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That is your avatar and you can name it however you want, essentially you the player being the hero.

Megumi Moritsugu (Megumi Morinaga)

Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori (arcade), Maria Kawamura (console)

The first girl that you will be met by, she finds you passed down on the pavement at the park and takes interest in you to nurse you back to normality (meaning that she asks you if you are fine and helps you stand up)Light pink haired.

Kumiko Shiozaki (Kumiko Ezaki)

Voiced by: Michiko Neya (arcade), Kae Araki (console)

Green short haired athletic lassy with a reserved character, totally not inspired by Neo Genesis Evangelion blue haired heroine.

Momoko Fujikura (Momoko Fujiya)

Voiced by: Masayo Kurata

Lilac hued haired meganekko girl, pretty much the easiest girl to woo on as she appears on all routes.

Saki Omokane (Saki Kanebo)

Voiced by: Michiko Neya

High school attender all the time, but whenever required, Saki's an active Earth Defense Force soldier. Most famous and memorable character from such a game as she has crossed over to other Capcom and SNK games.

Emi Sakura (Emi Sakuma)

Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori (arcade), Maria Kawamura (console)

Orange haired reporter girl with a yellow shirt and yellow lensed pilot glasses (look at her as a Japanese April O'Neil inspired heroine). She crosses a couple of other girls storypaths.

Mayumi Kobato (Mayumi Tohato)

Voiced by: Yuri Amano

The oldest of the bunch of wooable girls, clocking at 25, she is the "MILF" of the game (mostly due to her curves being way more pronounced than the other ladies) yet her character is very childish on occasion. Always an high-school teacher, but sometimes waitress in qipao, tourist guide or warden woman at the local breezy harbour. Normal rose haired.

Charlotte (Shalllotte)

Voiced by: Michiko Neya (arcade), Sachiko Sugawara (console)

Only 12 years old and the only girl to have a full-frontal nudity scene in the game (Arcade only version, of course her not being fully developed could justify this, yet sexualizing on a 12 years old is always nifty).A blonde and probaly a "gaijin" in game (foreign look and foreign name).


Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori

She is the one that puts the plot in motion, having been found into on of the many Rainbow Meteorites by the player characters. PSX and Saturn version of the game has her as a brand-new, console-exclusive wooable girl. Her ending has special requirements.


Linz (Lindt)

Voiced by: Michiko Neya

A pesky, buggerly, amyctic succubus that will hinder you as much as she can. Has a very weird sense of fashion, fitting a thwarted personality. Light lilac haired, with massive eyebrows that join along her long horn shaped hairs. In the PSX and Saturn version, she is attainable as a girlfriend but requires lot of precision as it is always necessary to accurately press her icon on the "Wheel Of Fate" that allows the player character to move on the grid map. The player needs to convince her that she is merely a puppet to her father Godiva/Belzeebub.


The lord of Makai, the dark world. Waiting for an opportunity to liege the human world, using her daughter Linz as an enforcer. An imposing presence.

     Important NPCS 


Megumi's manager, he appears alongside her when you have enough love points with her and your storypath with her is advanced enough. He is initially antagonistical toward you, as he thinks of himself as a father figure to the girl.


It is a robotical android that works as a butler for Charlotte, built by her, herself being a genius kid. Always antagonistical toward you, with a creespy, raspy annoying voice to boot.

Hoshio Manabu

Saki Omokane's alleged little brother - he infers he is that to her. He only function in the game as a "scrappy" character.


Woof. It appears once in a while. You can toss some animal food at it and gain 5000 bonus point if it is the right one (most of the time a bone). Woof. It is a bit of an unlucky dog because it can appear on some storypath as a victim to the forces of dark (in an unharming way).

Godzilla Rip-Off

Roar. He occasionally roams the town, but Saki Omokane, incited by the almighty power of knowledge you will instill in her in such occasion, will temporarely subdue him. A kind creature in is own way, as whatever it is destroyed pretty much magically restores itself in a day time.