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Crosses The Line Twice / Madagascar

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The Madagascar film series has quite a lot of offensive humor:


  • Nana beating up Alex viciously and spraying him in the eyes, before later kicking him in the groin at the Grand Central Station.
    • When Melman struggles up the stairs while screaming "He's got him! He's got...!", she says "I've got something for you!" and smacks him in the ass with her handbag, making him collide head-first with a clock (and get his head stuck in said clock).
  • The angry Beach Run in the first film, particularly Marty's "Oh, Sugar Honey Ice Tea!" line as he runs from Alex.
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  • When Julien reassures Alex that there are people on the island, Alex is relieved... until this happens:
    Julien: They're up there.
    (Answer Cut to a skeleton hanging from a tree)
    Julien: (nonchalantly, while the group looks horrified) Don't you love the people? Not a very lively bunch, though.
    Alex: (still unnerved) Oh, wow. So, do you have any live people?
  • When the penguins return to Madagascar with the ship and Gloria asks where the humans are:
    Skipper: We killed them and ate their livers.
    (Gloria stares at him slack-jawed)
    Skipper: Gotcha, didn't I?
  • The scene where Marty, Melman and Gloria quickly guide a duckling to a nearby pond, as they saw two other small critters get eaten. They sigh with relief... only for it to be eaten by a large crocodile a second later. All three are visibly traumatized.
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  • A ravenous Alex chasing Marty isn't funny, but when it's played with the old National Geographic theme, it's hilarious.

Escape 2 Africa

  • Alex vs. Nana. Alex punches old lady in the face: Dude, Not Funny!. Old lady fights back and wounds his pride while a polka version of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly plays: Hilarious. Poor Alex just can't catch a break.
  • Also, King Julien in first class is very funny:
    Julien: You, in-flight slave... (to Private, while hanging upside down from a chandelier) Bring me my nuts, on a silver platter.
    Julien: Excuse me, this is first class, it's nothing personal, it's just that we're better than you.
    Julien: Whatever happened to the separation of the classes?
    Maurice: I'm sure this whole democracy thing is just a fad!
    • As well as that, look at the movie he's watching. It's crammed full of plane crashes, which he and Maurice are laughing at.
  • Also, there's the crash scene with the penguins. All four of the penguins are calm, King Julien is having fun, and in stark contrast, Alex, Marty, Melman and Maurice are terrified out of their minds. Meanwhile, Gloria is asleep.
    Skipper: (with the plane in a death spiral) When it comes to air travel, we know that you have no choice whatsoever, but thanks again for choosing Air Penguin.
    • Beforehand, Private explaining airline safety: " the mask over your face to hide your terrified expression from the other passengers."
  • When stealing the All-Terrain-Vehicle for parts, the penguins are great:
    Skipper: (to Kowalski) Reverse. (to Rico) Gas. (to Private) Music. ("More Than a Feeling" plays)
    • The method they use to steal it is also great, with Private playing dead to distract the tourists (the driver is understandably horrified, while the others take pictures) while the other penguins hijack it.
  • In the beginning, the Zoosters are boarding the plane.
    Alex: "Hey! If you're ever in Manhattan, please call, okay?!"
    Three Little Lemurs: *pick each others noses and then eat... well... what comes out.*
    Alex: *look of pure disgust* "Uh,"
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  • Alex’s mother turning off the lights in Alex’s killing a lightning bug...with the same nonchalant motions of someone turning off a light switch.
  • Invoked when the penguins hit Nana with the tour bus and she goes flying with a "Boing!" sound effect. According to the DVD commentary, that sound effect was added for comedy since people probably wouldn't find it funny otherwise.
    • Immediately before that, the penguins throw her out of the bus when she wakes up to the music (keep in mind that she defeated Alex easily, as mentioned above).
    • Also, this, after she is thrown out:
    Private: Is she dead?
    Nana sits up
    Skipper: No!
    He tries running her over and sends her flying back.
    Nana: OI!

Europe's Most Wanted

  • DuBois' first scene involves her giving a speech to her subordinates about all the animals she's killed... in a heavy French accent, complete with over-the-top gun twirling and shooting a dart at the spot where a lion head is supposed to go.
  • When it looks like Julien has not survived due to him being in the van when it fell off the hotel roof, everyone is grieving... except for Maurice, who starts to grin, only to look very unhappy when it turns out that Julien survived after all.
  • During the pillow fight in the hotel, Skipper's horrified "Chimichanga! These pillows are filled with baby birds!" line.
    • To make it cross the line even more, look at Rico and Private with Skipper says this. Private(in a Freeze-Frame Bonus) looks utterly horrified. Rico? Is grinning without a care in the world as he looks at the feathers.
  • During the Rome disaster, one of the kids in the audience starts pelting an elephant with spitballs, causing the elephant to lose his balance and topple toward the kid butt-first.
    Skipper (while eating some popcorn): Well, that was worth the price of admission.


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