nod to the Nerd's love of boxes (seen in the AVGN vs. Nostalgia Critic final battle).
  • Onward steals most of his scenes. One great moment is his breakdown after realizing that his space metal is ordinary tin foil.
    Onward: Who are we trying to be here, Pee-Wee Fucking Herman? Foil! It's all foil, tin foil! My plaaaans have been foiled. You assholes! Aaahhh!


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