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Animated Series

  • In the first episode Flamey the Bear is in a commercial telling the viewer "only you can prevent big vats of acid" while standing next to a vat of hydrochloric acid. When Ethel runs by chasing Steve, they knock him into the vat and he promptly disintegrates, made more hilarious by his agonized gargling. The scene then cuts to a board meeting and the network president loves it.
    • Woody telling Malloy that he had post-traumatic stress disorder before he met him, followed by a cutaway of Woody dressed in what looks like an SS uniform with a gun to his temple in one hand and a Kermit the Frog puppet in another.
    • Steve kissing a hallucinogenic toad and tripping during the montage of Steve trying to best Ethel as the park's best ranger.
    • Malloy giving the pizza delivery boy Woody's car as payment for his order — and Woody blaming Denzel for his missing car.
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    • The Black Comedy Rape of Malloy and his reactions to the characters not caring about his ordeal.
  • Episode 2 has this bit:
    Dr. Kuzniak: I don't know how to say this, but try to imagine if cancer did it with syphilis and got full blown AIDS."
    Steve: Cana-syphil-AIDS?
    • One of the potential park rangers being the redneck rapist who screwed Malloy on the first episode (Bobby Possumcods).
    • Ethel trying desperately to keep track of all the blind kids in the park due to Steve being worse than useless. The kids keep aimlessly wandering into danger, ending with them almost being kidnapped by a pedophile in a clown costume (later revealed to be the priest Steve talks to in the confession booth).
    • Malloy practicing the jig he's going to do on Steve's grave.
    • The flashbacks of Steve taking part in high-risk behaviors that lead to contracting AIDS or hepatitis: using a needle left behind from a party in the woods thinking it's a flu vaccine, eating a sandwich he bought from a homeless man (who is later revealed to be Hobo Larry from "Ranger Games"), and becoming blood brothers with a native tribe during his trip to Africa.
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    • Steve's increasingly maniacal attempts at doing good deeds to make sure he gets into Heaven, such as dragging an old lady back and forth across the street (even though she asks him not to), and him looking after the blind kids which almost gets them killed. For one thing, he lets them fight with chainsaws.
    • When Steve dies at the end of the episode after Woody shoots him and ends up in heaven, he accuses God of being an impostor due to believing that God is black. After Steve kicks Him in the crotch, God punishes Steve by sending him to hell, which turns out to be Brickleberry. Steve is not the least bit surprised.
  • From episode 3:
    • Denzel is visited by the ghost of his dead father, a former cop who was shot while undercover, who tries to give him some sage advice about not being controlled by his fears. Unfortunately, he speaks in stereotypical 70's gang slang, so Denzel has no idea what the hell he's saying.
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    • The Russian cartel leader shoots both his own son and his own mother, because they "disrespected" his favorite weed grower (Steve) by not saying "bless you" when he sneezed.
    Nikolai: No one in this family has any manners...
    • Malloy repeatedly humping various objects.
  • In episode 4, the rangers are on the roof trying to avoid being eaten by the army of bloodthirsty Squabbits. The Squabbits notice a helicopter but rather than try to get into it and pilot it up to the rangers like you would expect, they form together to become a helicopter.
    • Woody thinking Pamela Anderson is a skinny old man with a boob job.
  • In episode 5, Woody accidentally dumping fuel on the forest fire.
    Steve: It's raining gas! We're going to be rich!
  • From episode 6:
    Five Second Rule!
  • From episode 7:
    So what's more offensive to you? 9/11 or 7/11 jokes?
  • In episode 8, Ethel swats a fly obliviously. Denzel congratulates her on her relaxed attitude about animals, but is interrupted.
    Ethel: Oh look, it's still alive.
    (Takes out lighter and begins to chuckle evilly)
    Denzel: *Under his breath* This bitch is crazy.
  • From episode 9:
    • Woody repeatedly losing his organs from gambling.
  • Episode 10:
  • From the season two episode "Miracle Lake": the end where Malloy shoots Steve into the lake, which just killed off everyone who jumped in due to the medical waste.
  • From "The Comeback," Steve not getting it that the "Brickleberry Ghost" was just an excuse his father gave to cover up his abuse to his wife and son.
    • Woody's sordid past as a pornographic actor, and his fall from grace after his cocaine addiction left him impotent and he was reduced to non-sexual character roles (a student who's not kept after class, the pool boy's boss, etc).
    • Ethel commenting that "Woody Johnson" would have made a better porn name than "Rex Erection."
    • Everyone getting annoyed at Connie trying to make sense of a porn plot.
    • Everyone leaving right in the middle of Woody's teary speech about his spiral into obscurity.
    • Malloy's line, "And that's how you direct a snuff film!" after Woody (as Rex Erection) dies doing his "Rex Rocket" stunt.
    • Malloy trying to talk Woody into resuming his Rex Erection persona and go to Porn Con.
    Woody: Ohhh oh Cubsy, I made peace with my dark place a long time ago and I am NEVER GOING BACK!
    Malloy: How 'bout hundred bucks an autograph?
    • Malloy taking the job as director for Woody's comeback.
    Duke Dick: Hey, a hairy little woodland creature can't direct a movie!
    Malloy: What about Peter Jackson?
    Duke: Okay, I stand corrected.
    • The "In Memoriam" segment at the Boney Awards, which gives homage to all the porn actors who have died in the past year. Aside from Woody (who faked his death anyway), all of them died from AIDS, including one woman who dies DURING the ceremony.
  • From "Woody's Girl"
    • Everyone repeatedly getting distracted while racing to save Woody from jumping off a cliff.
  • The governor building a prison for criminally insane man-rapists around Woody's cabin after he reveals that he set her up to be blackmailed in "My Way or the Highway."
    • Also from "My Way or the Highway," Steve spending the entire episode trying to get to the main cabin since his cabin is blocked off by the highway — and somehow ends up being abducted by a man who killed his sister after she told him Pluto wasn't a planet anymore. He ends up holding Steve hostage for almost a week and forcing him to play board games with him and the severed remains of his family.
    • Bobby and Bo Dean form a Right Wing militia, but ends up dropping all their anti-minority rules to attract new members, to the point that they aren't anti-anything by the end.
    • Ethel and Woody both desperately trying not to get elected as governor(since the militia plans to kill whoever becomes governor) by making incredibly offensive campaign ads.
  • From "Trailer Park":
    • BoDean's (Bobby Possumcods' friend) aimless rambling.
    • The Brickleberry opening being changed after Bobby Possumcods (the redneck rapist) inherits Brickleberry Park.
    • Steve's bumbling attempts at posing as a redneck, by spouting views, interests, and dislikes that wouldn't appeal to rednecks (letting gay people get married, converting to Islam, and not liking NASCAR).
    • Malloy setting Steve up to get raped by the rednecks ("Hey, who wants to take this guy's anal virginity?")
    • Denzel taking the national park magazine judge to his grandmother's birthday party in Detroit and getting him knocked out by shouting, "What's that? You watch Roots backwards so it has a happy ending?"
    • At the end, it looks like the park will lose the award because of all the damage the rednecks caused, but by that point, the judge has brain damage from getting knocked out so many times so Woody and Ethel just steals it from him. The judge is later killed when he's run over by a stolen parade float driven by Bobby.
  • From "Ranger Games"
    • The montage of Malloy trying to take care of his pet hobo.
    • Woody confessing his crimes to the court(I.E. pirating Mamma Mia).
  • From "Little Boy Malloy"
    • Denzel using strippers to introduce Steve.
  • From "The Animals Strike Back"
    • Steve mistaking a moose for Khloe Kardashian.
  • From "Trip to Mars"
    • Steve getting high on Peyote.
  • From "My Favorite Bear" (the episode where Steve meets his idol, Flamey the Bear):
    • The theme song to the "Flamey the Bear" show, where it ends with a kid getting eaten and Flamey saying, "Go ahead, kids, test me!"
    • Steve showing Ethel an old episode of The Flamey The Bear Show, where Flamey shows the kids how to fight forest fires, by gruesomely crushing a guy in a fire costume with a giant bucket full of water.
    Steve: *laughing* I love the Flamey The Bear show!
    Ethel: Was that guy in the fire suit okay?
    Steve: No, he died. But at least he died doing what he loved. Like Hitler!
    Steve: I LOVE CRACK!!
    • What's even better is the cause of said forest fire - Flamey's alcohol-soaked corpse that Steve dug a shallow grave for in the woods, and left with its ass sticking out of the ground, until the two resident rednecks (Bodean and Bobby) showed up and accidentally set it on fire with a cigarette.
    • In a meta-example, the fact that Flamey is voiced by Maurice LaMarche, of all people. So it just sounds like Brain saying ridiculous stuff.
  • From "Scared Straight"
    • The sad middle-aged suburbanites that are all that remains of Denzel's old gangster crew from Detroit, one of whom speaks like Mushmouth from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids as a result of brain damage from a drive-by shooting.
    • Denzel almost being forcibly married to a convict called Meat Hammer in prison, because the warden doesn't allow premarital gay rape in his prison.
    • The warden also being ridiculously liberal with the death penalty, giving it to people for laughing at things he says, including one of his own guards.
    • Steve trying to find a replacement for Denzel for his Shadowfax cosplay for a Lord of the Rings convention. Because he wrote "horse costume" in the Craigslist ad, everyone who showed up (Connie, Bobby Possumcods, and Jorge the strip club owner) thought it was an ad for a furry sex party.
    • Woody's big plan to break Denzel and Malloy out of prison fails spectacularly (Edith dumped all the guns out of the cake, and the rednecks got arrested for driving while high on meth), instead, the rescue comes from Viggo Mortensen and Steve rushing in, with Mortensen riding on Steve who's wearing a Shadowfax costume (Steve met Mortensen at an LoTR convention earlier in the episode). After grabbing Denzel and Malloy, they ride off into the sunset.
    Woody: Alright, now if someone could just tell me what the hell just happened?!
  • From "Aparkalypse"
    I gotta take a shit so big Kim Kardashian might try to marry it!
  • The episode "Obamascare" has Connie constantly getting creepy sex texts from Barack Obama, and it's revealed that they based the TV show Scandal on her time working on Obama's campaign. Naturally, no one believes her. When Obama arrives, turns out, yep, it's all true, and not only that, Obama is a Memetic Molester who enjoys the challenge of seducing lesbian women. Apparently Michelle was gay too before they met.
    • The b-plot is arguably the funniest part of the episode, revolving around resident hillbilly Bobbynote  trying to make a better alternative to Obamacare called "O-Bobbycare", and getting BoDean to sign up for it. This leads to Bobby going broke quickly, as BoDean has an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle (at one point Bobby finds him eating a giant plate of raw bacon), and is extremely injury prone. In the end, Bobby loses so much money that he qualifies for Obamacare, and Bodine gay marries him so he can be covered by his insurance.
    • The main plot of Woody and Steve being forced to share one liver after Woody accidentally shoots himself. This leads to some understandable friction.
    • Woody shaving Steve bald and pretending he's a Make-A-Wish kid dying of cancer.
  • At the beginning of "In Da Club", Steve shows up uninvited to the country club Denzel got accepted to, then quickly gets drunk and messes with the lobsters in the tank, putting them in his pants and putting them in sex positions.
    Steve: Lobster 69, lobster doggy style, lobster ass-to-mouth!
    • When the country club members kick him out, he takes a bite out of one of the lobsters and comments that it tastes like blood and teeth, since he just broke his teeth against its shell.
    • The reveal that the special Club Sandwich is made from human meat from black people the club serves once a year, which was the reason they let Denzel into the club. Bobby and Bodine quickly walk away from the fire pit.
    • When Steve is pretending to be a lesbian to hang out with Connie's friends, they go to a sex shop to shop for a dildo for Steve. He gets a pink Xenomorph head dildo whose second mouth is a vibrator.
    • Connie's friends refusing to believe that Steve is actually a man, even when he exposes his genitals to them; they think his dick is just a slightly above average clitoris.
    • Denzel gets a baby elephant dressed as Superman, then when he tells it to take him to the country club it just slams him left and right.
    • The subplot with Malloy's swollen anal glands causing his ass to grow to enormous size, then when Ethel tries to squeeze him through the door, he farts and releases a mushroom cloud that covers the surrounding area in shit.
      Ethel: (in shock) It's. In. Every. Hole.
    • At the end when Steve has Denzel pretend to be a lesbian as well, under the name Denise, and he throws his jacket on Connie's head while she stands in the corner of the bar:
      Connie: Whee, fuck my life.
  • The episode "Miss National Park", revolving around a beauty contest for park rangers.
    • Connie is revealed to have been a champion beauty contestant as a little girl, until she hit puberty. Like, literally hit puberty in mid-performance on stage, where she not only gained her current deep voice, but also burst into her current physical appearance.
    • Connie's mother's hilariously over the top Stage Mom beauty coaching, where she tells Connie that Jesus will kill grandma and send her to hell if she loses, snorts the contents of a pixie stick (assuming that is sugar from a pixie stick and not real cocaine), and then vomits before going on stage to look as slim as possible.
    • Malloy dedicating the entire episode to getting himself to China so he can get revenge on an obese Chinese boy who tea-bagged and bullied him in Call of Duty. When he gets there, he discovers that said kid is wheelchair-bound.
    Malloy: Oh my God, I had no was going to be this easy! *throws Chang out the window*
    • Woody's loan shark threatening to put a glowing hot glass rod somewhere, but he keeps being interrupted by his wife calling before he can reveal which hole.
    Woody: He never said which hole he was going to put it in, but there is no good place to put a glowing hot glass rod!!
    • When the same loan shark has Woody at his mercy, Woody notes that that the man "just isn't into it". The loan shark mentions problems at home, to which Woody replies "I have something that used to work with my ex-wives. Cut to the two of them burying her corpse in a grave crudely marked "Tammy".
    • Steve and Denzel finds out they've been dating the same woman, and Steve has to have the concept of a threesome explained to him.
    • Dr Kuzniak's treatment to cure Denzel's bizarre fetish for elderly women? He smashes him over the head with a baseball bat, giving him brain damage. When Steve tries to reverse the treatment at the end, he does the same thing, but ends up making him attracted to kids instead.
      • The opening of that episode where Denzel stumbles in, still woozy from being beaten with the bat from the cold opening.
  • "That Brother Is My Father"
    • Denzel marrying Woody's mother, making Denzel Woody's stepfather despite being at least a decade younger than him.
    • Woody's mom hilariously abusive parenting, such as her "birds and the bees" talk after catching him masturbating consisting of locking Woody in a closet full of actual birds and bees, and having him breastfed until he was 17.
    • The b-plot of Connie's obsession with Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak, which leads to her kidnapping him and forcing him to enact a Wheel of Fortune ripoff in her basement.
    • The Civil War reenactment at the beginning, with the somewhat half-assed attempts at historical accuracy. Among other things, Bobby is wearing a Randy Savage T-shirt under his uniform, BoDean is wearing a foam dome and fanny pack, Jorge is wearing a leisure suit with a Confederate flag print and rollerskates, and Steve seems to have misunderstood just what KIND of rebels they were playing and showed up wearing a Princess Leia costume (both the white dress and the gold chain bikini, which Steve wore in this week's variation of the opening). Woody complains that the only person with any dedication to accuracy is Dr Kuzniak, who is currently amputating a limb in the medical tent using Civil War era equipment. However, Kuzniak had no idea there was any reenactment going on.
    • Bodine and Bobby killing the Abraham Lincoln actor and thinking they had won the Civil War, and things would be "like the good old days". Bobby then notices Denzel (dressed as a slave as part of the re-enactment) standing nearby.
    Bobby: Awkwaaaard...
    • Connie getting so excited over meeting Pat Sajak she gets explosive diarrhea with such force she rotates the show wheel when she falls on top of it. Afterwards, a guy in a hazmat suit tells her that the taping is cancelled, and the location of the shoot has been rendered uninhabitable for years to come.
  • "Write 'Em Cowboy":
    • Steve Comically Missing the Point that his songs are packed with homosexual subtext (and regular text) and thinking Denzel made them this way on purpose.
    • A homeless Malloy getting a bedtime story from a hooker who stabbed her pimp with an antenna.
    • The opening sequence this week showing that Malloy can't bite Steve on the leg like he always does because Woody encased him in bubble wrap during the cold opening.
    • Steve going on Ellen to promote his new single, and thinking Ellen DeGeneres is a man.
    • Malloy getting fired from his fast food job and revealing that he jerked off into the secret sauce on the way out. The customers just shrug and continue eating.
    • The derelict apartment Malloy rents from strip club owner Jorge, complete with his roommate being the corpse of the previous tenant, the bathroom fixtures missing so there's just a sewer pipe shooting water onto the floor, and a giant black widow spider living in the apartment.
    • After Steve accidentally infuriates his gay fans with an Innocently Insensitive song that sounds racist, he gets a new fanbase among the white supremacy movement. Steve thinks they're just angry cancer patients.
    • The Gay Mafia. They are just as violent and dangerous as the regular mob, but act Camp Gay the whole time.
  • "Old Wounds"
    • Tress MacNeille voicing the imaginary bag of weed that shows Denzel what life will be like if he continues not smoking pot. He becomes President, but ends up going blind from glaucoma due to making buying weed a federal offense, and ends up getting shot by "Whiny Tim", the son of his former drug dealer.
    • The side story of Ethel and Connie high on the weed brownies Denzel sold, just as the Secretary demands that the staff submit urine for drug testing. They go through increasingly elaborate plans to obtain clean urine, all of which fail due to them being high, only for it to turn out that they already DID the tests before getting high, they just got so high they forgot.
    • A clean and sober Denzel saying that he's going to write a letter to Adult Swim about how their shows aren't funny now that he's not high.
    • The constant Gross-Up Close-Up of Woody's former soldier brother in arms' ruined genitalia.
    • Woody and Malloy being forced to room with Firecracker Jim and his wife after getting kicked out of their house by their new boss, which includes having to put up with their new roommates constantly fighting which invariably leads to them having depraved sex.
    • Woody asking Bobby Possumcods to kill the Secretary Of the Interior for them, only for Bobby to say he already has and Bo Dean drags in a dead blonde woman.
    Woody: I said THE Secretary, not A secretary!
    • Woody hosting a ridiculously extravagant party in his cabin, which includes a snowball fight and snow angels with cocaine instead of snow.
    • The Reveal of exactly how the soldier that Woody rescued in Iraq ended up getting injured in the first place: Woody threw him on top of a grenade so he could dive for cover... moments after swearing a blood brother oath with him.
  • "Baby Daddy":
    • Woody getting committed after telling his psychiatrist all the jerkass things Malloy has done to him (which are based off past episodesnote ) When he calls Denzel and Connie to come back up his story and get him out, they end up getting committed too.
      • Woody is terrified of his roommate, a pscyho who thinks he's Nicolas Cage. Or might just be the real Nicolas Cage, Woody isn't sure.
    • Dr. Kuzniak operating an abortion clinic from a taqueria (a food truck that serves tacos). There is a disastrous mix-up with the pico de gallo.
    • The pro-life and pro-choice protesters switching sides after learning that Steve is pregnant.
    • Steve's "I Fucked Ethel" musical, which Ethel paid to see, despite wanting nothing to do with allegedly sleeping with Steve.
    • After all the drama of Ethel and Steve's alleged child, it turns out it was just an ovarian cyst Dr. Kuzniak put into Steve.
  • "Steve the Fearless Pilot":
    • Steve being hypnotized to be a pirate, not a pilot, because of the hypnotist's thick Chinese accent.
    • Malloy walking in on Woody poking Steve's butt with his finger and Ethel tied up and thinking it's some kinky sexual roleplaying.
    • Connie murdering all the cast members of a reality show that tricked her into believing she was on an island filled with lesbian women who worshipped her like a goddess (also a Moment of Awesome for Connie, since they had no right to toy with her emotions like that).
  • "High Stakes"
    • Steve vomiting repeatedly after eating Malloy's "bear jizz" mistaking it to be yogurt and ending up becoming underweight. He also takes this further by vomiting through his NOSTRILS.
    Steve: Why would See-mon write his name on a cup of bear jizz?!
    • Woody and Mayor Todd Ford stealing a fire truck a la Grand Theft Auto.
    • The wild animals roaming Brickleberry a la Jumanji. This is even Lampshaded by Bobby and Bo Dean who actually were currently playing Jumanji.
    • Woody's first meeting with Todd Ford.
      Woody: Todd Ford? The crackhead mayor?
      Ford: Ah, don't believe everything you read. The newspapers just gave me that nickname because I smoke crack all the time
    • Ford later shows up at the ranger station with two plastic bags full of meth. The bags are clearly labeled "evidence". Ford quickly OD's, and Woody is forced to use a syringe full of adrenaline a la Pulp Fiction on him.
      Woody: Don't worry, I had to do this three times last night.
      Ford: [wakes up] Did I die again?
    • Bruce Jenner turns out to be one of Fords poker buddies (the line is more Hilarious in Hindsight given Jenner's sex change).
      Woody: Jenner, you're either a really ugly man, or a very good looking woman!
    • Woody asking Who Writes This Crap?! when he runs into an Eskimo screwing a coconut outside Ford's office. Cut to a room with a crude paper sign saying "Writers Room" on the wall, and Bobby and Bo Dean typing away on the computer.
      Bobby: Now have him hump a coconut!
  • "Amber Alert"
    • Denzel and the pasta animals. He even attempts to eat them after they sing a song called "Eat us".
    • After Steve finds out all of his accomplishments in life were due to his mother sleeping with the people in charge (his driver's ed teacher, the basketball team opposing Steve's team, and so on), he decides to go back and earn everything the honest way. His first stop is his pee wee karate class. He does indeed pass it.... unfortunately, he does this by beating the CURRENT class, which are all little kids.
    • The group of potential rangers all ringing the loser bell after learning that they'll have to deal with Connie if they get hired.
  • "Cops And Bottoms"
    • The opening scene with Steve harassing a little kid for littering in the park, and takes out his flashlight to beat him up. There is a Gory Discretion Shot, with the sound of a little kid crying and screaming... only for it to cut back and reveal that it's Steve crying while the kid is beating him to a pulp.
    • Steve showing up beaten and bruised in the opening Couch Gag.
    • The Reveal that ALL the bikers (including the one who has made frequent appearances on the show since "Two Weeks Notice"note ) are undercover cops.
    • Coupled with Nausea Fuel, the joke about Connie not having showered in five days because she wants to make her gynecologist earn his salary.
    • The gag where the Pope falls out a window, keeps falling through clotheslines that put him in various outfits, only to abruptly splatter on the pavement. Made funnier by the goofy Benny Hill-style music.
  • "Campin' Ain't Easy"
    • The reveal that Steve accidentally got his group of campers killed 15 years before when Brickleberry Park used to host an annual summer camp, by sending them into a minefield as a shortcut for an obstacle course.
      Camper: But sir, that's a mine field.
      Steve: Mine field, your field, I don't care whose field it is, just get in there!
    • The albino black kid climbing what viewers think is a rock wall, but is actually the stone chimney of Woody's cabin, where he witnesses a naked Woody yelling at his black-barred penis over his attraction to Tiffany.
    • Woody desperately trying to keep himself from having sex with Tiffany, an attractive, 17-year-old camper (whom he thought was a hot mom who was dropping off her son until Ethel finds Tiffany in Woody's cabin and admonishes her for not being in the cabin at light's out), including using liquid nitrogen to keep the erection down. After she turns 18, they sleep together, only for her mother turning out to be one of Woody's ex-girlfriends, and the implication that Woody slept with his own illegitimate daughter.
      Woody: (yelling at his dick) I'M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH!! [starts punching himself in the dick]
    • The pretentious rich douchebag kid (who brags about starring in a P'zonenote  commercial when he was seven years old) who also makes the move on the teenage girl Woody likes.
      Woody: Would the shitstain wearing a hoodie in 90-degree weather please report to the ranger station?!
    • Woody eventually gets the kid sent home by telling his parents he jerked off a raccoon.
      Rich Dad: No son of mine is going to jerk off a racoon unless I get to watch with a hairbrush up my ass!
    • Malloy is given the job of keeping score for the camper challenges (and yelling "Points!" like Chris Hardwick does on his show @Midnight), only for it to turn out he's just been drawing hairy vaginas ("hairy footballs") in the scorebook the whole time.
    • Woody telling Steve "f***ing Dachau killed less campers than him".
  • In "Crippleberry", the ringmaster Bosco assures that he treats his circus freaks as if he were his children. Immediately after he makes this claim, he's blatantly abusive to the freaks and he then says "Did I mention I fucking hate my children?"
  • "Global Warning"
    • Woody's hilariously inaccurate version of how the dinosaurs were killed off.

Comic Book

Issue 1

  • Future!Steve prepares to return to the past to undo the alien cow invasion from the series finale, but the machine just rapes him. Turns out that wasn't the time machine, it's an entirely unrelated sex machine Dr Kuzniak built and thought Steve wanted to use.
  • Dr Kuzniak having trouble getting the actual time machine to work because it's running Windows 7.
  • Back in the present, Woody mentions how now they don't have to pretend Comedy Central is still funny.
  • Future and Present!Bobby deciding that it's not gay if they give each other handjobs and constantly do it.
  • Denzel thinking that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the old NWA wrestling group with Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Lex Luger.
  • The impressive hi-tech cyborg weapon on Future!Steve's arm isn't a gun, it's a t-shirt cannon.

Issue 2

  • Denzel travels back in time, kidnaps baby Jesus, and raises him as his own, while also teaching him to abuse the fuck out of his divine powers for profit.
  • The Bobby's stealing a hearse for a getaway vehicle, and dumping the casket out because they think the funeral procession is following them, with the corpse crashing through the car behind them.
  • Future!Steve calls an Uber driver to chase after Woody, and he ends up hiring an incredibly racist Asian stereotype pulling a rickshaw.

Issue 3

  • Woody goes back in time to try and prevent Future Steve from stopping his birth, but his parents end up fighting and he inadvertently ends up having sex with his own mother.

Issue 4

  • Everyone is planning on fighting the cows but have no weapons(due to the rangers selling their guns to a Buyback program and Woody unintentionally causing Einstein to get brain-damage, thus preventing nukes from being created) Woody goes on about a conspiracy theory about how Obama plans to take peoples guns away to give to a Kenyan army-which ends up being proven to be completely correct, and Connie used her panties to bribe the president into giving them his gun arsenal.


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