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Imagine the lawyer/prosecutor/accountant you'd most dread seeing across the table from you. Okay, got it? It's this guy, isn't it? I know-freaky, right?

Željko Ivanek (born August 15, 1957 in Ljubljana, Slovenia) is a Slovenian-American actor and graduate of Yale who’s usually the best thing in whatever he’s in. He initially started off typecast as a nice guy, most notably Ed Danvers in Homicide: Life on the Street. Tired of playing good guys, he asked his agent to get him more villainous roles. The agent was more than obliging.

A very familiar face on television due to his long-term portrayals of characters such as Governor James Devlin in Oz and Andre Drazen in the first season of 24, he’s enjoyed a profile boost after winning an Emmy for his portrayal of Ray Fiske on the critically acclaimed Damages. He tends to make even the smallest role somehow memorable, and has had recurring stints on Heroes, True Blood, and Big Love, not to mention his role as a regular on The Event. Although the show suffered from many problems, including the lack of any resolution whatsoever and most of the questions posed at the beginning going completely unanswered, Ivanek was a compelling presence.




  • Fake American: He was born in Slovenia (when it was part of Yugoslavia), and spent many of his early years there before his family settled in the US and became a citizen.
  • He Really Can Act: His bigger roles tend to elicit this reaction.
  • Insistent Terminology: His contracts specifically state that the caron (also called hacek) has to be over the Z in his name in any credits on a show or movie.
  • Playing Against Type: In Heroes. It's very rare to see him playing an action heavy role and he played it extremely well.
  • Smug Snake: His trademark appearance. One of the smuggest around and all the better for it.


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