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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 US 
  • The behind-the-scenes look at the recording studio of the first house, which has 28 monitors and has Julie remark it's like being in Mission Control (at NASA). While it may look dated in retrospect, it was certainly a crackerjack setup.
  • Season 1's pageantry in the buildup to the main event where the very first ten houseguests of the run go inside the house. The motorcade of ten SUVs with a police escort shown driving through downtown Los Angeles and arriving in style outside the house compound and opening their doors in sequence. This season took a lot more care and flourish in how it had houseguests enter, from a concession leading up to the front entrance with an outdoor crowd and family members cheering them on, while the later seasons just have the houseguests rather anticlimactically enter the house from inside a studio and in separate groups instead of all at once.
  • On Day 2, seeing the houseguests figure out how to assemble a working potato clock in a given time limit using a set of tricky instructions and supplies around the house and its vegetable garden (yes, that used to be a thing) with only seconds to spare. The reward was the simple comfort of getting to know the time of day so that they felt less cut off from the world around them.
  • While it is rather unsportsmanlike of them to do this and instigated the demise of the public vote barring special occasions in favor of the Jury system, the Boswells campaigned successfully to get Brittany sent home instead of family member George by influencing the votes in his favor. George stayed in the game until the sixth banishment as a result.
  • Just knowing that The Big Brother Fanclub got away with flying an airplane banner over the house and the houseguests saw it.
    • However, it has become Harsher in Hindsight. While it was totally harmless to do this at the time, being just an innocuous message and a wily stunt no one really expected, it gave producers quite the scare because they realized it can violate the premise of the game of no contact with the outside world and banners could be rigged to provide hints to certain houseguests, prompting a condition in the rules where you can't read them on threat of penalty or even expulsion.

    Season 2 
  • The winner Will, while overshadowed by his own All-Star performance. Despite having a handicap of his alliance-mates in Chilltown eliminated quickly, he's able to pulled back by making himself look like a hilarious goat that nobody would want to target later.
  • Also worth mentioning is the runner up Nicole, who ended up becoming a major power player after being nominated in the first week. It says a lot when Will admitted that she's a good player in her own right.

    Season 3 
  • The secret alliance between Danielle and Jason, who ended up making the final 3 without even getting nominated once.
  • Winner Lisa decides to bring back Amy over her showmance partner Eric to the house.

    Season 6 
  • Regardless of what you think about Kaysar Ridha and his game playing skills, his first HOH win was perhaps the biggest MOA the show has ever seen. Not only did he get his biggest competition out of the house, Eric "Cappy" Littman, who had eliminated Kaysar's friend Michael the previous week through exploiting the false rumor that he was a sexual predator, Kaysar also coerced two of Cappy's fair weather allies James and Sarah into joining Kaysar's new alliance(dubbed, "The Sovereign Six", as opposed to the cult like "Friendship" alliance that Cappy was the leader of). Not only that, but he set up his nominations in a way that made it impossible for James to ever appear trustworthy to the other players if he didn't comply to Kaysar's demands. Finally, he verbally owned Cappy's secret partner, Maggie, with the following exchange:
    Maggie: You sealed my fate.
    Kaysar: No, I sealed your partner's fate.
    • Ironically, Maggie ends up winning the next HoH, eliminates Kaysar twice, wipes out his Alliance, then wins the Game. He should've eliminated her and kept the hot headded "Cappy" around.
    • That argument only works in hindsight, since Kaysar had no way of knowing how badly Howie would screw up the nominations in Week 5. Also, Maggie didn't come into her own as a cult leader until after Cappy left. When he was around, he pretty much filled the role as leader of the Nerd Herd, and was also a bigger challenge threat than Maggie.
  • The pressure cooker endurance challenge. To give you an idea, it was six hours before the first person quit! The winner wasn't decided until fourteen hours in!

    Season 7 (All-Stars) 

    Season 8 
  • Evel Dick (yes, that's how it's spelled) banged pots and pans at two in the morning in the other house guests' rooms so he would go home instead of his daughter. He still went on to win, with Daniele getting second place.
  • Daniele winning an important HoH competition, when it was 6-2.
  • Dick and Daniele rejoicing when one of them wins the final HOH competition and guarantees they both will go to the end as father and daughter.

    Season 10 
  • Dan was targeted by the entire house on week two. Through brains, deals, and luck, he was able to outlast eleven people who all once wanted him out to not only win, but also unanimously.
  • Jessie being given his just deserts.
  • Jerry bellowing, "OUT THE DOOR! YOU'RE GOING HOME!" to Libra in the middle of her meltdown.

    Season 11 
  • During their work-outs, Russell won't stop egging Jeff on about spelling "TECHTRONICS" and it quickly descends into bullying. Jeff responds by hamming up his own tough guy act and telling Russell to bring it on, and shuts Russell up good.
  • Dumb blonde Jordan goes up to the MMA bully Russell, gets in his face, and yells "SHUT UP RUSSELL! I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU AND I SWEAR I WILL BEAT YOU UP!" Did we mention she's yelling at a MMA fighter?
    • There's also Chima's arguments with Russell, which are basically best described as two volcanoes engaging in a pissing contest.
  • Jordan's come-from-behind victory. She more or less spent the entire season riding on Jeff's coattails, being picked to be in the final three over Michele because Jordan had shown herself to be easier to beat in competitions. However; she manages to win the final HoH competition without having it be thrown to her. Then she picks the best person to be in the final two against: Natalie, and wins 5-2.

    Season 12 
  • Andrew carpet-bombing the entire house right before his inevitable eviction with a comprehensive ratting out of EVERYBODY. He actually causes arguing to break out DURING THE LIVE FEEDS and Britney and Rachel to Squee! while passing each other in the Diary Room!
  • Ragan calling out a visiting Rachel on her behavior, loudly informing her that the only reason she is in the house is because she's a punishment. Cue the first time she had been on camera without a word to say. Ever.
    • Subsequently, Rachel got one taking advantage of the situation to leave a message for Brendan in absentia.
  • Points need to be given to The Brigade. As boring as a dominant alliance was, 3 of the members essentially gave themselves tickets to the final three by laying low and creating side alliances.

    Season 13 
  • In a luxury competition, the contestants had to guess a celebrity using a selection of very vague clues. The first clue was several bars of soap. Using some Insane Troll Logic, Jordan immediatly locked in her answer as David Hasselhoff. She was also the first person to lock in an answer. She was right.
  • The Double Eviction. Daniele figures she's out anyways and tells everyone to get Jeff out, since obviously he was the #1 target. Shelly, who had flipped throughout the game, had realized prior to the eviction day that Jeff needed to go if she even wanted a shot at the final two, let alone winning. So even though Daniele is evicted, honestly the best move for the other side, the next HoH win is Kalia's second win, who promptly nominates the #1 targets on the other side, Jeff and Rachel.
    • The person who wins the veto that's clearly slanted towards Jeff is Porsche, who Jeff had been calling out for being a "Floater" who did nothing to deserve the spot in the game, and then his eviction votes were cast by people whom Jeff had referred to as "Floaters"; Shelly, Porsche, and Kalia as the tiebreaker. And the following couple hours, the next HoH win is...Porsche, who had come in second quite a few times in competitions.

    Season 14 
  • Joe's epic comeback to Willie.
    Willie: Bunch of cunts in this bitch.
    Joe: You're the only cunt I see brother.
    • One goes to the producers themselves, because this moment is immediately followed by Willie EXPLODING on Joe and headbutting him, causing Big Brother to instantly expel him from the game.
    • Britney and Ian's goodbye messages to Boogie. Especially Ian's. Full Stop.
  • Days 49-55, Dan Gheesling showing exactly why he is a legend of the game. Dear god, where to begin...
    • First, Frank beats the entire house one person at a time to win HOH (which is a MOA on it's own). Then he opens Pandora's Box, which earns him almost $3400 in cash, but gives the rest of the house an extra PoV competition that Ian wins.
    • Frank tries talking to Ian, still unaware that he was the mastermind behind Boogie's exit the week previous. In the end, he puts Dan (his #1 target in the house) and Danielle on the block.
    • At the regular Power of Veto competition, Frank has a commanding lead but breaks a rule on the final question, (telling Britney the answer to the clue) causing him to be disqualified. Dan is poised to win the Veto as a result, before Jenn comes out of nowhere, accepting slop for the rest of the season to steal the win and seal her alliance with Frank. Dan is stuck for 24 hours of Solitary Confinement immediately following the PoV as the punishment he accepted, and is almost guaranteed to be evicted next.
    • After coming out of Solitary, Dan gathers the house for a meeting, calling it "his funeral" and speaks epithets to the rest of the house. he leaves Danielle for last, saying that she is dead to him for her betrayal. While the rest of the house is flabbergasted, (and clueless about the supposed betrayal) Dan goes to talk with Frank in the HOH room, bible in hand.
    • In the HOH Suite, Dan reveals his Master Plan - He outs the Quack Pack and reveals Ian as The Mole who got Boogie out, and makes an alliance between himself, Danielle, Frank, and Jenn to seize control of the house. (His line about her betrayal was so that Danielle's Enforced Method Acting would keep anyone from wanting to evict her, even if she's left on the block.)
    • At the Veto Meeting, the other four expect Ian to use his Veto to save Danielle, Jenn to not use her veto and use the pack's vote majority to cut off Dan. What happens is Ian keeps his veto unused, Jenn vetoes DAN off the block, and Frank backdoors Britney after revealing that he knows of Ian's betrayal. (Ian can't be nominated directly, since he did win a PoV)
  • In short, Dan goes from being nominated, being Frank's obvious target for eviction, and losing two veto competitions, to being vetoed off the block by Frank's ally and blindsiding the other 3 members of his alliance.
    • Though his playstyle ended up biting him in the ass hard (since later on he decided to stick with the Quack Pack and evict Frank and Jenn). And when Ian (who streamrolled through competition wins) took him to the end, he demolished Dan at the jury questioning, and won against Dan in a 6-1 vote.

     Season 15 
  • The entirety of week two, wherein Elissa and Helen had their backs put on the wall with the biggest alliance intent on getting Elissa out. However... the MVP twist allows a third nominee to be put up, with Elissa winning that power. She nominates Jeremy, promising Nick (who rightfully suspects her) that he wont' go up. However, she puts Nick up when Jeremy pulls himself off of the block. Come eviction night, the vote is a seven to four to zero.. and Nick is the one sent out, and also destroyed the Moving Company and the Blonde-Tourage (Which Nick had ties to both of them) at the same time.
    • Short recap: Before the eviction, Mc Crae flipped against the Moving Company because they want to take out Amanda (his showmance partner) the next week, Jessie flipped against Aaryn's alliance because Elissa and Candice made her think that they are the good guys, Jessie found a showmance with Judd is on the save Elissa side, some people (especially Amanda, Mc Crae) can abuse Elissa's MVP. These elements ensured both Elissa and Helen another week in the Big Brother House
  • Amanda gives a very good "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Aaryn.
  • During week 3, Elissa won the MVP (again...). At that time, Amanda (before her Villainous Breakdown) wants Elissa to put up Howard (their target is Jeremy, as he was strong in challenges), but Elissa put up Spencer instead (as she never wants to put up Howard). So, Amanda went to Elissa and both argue about it. The CMOA is that her actions actually impressed some of her consistent haters. Notably:
    • Jun Song from Jun Dishes: "I know it was not easy standing up to everyone in the HOH room and saying “You can’t ask me to do something that I’m not comfortable with.” It’s never easy defending yourself to money-hungry H Gs, and I was impressed"
    • And John Kubicek from Buddy Tv: "This is going to sound weird coming from me, but "YAY, ELISSA!" Stand up for yourself, girl! Stop being a tool. And next week, flip the house and use the MVP to nominate Amanda! That would be awesome."
  • During the 2nd Double Eviction: Mc Crae knows that 4 of the remaining 6 people in the house are gunning for him. He wins his 2nd HOH in a Curbstomp Battle ensuring his spot in the final 5.
  • Say what you want about Spencer, but the fact that he was on the block 7 times and survived them all is pretty awesome.
  • Say what you want about Andy, but the fact that he controlled the double eviction shown that how lethal this rat can be.
    • In the double eviction, Andy (who voted to evict Amanda) successfully framed Elissa (who voted to keep Amanda) that she betrayed Amanda and McCrae. After that, McCrae idiotically vote what the house wants by targeting and successfully evicted Elissa (who can potentially become his only shield in his game besides competitions, since the remaining competitors besides Amanda, McCrae and Elissa formed a new alliance ).
    • Best of all, after the eviction, Elissa initially thought that McCrae was the one who backstabbed Amanda and formed an all boys alliance with Judd and Spencer, her reason: Because she saw Andy looking shocked when Amanda was evicted. Keep in mind that Elissa was also one of the few houseguests that saw Andy was dangerous.
    • And in the end, all of the victims from this play (McCrae, Amanda, Elissa) all decided to vote for him to win.
  • McCrae without even knowing Andy/Spencer/Ginamarie and Judd are in alliance (even though he suspects them and trusts no one) wins the POV at the Final 5 and ensures himself a spot in the final 4 while at the same time screwing over the exterminators and forcing them to turn on each other.Special mention goes to the fact that so far he has made it to the final 4 without ever being eligible for eviction.
  • Julie Chen herself deserves a nod here; when Aaryn's racist comments became known, particularly her comments aimed at Helen (who, like Julie, is also of Asian ethnicity), Julie made it no secret in various interviews outside of her Big Brother hosting duties that she was practically seething over it all. The night that Aaryn was evicted, and it came time for Julie to interview her, she didn't shy away in asking Aaryn some very pointed questions, but did not lose her cool, instead keeping her professional demeanor through the whole thing.
    • Aaryn herself somehow managing to go from one of the most unlikable houseguests to one of the most beloved of mothers post-season and completely erasing all pretense of racist. She learned her lesson well, unlike SOME houseguests on the docket this season.

    Season 16 
  • Week 2, we have Paola giving a beautiful "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Devin for putting her up on the block and then proceeding to be one of the stupidest players in the entire house by misusing his HOH powers and flipping on one of his own allies after Brittany mentioned being a single parent tugged at his heartstrings and caused him to replace her with Zach, and pulling in even more allies without any of his current allies' consent.
    Paola: Your daughter's gonna look at this, and she's gonna LAUGH at you!
  • Week 3, Donny beats Devin in the veto competition, knocking him out of the running and ensuring Devin cannot win and foil the plan to backdoor him. The assembled houseguests, who all wanted Devin gone, applauded and cheered when he did it to boot. This was followed by Donny using the veto and going along with the plan. For further bonus points, Donny was Devin's initial ally that he betrayed to join the Bomb Squad.
    • Subsequently, Zack ripping Devin a new one in his goodbye video after being used as a pawn.
  • Brittany managing to kick 2,400 goals in 24 hours despite the nightmare it inflicted to her poor feet. And it was already established that she was definitely the next one going to be sent home.
    • Derrick later looked back on this moment with pride and said what she did was much more honorable than the week of Season 19 where Paul caused everyone to throw an HOH competition to a girl on crutches, something which Caleb also despised and said he would never do that late into the game when one's survival was on the line.
  • The Double Eviction had two notable moments:
    • First, when Caleb, the cowboy known for not being too smart, managed to win a competition based solely around math skills.
    • And second (and much more impressive), when Donny, the 40 year-old, out of shape groundskeeper managed to beat out 5 other people in a very physically taxing veto, keeping himself safe for the week.
  • Nicole gives a Take That! and a small "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the houseguests who're still in the game.
"It's time to start playing Big Brother - not Big Baby."
  • Give it to the Bomb Squad, and then the Detonators. Probably one of the most untouchable alliance in the game, at a cost of a really boring season.
  • Regardless of your opinion of Frankie, the fact that he was able to save himself from the block by winning a competition designed for two teams of two by himself. Caleb was trying to throw it and simply sat on the sidelines while Zach and Donny competed on the other team, so Frankie stepped up and did the whole thing on his own. His cry of "That was for you grandpa!" at the end real cinches it.
    • YMMV on this one considering Big Brother has done similar competitions in the past and they were done solo and the challenge is most definitely easier by yourself anyway. One of the big challenges for that challenge was getting in sync with your partner and communicating with them both of those challenges don't exist when you're by yourself.
  • Derrick never once getting nominated for eviction until the end and then winning by a 7-2 vote.
  • Say what you will about Victoria, but she's been on the block more times than anyone else has in the past 16 seasons (being up nearly every single week), and has not yet been evicted.
  • Cody finally calling someone out by telling Frankie, "You're not Jesus in this house!"
  • The look on Frankie's face when he didn't even make the top three for america's favourite houseguest. Never has a Take That, Scrappy! felt so satisfying.
  • Derrick has gone on to be the biggest winner in the history of the US version, write a book about his time in the house, and host a tv show! His career actually benefited greatly from his win and his ability to show his skill at what might as well be professional undercover detective work.

    Season 17 
  • Da'Vonne immediately knows that Jeff was trying to do damage control when he tries to apologize to her.
  • Da'Vonne figuring out that Liz and Julia are twins was pretty epic.
  • Meg, who was considered a "grandma" at competitions whose social game was a 100 but competitive game was a zero, managing at least one wonderful triumph where she and Jason won the Battle of the Block Competition.
  • John survives four weeks or so of being a pawn! How awesome is that?
  • Audrey finally leaves the house after escaping evictions for a few weeks or so.
    • Seeing Jason vote out Audrey in the name of Da'Vonne was pretty cool.
  • In episode 15 despite Liz having a partner who was trying to throw the competition she still manages to win the Battle of the Block competition.
  • James delivers some rather karmic comeuppance. After the Sixth Sense alliance proceeded to vote off James' ally Jason, who was told that he wasn't going up on the Block, James competed in the Ho H competition and told Shelli, one of the people behind the decision to get rid of Jason, that she would be safe if she let him win. When nomination came, James openly went back on his word and put Shelli and her partner Clay on the block.
  • Love her or hate her, Vanessa's control over the season was quite impressive.
  • Steve's Dark Horse Victory by winning the Season. Not many counted him as having a chance of winning, let alone being a threat. In the final weeks, he broke up the Austwins, won the final HOH on the last question and eliminated Vanessa in the Final 3, and then ran circles around Liz during the Jury Questions. Steve ended up winning the Jury vote 6-3, only predictably not having the votes of Julie and Austin note  and a bitter Vanessa.

    Season 18 
  • Prior to his Villainous Breakdown, Paulie's Derrick-like control of the game was actually very impressive - Da'vonne even complimented him on it.
  • Victor managing to return to the game and doesn't come up on anybody's radars.
  • The Double Eviction actually turned into this - within the last 48 hours before the eviction happened, the votes wound up flipped, Bridgette rallied Michelle, James, Natalie, and Paul (Who later recruits Victor) into realising that Paulie has controlled the house. Despite Corey winning the head of household and Bridgette getting evicted, within two more days, Paulie and Corey find themselves on the block and with no apparent chance of the veto being used. What's more, Paulie has to make apple pies on request of big brother until he is evicted. The best part overall is Victor, who Paulie had a hand in evicting, was the one to put Paulie on the block.
  • There was a head of household competition that lasted for six hours. After endurance competitions that lasted only two to three hours, this is quite impressive.
  • Paulie enters the jury house and then Bridgette, Da'vonne, and Zakiyah proceed to give him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech and Take That, Scrappy!.
  • Nicole getting Natalie to turn on her new alliance and put up Paul and Victor, essentially turning both pairs against each other and putting her and Corey in the middle.
    • More impressive when you consider that Michelle, who had openly stated she was coming after Nicole, won the co-HOH care package that week and even campaigned to Natalie to put up Nicorey, didn't put Nicole up.
  • Victor managing to return TWICE in one season.
  • Nicole managing to avoid nomination for over NINETY days, and becoming the first woman to win against a man in the final 2.

    Season 19 
  • Christmas choosing to stay in the competition even after getting her foot broken, learning that she needs surgery, having to leave the game for said surgery, learns the injury is permanent and will put an end to her athletic career, will require even more surgery down the line, and knowingly will have to sit out a lot of challenges with that cast on. Determinator, thy name is Christmas!
  • America choosing the right week to back Paul with a temptation, the Pendant of Protection resulting in Paul absolutely trouncing the living shit out of Cody when he tried to get the man voted out as the first Head of Household, only to discover Paul had been granted immunity for three weeks straight.
    • More so, all of the houseguests save Jessica giving Paul free dominion to win the next Head of Household competition (which he did) while Cody was forced to sit and watch his plans come crashing down around him.
    • The production staff deserves some kudos as well; the pacing and editing of that first POV meeting (Cody dropping the bomb on Paul, only to have Big Brother reveal the Pendant and drop its own bomb on the house) is a masterpiece that has set the tone for the season.
  • Raven deserves a nod here; struck with a disease that has no cure and might very well end up being fatal for her - and she's only in her early 20s - yet she chooses to go through life refusing to have a "woe is me" attitude, instead seeing how good and wonderful life can be.
  • Cody's comeback and Jess's revenge. Just when it looked Cameron would wiggle past him, Cody gained the upper hand in the Battle-Back Showdown. And as if fate decreed it, he got to face Paul in an epic revenge heat, and won, thus winning his way back into the game. This led to Jessica promptly doing everything in her power to keep him in the game herself and the two forming a tag team.
    • Directly before that, Jess was down in the dumps and all alone without a friend in the world without Cody around. America sympathized. Jessica was granted access to the Halting Hex, the last temptation. And on top of that, she won the following HOH competition when Cody tried his best to stay in with all the flak he was getting from everybody and still came up short, while also being target. This means that even if someone puts Cody up if he doesn't win Power of Veto, she has the power to kill the eviction night on the spot.
  • Paul finally deciding he's had enough of Cody and Jessica antagonizing the house after Jessica makes Raven snap, and summoning just about everybody out in the backyard to perform a mass Humiliation Conga on them.
  • Jessica and Dominique, for being the only houseguests who were willing to call out the other houseguests on their stupidity and delivered the most epic pre-eviction "The Reason You Suck" Speech since Big Brother 16. And nobody believed them.
  • Kevin saying that a shoe could beat Alex at the game because of how stupid she is. She proves him right by never managing to catch on throughout the whole season that Paul is using her as a puppet until it's too late.
  • Kevin happens to be close friends with Derrick, the winner of Big Brother 16, because the two live in the same vicinity of each other in Boston. Derrick happens to be a cop. This causes Christmas, and later, Alex to recognize how Kevin is doing so well in the game, and they come up with a very startling hypothesis: it's not just the fact he knows Derrick personally and has picked up some pointers from the winner... his stay-at-home dad status is a front for his actual profession. Why is Kevin so chummy with a cop? He's an undercover cop who worked with him.note 
  • Usually, the houseguests worship the presence of the Zingbot now that it is a Big Brother tradition for him to come in and roast everybody. This time, the houseguests even bow to him. But veteran Bostonian with possible Mob ties Kevin questions why the others feel the need to worship and bow to a goofy robot, so he does neither. Instead, Kevin flips off the Zingbot. TWICE. Once just to show him he doesn't give a shit who Zingbot is, and again after he inevitably gets zinged.
  • Bobby Moynihan gives perhaps the most delicious Take That! of the season in his cameo.
    "And this shows that... these people are idiots and should have gotten Paul out week one."
  • Paul gets a very villainous CMOA for using the surprise of a second Double Eviction Week to his advantage and utterly snowplowing both Jason and Raven out of the game as his pawns when they both thought that Kevin was the obvious target. He is overjoyed to have made it to the final five, and when he gets Kevin to throw the next HOH competition so Josh can win, he's riding even higher, knowing that this has practically clenched his victory.
  • The entire trailer for The Revengers. Seeing many of the big names of the house in a cinematic superhero/supervillain AU is just plain epic. And funny, too! One can only hope that the Chilltown bros Evil Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, Evel Dick and his daughter Danielle, Zach Attack, Johnny Mac, and many more, show up later on!
  • The comic book veto appeared and it depicted Paul as a pottymouth, saying he's even more foul than he was last year. Perhaps the best Take That! ever.
  • The jury segment, wherein Jason, Matt, Raven, and Alex, four of the dumbest people to ever play the game, enter the jury house, all surprised that they were evicted. Mark, Elena, and Cody have a lot of fun pointing out just how stupid they were.
    • Cody's one-liner about Matt is just plain awesome:
    Cody: I think he's a pussy.
  • Paul manages to win the first leg of the three-part final HOH competition; Paul, Josh, and Christmas all have to hold onto the reins of unicorns while being pelted with colorful glitter flatulence. Josh is first to go, but hangs in there for a very long time. The competition itself goes on for over an hour before Christmas finally loses her grip and Paul secures the first half of a potential victory over the entire game. Christmas later remarks on the live feeds that she walks around with kettlebells in her hands for 400 meters as part of her training, so her grip strength is insane, and Paul notes he would have lost it if the challenge went on any longer. For Paul to outlast her is a mighty accomplishment.
  • The finale. It is hands down the Darkest Hour: Josh, in an attempt to top Alex, Raven, Matt, and Jason as the dumbest players in the season, takes Paul with him to the final two... despite having spent several weeks wanting Paul out. It looks like it'll be an obvious Paul win... until that is, the jury votes, and, like last year, Karma bites Paul in the ass hard, as Jason and Alex are able to join the threesome of Mark, Elena, and Cody (the latter of which hated Paul) in another 5-4 defeat. Paul manages to not only become the only person to make it to the final two twice, lose twice by one vote, but also to another BB first-time winner. (Nicole was the first woman to win in a vote against a man, Josh is the first hispanic winner.) To rub salt in the wounds, it was Cody's vote that did him in. Paul even spent several days planning out his final two speech, while Josh broke down in the middle of his. It's clear that this season favored the heart over the snake.
    • Paul's own Villainous Breakdown was epic, especially since it was actually (and unintentionally) Foreshadowed by over months in advance:
      • First off, in week 6, he has a choice between Elena (the head of household Josh's target), Cody, and Jessica. Whoever is voted out is the last player to not make jury. He chose Jessica... who absolutely hated Josh more than anyone in the house and would have never voted for him, even against Paul. This resulted in Cody being ensured to make Jury, who hated Paul more than Josh. And in her livestreams, Jessica would go on to say she actually wanted Josh to win over Paul (even though she tells the studio she would have voted for Paul in the Jury, just because that's her personal opinion on the matter), because she was very put out by what Paul did to them in week 5 (the hazing tirade) and how he nearly caused her to break up with Cody in the resulting fallout the next week.
      • Then he allows Matt and Raven to be evicted - neither of which were playing for themselves and would have happily thrown competitions.
      • Then, in week 10, Paul has Christmas nominate Jason and Alex. Paul uses the veto on Alex... and then tries to tell Jason that he is not the target. Turns out? He was after all... then Paul tries to adamantly tell Jason that it wasn't his call and that the tied vote should have said so. Jason had been with Paul's alliance for weeks by that point, he knew Paul and Christmas were buddy-buddy with one another, and saw right through it.
      • Then in week 11, he tries to save-face with Alex and says that he wasn't calling the shots. Once again, Alex had a secret final two plan with Paul, and she knew he and Christmas were calling the shots. Paul once again wins veto... but doesn't use it to save Alex, classically betraying her and he once again lies to her face saying he wasn't calling the shots. Even more blatant than with Jason.
      • And in week twelve... he takes Josh with him to the final three. The person who has won competitions (without even having them thrown to him) instead of the person who threw competitions on demand.
      • In the final two, he still continues to try and tell Alex and Jason that it was all Josh and Christmas's doing that got them out... sure enough, guess who votes against him? Both as a final shot against Paul as a person for his poor social game, and because of just how much he shot himself in the foot - he made Josh and Christmas look like they managed to outwit him twice.
  • Cameron of all people has a moment of his own at the finale reunion, where he outright calls out everybody in Jury for falling in line with Paul and not playing for themselves, which he wanted to do. Who is then reminded of his 11-hour stint in the house is all because of his striptease. Nevertheless, makes you wonder how the game would have gone had he stayed in. Hopefully, he will return someday, along with the likes of Nick Uhas, another high hope.
  • The moment in the finale where Julie plays the montage of Josh's goodbye video messages to houseguests Paul plotted to evict into the Jury after they've cast their votes. It vindicates Josh's seemingly disastrous choice to bring Paul to the end entirely. One quick viewing of these reveals that Josh Out-Gambitted Paul in the ultimate power play: he exposed Paul's entire game 100% OUTSIDE of the house. In other words, Josh never exposed Paul for a moment while inside the house (only the evictees were clued in on Paul's true nature, and once they left the premises, they took the knowledge with them and couldn't tell the remaining people in the house), nor left any evidence to be traced back to him, which Paul himself tried to do and backfired spectacularly because it was proven that he lied, while Josh always spoke the truth at the end of the day. Josh went one step further than pulling a Steve Moses on the Vanessa of the season- he pulled a masterful complex Xanatos Gambit all his own (take Paul to the end and portray himself as the lesser of two evils rather than try to carry himself to the end against somebody else in the face of a bitter jury that is full of people irate at him for picking fights with him and having a hand in all their evictions) and surprised everybody who thought he was crazy to take Paul to the Final Two, since none of us had seen exactly how damaging Josh's secret strategy was, Paul himself included, until it was played in front of us all at once. This was a season where anybody who took a direct shot at Paul got shot down in flames, or anyone who remotely thought about or had the slightest rumbling they might threaten him got sniped. When Paul sees this montage, he is positively dumbstruck. Heck, he's SUPER PISSED. And when he loses the game for the second time in row, you can tell Paul is one hell of a salty sardine.
    • Josh himself deserves a HUGE mention. Josh never gave Paul a reason to distrust him beyond his emotional turbulence, and that carried him all the way to the end. Josh turned out to be a superfan of the show since age fourteen, and used all of the things he saw in those previous seasons he watched to his advantage. He didn't take the obvious move and copy Steve Moses by taking out Vanessa; he blew up the game of the Big Bad without them ever finding out until it was too late to do anything about it. Josh singlehandedly saved this entire season from being Genre Blind, and he was the oddball of the bunch!
  • Alex making her sole good move in the season: rightfully punishing Paul for backstabbing her out in the open by flipping her vote to Josh. It cost Paul the game and was a Catharsis Factor everybody had been begging for after watching the season play out the way it did.
  • America launching a campaign to get Cody the America's Favorite Houseguest prize money of $25,000 because they felt bad about his sucky luck during the game. It took off in spades- the contest ended with a record-breaking FIFTEEN MILLION VOTES, and Cody pulled ahead solidly for several weeks in a row. Now he, Jessica, and Paisley all have a consolation prize to enjoy. The Jody showmance is finally rewarded for their hard time in the house, and also led CBS to cast them both for the 30th season of The Amazing Race which they end up winning $1,000,000. Talk about slapping Paul right in his face!
  • Mark being Elena's champion by telling off the whole internet for berating his girlfriend over some social media posts she made years ago and finding petty reasons to go after her. He deserves his romance.

    Season 20 
  • Just knowing pre-season that the house has an entire rock-climbing fixture and a rotating lounge, as well as a room with hundreds of Fidget Spinners mounted on the wall. The designers really went all-out this time.
  • Steve immediately zoning in on the location of a third bedroom hidden behind a sliding door based on prior experience as a cop on how to find stash rooms.
  • Tyler cottoning on to Swaggy C's plan to "send in his minions" to convince him to put up Angela.
    • Likewise, Swaggy C overhearing Kaitlyn and realizing the girls are against him and deciding to eventually even the score.
  • The season itself seems like it's shaping up to be a massive apology for Season 19:
  • What's more, much like Celebrity Big Brother, the first week featured more gameplay than the entirety of Big Brother 19. Alliances and sub-alliances formed, people in the middle actually had to be campaigned to, and the vote was a 7-6. Almost the entire house was shocked when the votes were revealed... to be against Steve. Prior to that, it was a shoehorn for Sam to go home.
  • While it sadly couldn't be shown in full (Due to it happening very close to the eviction), Tyler seeing the opportunity to flip Kaitlyn to keep Sam, exploiting her feelings of jealousy with Faysal and Haleigh... specifically to get the vote to go the way he wanted and avoid suspicion by not being the one to cast a vote against Steve. This guy is not as stupid as we thought.
  • Kaitlyn not wasting any time as HOH in mobilizing a plan to backdoor Swaggy C, who has already proven himself to be one of the season's more irritating houseguests, and having the sense to cover her tracks in case the word would get out or someone she can't fully trust has loose lips. She deceives one of her intended pawns, Scottie, into thinking he's going up beside Winston, and puts on a show at the nomination ceremony to make everyone out of the loop think those two are her targets.
    • When Tyler follows through with the plan and pulls Scottie off the block with the veto, Kaitlyn breaks down into tears and goes through with nominating Swaggy. She knows the costs doing so would have to her relationships with the other houseguests and still goes through with it. That takes a lot of guts to do.
  • As Haleigh and Rockstar put it, Scottie is an Evil Genius. He comes up with the idea for Swaggy's alliance to wear Swaggy's shirts, wears one himself, and then flips on the vote. This makes several houseguests, including the evicted Swaggy, not suspect him as the flip vote. That is a very slick move on his part.
  • Scottie having complete control over his week as HOH.
    • He wins the comp in a tiebreaker question.
    • He makes his nominations while refusing to let anyone get in his ear, fully intending on avenging Steve's eviction.
    • After winning the POV, he does not back down when Brett and Winston try to scare him into using it or try making a final three deal with him. He ultimately keeps the nominations the same to ensure one of his two targets is getting evicted.
    • Once the eviction is over, he disappears under the radar while the house falls into chaos thanks to Brett.
  • Kaitlyn somehow sensing with perfect clarity that Brett and Winston are trying to backdoor her in Week 3 and then being 100% accurate. She not only blew up their strategy, she made one of the most insufferable people in the house look like an idiot.
  • Rockstar blasting Brett for spoiling her daughter's birthday for throwing her under the bus on a live eviction night that her little girl was almost certainly watching. It is a wonderful departure from the debacle last season where a ton of houseguests got away with behaving very disreputably.
  • Sam's Badass Boast in the fourth HOH competition that she eventually wins.
    Sam: I take cold showers even when I'm not a Have-Not, CAUSE I'M A FUCKING ANIMAL!!!
  • Brett's cruel but self-fulfilling Batman Gambit by preying on Rockstar's insecurities to get her wound up and cause the house to begin collapsing into mayhem as trust crumbles between everyone thanks to him making emotions run so high, while he pulls the strings from behind the scenes. No one fully realizes he's the guy responsible for blowing up the house, only that he's the guy who everyone loves to hate, which is just an act to conceal a Diabolical Mastermind side because as long as he behaves nastily, everyone looks at him from the perspective of his antics and doesn't look in deeper to see the calculating beast underneath.
  • Sam laying down the law as HOH and utterly rejecting any attempt to discuss nominations until after she makes them, and then giving Brutal Honesty to Haleigh and Kaitlyn for trying to play Femme Fatale to their advantage. While it is a very harsh thing to say and cuts deeper than necessary, Kaitlyn had been known to be in a five-year relationship.
  • JC attempting to gain control of the nominations with the help of Faysal after Winston is evicted, and succeeding. He doesn't have to do much of anything other than fall back and watch the house erupt into chaos and then use that negative energy to his advantage. Luckily, Sam's nominees match his ideal targets, and JC is able to mobilize Faysal to go after Kaitlyn because she's betrayed his trust and Faysal's showmance is the other person up on the block and definitely not the one he wants to see leave the house more. Everyone else is already nervous around Kaitlyn after her big move to backdoor Swaggy, so JC is able to relax and avoid detection by passing himself off as a floater while Faysal is blowing off steam and appearing to be the house's collective voice of discontent, when really, it was JC who encouraged him to act that way.
  • In the fifth HOH competition, the challenge is to ride an email down a track to a finish line and complete it as close to an exact time of 8 seconds flat. Bayleigh, the very first rider (the houseguests compete in alphabetical order), gets a time of 8.08 seconds. After that, there's no one else who even comes close.
  • Tyler and Angela easily securing a blindside against Rachel. Bonus points go to Tyler for masking his involvement from both Rachel and Bayleigh as Angela goes on the attack and takes credit for the move.
  • For six weeks, Tyler manages to run the house from all sides unopposed. That ends when Haleigh, one of the quietest players in the house, wins the first Hacker Competition while Level Six is gloating about being in power and keeps steamrolling their way forward. The power gives her the ability to change one eviction nominee in secret. Hayleigh secretly replaces Scottie... with Tyler. His nomination rattles the ENTIRE house.
  • Level Six backdooring Bayleigh by conveniently framing her as the H@cker is rather disturbing when it turns ugly and its intended target snaps, but it was absolutely effective.
  • Kaycee winning the second H@cker competition and managing to rob Haleigh of control for the second time in a row.
  • Level Six countering every single move FOUTTE made all the way to Week 9. Even the weeks the FOUTTE remnants seem to be in power, Level Six is able to upend their control and get their targets out and is shaping up to be one of the most successful alliances in quite some time.
  • Brett finally wins a competition in the Zing-Bot incarnation of the perennial "Hide and Go Veto" competition. Not only by hiding his folder... but by barricading the entire Have-Not Room with several huge mattresses. He starts with four or so and keeps building the pile.
  • Tyler manages to coast by on The Cloud app until it expires, meaning not only has he avoided using it by means of allies and his own ability to win competitions, but he was able to parlay seven whole weeks of the game (from Week 2 all the way to Week 9) without revealing he had it to any enemies. Tyler could have saved himself from nomination had he been in a real bind and only went up on the block once due to an unforeseen attempt by Haleigh to get him evicted while she was the H@cker. He just didn't need to. Tyler had a helpful push from America, and that must count for something, but he was fine on his own all along, but one can argue that having the Power App is the reason why he stayed so comfortable and in control in the house for so long because he had a safety need to fall back on and could smoothly operate and orchestrate events from his alliance knowing that without having to use up some of his time to plot schemes in planning to cover himself.
  • Level Six blindsides one of its own, Brett, when he decides to start talking about who to take to the end and breaks ranks, with Tyler telling him to throw the Veto so he can be put up as a replacement nominee.
  • Kaycee’s competition run has been nothing short of amazing, and crucial to Level Six’s continued dominance.
    • She won the second H@cker Competition, 1 HOH Competition, and five Power of Veto Competions. It is an unbroken winning streak that allows her to keep Level Six's nominations in play for five whole weeks and control them herself one time, and causes her to survive the final four eviction and achieve a new record for most Veto competition wins under one's belt in a row and the most in a single season.
  • JC achieves a massive accomplishment at the final four when he finally wins Head of Household after winning absolutely no competitions all season, literally on his own against Level Six, and this allows him to force Level Six to break apart its intended final three and puts them on the spot for the first time in five weeks straight. JC also guarantees his spot in the final three and makes it obvious that his target is Angela, the one person whom the Jury really desires to see get her comeuppance.
  • Kaycee and Tyler deserve to be applauded for their performance in the final HOH Competition round. Kaycee actually memorized the numbers of critical days in the game using M & M's in the lounge, and both players remained tied the entire time they viewed web clips from the Jury. Then, the tiebreaker heat came into play when the two needed to guess how long the first round of the final HOH comp lasted, and Kaycee's guess was only 14 seconds off from the final answer.
  • Kaycee became a legend of Season 20 for two Head of Household wins, four consecutive Power of Veto wins that continue all the way to the last Veto Competition, a H@cker Comp, her becoming the first lesbian winner in the US after dealing with the personal struggle of her sexuality as proof of her ability to not let it define her victories, and a very strong social game that landed her the win.
  • Though Tyler undoubtedly messed himself over hard by losing Bayleigh and Sam's votes, he still won the hearts of America and became only the second player to be America's Favorite Player as runner-up.

    Season 21 
  • Christie leading half of the alliance to flipping the vote on Nick's HoH to keep Nicole in the game over Cliff, resulting in the first split vote of the season. Then Cliff wins Camp Comeback, returns to the house, puts the Jacks on the block, and keeps himself in good graces with Gr8ful once Jack is taken off and replaced with Bella, keeping him in the game longer.
  • Day 44. The blowup of The Six/Six Shooters. The dominant clique alliance of the season that routinely bullied, harassed, and shamed the other houseguests, finally destroying themselves with their own egos and manipulations. After how much the Pre-Jury segment of this season was being hated for being slow, disappointing, controversial and full of bullying, this finally made the season come alive.
  • The week after Day 44, Jessica beasts through the whole week, winning both HoH and Veto and not only getting Jackson and Jack on the block, but keeping them on the block. And much to the viewers relief, she finally got Jack out.
    Jess: Hello? Oh, Jack, it's for you. It's the jury house.
  • After Nicole spent much of the season powerless as several of her allies and friends were evicted around her, she finally wins her first Head of Household competition live during the double eviction. Julie, the studio audience, the other houseguests, everyone was happy to see her win.
  • Jackson and Holly deserve mention for being the first showmance to successfully reach the Final Two.
  • Nicole comes in third place, but she gets the love and sympathy of America's Favorite Houseguest, so she gets a $25,000 pay day instead of just stipends.

    Season 22 (All-Stars) 
  • Producers deserve a mention for not only airing a new season in 2020, albeit delayed, but managing to implement many safeguards and routine checks in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and hosting the first All-Stars season in over 14 years!
  • Merlin's eviction. As he walked along the eviction runway, he stuck black tape over his mouth and held up a sign he had hidden in his clothes from the start of the season saying "FREE TH REFUGEES" (the third E had fallen off). He ignored host Gretel Killeen, sat down on the couch, and refused to speak to her for the remainder of the half-hour live show, somewhat screwing the live eviction audience and live broadcast.
  • Season 9, 2012: Bradley's eviction, which he faces with dignity by quoting the final lines by Commissioner Gordon of The Dark Knight. Made a lot more awesome and funnier when Sonia presents him with his copy of the film while they talked.

    United Kingdom 
  • Series 1 was rather boring with nobody giving a damn, right up until the moment that one of the contestants was caught cheating. The subsequent grilling by the other contestants was declared up among the greatest TV moments ever, and every series since has been an increasingly pathetic (and spectacularly unsuccessful) attempt to recreate such glory.
  • Series 1: Craig exposing Nasty Nick's manipulation of nominations, which led to Nick getting the boot and ultimately Craig being voted the winner.
  • 2002 Series: Sandy telling Jonny he didn't like him and then jumping over the wall was pretty cool to watch.
  • 2002 Series: Alex Sibley is fondly remembered for hiding behind the bedroom door singing "That's The Way I Like It" whilst the girls were looking for him.
  • 2006 Series: When Grace threw water over Susie, Aisleyne won a lot of favour with the public by having a go at her.
  • 2008 Series: In the aftermath of an argument which led to Dennis spitting in Mohamed's face, Darnell confronted the housemates on Dennis' side by shouting at them and goading them to square up to him as well. Which they didn't.
  • 2011 Series: Harry spent all of the shopping budget on 500 bananas, much to the amusement of the public and the dismay of Jay.

     Season 1 Canada 
  • Jillian's gameplay. She wins the second Head of Household, uses it to get rid of Danielle, and then vanishes into the background. Then all of a sudden, she and Emmett emerge into an almost unstoppable power duo.
  • Gary returns to the game, resulting in an Oh, Crap! from everyone else. Then all of a sudden... He manages to save himself by winning the power of Veto when Jillian and Emmett have him marked for elimination.
  • Gary winning the final head of household - being so far the first returnee in the American or Canadian editions (using the same format) to make it to the final two.
  • Depending on what you think of Topaz and her vote, no matter who won, it would have been a Moment of Awesome anyways - Jillian being the first time a woman beat a man in the final two of the american or Canadian editions, or Gary, the first gay winner.
    • And speaking of Topaz's vote, the way Arisa handled it was in itself a crowning moment of awesome.
    • As well as Gary's reaction, where he stated that after a season of penalties being handed out because of rules infractions in other competitions, the final vote was no different and he accepted it without argument.

     Season 2 Canada 
  • Ika, knowing she has nothing to lose, shreds everyone's letters after being given the Sadistic Choice. Seeing how she just doesn't care at all about Andrew and Kenny insulting her and tells them off. Sarah even points out that if she didn't take the $5000, they'd be calling her an idiot and that they sort of brought it on themselves with their behaviour to Ika.
  • Paul managing to talk almost the entire house into dropping out of the first HOH competition.
  • Arlie's Wounded Gazelle Gambit in the second head of household competition - it actually worked.
  • An endurance competition in which the houseguests have to hold two panels on a table down, while a rope pulls them back. Everyone starts dropping, except for Sarah and Rachelle. Neither of which budge, until Sarah eventually backs down.
  • Jon, Neda, and Heather seizing the opportunity to remove two large threats from the house - Kenny, and eventually Arlie.
  • Adel's game himself - even if he hasn't done a whole lot to get himself further in the game, consider that at the start, he was on the outskirts. Not targeted for being annoying like Paul, or because of an imposing appearance like Kyle, Adel simply slid past everything and outlasted every member of his group.

     Season 3 Canada 
  • Brittnee successfully Gaslighting Graig.
  • Sindy says to Sarah and Brittnee that she wants to evict Jordan to castigate Zach's ungodly stupid move. Sarah and Brit say that they don't have the votes... but Sindy manages to get Bruno on board by telling him that he and Bobby were backdoor targets. Come eviction time, the vote comes down to Bobby. This also follows Godfrey and Jordan giving some very epic speeches. The look on Jordan's face when Arisa said "You are safe" to Godfrey was priceless.

     Season 4 Canada 
  • Nikki and Tim correctly getting seven questions right on the Canadian Quiz - not all of them were inherently obvious, and they had only ten minutes to learn as much as possible about Canada without any hint on just what would be on the quiz.
  • Cassandra flips the vote within the last few days to evict Joel.
  • Tim's tenure as Head of Household, wherein he uses the "Australian nomination rules" using pieces of candy that people "award" to a houseguest they want to be nominated. Tim of course pretends to be doing this to hide that it's "What the house wants", but what he was really doing was gathering intel on who was aligned with who (judging by who their targets were). This was awesome not only because he did that to fool everyone into thinking he was just "Doing what the house wants" rather than going for a target... which sure enough, resulted in the house "nominating" Dallas, who was Tim's target.
    • Dallas also deserves special mention - he saw right through Tim's game and knew exactly why Tim was doing this.

     Season 5 Canada 
  • Jackie's performance in the veto competition during the Double Eviction might also count. While everyone else is getting tangled, Neda and Ika are taking their sweet time and Dillon is having trouble fitting through the machine, Jackie is practically blowing through it with her eyes closed.

     Season 6 Canada 
  • The sheer amounts of blindsides and last-minute vote swaps that happened in this season is nothing short of amazing.
    • When Hamza nominated Olivia as his target, he also nominated Jesse as a Secret Test of Character. Unfortunately, Jesse failed and proceeded to annoy the house. This, combined with Alejandra, Paras, and Kaela's manipulations, helped them swap the vote to evict Jesse within hours of the eviction.
    • Johnny and Ryan are nominated in week 7. Since Ryan is The Load and has only ever won one veto and one head of household competition thus far, while Johnny is a legitimate threat, it looks like Johnny is going. However, Johnny proceeds to go around the house and helps convince them to unanimously save him.
    • Johnny finally takes a shot at Kaela and Derek. Since Kaela is on the block, Kaela proceeds to save herself by appealing to Paras, Will, and Maddy that Johnny, Olivia, and Alejandra are much bigger threats and causes all three to be knocked out in one day..
    • Derek, a very Genre Blind player, manages to convince Will to drop out of the final five veto. A veto that William could have easily won.
  • While the season itself is a Broken Base, both the finalist's games are very impressive, for completely different reasons:
    • Kaela is the Showy Invincible Hero type, and is the master manipulator. Every eviction since Erica's was her call. Even when she was on the block, she managed to swap the eviction target to Alejandra. She was one of the favourites to win, alongside Paras.
    • Paras was the Obfuscating Stupidity type who was Playing Both Sides. Even when Paras's name was thrown out as an eviction target, everyone quickly dismissed it with comments of "Oh, she'll go, but it will be a waste". Once it became clear that Paras was in danger, Paras managed to throw Maddy under the bus and proceeded to go on a Head of Household run to ensure her spot in the final two. Paras may not have won as many competitions as Kaela, but she didn't need to.

    Over The Top 
  • Morgan becoming the second woman (And the first of the Over the Top series) to beat a man in the final two, with only 20,000 votes separating her from Jason.
  • Jason going from 13th place to 2nd.

     Celebrity US 
  • The musical number in the premiere feature some old favorite contestants, along with some divisive ones, and one who barely stayed on the show.
  • The first ten days sets the precedence for the series.... and proves itself to be more exciting than the entirety of the last season, with Ross and Shannon pulling off a classic vote-switch and leaving Omarosa and Keisha (but mostly Omarosa) speechless.
  • Ariadna squeaks by with an HOH reign decided by one hundredth of a second between her and James.
  • Ross beating Omarosa very barely to the finish in a VIP Veto competition that would have spelled curtains for his game had Omarosa won. Her asthma didn't have anything to do with it.
  • 20 days in and the celebrities have generally managed to be one of the most well-behaved and engaged and scheming houses ever. This, when multiple seasons are derided for bullying and the fact that you'd expect celebrities to be even harder to make mind, or wouldn't take the game seriously.
  • Ross becomes the first person to take home both the runner-up prize and America's Favorite Houseguest award, racking up $75,000. Shannon also deserves mention for almost getting it as the second most popular houseguest of the season. After her unfortunate treatment, it would have been beautiful had she won it.
  • Marissa securing the final HOH and eliminating Ariadna and Mark to force the Jury to vote her as the winner because they got to see that Ross was the reason just about everyone was eviction; while she tried to protect players and stay true to her allies a little more than he did.


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