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The following is a list of episodes and their summaries for the Comedy Central cartoon Brickleberry, about a dysfunctional group of park rangers hired at the worst national park in the United States. The show lasted from September 2012 to October 2014 (though it was announced in January 2015 that the show was not going to continue past season three and the final three episodes didn't air until late March to mid-April of 2015).


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    Season One 
  1. "Welcome to Brickleberry" (Pilot): Self-absorbed park ranger, Steve Williams worries that Ethel's arrival will jeopardize his stranglehold on Ranger of the Month and does whatever it takes to sabotage her. Meanwhile, Malloy, a bitter, sarcastic bear cub (who was adopted by Head Ranger, Woody), is put on a diet after Ethel declares that Malloy's junk food eating will take years off his life — and goes on a desperate search for his beloved fatty foods.
  2. "Two Weeks Notice": Steve is dying of a rare sexually transmitted disease after having sex with a hooker he met after a bad speed-dating session. Meanwhile, Denzel cheats on his elderly girlfriend for her more elderly mother, and Malloy begs Woody to give him Steve's job so he can get a gun to teach some bullying raccoons a lesson.
  3. "Saved By the Balls": Ethel tries to cure Connie's dependence on a psychic, while Steve and Denzel do some undercover cop work and are mistaken for the new Russian marijuana growers after the main undercover cops are killed, and Woody neuters Malloy to keep him from humping everything.
  4. "Squabbits": Competition with Yellowstone prompts Steve to create the world's cutest animal: a squirrel-rabbit hybrid called a Squabbit.
  5. "Race Off!": After getting caught in a forest fire, Steve and Denzel wake up in the hospital with switched skin colors. Meanwhile, Connie freaks out when she finds out the visiting Secretary of State used to be her Marine drill sergeant who forced her to eat as punishment for storing food in her barracks.
  6. "Gay Bomb": A controversy-courting church gathers at Brickleberry with Woody's permission, but Connie makes herself scarce due to her history with the group's policies and her lesbian personality, and in the process, discovers a secret military installation of a bomb that inverts everyone's sexuality.
  7. "Hello Dottie": In protest over Brickleberry's piss-poor working conditions, Connie, Ethel, and Denzel quit their jobs and end up working at a strip club, where Denzel is the DJ, Ethel is the jizz mopper, and Connie is the star thanks to a risque bowling ball trick. Meanwhile, Woody hires tech support callers from India mounted on robot bodies as replacement park rangers, one of whom falls for Steve and two of whom take Malloy's advice on how to be a lazy American worker.
  8. "Steve's Bald": While preparing for the annual Ranger Ball, the rangers discover and make fun of Steve for wearing a toupée. Meanwhile, Ethel accidentally hits a deer, but she's forced to kill it, she becomes obsessed (to the point of sexual arousal) with putting animals out of their misery.
  9. "Daddy Issues": When Steve volunteers to track down the person who has been leaving the park littered with half-eaten goats, he finds his father - the greatest park ranger Brickleberry has ever known - living in a cave.
  10. "The Dam Show": The dam that holds back Brickleberry River is destroyed by fireworks set off in honor of Woody's birthday. The park floods and the rangers, along with the rest of the survivors, must re-form society on a desert island.

    Season Two 
  1. "Miracle Lake": Woody discovers that Brickleberry Lake has the power to cure all ailments and wounds. Meanwhile, Denzel and Ethel note  get stuck in an ice cave, and Denzel uncovers a Neanderthal woman named Crog.
  2. "The Comeback": The rangers discover that Woody used to be a porn star and Malloy (who wants to be a porn director like the ones from the golden age of X-rated film) urges him to come out of retirement. Meanwhile, Steve thinks a ghost is haunting Brickleberry National Park.
  3. "Woody's Girl": Woody joins a yoga class and falls for his Granola Girl instructor who turns out to be in a cult. Meanwhile, Denzel buys a jetpack with the money he inherited from his latest elderly girlfriend, and Ethel tries to run Brickleberry Park after Woody leaves due to a stress-related stroke.
  4. "Trailer Park": Just as Woody is about to evict Bobby Possumcods (the redneck rapist from the pilot episode), Bobby finds a will in his trailer's air conditioner naming him the sole heir of Brickleberry Park, so he throws out the rangers and turns the national park into a trailer park.
  5. "Crippleberry": Steve becomes paralyzed after riding Firecracker Jim's Paralyzer Rollercoaster. Meanwhile, Malloy gets a job as an attorney who sues Woody for not bringing the park up to code, and Connie befriends freaks from the carnival's sideshow.
  6. "Ranger Games": Steve takes steroids so he can compete in the Ranger Games. Meanwhile, Malloy takes in a homeless man as a pet, and Denzel learns how to ice skate.
  7. "My Way or the Highway": After Woody angers the governor when Ethel invites her to Brickleberry for a political rally, the rangers wake up to a superhighway running through the park, so Woody runs for governor and Ethel runs against him to prove that women can be competent politicians. Meanwhile, Steve is stuck in his cabin thanks to the superhighway and gets picked up by a deranged killer, and Connie joins Bobby and BoDean's militia, who makes the militia more inclusive to all races, ethnic groups, and sexual preferences.
  8. "Little Boy Malloy": To show up her sister, Ethel ropes Connie into being her husband and disguises Malloy as her son by shaving him bald. Meanwhile Steve falls for a woman named Stephanie who looks like him and asks Denzel for help in combatting his public speaking phobia after Stephanie asks him to speak to the class about being a park ranger.
  9. "The Animals Fight Back": Led by Nazir the moose, the animals of Brickleberry revolt and try to take back the park with Malloy's help. Meanwhile, Steve tries to keep Malloy from finding out that he was the one who killed Malloy's parents (as seen in "Welcome to Brickleberry").
  10. "Scared Straight": Denzel calls on his old Detroit gang members to help with Malloy's current jerkass ways, but all of them end up in jail.
  11. "Mission to Mars": The rangers help astronauts with an upcoming space mission.
  12. "My Favorite Bear": Steve's childhood hero, Flamey the Bear (voiced by Maurice LaMarche), comes to Brickleberry for the televised reopening of the park, and Steve volunteers to help him prepare — and things go wrong when Flamey gets drunk and cuts a path of destruction throughout Hazelhurst. Meanwhile, Malloy tricks Woody into getting plastic surgery in time for the televised reopening of the park.
  13. "Aparkalypse": Connie (who took a side job as a surrogate mother for a homosexual couple) gives birth to a child whose very existence is a sign of the Apocalypse. While Malloy and Woody hide out in Bobby and BoDean's underground bunker, Steve, Ethel, and Denzel plot to kill the baby to stop the end of days.

    Season Three 
  1. "Obamascare": President Obama visits Brickleberry, while Woody and Steve are joined at the liver thanks to an obscure clause in the Affordable Healthcare Act. Meanwhile, Connie tries to convince Ethel that President Obama sexually harassed her back when he was campaigning for President in 2008, and Bobby and BoDean come up with their own healthcare act.
  2. "In Da Club": Woody gets turned down for a chance at joining a country club — and things get worse when Denzel is chosen instead. Meanwhile, Malloy's anal glands enlarge and become infected.
  3. "Miss National Park": Ethel and Connie compete in a beauty pageant, while Steve and Denzel (who has been "cured" of his attraction to elderly women thanks to Dr. Kuzniak) end up dating the same woman, who turns out to be a dominatrix whose husband is threatening Woody over some gambling debts.
  4. "That Brother's My Father": Denzel dates Woody's mother, while Connie kidnaps Pat Sajak after blowing her chances (and her bowels) during an audition for Wheel of Fortune.
  5. "Write 'Em Cowboy": In a send-up of the movie, Big, Malloy gets his wish to become a full-grown bear and moves away to live and work on his own. Meanwhile, Denzel helps Steve realize his dream of being a country singer, but after discovering the rampant Ho Yay in his songs, decides to make Steve a hit with male homosexuals.
  6. "Old Wounds": Woody is demoted by the visiting Secretary of the Interior (voiced by Tress MacNeille). Meanwhile, Denzel's personality changes when he stops smoking marijuana, which causes a rift in his friendship with Steve and Connie and Ethel accidentally get high off the marijuana brownies Denzel is giving away.
  7. "Baby Daddy": Ethel becomes pregnant after she gets drunk and sleeps with Steve. Meanwhile, Woody, Denzel, and Connie end up in a mental hospital after telling a psychiatrist about their crazy adventures and how Malloy is a talking bear who commits evil acts.
  8. "Steve the Fearless Pilot": Steve's personality gets warped thanks to a hypnosis session gone bad. Meanwhile, Connie and Denzel end up stranded on an island.
  9. "High Stakes": Woody befriends Brickleberry's corrupt, Rob Ford-esque mayor (voied by John DiMaggio) and loses the park. Meanwhile, Ethel discovers that Malloy is a rare species of bear and flies in another bear so they can mate, and Steve tries to lose weight.
  10. "Amber Alert": Ethel feels threatened when a blond bimbo is hired as the new ranger over a competent hunk. Meanwhile, Denzel gets transferred to the watch tower and Steve discovers a horrible secret about all of his accomplishments.
  11. "Cops and Bottoms": Bored with the lack of crime in Brickleberry Park, Steve joins the police force and finds himself in over his head when he crashes his squad car into a biker bar and lets the bikers overrun the park so he can live. Meanwhile, Woody and Malloy travel to the Vatican after Woody discovers a hemorrhoid on his butt that has Jesus' face on it and is being worshipped by Catholic Mexicans.
  12. "Campin' Ain't Easy": Woody reopens Brickleberry's Native American-themed summer camp, which closed 15 years ago due to Steve killing his campers during the camp's gauntlet challenge. While Steve tries to prove that he is capable of keeping his campers alive, Woody falls for a woman named Tiffany, who turns out to be a seventeen-year-old camper.
  13. "Global Warming": Series Finale in which Woody tries to create the biggest carbon footprint ever while Ethel and Connie become Amish to counteract it. Meanwhile, Steve becomes psychic after a devastating electric shock and Malloy becomes paranoid over cows taking over the world.

     Comic Books 
  1. "Armoogeddon, Part 1": In 2045, Steve travels back in time to 2015 to kill Woody Johnson to prevent the cows from taking over earth. All the park rangers sell their guns to Obama for $30 each and 2045 Bobby is sent to stop Steve. Connie sues Ethel to have sex with her.
  2. "Armoogeddon, Part 2": Denzel travels back in time to raise Jesus Christ as his son.
  3. "Armoogeddon, Part 3": Malloy teams up with Steve to kill Woody who is being protected by Bobby.
  4. "Armoogeddon, Part 4": The Brickleberry team and their allies team up to fight off the cows for good.

     Paradise P.D. 
  1. "Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry": The park is on the verge of foreclosure, due to Woody failing to pay the mortgage for five years. To make matters worse, Woody's heartily abhorred cousin, Randall Crawford drops by for a surprise visit. Meanwhile, a mysterious poacher is kidnapping animals and Ethel seems to be the only one who cares.

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