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Jason learns on Big Brother his son's gonna be a big brother.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Big Brother US:
    • From all the way back on the first episode of the first season, Big Brother 2000 (AKA Big Brother 1), we have William "Mega" Collins and his very strong devotion to his girlfriend, Najima. Even though he is a huge ladies' man, he notes, "She's not number one- she is the only one." And then as he heads into the house, he presents her with a bright red rose. When he gets banished, William's first thoughts on his mind are of Najima, and they meet up with each other out in the house courtyard by the entrance.
    • An odd friendship between Kent and Bunky. Kent's a homophobe, Bunky's openly gay. The two become best friends in the house, Kent even lets Bunky sleep inside the Head of Household room.
      • The two are still friends to this day, as confirmed by Bunky on his Twitter feed.
      • Regretfully, Kent passed away on December 23, 2017. What turned out to be Bunky's last visit to Kent's residence was on 2003. Bunky learned firsthand of Kent's passing, relayed the news on Twitter, and paid tribute to Kent on his Facebook. The Big Brother Wiki itself acknowledged his passing on Twitter.
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    • Marcellus' utter joy toward Boo the garden gnome. He is so happy to discover the house is presenting everyone with gnomes to paint as their very own, and quickly bonds with one of his choice that he paints brown just like him. Then, Marcellus is horrified to learn it was all a setup for an absolutely sadistic Veto Competition where the gnomes would be smashed as punishment if houseguests didn't know trivia about those people the gnomes correspond to. After watching some meet their doom, Marcellus is on pins and needles that poor Boo will meet the same fate. Surely enough, Boo falls from his strings... and doesn't smash to pieces one bit. Marcellus collapses in relief. He later makes a point to grab Boo after his infamous blunder that got him evicted.
    • The twins joining up in Big Brother 5 US.
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    • Dick attempting a Heroic Sacrifice to keep his daughter safe, by waking up everyone up at 2 am
    • In Big Brother 9, the houseguests had a food challenge where they had to make a gravy river to the food groups they wanted. They all actually put aside their differences and were working together for the common goal of getting beer and the right food groups - and this was one of the most argument prone houses in the game. The shot at the end where everyone had lined up smiling and admiring their handiwork made many viewers smile.
    • During one of the Veto competitions in Big Brother 13, every participant recieved a prize (ranging from the Power of Veto to non-beneficial items) and could swap their's with those of the previously eliminated contestants. Shelly (who was on the block) was eliminated first and received the POV, and Jordan was elminated second and got 24 hours of solitary confinement and a call from home. She swapped with Shelly, but not because the latter was on the block. It was solely because Shelly would get a call from home and be able to talk to her young daughter.
    • Big Brother 14 Jen and Danielle talking about Jenn's coming out. Heck, for that matter, homosexuality in the house has always been treated rather well - there have been gay people in the house but almost nobody's ever gone out on them for being homosexual.
      • Anyone who is more familiar with recent season may find it shocking to go back and see the big deal that was made about Bunky's coming out.
    • Donny in Big Brother 16 saving Jocasta from the block in Season 16 by using the Veto, stating that she should not have to face eviction as sick as she was. She gets emotional both after learning she's safe and after being rescued from the block.
    Donny: ''(waves the Veto medallion at the cameras) Jocasta's not going home today...!
    ''(Jocasta immediately collapses into a fit of hysterical tears, hugging Donny, while Frankie is also moved to tears)
    • Frankie sits in the Head of Household room by himself talking about his family and cancer.
    • Derrick intentionally throwing an HOH Competition and becoming a Have-Not for the week so that Frankie could get a picture of his grandfather who recently passed away from cancer.
    • After the news broke that both Frankie and Derrick lost their grandfathers in the same week, Jocasta led a memorial service, with all the remaining houseguests participating.
    • Derrick is HOH, and he hears eliminated contestants saying "Holla, Derrick" and brushes them off... until he hears his daughter say "Holla, daddy!" and his face lights up.
    • In BB 16 Jeff and Jordan returned to the house and Jordan thought they were hosting a luxury competition what actually happened was that Jeff proposed to her in front of the world, her family comes rushing in, and they along with the current houseguests have a concert by Brett Eldredge while a montage plays of Jeff and Jordan's best moments in the Big Brother house. To seem them come full circle was touching to see the least.
    • Also from BB 16, Derrick, Donny and Nicole all helping Victoria when she faints in the bathroom.
    • Donny receiving over half the votes for America's Favorite Player, of which there were a record-breaking at the time ten million.
    • Within the first two weeks, Audrey as a meta-example. When she reveals that she's transgender to everyone, a lot of players and fans alike took a very unique yet heartwarming response to it... Said nothing, just referred to Audrey as "She" and "Audrey". (This means a LOT) The Zingbot 3000 Twitter account said "Transphobic comments will not be tolerated here", and several websites literally put up instructions on what was transphobic and warned that they wouldn't be tolerated.
    • Another Audrey example. After Audrey has been put up on the block for her dishonesty, she enters a Heroic BSoD and isolates herself from the house, covering herself up and staying alone in the Diary Room and Have-Not room. James makes her a nice omelet for her.
    • Vanessa have a frantic but compassionate chat with Austin post-game settling their differences and explaining why she had to blindside him. Jeff actually waits quite a while for her to finish before interviewing her.
    • Post game, but since the time Vanessa entered the house, same-sex marriage was finally made legal in the United States. In the post-game After Party, her girlfriend proposed to her.
    • BB 18 has a rather cornball moment where Paul pranks Michelle by spraying hair conditioner in her drink, she freaks out, and then pelts him with apples... but one hits him so hard that it bruises him, and Michelle immediately crumbles into a puddle of tears and reverts into the mentality of a fragile little child, wailing that she doesn't want people to think she's a violent person and hugging it out with him, while asking if she's an ugly crier and Paul affectionately saying she's a hideous crier (to which she says that's what everyone says). The fact that she's barefoot and wearing a cute black ball cap make her look even more pitiful and lovable.
    • BB 19's second week ends very badly for Jessica after everyone turns against her for siding with Cody, who went after Paul and screwed over Christmas. Poor Jessica is all broken up after the torment she's gone through in the house, becoming a Ve-Toad and a Have-Not all in the same week, finally topped off by Cody getting evicted, who she had strong chemistry with. As he leaves, he picks up Jessica, kisses her, and then whispers in her ear a request to become his girlfriend. Julie calls him out on it in the post-eviction interview at the idea Cody thought he could get away with whispering when they've got cameras and microphones all throughout the house.
      • Cody wins his way back into the game, and the first thing Jess does is run up to him, leap into his arms, and start kissing him. Soon followed by the two forming a power couple in the house and working together to keep each other in the game strategically.
    • Also from BB 19: Jason's open adoration for his family, praising his wife Holly and saying that his child Gatlin is the very best thing he has ever made and how he is able to get him to go to sleep every night by telling him that he'll be there first thing when he wakes up... prompting a breakdown in the Diary Room. Followed by Josh pulling Jason into a hug after discovering he is crying over missing his wife and son out in the open and not doing a very good job of hiding it.
    "No, you had a moment. Come here."
    • Another BB 19 moment from Jason is when he got to read his HOH letter from his wife in front of the house, which revealed that a new addition to the family was going to come, which caused another moment of crying, but in pure joy as the house guests hugged and congratulated him on the baby.
  • Josh whines that he's been depicted as "The Meatball" in BB Comics week, without realizing how Crazy Awesome his guy looks. Paul jokingly tells him, "If you thought you were going to be anything but the meatball, you played yourself." Then Paul tells him that he actually legit looks like Sinbad.
  • Christmas and Josh hugging a sobbing Paul when he finally has had enough of his own ruthless style of gameplay and is too brokenhearted to go want to betray Alex. Paul even flips on his own target at live evictions just because it hurts him that much to say goodbye to Alex.
  • Paul breaking down into Tears of Joy when he wins his third HOH competition and guarantees himself a spot in the Final 3 once again. Josh also ends up in happy tears of celebration along with him.
  • Paul remarking that being with Josh and Christmas is like watching his children grow.
  • Paul going into an instinctive Papa Wolf mode to protect Josh and Christmas when a small earthquake strikes the house.
  • In a very bitter jury, Kevin is the only person to voice absolutely no complaints the whole time they're having a discussion with Dr. Will Kirby, nor when the interrogation of Paul and Josh is taking place, and even receiving a compliment on being the nicest-dressed person in the room as he casts his vote (for Paul, his Only Friend).
  • Seeing Josh become a happy crybaby when he wins Big Brother 19. After Julie reveals Cody's vote is the winning one, he starts to cry, and moments later, storms out of the house with his trademark tears.
    • As Josh slowly walks out into the crowd, the first people who come up to hug him are Ramses, Dominique, and Jillian, all the people who went out early but were his biggest friends at the beginning of the game, all of whom he defended to the end.
    • While Josh is celebrating, Jessica, having spent all summer waiting to reunite with her beau, makes a beeline for Cody and IMMEDIATELY leaps into his arms in a full embrace- and a passionate kiss. This is soon followed by Elena coming up to Jess and asking to get in on the hugs and cradling Jess, too.
  • America campaigning online to get Cody America's Favorite Houseguest after his and Jessica's suffering in the house, and succeeding.
  • Raven having a tattoo of a raven by the time of the finale, after Matt said that he had encouraged her to get her first one.
  • Post-season, Matt and Raven indignantly responding to the spiteful #RavenExposedParty, which started off as an attempt to prove to viewers that she's not endearing like the cameras would like us to believe due to playing up her sickness, but slowly but surely descended into pure bullying anarchy and needed to be stopped and cut off at the source. Even though she lies constantly, people started bashing her just because they could due to her abhorrent behavior, without realizing Raven comes a family that has mental issues across the board, and hers make it so that she is unable to recognize her own lies. It was believed she had Munchausen Syndrome by proxy. On top of that, Raven's mother is, by her own admission, "a sick lady", whose genetic illness was passed to both her and Raven's brother, and gets irrationally confrontational to perceived threats to her children. When the fans learned she had interacted with Paul in the past, it was enough to make the bullying reach a zenith. Matt and Raven were both outraged and disgusted and ready to pounce.
  • When Season 19's BB Comics aired, Megan was neglected due to walking. So a fan artist decided to make her one: Madame Mysterio! Original source here.
    "Because @MeganAnnBB19 deserves a comic ♥"
  • A user on DeviantArt also has decided to create a BB Comics comic book cover for Megan in light of all the misery surrounding her exit and the fact the show did not have anyone illustrate one for her. And here is Megan's second comic in all its glory. Presenting "The Dog Star!"
    "Regardless of what you think of Megan, nobody deserves to be left out for giving it their all to fight their own demons. Her resilience deserves to be rewarded."
  • News that Caleb Reynolds is now a father!
  • In other news: Cody & Jessica just got engaged!
    • Chasing the coattails of that announcement, Dominic and Danielle are now expecting a baby!
    • Extra News: Cody & Jessica earns their redemption from Big Brother 19 by winning the 30th season of The Amazing Race!
  • Breaking News!: Nicole & Victor finally got engaged!
  • Big Brother 20: Tyler's Adorkable moving conversation with Robot!Sam.
    • America coming to Sam's rescue by voting her most trendy during a week full of nothing but bad luck for her.
    • The third eviction night shows how Sam's parents reacted to her being given access to the BB App Store. It brought her dad to tears, who recognized that this was the lowest Sam's ever been in life and really felt for her when she got this bailout.
    • Scottie giving Rockstar a much-needed Cooldown Hug after she falls first in a critical HOH competition right after being verbally ambushed and abused by Brett. Even though she's Covered in Gunge, Scottie doesn't hesitate to comfort her.
    • Swaggy C visiting Bayleigh's family to tell them he loves her, not as the arrogant Swaggy C, but as Chris (AKA himself), a gentleman. Even Bayleigh's sisters compliment how much of an improvement he is on her exes. When Bayleigh herself finds out, she freaks out with total joy!
    • Haleigh admitting to Bayleigh that she's the H@cker and putting the game aside to bail out a friend in need who is suffering because of a mistake she made. Their tearful hugging and fast forgiveness afterward shows that they are True Companions. Then, even though the damage is done and Bayleigh gets evicted next, Haleigh wins the very next HOH competition and has a chance to take power into her own hands.
    • Angela admitting she's in love with Tyler after a season where both have tried desperately to avoid a showmance, only to become a full-blown couple. When you live in the same area, spend several nights together in the HOH Room cuddling in bed and kissing, open up to each other, and try to convince yourselves it isn't real when it clearly is developing into love, it's bound to happen.
  • Big Brother Aus:
    • Bradley, the only nerd in the house for the Season 9 revival so far, gets instantly loved by all the women in the house. They all even go "Awww" when they see him on screen.
    • While the real intention is to win a challenge for Surly, Zoe really opens to up to Sarah in bed about her fears of the second house (which they don't know is fake currently) as Sarah calms her down and gives her a good hug. Some time after that, Zoe gets her reward from Surly in the diary room. The dinner she missed out on last week after being forced to say yes to having Ray take her place in the captain's corners.
    • The show's treatment of Josh after he left the house because his brother had died. They stopped live updates, cancelled the current challenge and cancelled the Sunday eviction to air a dedication episode to him. Along with that they donated the funds from the (now closed) voting lines to The Salvation Army which Josh and his family supported.
    • Likewise the housemates' goodbyes to Josh are very heartwarming.
    • The producer's have always been touchy about death close to housemates, like when they cancelled the Egg Sitting task after finding out one of the housemates had a miscarriage.
    • Delilah's "eviction" from the house in which she got a family chosen for her by the housemates. Upon leaving through the door, she got taken by a ninja. When the doors closed, the ninja was revealed to be the earlier evicted Stacey who had been with Delilah for most of her time in the house. The family chosen for Delilah The Bradleys were also there to take her.
    • Benjamin's win which hit its climax when he proposed to his boyfriend Ben (yes they have the same name) live. And Ben said yes!!!
  • Big Brother Canada:
    • When Andrew's twin brother came in to say hi to him.
    • From BBCan2, during Week 3 when Ika was up on the block against Heather, before the eviction vote, Ika put aside her Alpha Bitch tendencies (albeit until the check incident), built a pillow fort, and apologized to Heather for bullying her.
      • And even then, after the cheque Sadistic Choice, Ika delivered most of her Alpha Bitch attitude towards the first five - especially Kenny, Andrew, and Sabrina.
    • BBCan2: Kenny coming out to Sarah during the campout reward. It was very easy to see that Kenny lying about his being gay was really affecting him on an emotional level.
    • BBCan3 has Britnee and Sarah working together to win the HOH after the emotional eviction of Naeha, their closest friend and ally. After they won they hugged and whispered to eachother "For Nae. For Nae. For Nae."
    • Zach became somewhat infamous before his season started when it was discovered that during the first season of the Canada version he had made some very rude and nasty tweets to Peter about his gameplay, calling him a "bitch" and "pussy" with a "nothing life". When Peter finished the season and returned to twitter, he responded in kind with exactly the attitude he's now known for on the Side Show. Obviously, that's not the heartwarming part. That occurred when Zach was evicted and being interviewed by Peter on the Side Show. Peter brought up the tweets, geared up for the rant that everyone was expecting...and then forgave Zach. And then went on a monologue about how after Zach gets home he's going to get plenty of people talking trash about him online because it's easy, and that all that hate is going to wear him down, and that Peter will always be available to talk to if it gets to be too much for Zach since he's had to deal with the exact same thing.
    • Season 4 features Loveita and Kelsey's relationship changing over the course of a couple weeks where they go from being tense to each other to legit enjoying themselves in the secret suite.
    • Ramsay's departure from the house when he decides to walk from the game after learning his dad had a heart attack and now needs major surgery. The whole house treats this event with sympathy and grace and gives him a very kind sendoff.
  • Big Brother UK:
    • Series 1 winner Craig Phillips revealed that he would be giving his £70,000 prizemoney to Joanne, a childhood friend and Down's Syndrome sufferer, to help pay for her heart and lung transplant.

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