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Someday, someone will try to come on the show with the Big Brother equivalent of a handmade fake idol a la Survivor, like a fake Power of Veto.

Once attempted with a clothing tag of all things on Big Brother Canada as a bluff, but never used to fool someone into thinking they were safe, and not to the extent where someone has tried to dupe someone into going to the night of eviction on the block with a supposed power to save them.

  • Unlikely due to production going through houseguest belongings with a fine-toothed comb prior to their entry in the game, though an HOH basket might be the solution.

Kevin and Josh and and another Josh will be back for an All-Stars season, and Kevin will win HOH and put both of them on the block, fullfilling a Brick Joke to put Josh on the eviction block "twice".


Frankie Grande will appear in the first season of the US Celebrity Big Brother.

Cameo or contestant, this Attention Whore will worm his way in, inevitably so.
  • Jossed. Here's hoping (or not) that he shows up later.

Gary Busey will appear in the first season of the US Celebrity Big Brother.

Because that's something people will pay money to see. He is a special brand of crazy.
  • Jossed. If he eventually gets on the show, it will be something, alright... something.

Security will eventually be called into the US Big Brother house to forcefully eject an unruly contestant.

It's happened before on other versions of the show, so it's only a matter of time before someone starkers shows up and they have to drag them out kicking and screaming.


Someone will set the sprinkler system off in any version out there, likely by causing a fire.

Does not apply to time the UK house was engineered to flood on purpose.

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