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''Goosebumps Adventures'' is a Goosebumps fanfic by Stone-Man85, though it more closely resembles an original Magical Girl series (of the Magical Girl Warrior kind). In fact, the only thing that's Goosebumps-ish are the Monsters Of The Week, which are usually various monsters that appeared throughout the books.

Anyway, fifteen-year-old Courtney McRaven Keller, along with her widowed mother and her Annoying Younger Sibling Max, have just moved to Amityville. Courtney has a hard time adjusting, but then again, she has always been a loner and she's never really made any friends.


However, her life changes forever when applies to work at a Halloween store. The store owner, John D. Stranger, hires her on the spot, gives her a book, and essentially tells her that her job is to make sure no one ever reads the book aloud, least of all her.

You can probably guess what happened next.

So the book turns out to be a Sealed Evil in a Can that housed a slew of dangerous and evil monsters. It turns out, however, that Courtney is also The Chosen One, and now, with the help of her newly-formed True Companions, (who call themselves the Night-Bumpers), she must re-capture the creatures and re-seal them into the book. In other words, a Goosebumps version of the cartoon series The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo.

Uses many Anime Character Types and Anime tropes despite the setting and series. The story is even divided up in multiple StoryArcs. Oh, and character profiles can be found at the end of the most recent chapters.


The author has since expanded the universe of Goosebumps Adventures with several other fanfics, including Goosebumps Adventure and AKH: Curse of the Mummy, a crossover with Gargoyles, Full Moon High, a side story set in the same universe but with different characters, and the upcoming Goosebumps Adventure: Stone and Darkness.

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