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    Castlevania II: Simons Quest 
  • James' first words as the Nerd character? "This game sucks!"
  • His complaining about the box that pops up during the day-to-night transitions.
  • After ranting about Simon's Super Drowning Skills, he tries to take a shortcut in one of the villages and ends up falling into a pit of water, which he's only able to see once he jumps and scrolls the screen down.
    "But oops! I shouldn't do that. There might be water down there."
  • The dreaded water comes back when he tries to grind for hearts, which are taken away if all of his lives are lost.
    "Oh look, I finally got enough hearts to go and buy a plant that I need to cross the swamp; now let me get to the store." (Nighttime) "Oh shit! It's fucking nighttime! Now the stores are all closed and I have to wait for it to turn day again. Oh well, I might as well kill some zombies in the meantime and stock up on some more hearts." (He jumps off a village platform, into a water canal) "Oh shit! Now I gotta start all over again!"
  • "The ending sucks too."

    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 

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