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  • In Queen of All Oni, when Jade goes trick or treating, if she didn't like what she got, she goes back and throws LIVE RATS in the poor people's faces!
  • Jesus and Hitler, A Romance. Pretty much Exactly What It Says on the Tin. As one review put it:
    This is the single most disgusting nasty offensive thing I've ever read. And it's bloody amazing!
  • This piece of fanart for Team Fortress 2 references a throwaway line in the game about Sniper's "Kangaroo Wife", but rather than go the obvious route it subverts it... then crosses it... then crosses it again, all while being bloody hilarious.
    • The same artist does it again, this time with The Spy.
  • My Immortal pretty much runs on this, either intentionally or not.
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  • Thirty Hs is a Harry Potter Troll Fic which takes Black Comedy and Rule of Cool Up to Eleven, in the process crossing the line so many times that it just may win the award for line crossing. The opening line features Dobby cutting open an astronaut's head with his groinsaw. Yes, a groinsaw is exactly what it sounds like. Yes, that is what happens in the very first line. Somehow, it manages to escalate from there, with an early appearance by Fuckslayer, Harry's guitar which is described as, "a guitar from a dimension where all screamed for naught, wrought from the silver heart of heaven's false promise, laced with vessels that pulsed with angel's menstrual blood, hewn from the horns of Satan's generals."
  • The death of Mami in Puella Magi Madoka Magica was disturbing. Some of the fanart reacting to that, like this one... Not so much.
    • It's more like it's more common to see Mami and Charlotte to be together in a completely happy situation. To the point that it's one of the more common pairings in the show's Shipping fandom.
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  • Latias' Journey crosses the line a billion times. It is unimaginably gory but it is so over the top that it starts getting funny.
  • Arguably, the later installment of the Poké Wars series are getting to be like this.
  • The Last War goes so over the top in its portrayal of Ron as the Potterverse's answer to Trevor Morgan that it becomes a total farce very quickly. Even before the A-Team show up.
  • The entire premise of Theory of Chaos is this trope taken Up to Eleven.
    • Basically what happens is a Doumon¬ bewitches all the tamers except for Takato into becoming the embodiment of each of the seven deadly sins so we now have Rika Nonaka as a frieking avatar of lust!. The whole thing is just so WRONG it's hilarious, and Ruki and Chaos' comments make it that much better.
  • Virtually any story by the 6 foot dick (With such a name, what did you expect?!).
  • The Legend of Link: Lucky Number 13 does this on occasion by treating extreme violence and shady morality casually.
    • When Link goes to save Takara and Varia, he is confronted by camouflaged soldiers. He drives them into a fear-driven frenzy and uses magic to jam their guns so they are forced to bash and pummel each other to death. The bastards deserve it, but the drama ends the moment Link reasons there's "something missing" and, for no reason other than his amusement, follows up with a casual instruction: "Mouths only."
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    • Following on from that scene, the shadow demon goes on to graphically mutilate and kill 12 women and 28 children (the families of the scientists responsible for Takara and Varia's torment) on Link's orders. Deadly serious? Yes. Morally questionable? Absolutely. The shadow demon musing on a name for itself, then treating the survivors' shocked silence the way an inexperienced comedian would regard an audience that wasn't laughing? Hilarious.
    Still, no one spoke, which seemed to make the creature genuinely uncomfortable.
    "No? Shade? Shady?"
    The men stood silent, tears and mucus streaming down their faces, but the creature continued. Its flippancy and their inability to make it respect their loved ones' lost lives made them cry harder.
    "The Hand, then? Handy? No? None of those?"
  • In Bella Swan Pregnant And Furious, Satan gets beaten so hard by Bella (yes, that Bella), that his internal organs start coming out of his mouth. He is left "toothless and organless", "coughing blood and trembling with pain."
  • The NSFW short story "Peach's Double Life", which details in rather explicit manner Princess Peach's sexual affairs between Mario and Bowser on the occasions she's being rescued by the former and being "kidnapped" by the latter. If that wasn't enough, it then goes into a detailed account of "Bowser Jr's spiky shell, unknowingly, used for the sexual pleasure of Peach, as she births him."
  • A very common plot in fanfiction of the Pokémon anime is to rewrite the story from the beginning, with Ash supposedly being smarter and more awesome. However, The Greatest There Was Or Ever Will Be manages to avoid this trap simply by making Ash so far ahead of his canon self that it becomes comical — imagine Ash channeling the heroine of Medaka Box, and one wouldn't be too far off.
  • As with most interpretations of the character, The Joker absolutely skips rope with the line in one of his two brief appearances in Angel Of The Bat. Most of the presentations of death in the story are very dark handled seriously. But then The Joker kills some workers and employees of Arkham Asylum, his reasons for doing so including "Making bad meatloaf", "Stealing an extra package of cream cheese" and "I just never liked you." When confronting The Fundamentalist (and later Big Bad) Daniel Lebowitz, Joker says he doesn't like religion because it promotes bigotry, and he prefers to kill everyone instead of specific people.
  • Supper Smash Bros: Mishonh From God makes all gays and 'lesbians' into licentious Hollywood Satanists, who want nothing more than to turn others gay by 'rapping' them, so that they change to being homosexual. Anytime this happens, it is done completely inaccurately, and is extremely over-the-top that it becomes a complete laugh.
    • On a similar note, the fic's attempts to spread messed-up politics and racism couldn't have been done in a more ridiculous manner. Who seriously misspells "Mexican" as "Maxipad?"
  • Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship has Dark Conquest, who is so over the top about his evil to go through the line a dozen times per dialogue.
    “And you think I am the bad guy in all of this! I mean, yeah, I rape, murder, commit genocide, rape, devastate worlds, write bad fanfiction about a show I hate, steal, rape, blow up planets on a whim, kill, murder children, cause wanton murder on a global scale, and rape animals,” he then looked down to the ground in tears, “poor Bambi’s mom, but at least I am honest about my evil!”
  • A rather common crossover among The Rising of the Shield Hero fanfics is to replace Naofumi with a hero from another series, who is obviously more awesome than Naofumi. The Hero Melromarc Needs and Deserves brings this to the (il)logical conclusion by replacing Naofumi with Cancer Deathmask, a Card-Carrying Villain that here comes off as a Sociopathic Hero merely due the people he deals with in Melromarc and can punch out both mountains and souls and move at the speed of light.
  • RWBY Volume 3 was viewed by fans as tragedy with all the crap the protagonists go through in the second half. Someone decided to pay tribute to it by showing the events....while playing the RWBY Chibi theme over them.
  • In Christian Potter Chandler, Barb tells Chris Bob will take them to the zoo, as she wants to stop at a thrift store that's on the way there. Bob overhears and yells at Barb for rewarding him since Chris recently groped a woman. Barb says that this made Chris heartbroken, and when she realizes Chris is completely ignoring the situation, she kicks him in the nuts to make him cry. THEN CPS arrive, and Bob tells them what Barb did, so Barb whips out Tic Tacs and says it's Bob's dementia pills.
  • In Juxtapose, "'Work Experience, Part 4" ends with someone's hands getting cut off. While the audience is reeling from the shock and horror of it all, the author decides to take the opportunity to fill his comments section with hand puns.
    "Speaking of themes, how do you like the handsy theme? Am I being too heavy-handed with these puns? You have to hand it to me, I'm pretty good at dropping them! Not that it's an effort, I actually have my hands full handling all these hand puns! Somebody give me a hand in carrying them! Oh, Shiggy, you want to give me a hand? Sure, I hope you don't get your hands bloody in doing so. Blood is a pain to clean out of the floor, and not all of us have Minor Banishment like Izuku. Wait, you didn't know that Izuku has Minor Banishment? Oops, now you do, but things have gone out of hand!""
  • "Camp RWBY" is a fan animation of the Camp Camp theme with RWBY characters (itself a reference to a gag in RWBY Chibi). Most of it is just the characters in silly, yet appropriate situations for the lyrics with one exception: the line "we've got archery" is accompanied by an image of when Cinder killed Pyrrha by shooting her through the chest with an arrow.


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