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Steve: (to Denzel) How many [stars in space] do you think there are?
Denzel: More than you can count, Steve.
Steve: Wow, 92.
Denzel: You are a stupid motherfucker.
Cartoon charactersWarning 
Brickleberry usually has at least one "What An Idiot" moment in every episode of the show, what given their Loser Protagonist Steve Williams always screwing things up and making bad decisions all the time yet the rest of the main cast also commit random acts of stupidity as well.

Please do read the comic books folder's examples as well, since the comic books were made to substitute a Season 4.

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     Season One 
  • In "Welcome to Brickleberry", Steve needs to learn how to drive safely.
    You'd Expect: Steve to read his book "Ranger's Guide to Defense Driving" while sitting down and focusing on just the book.
    Instead: He reads his Defensive Driving book while driving and not looking at the road. He then runs over two bears and then trips which makes his gun fire a bullet and shooting the two bears in the head with one bullet. It turns out they were Malloy's parents. To avoid getting into trouble, Steve makes up a story that a tourist killed those bears and doesn't lose his driver's license let alone his job.
    • Also in "Welcome to Brickleberry", Malloy runs away to find junk food after Woody puts him on a diet more befitting for a bear cub. After scrounging for garbage and nearly starving to death, Malloy happens upon a trailer with Bobby Possumcods inside, who has junk food — and a criminal record for sexually molesting children and small animals.
      You'd Expect: Malloy to tell the redneck Bobby that he's not going in his trailer for junk food because of his criminal history (even when the redneck makes it crystal clear that he has the tools and court order stating that he's not allowed within 50 feet of children and small animals).
      Instead: Malloy does tell off Bobby, but lets his guard down when the rapist tells him he has 99% cacao dark chocolate.
      Worse Still: Malloy didn't leave after he got his fill of junk food and Bobby (now dressed in leather bondage gear) told him he was about to be stuffed. When Steve and Ethel find him, he's... stuck having forced coitus with him attached to Bobby's dick.
  • In "Two Weeks Notice", Woody decides to look for a new employee to replace Steve. However, he turns down every single applicant that shows up to the interview due to all of them being too stupid and the last one (who was overqualified) just for being Canadian. Malloy wanting the job for himself to use park ranger firearms on two raccoons that assaulted and mugged him decides to have Woody go to Craiglist to find the right candidate. He tells Woody to click on "Men Seeking Men" lying that it's about Woody himself being a man looking for a male job candidate.
    You'd Expect: Woody to realize it's a sex partner search.
    Instead: He gullibly buys it and gets a flamboyantly gay man asking Woody for sex. Woody gives up and hands the job over to Malloy.
  • In "Saved By the Balls", there is a Russian marijuana cartel running amok through Brickleberry illegally farming marijuana but because Brickleberry's soil is infertile, the plants can't grow well. Woody calls in the DEA to infiltrate and capture the Russians. The two DEA agents who arrive have managed to join the Russians and have earned their trust into believing that they are new recruits.
    You'd Expect: Steve to help keep the DEA agents incognito and hidden.
    Instead: He alerts one of the Russian plant growers that the DEA are hiding inside a barn, and a gunfight breaks out killing off the DEA agents forcing Denzel and Steve to take their place as the "new recruits". The cartel leader orders Steve and Denzel to grow up the plants within one week.
    You'd Then Expect: Steve to simply nod and accept the orders, then figure out how to run away later.
    Instead: Steve gloats, "Weeks are for pussies! We can do it by tomorrow! And so the deadline moves up 6 days faster.
    Then: Steve has managed to grow the cannabis plants big and tall using Malloy's testicle juice. He earns the Russian cartel leader's respect who gifts him with luxuries and money as a reward. Then, Steve laments that Woody isn't treating him well. The cartel leader overhears this, so he kidnaps Woody and offers Steve to kill him.
    • Steve refuses to kill Woody and decides to blow his cover on purpose now.
      You'd Expect: Steve to realize now is the worst time possible for him to blow his cover because he's surrounded by lots of men with guns.
      Instead: Steve admits he's a park ranger who works for Woody and commands, "I'm gonna arrest all of you!.
      Result: The Russian cartel leader and his men all point their guns at him.
      Then: He asks "Okay, how about if I only arrest a couple of you?"
      Result: The cartel simply cock the revolvers on their guns.
  • In "The Dam Show", Firecracker Jim washes away everyone onto an island by blowing up a water dam with his firecracker in celebration of Woody's birthday. Steve gets forcibly thrown in charge, and a rowboat also washes up on shore of the island they're on.
    You'd Expect: Steve to use the rowboat to sail off and get help.
    Instead: HE CHOPS UP THE ROWBOAT INTO FIREWOOD. And after the firewood burns out and the stranded people run out of food, what does Steve propose he'll do next? To use the rowboat to sail and get help. The same boat which he already chopped up for firewood.

     Season Two 
  • In "Trailer Park", a national park contest judge is coming to Brickleberry for review and because the rangers need more time to clean up after the mess and destruction Bobby Possumcods caused thanks to his alcoholic behavior, they send Denzel to knock the judge out.
    You'd Expect: Denzel to knock the judge out, steal all the information and documents the judge has and have the rangers sign it so that they can automatically win/cheat the contest, then submit it and claim their prize.
    Instead: After knocking out the judge, Denzel wastes the whole day filibustering the judge's time, mostly by knocking him out and trying to confuse him into thinking that the judge handpicked all the random locations Denzel kidnapped/smuggled him into such as his grandmama's 80th birthday party in Detroit (when the judge doesn't even know her), a bull rodeo and a baseball game where the Cubs are playing (even though the Judge complains he hates the Cubs).

     Season Three 
  • In "In Da Club", Ethel finds that someone has put his lunch (Spaghetti in marinara sauce) inside a Manila folder and put it in the fridge. As Ethel pulls it out to complain and ask who did it, the spaghetti slips through the folder and into the floor, which then gets rubbed over by Malloy with his testicles because he's dragging his testicles across the floor. Steve points out it's his lunch, and proceeds to eat it off his shirt. Denzel assertively tells him to stop.
    You'd Expect: Denzel to lecture Steve why it's not safe to eat it.
    Instead: He asks Steve to put parmesan on it and after sprinkling some, he joins Steve in eating the ruined spaghetti. Ethel complains the two deserve each other.
  • In "Cops and Bottoms", Officer Briggs takes Steve at gunpoint and blackmails him to hand over the credit for rounding up all the bad guys who were terrorizing Brickleberry as Briggs wants to become the Top Cop for Hazelhurst Police Department once again just to get the pink flower bracelet that says "TOP COP" away from Steve. Ethel witnesses this.
    You'd Expect: Ethel to not say anything and rat out Briggs to the police after Briggs leaves.
    Instead: She loudly and proudly tells Briggs (who is clearly holding a gun) that she'll tell the police that Briggs is lying. Briggs threatens to shoot her if she squeals, forcing Ethel to surrender and put her hands up in the air.
  • In "Global Warning", Steve forces Woody at gunpoint to shut down his carbon dioxide creating factories since Woody is emitting CO2 just to prove Ethel wrong about global warming being real. Steve then has the power to see himself into the future just by shocking and while wearing an electric shock collar that activates just when he barks, Woody lies to them that Viggo Mortensen is right behind him.
    You'd Expect: Steve to not bother looking behind just cause Woody's lying or bark. Steve even pointed out that he knows Woody is lying!
    Instead: He does look behind anyways, giving Woody the chance to run away.
    • Also in the same episode, Ethel moves into an Amish village to lower her carbon footprint but she finds the strict No Technology policy unbearable because she can't do anything right without technology and wishes to use electronics again.
      You'd Expect: For Ethel to just move out of the Amish village and go home.
      Instead: She tries using technology without the Amish people noticing, but eventually she gets caught and tied to a stake to be burnt in a similar way to witchcraft.

     Comic Books (continues off Season 3) 
  • In "Armoogeddon, Part 1", Ethel gets concerned over firearm shooting incidents against kids across the United States and so she encourages everyone, including her own co-workers to trade in their guns for the Gun Buyback program which Obama has started.
    You'd Expect: Ethel, Denzel and Steve to all realize that being park rangers, they must have their own guns (which Woody claims are government-issued) to protect children.
    Instead: They all sell their guns back to the program for $30 per gun, despite as Woody stated that those guns cost $500 each. Ethel still rationalizes her decision to have sold the guns back to Obama.
  • In "Armoogeddon, Part 4", Judge Judy is presiding over Connie and Ethel's lawsuit. Ethel is being sued by Connie for refusing to have sex with her even though Ethel promised to do so if the whole world were coming to an end.
    You'd Expect: Judy to dismiss the lawsuit since Connie's obviously the one who did something illegal, not Ethel.
    Instead: Judy condemns both women for their behavior (Connie for sexual harassment, Ethel for breaking her word) and decides to order them to have aggressive sex for 20 minutes.

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