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Sonya is a dude.
If we've agreed that Julien is really a woman... lemur... thing... Sonya may very well be the same way.

King Julien XIII really is the most sane of all the Lemurs. That's why he's king.
  • Amazingly he seems to grasp almost everything going on. He understands that The People are dead (he just doesn't care) he understands that the Foosa are deadly, and really does come up with the plan for using the new Freaks to scare them away, which would be a good idea if it weren't for the fact that Alex is part of it. And he has a fairly good idea for getting the New Yorkers on his side. In the sequel, he initially doesn't really believe that a sacrifice in the volcano will get water (although he seems to by the end), he just seems to suggest it to get attention. Yes, he is crazy, but very few if any of his ideas are disagreed with. He doesn't do it by being the strongest and scaring people; he does it by being the most sane resident (and telling people to shut up a lot).
    • The one-eyed king of the land of the blind, then?

The watering hole in Escape 2 Africa is a special case, resulting from a pact between herds.
  • From the look of things, the watering hole is the only water for miles. Sometime in the past, the then-ruling alpha lion declared the watering hole a safe zone, where prey could be safe. In exchange, the prey would help him defend his territory, should a threat arise, such as a rival pride of lions. This way, the herds of prey could get water without fear of being eaten, and the lions would have a large army of allies. In the generations since then, the lions and other predators have done their hunting away from the watering hole, preying on wandering herds. As a result of all this, the prey animals at the watering hole have lost their fear of predators.
    • So it's like the birthing/crowning ceremonies in The Lion King?
    • This theory is similar to the Water Truce in The Jungle Book: in the dry season, the river bank is a safe place where predators and prey can drink together.
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    • It's also Truth in Television - in Africa where everything is trying to eat everything else, a watering-hole is actually a fairly safe place for animals to mix. Not always safe, of course, but people have witnessed lions and their various prey relaxing in close proximity at waterholes.

The Penguins will be even more important in the third film.
  • The penguins were just background characters in the first film. They had some important duties in the second film, even if they weren't the stars. In the trailer for the third film they are an important focus and seem to be part of the attraction for the movie. Their badassery has even been Flanderised. I think they're going to be co-stars for the third movie. They have become VERY popular thanks to The Penguins of Madagascar spin-off series.
    • Confirmed in that they are pretty much co-stars along with the lemurs.
    • Not as important to the movie as it seemed they would be (Alex, Julien, Marty, and the newcomers stole the show), but they were very important nonetheless.

Alex and Marty will sing a Triumphant Reprise of "New York, New York" once they finally get back home.
  • Jossed. They didn't sing at all after get back to the zoo.
    • They did, however, sing it on the plane just before it crashed (again).

Alex's parents died in between movies
They would have been pretty old by #2, and the beginning of #3 does highlight that time has passed since, so it's not implausible.

King Julien XIII predicts the victory of the New York Giants against the New England Patriots at the Super Bowl...twice.
Nah. That's just Wild Mass Stretching.

If there's a 4th movie, DuBois will return and team up with Nana to get Alex.

Sonya is completely mute to human ears
Sonya only makes bear noises. When Alex tries to talk to human, he only makes lion sounds to human ears.

King Julien XIII is a Time Lord.
Julien has spent his entire life cycle shaping the culture of the Madagascar lemurs, encouraging their party animal lifestyle and doing his best to create a Utopian society. He's now on his thirteenth incarnation, hence King Julien XIII.

King Julien is a reincarnation of Emperor Kuzco
They are surprisingly very identical in terms of character; both are kings with huge egos and they both love dancing.
  • Or maybe he could even be a descendant of Kuzco. He's a lemur because... Yzma's potions...

The movie takes place in a national park or nature reserve of sorts.
It's not that there are no humans in Madagascar, real Madagascar has a population of around 24,894,551 people, it's just that Julien and his kingdom don't run into humans often if at all because humans aren't allowed to enter their "kingdom". The second movie actually does take place in nature reserve and most animals in that movie don't seem to be aware of humans neither, so it is a possiblility.

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