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Massive unmarked spoilers below! Read at your own risk.

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     Otemachi Genocidersnote  

In General

A guild formed by the victims of Fujimi Academy, an illegal laboratory and cult founded under the guise of a school in order to perform unethical and sadistic experiments on Transients and Sacred Artifacts.

The guild is based in the Chiyoda ward with their headquarter being the former research lab/temple of the cultists who founded Fujimi Academy.

  • Anti-Villain: Like the Protagonist and friends, Arc and their adopted family wants to find a way to end the repeating loop and the game itself. However, due to their past of being put through inhumane experiment, being treated as if they're not human, and having to watch their friends and loved one die one after another while being unable to save them caused them to turn to more extreme method in finding such a solution.
  • Arc Villain: Of Chapter 7 and 8.
  • Family of Choice: The three Transient members of the guild acts as Arc's surrogate family members in order to honor the dying wishes of their summoners.


Chain-Wielder of Otemachi

Voiced by: Mariya Ise

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  • Ambiguous Gender: As a tie in to their historical inspiration, Arc’s design toes the line between feminine and masculine. While Arc wears a male uniform, their build is something their artist, BomBom, typically uses for female characters. They're presumably nonbinary as their bio lists their gender as “N/A” and refers to them with gender-neutral pronouns.
  • Back from the Dead: Shiro managed to use Yog’s powers to bring Arc back from the dead by turning back their time after they took a knife meant for Babalon.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Touch their family and you. Will. Burn!
    • They are also liable to fly into an uncontrollable rage at mention of the deadly game they and their classmates were forced to play, implied to have been an experimental version of the App, of which they are the sole survivor.
  • But Not Too Foreign: They’re half French and half Japanese.
  • The Caretaker: Acts as this for Azathoth when not out on missions due to Azathoth’s human body being catatonic and Azathoth himself being a Cloudcuckoolander.
  • Chain Pain: Their Sacred Artifact takes the form of chains that they can telekinetically manipulate and multiply to bind and burn their opponents. They’re capable of maintaining the binding on dozens of victims and could even restrain someone as strong as an enraged Macan.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Arc, along with all their classmates and the students at their school, were used as guinea pigs for experiments with the App, leaving only themself, the boy that became Marchosias’ charge, and Azathoth’s Summoner's physical body alive.
  • Family of Choice: Babalon and Surtr now act as their parental figures, while Azathoth is like a little brother to them.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Following the destruction of their guild and death of their Family of Choice, they choose to ally themselves with the protagonist and defeat the Representatives.
  • I Will Find You: Once they learn that Bablon, Surtr, and Azathoth aren't dead, but banished from the game for fulfilling their Roles, they tell Azathoth!Breke that once everything is over and the walls are taken down, they are going to out and find them again.
  • Jeanne d'Archétype: And even in this case, inheriting her powers and role. The actual Joan of Arc is summoned as an Exception using Arc’s connections to her.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: Babalon, Azathoth, and Surtr are this to them and vice-versa.
  • Meaningful Name: They seem to have taken on a part of Jeanne's name to symbolize the fact that the experiments have made Jeanne an irreplaceable part of them. It's also likely they have forgotten their original names after all the trauma they were put through.
  • Name Amnesia: They can no longer recall their birthname after all the trauma they had experienced.
  • Only One Name: They are simply referred to as Arc.
  • Playing with Fire: Their in-game element, while their chains latch onto their targets and burn them based on the victim's perception of how sinful their own lives have been.
  • Power Source: The chains bind and power themselves using the guilt and regrets of Arc’s enemies. Once they make contact, breaking the physical chains is meaningless unless the target can also overcome their personal traumas and regrets.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Again, do not threaten their family or else!
  • Sole Survivor: Besides the unnamed child Marchosias is protecting, Arc is the only one left physically conscious and active after the horrific summoning experiment at their now-abandoned school.
    • By the end of chapter 8, Arc is the only surviving member of the Genocider guild after their family pulled a Heroic Sacrifice to stall the Rule Makers.
  • Taking the Bullet: Shielded a weakened Babalon from Kirito when he turns on them. Thankfully they got better.
  • Taking the Heat: As they laid dying in Babalon's arms, Arc revealed that they knew full extent of Babalon's plan along, but still willingly went along because they loved Babalon as their mother. That's why, had the Genociders somehow lost or survived the battle, Arc was going to pin all the blame on themself to save their family from further persecution. A teary Babalon objects and reaffirms that she loved Arc and would never allow them to sacrifice themself just to save her.

    Babalon/Whore of Babylon 

Depraved Maiden

Voiced by: Yui Toita

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  • Action Mom: Harm her children and she will sic Therion on you without hesitation.
  • Affably Evil: A cool, motherly type, trying to go about her everyday life with her weird, rag-tag Family of Choice. She’s also plotting to start an apocalypse with said family…
  • Attack Animal: Therion, her familiar, serves as this. It typically hides in a space in her hair, although its silhouette can be clearly seen in her 3-star art.
  • The Cynic: She feels the world’s nothing but a hellhole playground for men to abuse and exploit those with less power than they do. Justified, considering the world that she originated from, Eden, had a System in place where men were granted almost limitless rights and privileges, while the women were less than livestock.
  • Dub Name Change: Her name in katakana is Harlot. As in, Mother Harlot, another name for the Whore of Babylon.
  • Fan of Underdog: She loves to side with weaker factions, such as the downtrodden masses or people who have been humiliated or defeated. In fact, she offers to help Hakumen, normally a very rich, powerful and influential Roppongi executive, after the latter suffers a crushing defeat from Ophion and Lucifuge's invasion on her casino.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Realizing she loves Arc like her own child, Babalon joins the fight against the Exceptions she helped unleash. She later sacrifices herself alongside Surtr to buy time for the Summoners and their allies to escape from the Rule Makers. Overlaps with Love Redeems.
  • Heel Realization: Arc’s death finally made her realize the thing she really wanted most, a child to call her own, was in front of her and she had just thrown them away for selfish vengeance. Thankfully, Arc’s revival allowed her to make amends.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: She, Surtr, and Azathoth threw themselves at Michael and the other Representatives of the Rule Makers to buy the Summoners time to retreat.
  • Humble Goal: All she ever really wanted was to raise a child of her own.
  • I Have Many Names: Babalon and/or Harlot. Though it's primarily a name change due to localization, Babalon does allude to the fact that many men simply refer to her as a harlot, looking down upon her as a vile woman. Of course, that’s not even getting into the implications of her past. From the narration in Chapter 8, it’s highly implied that Babalon’s original identity in Eden was that of the very first woman, Lilith. Her rebellion against the enslavement of women in Eden led to her banishment. What happened after that isn’t clear: the narration does not explicitly say whether or not the current “her” is still the original Lilith or that her memories were simply continuously reincarnated with her Sacred Artifact, each time inherited by another unfortunate woman who was scorned by society and abused by the men around them.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Twice. The first and non-fatal incident was to provoke Arc into attacking the protagonist in order to trigger an Exception, while the second and very fatal incident was courtesy of Michael and his angels.
  • Lethal Chef: Her appearance in Valentines Festa reveals that she is terrible at cooking, to the point of once putting ten times the dictated amount of sugar into a cake. Surtr refuses to let her cook for this reason.
  • Mama Bear: She is shown to care deeply about those who are outcasts in society and taken advantage of, as shown with her sympathy with Ifrit in Chapter 5. She goes so far as to call Kirito her "Unlovable Child" as well.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Arc’s sacrifice to protect her made her realize she had just thrown away a loving child to sate her need for vengeance.
  • Never Found the Body: Early in Chapter 9, Arc admits that despite their Heroic Sacrifice, they still feel a connection to them, but when they attempt to summon her, they're only able to summon her chalice Sacred Artifact. Later on, once it's revealed that individuals who've fulfilled their Role in the game return disappear from Tokyo, Arc takes that a sign that she's possibly alive outside the walls of Tokyo.
  • The Paralyzer: Her grail does have a “stun” setting which causes it release a debilitating gas around the area, paralyzing anyone who breathes it in. Babalon typically avoids using this because siccing Therion on her enemies is so much easier, but she will quickly relent and use the non-violent option if Arc is within ear shot.
  • Parental Substitute: Her dead Summoner’s last request was for Babalon to look after Arc.
  • Pet the Dog: She genuinely follows through with her Summoner’s last request to look after Arc like a mother, treating them as lovingly as if they were one of her own.
  • Qipao: She gets one for 2019 Halloween.
  • Rebellious Spirit: Her agenda includes uniting the downtrodden outcasts against those with authority.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: It seems to be her plan to take revenge on all those who abuse and take advantage of the weak. Her revenge is mainly directed toward Eden for its cruel enslavement of women and their treatment of the child she was never able to birth. Branded and banished, Babalon was forced to wander from world to world, until finding herself in Tokyo where she found the necessary tools to finally have her revenge from the Fujimi Academy's illegal research.
  • Tears of Remorse: Cries as she cradles Arc’s lifeless body. Thankfully, things turn around.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Her stated goal is seemingly benevolent, but she's willing to torture, kidnap and get civilians injured along the way.



Burning Jotunn

Voiced by: Kenta Miyake

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  • BFS: His Flaming Sword, Laevatien, is almost as tall as he is!
  • Black Knight: His overall design brings to mind this idea.
  • Chef of Iron: He may be fatherly and warm to his family, but remember that dad’s still a mighty Jotuun with complete control over flames and can wreck anyone that messes with him or his family.
  • A Father to His Men: Takes up a very paternal role to Azathoth and Arc, and thinks of the giants and Shadows that he's led as his children.
  • Hunk: The logical conclusion when you combine that voice with that build, and damn is he hot.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: It’s clear Surtr has absolutely no idea how sexy he looks in only an apron; the only reason for it was just because he didn’t want the clothes Arc picked out for him to get dirty when he baked.
  • Mook Maker: Besides storing memories of pain and tragedy from previous timelines, his black helmet sacred artifact can also be used to summon facsimiles of his dead Jotuun children as Shadow Mobs.
  • Mr. Fanservice: While his initial release was already pretty raunchy, as he wore what was basically male bikini armor, his Valentine’s variant took it even further with a naked apron sprite.
  • Mundane Utility: Implied to use his mastery over fire to bake. It also helps that his complete immunity to heat and flames also allows to him to bake while only wearing an apron.
  • Naked Apron: When the man looks like that and enjoys baking and cooking, in a game like this, this was an inevitability. He claims this is all to show off the power of a Jotuun and to keep the clothes Arc picked out for him clean.
  • Never Found the Body: Early in Chapter 9, Arc reveals that despite their Heroic Sacrifice, as their Summoner, they still feel a connection to him, but when they try to Summon him, all they get is his helmet Sacred Artifact. Once it's revealed that individuals who fulfill their Roles in the game disappear from Tokyo, Arc takes it as a sign that Surtr is possibly still alive somewhere outside the walls of Tokyo.
  • Papa Wolf: Mess with any of his kids, and he’ll skewer you.
  • Playing with Fire: As a fire giant from Yggdrasil, this is a given. This is his true element as per his legend, but the memories and pain in his helmet artifact usually suppresses it and instead grants him the Infernal attribute. His Valentine’s alt, however, regains his fire attribute.
  • Real Men Cook: As shown in his Valentine's Festa appearance, he is very good at cooking and baking, and is known to frequently cook for his fellow guild members.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: Subverted, Surtr’s not evil, so much as he’s duty-bound to those he considered family like with Arc and Babalon. He will do whatever it takes to help his loved ones achieve their goals, and if that means potentially starting an apocalypse, so be it.
  • Supreme Chef: Just look at all those cakes and pastries in his Valentine’s alt.
  • Vapor Wear: The man wears partial armor with a black thong and some very thin chest straps into battle. Averted with his Valentine’s alt... at first: Naked Apron quickly ensued.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: The only thing on his torso are some chest straps that only help to emphasize just how stacked his chest is.


Hardcore Gamer

Voiced by: Mayumi Tanaka

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  • Adorable Abomination: While they might have the form and body of a child, it's clear the moment one meets them that underneath it all exists an unfathomable entity beyond human comprehension.
  • Almighty Idiot: Literally. Azathoth is the creator of the world of The Old Ones, including all the Transients you've met from that world. Even so, he has no memory of this, doesn't recognize any of the Old Ones he comes into contact with, and has the mentality of a child concerned with only a very few things in life.
  • Awakening the Sleeping Giant: This is how one of the loops had ended. Azathoth managed to truly awaken from their slumber which resulted in Tokyo being annihilated.
  • Collector of the Strange: Azathoth loves collecting memories of death from others. Thanks to the time-loop affecting Tokyo, this has allowed them to amass a trove of these memories from the repeated deaths of everyone in Tokyo with Azathoth being particularly fond of whatever manner of death and murder happens to the Player across the loops.
  • Doesn't Know Their Own Child: This with literally all of the Old Ones. He created them, and even before the cataclysm that destroyed the world of the Old Ones, he had no awareness of their existence. This has spawned some strong Angst in his children, particularly Nyarlathotep and Yog Sothoth. Tsathoggua, however, seems much less overtly affected by this than the others.
  • Family of Choice: Surtr and Babalon are Parental Substitutes for him, while Arc is something of a sibling in his eyes.
  • Getaway Driver: Their main role in the Genociders, thanks to their ability to freely teleport to and from anywhere in Tokyo which affords the guild a great deal of freedom in their operations.
  • Green Thumb: Azathoth's personal underlings are horrifying, twisting plant creatures with human-like faces growing on their limbs. The plant creatures will try to entangle their victims and if they manage grab hold of someone, they will proceed to Mind Rape the victim using Azathoth's store of memories from across countless loops.
  • It Amused Me: Most likely why he even agreed to play the role of little brother to Arc.
  • Logical Weakness: While his ability to teleport is the strongest of the Old Ones, it doesn't prevent the person he's teleporting from coming back. Thus Algeron, despite not being a World Representative, is able to defeat him as a result of him being able to Time Travel back to Azathoth.
  • Meat Puppet: The figure that's depicted in Azathoth's art isn't the true form of Azathoth but the person who summoned him. Azathoth is currently controlling the body, the owner of which is currently dormant and physically sleeping while Azathoth projects a dream version to interact with the world.
  • Never Found the Body: In Chapter 9, Arc reveals that despite their disappearance, they still feel a connection as their Summoner, but when they try to summon him, all they get is his Throne Sacred Artifact. Later on, once it's revealed that Summoned individuals who fulfill their role disappear from Tokyo, Arc takes it as a sign that Azathoth is possibly still alive somewhere outside of the walls.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: As a fragment of Azathoth later revealed. The elder god does have one hobby of passion in their existence, observing and collecting every single possible "bad ending" that could ever occur, especially those of the protagonist. The greater the despair, tragedy, and pain caused by those endings, the better. They're very dismissive when the protagonist gets a "good ending" - mostly befriending or romancing someone - as that's "boring" by comparison.
  • Pocket Dimension: Aptly called Court of Azathoth. It's represented in game as vast open field stretching far beyond the horizon in a perpetual sunset.
  • Space Master: Has incomprehensible mastery over the fabric of space-time. Their info card states that the range of their teleportation extends far beyond Tokyo and they can easily get to any location they wish or send their targets anywhere they want. Azathoth is also capable of creating an entire pocket dimension to lure in unsuspecting victims.
  • Throne Made of X: The throne Azathoth sits on was formed from the core of a dead star.