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Each Colour A Girl!

Quiz Nanairo Dreams: Nijiiro-chō no Kiseki (Japanese: クイズなないろDREAMS 虹色町の奇跡?, "Quiz Seven Color Dreams - Miracle of Rainbow Color Village"): a quiz game/dating sim produced by Capcom, Japan-only, initially released in 1996 as a coin-operated arcade game based on the CP System II architecture, with a more wholesome console versions realesed for the Sega Saturn and Playstation on June 27, 1997.

The night of March 31, the to be named hero of the plot was sheepeeshly glimpsing at the stars, yet some of them, being the eight meteors hostering the Rainbow Stones, precipitated on Earth.

Among the eight stones, one has stuck the protagonist and a palm-sized, benevolent pixie pops out of it, explaining the main character about the Rainbow Gems and their sealing powers.

They happened to be keys to seal the evil Godiva(arcade name)\Belbeebub (console name) from coming to Earth through a portal between Earth itself and Makai, the demon world.


Now the hero has to look for the Rainbow Gems, attempt to re-seal Devil Lord Godiva\Belzeebub that would be resurrected after the six months he has to try to woo on seven (nine in the console version) girls.

Will he achieve it? It is up to you, the player, the one to literally handle the wheel of fate and chance he can move the character with as time goes by.

A very interesting mixing of quiz game and dating sim game, it offers almost 6000 different questions on topics you can choose after you meet a girl (they all differ in relation to the girl you meet) and sadly never officially\fan translated, making it impossible to complete straightly for anyone that is not a Japanese speaker without savestates and\or trial&error or excellent photographic memory.

The game also sports a Drama CD, with the seyuus (Japanese voice actors) all retaking their roles as the characters in the game.


This game provides examples of:

  • 100% Completion: In the console versions, playing the game many times to unlock all the viewable bonuses related to each of the available girls
  • Adults Are Useless: The world is saved by the teenager hero and Saiki, resident by day highscool student by night Earth Defence Team soldier
  • Achievement System: The console ports of the game have one in the shape of an interface showing the greyed out vegetous glances of each wooable girl in the game
  • Action Girl: Kanebo Saki, the blond short haired high school attending potencial fiancee, is secretely an agent for the Earth Defense Bureau, occasionally popping on the ordinary day tiles in a scene where she fights a Godzilla Expy
  • Aggressive Submissive: Linz, in her console version self, has her own story (attainable only by precise landing of the wheel-mark on the icon representing her face almost all the times for at least 10 times, thankfully not in a row) and she shows to be like this: being aggressive to the player but also showing a more delicate, yet still tempered side to him once she is more acquainted to him
  • All in a Row: PSX\SATURN version of the game will have you answering to FIVE hard questions without any interruption whenever you reach a Sunday tile
  • Aloof Ally: you will meet a soggy looking dog once in a while and, if you answer him correctly (!!) to his anwers, it will give you a life back (out of a maximum of 5 available) but it won't replenish your health (if it reaches 0 it is game over)
  • Always Second Best: in 2-players mode, nobody can lose unless a minimum of 2 girls's hearts have not been won but, even when the minimum requirement is reached, the player that has answered to more questions or answered to questions fasters than the other will always have an higher score on the results board
  • Ambiguous Innocence: How innocent can be resident meganekk girl if she can command dead souls, when her power is unlocked?
  • Amusement Park: One of the available settings you can date a girl in
  • Angry Eyebrows: Lintz sports them, they are massive, and alongside the smuggy grimace she has by default they stand out (ahah wordplay) by a huge margin
  • Animeland: Actually "Anime Island", as this game sport a policy of "Each girl a colour, each girl a (Japanese girl) stereotype"
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Hoshinomanabu, the blue haired kid that once in a while you may meet instead of Saki, is its brother (actually alledged brother, they are not blood related but he considers her her sister out of affection)
  • Anti-Frustration Features: All the version of the game allow the game to uncheck one of the wrong answers from the four available during each interrogation if you answer unproperly the first time
  • Apathetic Citizens: Godzilla's cousin has to be an everyday sight to the peope of Rainbow Island
  • Arcade-Perfect Port: The Saturn version of the game is this, thanks to the serviceable architecture being proficient at running 2D-games and the presence of the 4MB accessorial Memory-Bank to reduce loading times to a jimp
  • Area 51: the secret Earth Defence Burau has an operative base under a square in the town the protagonist lives in
  • Automatic Level: The game is this, once you start it: it can play itself without any input (because there is a time limit to each choise) and, of course, this leads to disastrous consequences
  • The Archmage: Lord Godiva or Belzeebub, the main antagonist, is this
  • The Artifact: the very Rainbow Gems you have to fetch by winning the girls hearts (maximum three out of each playthrough, as the divergent routes allow you a maximum of three girls you can end the plot path of)
  • Attract Mode: Both Arcade and Console versions show bits of gameplay and discussions with the babelets
  • Babies Make Everything Better: The endings where your now ever-faithful wife has born one or more babies could let you feel more thorough with the completition of the game
  • Battle Butler: 12 years old blond loli inventress princess Charlotte has built one in the form of a smart and aware automaton
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: justified with 12 years old blond loli inventress princess Charlotte, she is the only top-less girl (child) to appear like this in front of you if you pursue her storypath
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: The PSX and Saturn version of the game allows you to make it so that Linz, the Mid Boss girl, will start feeling this toward you
  • Best Herto Bed Her: The very goal of the game, despite being very innocent-themed, is to woo up to three girls and decide which one you will choose to get married\fianced with, and you will success to that if you have at least obtained a single Rainbow Gem...
    • Bittersweet Ending: ... LEST, having not conquered at least a single Rainbow Gem, being directly mocked by Linz, the Midboss girl, daughter of Godiva or Belzeebub(however the world is safe, which is much more important, in-universe, than conquering a girl; still an hit to the feature)
      • Ending Aversion: The Bittersweet Ending in either console versions: if you have completed Lintz story, once the game is finished, you have three different chances: choose the one girl you could obtain the Rainbow Gem from; suffer the same consequences of the Bittersweet Ending above reported OR have Linz come to you and declare that she is in love with you and would like to learn more of the human world by staying at your side
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Arcade version of the game has a "Love Scene" with blonde loli inventress princess Charlotte standing in front of you in bath attire top-less but, she being 12 years old, nothing really plowns down. Still deemed too much for the PSX\Saturn versions of the game, replaced with something safer
  • Better as Friends: If you have enough love points but have not obtained the Rainbow Gem out of a girl
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Gaijin blonde haired, plucky, 12 years old blonde loli inventress princess Charlotte sure knows how to build sentience, violence-pronce automatons from scratch
  • Big Fancy House : 12 years old blonde loli inventress princess Charlotte , the genius, plucky, pre-pubescent girl lives in one like this with her home-made, antropomorphical automatons
  • Bodyguard Betrayal: Lintz does this to Godiva in her PSX\Saturn exclusive storypath
  • Big Good: Pixie is this, as she will support you during your quest by providing infomation on the girls you are trying to conque, if you end your character on the "Sunday" tile on the board, once you have answer a single question to her
  • Bodyguard Betrayal: Lintz to Godiva\Beelzebub
  • Boss Warning Siren: whenever you land on a Linz tile or you pick her icon in the "wheel of fate" used to move on the map, player character will trip
  • Camera Fiend: Sakuma Emi is this, being so versed and dedicated in her profession: gossip journalist!
  • Canon Foreigner: Saki and Linz: the first one appear as an assist character in" MARVEL VS. CAPCOM CLASH OF SUPER HEROES "; as a card in" SNK VS. CAPCOM clash Card Fighters" and Neo Geo Pocket V.2;" Tatsunoko VS. CAPCOM CROSS GENERATION OF HEROES " (Wii version only)" as a playable fighter; Onimusha Soul has her as a Capcom warlord. Linz only appears in SNK VS. CAPCOM clash Card Fighters as a card whose name is "harassment", quite fitting her main-game role
  • Cap: Only 3 girls you can claim your love upon in a single run, receiving from them a magic shard, and only one of them can be selected as your bride at the end
  • Casanova Wannabe: What you are in the Bad Ending and what you are being if you fail to answer properly to the questions of the girls, as the worse you do the less they will be impressed by your performance
  • Cavalier Competitor: The 2nd player
  • Character Portrait: All the girls have a default portrait then, relative to the context, the portrait will either change expression or will be another one focused in another kind of activity or posture
  • Chaste Hero: Speedrunning the game leads to this
  • Checkpoint: Either console versions allow you to save at the end of each month, giving you the chance to experiment with the various game paths
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: It is up to you which path you are going to chose to delect the one girls you would like to date
  • City in a Bottle: You cannot go outside of the city the game is set at any time
  • The Comically Serious: Linz is this in her console exclusive story path, being a Tsundere
  • Clumsy Copyright Censorship: The surnames of each of the girls (minus 12 years old blonde loli inventress princess Charlotte and Lintz) and the name of the Dark Lord, what made the game even more unique, as they were all names of real world sweet\chocolate manufacturing industries have all being replaced with something less memorable (because of dread of law pursuit by such companies, despite the fact that their names in the game would have advertised them more than hurt them)
  • Completion Meter: See Achievement System above
  • The Computer Shall Taunt You: Fail to answer a question and it will be either a muffed reaction to your mistake, a vilipend or a tease
  • Cutscene: Each one of the girls' plot paths have many of them, some involving other datable girls too
  • Damsel in Distress: Swimming promising athlete Ezaki Kumiko has to be rescued by Linz trying to drown her via magic in her story path, possibly out of jelousy or spite toward the player character
  • Date My Avatar: You can go on a date with whichever one of the various girls you have been conquered the Rainbow Stone from (3 maximum per playthrough)
  • Deus Exit Machina: So appropriate and conspicuous of the Rainbow Stones to fall down on Earth just when Godiva\Belzeebub is going to sunder a dimensional rift from the Makai, the Dark World, to siege earth forever
  • Depraved Bisexual: Why is Lintz physically assaulting the local quasi-milf girl in a quite ambigous way, in such a girl storypath?
  • Deuteragonist: Literally your real-life friend you are playing the game with
  • Did You Just Romance Cthulhu?: Linz can be romanced in the PSX and Saturn version of the game, and she is a succubus\imp, despite not being as the previous mythical creature at all but more akin to the second, by the way she behaves
  • The Ditz: Resident quasi-MILF Higashihato Mayumi is this, as she is described by Pixie as a "grown child"
  • Dogs Are Dumb: Local annoyng random-encounterable\occasionally support character for a girl plot doggie likes to almost get plastered by a 100 kmh per hour running car
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: It has been glimpsed as fine by the producers of the game to have 12 years old blonde loli inventress princess Charlotte TORTURE you, the hero of the story, "for fun and games", whenever you go on a date with her
  • The Dutiful Son: Linz is Godiva or Belzeebub's daughter and she will hamper your way as much as she could anytime you mistime the mark on the Wheel of Progression and\or forcibly at the end of each month, unless you actively stop the mark on her icon on the Wheel of Progression to pursue her Story Path (console version only, if you do the same in the arcade version you will just speedrun through the game and receive the Bad Ending)
  • Earn Your Bad Ending: You have to be very precise with the cursor to not choose a number that will make you advance up to the day where a "girl event" will happen if you are trying to speedrun the game... and breezing through it will force you to face an harsher final boss, with more difficult questions to answer at
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: See "Best Herto Bed Her"
  • Editedfor Syndication: The top-less scene with 12 years old blonde loli inventress princess Charlotte has been edited in the console versions of the game
  • Ephebophile: If there is anyone that lust after 12 years old blonde loli inventress princess Charlotte...
  • End Game Results Screen: Being an arcade game as default, even in the console versions
  • Expansion Pack: The PSX\Saturn versions are pretty much this, adding much more voice acting, slightly alternate answer-mode for a single girl you can woo on (herself being an extra to the Arcade version), replay feature and more
  • Face–Heel Turn: Lintz in her Story Path
  • The Faceless: Lord Godiva or Belzeebub, the BiggerBad whose Linz is the daughter of, has the face covered by a featureless yet menacing mask. Averted as Saki intervenes at the ending of the fight, revealing that Godiva or Belzeebub is actually the Queen Of Makai!
  • Fairy Sexy: Pixie, but in a subdued way
  • Fake Longevity: You can easily make it so that the game will last even 2-3 hours if you can, somehow, advance 1 tile ahead everytime.
  • Females Are More Innocent: The eight Rainbow Stones are each owned by an a pure girl
  • Fiction 500: How can 12 years old blonde loli inventress princess Charlotte possess such an amount of wealth while being only 12 years old?
  • Final Boss, New Dimension: Once you face Godiva\Belzeebu, you are teleported to an alternate dimension, the Makai, heavily featured in Japanese Folklore (it being an easternized "Hell")
  • Forbidden Zone: Makai, the dimension Lord Godiva\Belzeebub and its daughter Litz live in
  • Fortune Teller: Pixie will reveal you hidden information about the girls you are wooing on.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: In-universe: Godiva or Belzeebu, the demon King (actually Demon Queen has been witnessing your performance all the time)
  • Friendly Enemy: Lintz is this if you procede through her Story Path (console version only)
  • Friendly Rivalry: Between 1P and 2P
  • Frontline General: Linz to his father her mother, the Lord of Makai.
  • Genius Ditz: Local quasi-milf wooable girl is this, as she teaches in high-school at such young age, works 4 different jobs each requiring diverse knacks... and yet, she has the typical behavior of an airhead and overreacts to disappointments akin to a whimsical kiddo
  • Gimmick Level: Pixie's question time in the PSX\Saturn version is harder and different than the other girls'
  • Girl of the Week: Each Sunday, you can choose which one of the girls you can woo on you would like to know more about
  • Girl Posse: You only meet girls in your adventure, aside of minor human characters and a dog
  • Glorious Leader: Godiva or Belzeebub is this, being sovereign of the Makai, the Demon World
  • God-Emperor: Godiva
  • God of Evil: Godiva
  • Godiva Hair: Ironically, it is not Godiva, the Sovereign of Makai to sport them, but Pixie, the little cute fairy that is willing to guide you through the unearthing of interesting trivia about the girls you can potencially bloom
  • Good Samaritan: The player is this, as you help the girls you choose the path to follow of in whatever they are required
  • Good with Numbers: Higashihato Mayumi, the teacher, as Mathematics as one of the subjects you can be inquired about
  • Grande Dame: Godiva is this, as she is the one that rules above Makai
  • Guardian of the Multiverse: The Rainbow Gems are this
  • Harder Than Hard: Playing the game with a single credit and with the setting forcing a gameover if A SINGLE QUESTION is unproperly answer makes this game hair-tearing bunglesome
  • Healing Checkpoint: Whenever you touch down a first-aid kit tile, you can receive one out of five "lives" available back, should you have lost one, otherwise there will be a crease in the score
  • He Who Fights Monsters: Saki is this, as she is a trained demon hunter
  • Heel–Face Turn: Linz, if she is in love with the player character, will soften considerably and decide to try learning more about humans by becoming the hero's fiancee
  • High School: The main hotspot to find in-game MILF Higashihato Mayumi, herself a teacher and other kind of different professions when she has spare time (namely traffic warden, waiter and turist guide)
  • Holiday Mode: there are some unique events if you happen to land on a special tile after you have conquered the heart of one of the default wooable ladies (Pixie and Linz are special as they serve as "guide" and "mid-boss" respectively and appear only on special tiles)
  • Hyperactive Sprite: On the overworld map, everyone's sprite is never idle
  • Idle Animation: Player character, with all of the ladies having each one her own
  • Insane Troll Logic: By the power of knowledgeable words (correct answers), you can shatter a Dark Devil God mask!
  • Island of Mystery: The game is set in one: never it is explained how it is possible that resident quasi-milf character has Sailor Heirone powers, why resident four-eyed bookworm girl can be embodied by external souls or why there is a very young blonde princess that has built a whole array of humanized, sentient and talking machines
  • Isometric Projection: The island map where the game is set is shown as this during the "Advancing Session"
  • It's Up to You: You were hit by the Rainbow Gem containing Pixie, you are entitled to find the others (alongside your in-game best buddy if you are playing with a real life friend)
  • Kaiju: Godzilla expy occasionally roaming town for fun
  • Large and in Charge: Godiva\Beelzebub is massively tall and sports should pads that give him an imposing stand
  • Meaningful Look: Each girl will sport one when you are in deep relation with her, but only if you are following such girls storypath
  • Most Gamers Are Male: Pretty much what the producers were thinking about the game, as there is no chance to play as a girl and woo on males or the girls themselves
  • Multiple Endings: Seven girls, seven endings (8 endings if you include the "Bad Ending" or 10 endings if you include the 2 secret endings in the console versions, them being being engaged with either Linz or Pixie)
  • Musical Spoiler: While remaining soothing, the overworld map, once the last month arrives, gets a faster motive that suggests you some kind of life-blood shtik
  • Must Let Them Get Away: You cannot win a girls heart if she has not ceased you her Rainbow Gem, once the game is ended
  • Naked on Arrival: 12 years old blonde loli inventress princess Charlotte, during her plot development path, has a scene where she is totally top-less, yet no curviness is shown as she is only 12 years old, thus undeveloped
  • Next Sunday A.D.: The game might be set on a slightly future version of the 1990's, as there is the secret Earth Defense Bureau, using more modern technology than what society would offer normally in such a set-piece time
    • Present Day: Might as well be. Japan has always been more technologically advanced compared to other countries after the 1980's, and the game setting is clearly a Japanese island, due to all the girls having Japanese forenames and all the hints around, such as Karaoke and Dragon-Headed beacons used at festivals, both kind of activities you can interact with if you have conquered some of the girls
  • No-Damage Run: Completing the game without never ever committing a single mistake to any of the answers is pretty much almost impossible
  • No Export for You: Never ever released abroad in either Europe either America, mostly because such games were never popular among casual gamers.
  • Player Versus Player: If you play with a real-life friend, the game will set you in a friendly competition with your in-game best buddy, as each of the players will have a separate score board
  • Pimped-Out Dress: 12 years old blonde loli inventress princess Charlotte will always sport one. Godiva too has one.
  • Pimped-Out Cape: Godiva has one that smoothly animates on the world map
  • Post-End Game Content: Beat the game at least once successfully by having conquered at least one girl heart and you can unlock various bonus features that are extraneous to the game
  • Protagonist Without a Past: We don't know anything about the main facient of the gamut, lest that he has been lucky enough to be chosen by Pixie to retrieve as many Rainbow Gems he can attain to
  • Pursued Protagonist: you, the player, have a 1/7 chance (or more\less depending on the RNG rigging the wheel-slot) to advance six tiles and be forced to (literally) answer to Linz, the recurring Midboss girl that pesters his existence before the coming of Godiva\Belzeebub
  • Pyrrhic Victory: The Bad Ending
  • Random Event: Aside of the set-tiles where the girls or the buildings are, alongside all Sundays, the other generic tiles representing the normal days of the week will present you anything from meeting an unrelated girl to the story-path you chose to be faced against Linz outside of the penalty due to choosing her icon on the wheel of progression or reaching the end of the month
  • Replay Mode: The consoles version allow you to replay key moments related to the various available ladies without any need to play the game
  • Ring Menu: The "wheel of fate" is what allows you to move (from a minimum of 1 tile up to a maximum of 6, with a chance to move 6 tiles + facing local mid-boss Linz
  • Rescue Introduction: Morinaga Megumi, the pink haired younger sister of the in-game MILF, will meet the player up at the start of the game, after his head went in direct contact with the asteroid cocooning the Pixie
  • Rule of Cool: Conquering the hearts of the ladies you woo on through azing them with your knowledge!
  • Satire/Parody/Pastiche: The game is this to the dating sim games, in a sense
  • Save Scumming: How you can possibly complete the game if you are not a Japanese native, as it was never released abroad, thus translated
  • Save the Princess: The female leads are pretty much Princesses of the Rainbow and their story paths all lead to a major, semi-final or final event where they have to be rescued, protected or helped while facing an again-stander
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!:
  • Scripted Event: Every final day of the month, prepare to meet resident Midboss Linz and answer an amount of question increasing in number each time you will face her consecutively at the end of each month
  • So What Do We Do Now?: Linz will ask you this in the Bad Ending in a very mocking tone
  • Start Screen: A very colourful one
  • Top-Down View: The overworld board map is this, in an isometric perspective
  • To Win Without Fighting: The embodiment of all evil and gloom is vanquished through sagacious usage of wit and sageness!
  • Victorious Loser: The bad ending push the hero toward this: he defeats the darkness that would have cocooned the world, but he will stay alone.
  • Video-Game Lives : Five times you can err the answer, then you are forced to continue by inserting a new credit (arcade version) or starting from the last savepoint (PSX\SATURN version)
  • Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys?: How can possibly
  • Worthy Opponent: Lintz see you as this during her story path
  • You Lose at Zero Trust: Purposelly speedrun the game and you won't be capable to earn an happy ending (PSX\Saturn versions avert this by allowing you to speedrunthe game and wooing on resident mid-boss succubus-girl Linz)
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Most of the girls have impossible natural hair tones, such as dark violet, light violet, green. There is also the blue haired kid.
  • You're Not My Type: If you don't get enough love points and complete the story path of a chosen girl at the end of the game, resulting in a Bad Ending or Alternate Ending (Psx\Saturn only and only if another condition has been triggered)

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