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Heartwarming / Madagascar

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  • Alex's birthday present for Marty's 10th is an Alex snowglobe. Although Marty seems to not appreciate it, he then sets it down with 8 other pieces of Alex merchandise, one of them being a picture reading "Happy 7th Marty" making it clear that these are all different birthday gifts from Alex that Marty has kept safe.
  • When Alex approaches Marty and it appears he's going to eat him, he whispers to Marty thanking him for not giving up on him and asks his friends to play along to help him scare the fossa away.
    • Before that, Marty goes back to bring Alex to the ship even after the lion nearly kills him. And even after Alex charges at Marty in his Sanity Slippage, Marty doesn't give up on his best friend and even brings up a Meaningful Echo of "New York, New York".
    "Alex, I ain't leavin' without you."
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  • "It really isn't the fun side without you."


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