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It would be hard to pinpoint any one member of Class 1-A as more popular then the rest. Overall, as they get more and more focus, everyone has gotten more than a little love. Then as Class 1-B and other students show up, it's becoming quite apparent that the whole school is filled with darkhorses. To make it even bigger, it's almost granted that any character introduced will gather their own fanbase.


U.A. Characters

Class 1-A

  • Tsuyu Asui caught the fanbase's attention even before her name got revealed, due to her cute design, her cool head in battle, and her blunt personality. Her darkhorse status showed when she was given A Day in the Limelight bonus chapter detailing her backstory, as well as a Filler/Adaptation Expansion episode in the anime dedicated to her post-Sports Festival internship. She placed 6th in the first Japanese character poll and 2nd in the American one. Furthermore, in the U.S., she was popular enough to take up giant banner space on both SDCC and NYCC's show floor spots alongside All Might and Midoriya, the main characters of the series.
  • Fumikage Tokoyami is also very popular, for having both a cool and powerful Quirk and a valiant personality that's earned him the Fan Nickname "Birdbro"/"Chocobro". And some circles have found his kind of dorky affinity for dark and dramatic things rather endearing. He placed 7th in both of the first Japanese and American character polls.
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  • Denki Kaminari managed to place 10th in the first character popularity poll despite having little focus compared to the other nine characters found in the top 10. He continued to be placed 11th and 8th in the 2nd and 3rd popularity poll, respectively, despite his continued lack of focus.
  • Despite his continued lack of focus throughout the series, Mashirao Ojiro has been slowly moving up in the popularity polls, going from 14th, to 12th, to 11th in the first three. Especially surprising considering his biggest role is still deciding to not take part in the Sports Festival tournament. He even has a subreddit dedicated to him.
  • Similarly, Sero is a background character through and through, but he is, nonetheless, constantly ranking in the top 20 on Japanese popularity pools, and Horikoshi has gone on to mention that he has a surprisingly large female fanbase in Japan.
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  • By far the biggest surprise in the second Japanese popularity poll is Kyoka Jiro's position as 7th, making her the most popular female character in Japan at the time, beating even main character Uraraka (10th) and Breakout Character Tsuyu (9th).
  • Yaoyorozu is a greatly popular character, both for her looks and her Spoiled Sweet personality. In the fourth popularity poll, she was ranked 7th, being the most popular female character in the franchise at that point, beating Uraraka, Tsuyu and Jiro.
  • Though she's mostly been Plucky Comic Relief thus far, Mina Ashido is very beloved by fans for her upbeat attitude, being one of the best physical fighters of the girls, and generally being a lot of fun whenever she shows up in focus. Many fans wish she'll have a major part to play in a later arc.

Other Classes

  • Mei Hatsume has her share of fans due to her otaku-level love for technology and throwing her fight against Iida just to show off her inventions.
  • Despite his diminished role in the series post his fight with Midoriya, Hitoshi Shinso seems to have made quite the impression in the fandom as he ranked 12th in the first popularity poll. Even when the second popularity poll came around, Shinso only dropped down to 14th despite being non-existent in the story apart from a brief cameo. He eventually jumps to 10th in the third poll, even without doing anything yet. Additionally, an entire zine dedicated to Shinso, made by fans, was announced. There's also how many fanworks tend to get rid of Mineta and put Shinso as a Class 1-A character, as many think that he deserves the spotlight much more than the Rat Bitch. Suffice it to say when Shinso came back for the Class 1-A vs 1-B arc and it was confirmed he would transfer to the hero course the fandom was pleased.
  • Despite her relatively minor role in the series so far (even in comparison to other students outside of the main class), Itsuka Kendo was popular enough to make 13th place in the first character popularity poll, maintaining a sizeable fanbase since then. Horikoshi himself remarked that before she even had any role or debut, his editors were fond of her.
  • On the subject of Class 1-B, Neito Monoma has also managed to gain rather a loyal following for himself.
  • The Big Three— those being Mirio, Nejire and Tamaki —were met with immediate praise upon their introduction in the Internship Arc. Mirio in particular became popular due to being a complete and utter badass, having an Intangibility power that's handled realistically, and being Brought Down to Badass during his battle with Overhaul, but still fighting on despite being rendered Quirkless. Nejire's slightly-airheaded Genki Girl personality, and Tamaki's too-serious persona, moments of Ho Yay with Mirio, and unique Quirk have also made them both popular.
  • Honestly, Class 1-B as a whole is one. Despite being given barely any focus outside the Joint Training Arc thus far, they all have dedicated fans and generally well liked.

Other Characters

  • In the West, Gran Torino is actually pretty popular, placing 11th in the U.S. popularity poll.
  • Inko Midoriya has her fans because of her loving nature towards Izuku and her realistic depiction. For some, it's also because of her Big Beautiful Woman appeal.
  • As of Chapter 184, we have the Rabbit Hero Mirko, who quickly garnered a fanbase due to her fairly a muscular build, as well as the fact that she's the highest-ranked female hero so far. Mirko also draws similarities with Midoriya in terms of their rabbit imagery and kick-based style of combat, which has her fans wishing that he would intern under her in the future.
  • Similar than the one above, Hawks' amusingly smug and arrogant personality made him very well received. His Straight Man and Wise Guy relationship with Endeavor only furthered this, in addition to his status as a double agent, pretending working with the League of Villains in order to relay information back to the Hero Alliance. As a matter of fact, the fourth popularity poll, his very first one, released not too long after he was introduced, put him in fourth place, losing only to the main trio of Midoriya, Bakugo and Todoroki.
  • The anime Canon Immigrant Selkie and his sidekick Sirius both gathered a large amount of fans. On one side, you have Selkie's Mr. Fanservice status, especially to Bara fans, his badassery and funny attempts at coming off as cute, while Sirius is a Cool Big Sis to the already popular Tsuyu, her useful Quirk and her comical routine with her boss.
  • By far, the biggest surprise in the fourth popularity poll was Best Jeanist, who placed 6th, losing only to Bakugo, Todoroki, Midoriya, Kirishima and Hawks. It certainly has to do with his Heroic Sacrifice against All For One and being voiced by a rather popular voice actor in Japan.


  • Himiko Toga quickly became a fan favorite due to her Affably Evil, Yandere tendencies, especially in the West where she came in third in the second U.S. popularity poll. Being vampire-themed didn't hurt either nor did revealing she could shapeshift.
  • Among the villains, Dabi has garnered a strong fanbase, even becoming a minor Launcher of a Thousand Ships among the villains, being shipped with Shigaraki, Toga, Twice and Stain.
  • Both Gentle and La Brava became this to the point where many fans wished for them to win their battle against Midoriya himself. The former gets love for how charming and Affably Evil he is, while the latter gets love for her Undying Loyalty. It also helps that both characters' not only have a genuinely heartfelt relationship, but also that their backstories make for some of the series' biggest Tear Jerker moments.
  • Twice is rather well-liked by some fans, but then again considering he's an Expy of Deadpool, it's probably no surprise.
  • Giran quickly became one with a lot of fans in the Meta Liberation Army Arc. Despite being captured and tortured to the point of having all of his fingers on one hand removed, he refused to sell out the League of Villains and emphasizes he refuses to do business with anyone he doesn't like.


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